19th Century
Regency (1811-1820)
Victorian (1837-1901)
Robin Adair
  • Nicodemus Dunne: a fallen Bow Street Runner working as a running patterer, spreading the daily news by word of mouth, transported to 1828 Sydney, Australia, in the Curious Murder mysteries

Mary Jo Adamson
  • Michael Merrick: newspaperman in 1840s Boston, Massachusetts

Boris Akunin
  • Erast Fandorin: sleuth in 19th century St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Sister Pelagia: nun in a province beyond the Volga, in 19th century Russia

Lawrence Alexander
  • Theodore Roosevelt: the Police Commissioner in 1890s New York City

Tasha Alexander
  • Lady Emily Ashton: young and recently widowed, in Victorian London, England

Val Andrews
  • Sherlock Holmes: sleuth based in London, England

David Ashton
  • James McLevy: police inspector in 1880s Edinburgh, Scotland

T.F. Banks
  • Henry Morton: in Regency London, England, in the Memoirs of a Bow Street Runner series

Stephanie Barron (Francine Mathews)
  • Jane Austen: famous author in England

Carrie Bebris
  • Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy: taking up the story ended in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, in Regency (early 1800s) England

Jack Bickham
  • Charity Ross: widowed frontier ranch owner in 1890s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cordelia Frances Biddle
  • Martha Beale: in 1840s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michelle Black
  • Eden Murdoch and Brad Randall: in post-Civil War Colorado, in the Victorian West mysteries

Rick Boyer
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England

Conor Brady
  • Joe Swallow: detective sergeant in 1880s Dublin, Ireland

Gyles Brandreth
  • Oscar Wilde: poet, wit, and playwright, friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Sherard, great-grandson of Wordsworth, investigate murders in Victorian England, Scotland, and France

Emily Brightwell
  • Inspector Witherspoon: a policeman, and Mrs. Jeffries, his housekeeper, in London, England, in the Victorian mysteries

Kate Bryan
  • Maggie Maguire: ex-Pinkerton agent in 1870s San Francisco, California

Carole Bugge
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England

Armand Cabasson
  • Quentin Margont: officer and investigator in the Grande Armée, in the early 1800s, during the Napoleonic Wars

Caleb Carr
  • John Schuyler Moore: turn-of-the-19th-century journalist in New York City

Carol K. Carr
  • India Black, a young madam running a brothel catering to gentlemen, in 1870s London, England

Philip J. Carraher
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England

Pamela Christie
  • Arabella Beaumont: courtesan and sleuth in Regency London, England

M.E. Cooper
  • W.W. Loring: Confederate General in 1862 Virginia

Donna Fletcher Crow
  • Lord Charles Danvers, fictionalized Victorian true crime in mid-19th century England
Jeanne M. Dams
  • Hilda Johansson: young immigrant from Sweden working as a servant for the Studebaker family around the turn-of-the-19th century in South Bend, Indiana

Anna Dean
  • Miss Dido Kent: 35-year-old amateur sleuth, starting in 1805 Regency England

William L. DeAndrea
  • Lobo Blacke: crippled ex-frontier lawman, and Quinn Booker, his biographer in Le Four, Wyoming

Vicki Delany
  • Fiona MacGillivray: owner of the Savoy dance hall, her 12-year old son Angus, and constable Richard Sterling, in the gold rush of 1898, in Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

David Dickinson
  • Lord Francis Powerscourt: ex-Indian army intelligence officer and Irish peer, working as an investigator in the late Victorian period, in England and elsewhere

William Dietrich
  • Ethan Gage: American adventurer and rascal, starting in 1799

Carole Nelson Douglas
  • Irene Adler: opera star and sleuth in 19th century France

Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Sherlock Holmes: a detective in London, England

Joan Druett
  • Wiki Coffin: half New Zealand Maori and half American linguister (translator) aboard American South Seas Exploring Expedition in 1838

Loren D. Estleman
  • Sherlock Holmes: a detective in London, England
  • Page Murdock: deputy US Marshal in 1880s American West (and Canada)

Stanley Evans
  • Sergeant Decker: frontier lawman in 1860s British Columbia, Canada

Richard Falkirk (Derek Lambert)
  • Edmund Blackstone: Bow Street runner in early 19th-century London, England

Christopher Farnsworth
  • Nathaniel Cade: a vampire sworn to protect the president and the United States from supernatural threats, starting in the Andrew Johnson administration (1867)

Quinn Fawcett (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro & Bill Fawcett)
  • Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock’s older brother, in London, England

Lyndsay Faye
  • Timothy Wilde: ex-bartender and officer in the newly organized police force, in 1845 New York City

Charles Finch
  • Charles Lenox: gentleman sleuth, in 1860s London, England

Robert L. Fish
  • Schlock Homes: of 211B Bagel Street, a Sherlockian pastiche with a Yiddish perspective, in London, England

Sara Fraser
  • Thomas Potts: reluctant constable of Tardebrigge parish, in 1820s Worcestershire, England

Mark Frost
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: doctor, author, and student of the paranormal, in late 19th century London, England

Ashley Gardner
  • Captain Gabriel Lacey: former cavalry officer in Regency-era London, England

John Gardner
  • Professor Moriarty: archenemy of Sherlock Holmes in London, England

Philip Gooden
  • Thomas Ansell: London attorney who travels to British cathedral towns during the Victorian era

Jason Goodwin
  • Yashim Togalu: eunuch for an Ottoman sultan, in 1830s Istanbul, Turkey

Ed Gorman
  • Noah Ford: military investigator for the Army in the post-Civil War US, in the Cavalry Man series
  • Dev Mallory: Secret Service Agent in the post-Civil War US

Mark Graham
  • Wilton McCleary: Civil War veteran and policeman, in 1870s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ann Granger
  • Lizzie Martin: companion to a wealthy widow slum landlord, in 1860s London, England

Teresa Grant (Tracy Grant)
  • Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch: a diplomat and his wife, beginning at the Congress of Vienna in 1814

Tracy Grant
  • Charles Fraser: idealistic MP and former intelligence agent, and his wife Mélanie, a war refugee, in Regency London, England

John MacLachlan Gray
  • Edmund Whitty: correspondent for a Victorian tabloid in London, England

Alex Grecian
  • The Murder Squad, Scotland Yard, in 1890s London, England

Michael Gregorio
  • Hanno Stiffeniis: magistrate in the Napoleonic era, in early 1800s Konigsberg, Prussia

Oakley Hall
  • Ambrose Bierce: journalist, and his sidekick Tom Redmond in 1880s San Francisco, California

Barbara Hambly
  • Ben January: surgeon and music teacher, in 1830s New Orleans, Louisiana

C.S. Harris
  • Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, an investigator in Regency England

Ray Harrison
  • Joseph Bragg, a down-to-earth detective sergeant, and James Morton, an upper-crust constable, in 1890s London, England

Steven F. Havill
  • Thomas Parks: doctor in 1890s Port McKinney, Washington

Peter J. Heck
  • Mark Twain: 19th century American author, and Wentworth Cabot, his secretary, in the USA

Steve Hockensmith
  • Otto “Big Red” Amlingmeyer and his brother Gustav “Old Red” in 1890s Montana, who got interested in being detectives after reading a Sherlock Holmes story

Donald Honig
  • Major Thomas Maynard: detective in 1875-76 Dakota and Montana Territory

Sydney Hosier
  • Mrs. Hudson: housekeeper for the other sleuth of Baker Street, in London, England

Tom Hron
  • Eli Bonnet: US Marshal during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush, in Alaska

Anna Lee Huber
  • Lady Darby: an anatomist’s widow taking refuge at her sister’s estate, in 1830s Scotland

Marian J.A. Jackson
  • Abigail Patience Danforth: 19th century heiress detective

Lee Jackson
  • Sarah Tanner: proprietor of the Dining and Coffee Rooms and amateur sleuth, in 1850s London, England
  • Decimus Webb: Scotland Yard inspector in 1870s London, England

Maureen Jennings
  • William Murdoch: police detective in 1890s Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M.R.C. Kasasian
  • Sidney Grice: London’s most famous personal detective, and his goddaughter and ward, March Middleton, in 1880s London, England, in the Gower Street Detective series

Michael Kilian
  • Harrison Raines: Pinkerton spy during America’s Civil War

Laurie R. King
  • Mary Russell: student and then wife of Sherlock Holmes

Peter King
  • Jack London: author in the 1890s (before his famous novels) in San Francisco, California
  • Ned Parker: hansom cab driver in 1870s London, England

Alanna Knight
  • Inspector Jeremy Faro: detective in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Kresge
  • Kate Shaw: a new schoolteacher in a new town, and Monday Malone, a Texas cowboy heading for Montana, in fictional 1870s Warbonnet, Wyoming

Mary Kruger
  • Brooke Cassidy: mystery writer, and Matt Devlin, a private eye, in 1890s Newport, Rhode Island

Michael Kurland
  • Professor Moriarty: the Napoleon of Crime and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, in 1890s London, England

W.W. Lee (Wendi Lee)
  • Jefferson Birch: former Texas ranger working for Tisdale Investigations, in the American West in the second half of the 19th century

Allan Levine
  • Charles St. Clair: journalist in 1870s New York City

Clyde Linsley
  • Josiah Beede: war hero at the Battle of New Orleans, retired lawyer, and 1830s New England farmer

David Liss
  • Benjamin Weaver: Jewish ex-pugilist hired by gentry to pursue debtors and thieves, in 18th Century London, England

Joan Lock
  • Ernest Best: detective sergeant, later inspector, starting in 1870s London, England

Peter Lovesey
  • Albert Edward (Bertie): Prince of Wales, in England
  • Richard Cribb and Edward Thackeray: policeman in Victorian London, England

Catherine Lloyd
  • Robert Kurland: army major wounded at Waterloo, and his childhood friend and housekeeper, Lucy Harrington, the rector’s daughter, in Kurland St. Mary, in Regency England

Anna Maclean
  • Louisa May Alcott: amateur sleuth before becoming a famous author, in pre-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts

James McGee
  • Matthew Hawkwood: former English army officer, now a Bow Street Runner, in early 19th century London

Jeffrey Marks
  • General Ulysses Grant: returning to his hometown of Georgetown, Ohio, after the Civil War

Edward Marston
  • Robert Colbeck: former attorney now serving as an inspector in the fledging Scotland Yard in 1851 London, England

Carol McCleary
  • Nellie Bly: American investigative reporter, in Paris and around the world, starting in 1889

Ann McMillan
  • Narcissa Power: young widow, and Judah Daniel, a freedwoman who is also the local herbalist, at the time of the Civil War in Virginia

Frances McNamara
  • Emily Cabot: one of the first female graduate students, in sociology in the 1890s at the University of Chicago, Illinois

Mardi Oakley Medawar
  • Tay-bodal: 19th-century Kiowa healer in Oklahoma

D.E. Meredith
  • Adolphus Hatton: professor and forensic scientist advising the police, and his trusty assistant, Albert Roumande, in late 1850s London, England

Nicholas Meyer
  • Sherlock Holmes: from the posthumous memoirs of Dr. Watson, in the 1890s in Europe

Larry Millett
  • Sherlock Holmes: British detective and Shadwell Rafferty, an Irish saloonkeeper in Minnesota

Brent Monahan
  • John Le Brun: retired sheriff, in 1890s Brunswick, Georgia

Miriam Grace Monfredo
  • Bronwen Llyr: during the American Civil War, in the Cain Trilogy
  • Glynis Tryon: independent thinker and librarian, in mid-1800s New York, in the Seneca Falls mysteries

R.N. Morris
  • Porfiry Petrovich: the police inspector in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, in 1860s St. Petersburg, Russia

Arthur Morrison
  • Martin Hewitt: solicitor’s clerk in turn-of-the-19th-century London, England

Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini
  • Sabina Carpenter: a former Pinkerton operative, and her detective partner, ex-Secret Service agent John Quincannon, in late 1890s San Francisco, California

Amy Myers
  • Auguste Didier: master chef in Victorian London, England
  • Tom Wasp: chimney sweep in Victorian times in the East End of London, England

Baroness Orczy
  • Sir Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the mysterious English baronet who rescues French aristocrats from certain death after the French revolution

Robin Paige (Susan Wittig Albert)
  • Kathryn Ardleigh: American author who moves to Victorian Dedham, England, and Sir Charles Sheridan, a landed peer and amateur scientist

Félix J. Palma
  • H.G. Wells, Thomas Edison, and other historical characters, in a historical-fantasy-thriller Victorian trilogy

William J. Palmer
  • Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens: 19th century writers in London, England

Ann Parker
  • Inez Stannert: saloon owner, around 1880 in Leadville, Colorado, in the Silver Rush mysteries

Owen Parry
  • Abel Jones: federal agent during the American Civil War

Paula Paul (Paula Carter)
  • Alexandra Gladstone: doctor in Victorian Newton-on-Sea, England

Caro Peacock (Gillian Linscott)
  • Liberty Lane: young woman sleuth in 1830s London, England

Cynthia Peale
  • Caroline and Addington Ames: upperclass sibling sleuths in Victorian Boston, Massachusetts, in the Beacon Hill mysteries

Jane Peart
  • Edgecliffe Manor romantic suspense series: young, restless Victorian women in late 19th century England

Andrea Penrose
  • Lady Arianna Hadley: posing as a French chef in an aristocratic household in 1813 London, England

Andrew Pepper
  • Pyke: beginning as a Bow Street Runner in 1829-1940s London, England

Wilder Perkins
  • Bartholemew Hoare: British Navy officer wounded in the throat during the Napoleanic Wars of the early 1800s, and assigned to espionage duties

Anne Perry
  • William Monk: amnesiac police inspector in Victorian London, England
  • Thomas and Charlotte Pitt: police inspector and wife in Victorian London, England

Elizabeth Peters
  • Amelia Peabody: Victorian feminist Egyptologist from Kent, England

Sarah Pinborough
  • Dr. Thomas Bond: physician assisting the police investigating brutal serial killings, in 1880s London, England

R Barbara Corrado Pope
  • Bernard Martin: investigating magistrate in late 19th century Provence, France

Bill Pronzini
  • John Quincannon: 19th century private eye in San Francisco, California

Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz)
  • Lavinia Lake and Tobias March: lovers and partners-in-crime investigators in Regency London, England

Deanna Raybourn
  • Lady Julia Grey: recently widowed, in 1880s London, England
  • Veronica Speedwell: young woman seeking adventure in 1880s London, England

Judith Rock
  • Charles Matthieu Beuvron du Luc: teacher of rhetoric at Louis le Grand, a Jesuit school in 1680s Paris, France

Barrie Roberts
  • Sherlock Holmes pastiches

Madeleine E. Robins
  • Sarah Tolerance: freelance agent of inquiry in Regency London, England

Roberta Rogow
  • Rev. Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle team up in 1880s Victorian England

Kate Ross
  • Julian Kestrel: dandy-about-town in 1820s London, England

G.S. Rowe
  • Will Beaman: working in a baseball front office starting in 1897, in Boston, Massachusetts

Laura Joh Rowland
  • Charlotte Brontë: author in mid-1880s England

Alan Rustage
  • Inspector Blackstone: in Victorian England and the Empire

P.B. Ryan
  • Nell Sweeney: governess in post-Civil-War Boston, Massachusetts, in the Guilded Age Mysteries

Francis Selwyn (Donald Thomas)
  • William Verity: detective sergeant mostly in mid-19th century London, England

Catherine Shaw
  • Vanessa Duncan: schoolteacher in late 19th century Cambridge, England

Lloyd Shepherd
  • Charles Horton: Thames River Police Chief, and John Harriott, a River Police magistrate, in 1810s London, England

Lynn Shepherd
  • Charles Maddox: former Metropolitan police officer now working privately as a thief taker (detective) in 1850s London, England

Kieran Shields
  • Archie Lean, newly appointed deputy marshal, and Perceval Grey, a part-Indian Pinkerton agent, in 1890s Portland, Maine

Randall Silvis
  • Edgar Allan Poe: author in 1800s New York City

Joanna Campbell Slan
  • Jane Eyre, and her husband Edward Rochester, as amateur sleuths in 1850s England, in the Jane Eyre Chronicles

Troy Soos
  • Rebecca Davies: child of privilege running a home for desperate women, and Marshall Webb, Rebecca’s beau, a freelance reporter for Harper’s Weekly who secretly pens dime novels

Daniel Stashower
  • Harry Houdini: escape artist

Rosemary Stevens
  • Beau Brummell: arbiter of fashion in the Regency era of Great Britain

Linda Stratmann
  • Frances Doughty, the young daughter of a pharmacist, and an amateur sleuth (later professional detective), in Victorian London, England

Frank Tallis
  • Max Liebermann: psychoanalytic detective in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna, Austria

Shirley Tallman
  • Sarah Woolson: attorney in 19th-century San Francisco, California

Donald Thomas
  • Alfred Swain: detective inspector at Scotland Yard in late 19th century England

Edwin Thomas
  • Martin Jerrold: lieutenant in the British Navy in the early 1800s, in the Reluctant Adventures trilogy

Will Thomas
  • Cyrus Barker: private detective, and his assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, an ex-student and ex-thief, in Victorian London, England

Victoria Thompson
  • Sarah Brandt: midwife in turn-of-the-19th-century New York City, in the Gaslight Mysteries

June Thomson
  • Sherlock Holmes series

Kerry Tombs
  • Samuel Ravenscroft: detective inspector with the Whitechapel Constabulary, in the late 1880s in Worcestershire, England

Morley Torgov
  • Hermann Preiss: police inspector dealing with the likes of Robert & Clara Schumann and Richard Wagner in mid-19th century Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany

M.J. Trow
  • Captain Matthew Grand, a Union cavalry officer, and James Batchelor, a London journalist, in the 1860s, in the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries
  • Sholto Joseph Lestrade: Scotland Yard inspector in 19th century London, England

Robert W. Walker
  • Alastair Ransom: inspector, and Jane Francis Tewes, a doctor, in the 1890s in Chicago, Illinois

Dennis Wheatley
  • Roger Brook: special agent for Prime Minister William Pitt, from 1783-1815, in Europe, Asia, and the Americas

Jenny White
  • Kamil Pasha: magistrate in the new secular courts in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire, in Istanbul, Turkey

Lauren Willig
  • Eloise Kelly: Harvard grad student writing her Ph.D. dissertation on spies of the late 18th and early 19th century, in a romantic thriller series

Wayne Worcester
  • Sherlock Holmes: detective in London, England, from the journals of Dr. Watson

M.J. Zellnik
  • Libby Seale: a seamstress from New York, and newspaper reporter Peter Eberle, in 1894 Portland, Oregon

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