What’s New 2017

Authors and Characters Added in January 2017

Flynn Berry: non-series psychological thriller

Sarah M. Chen: non-series

Marla Cooper: Kelsey McKenna, a wedding planner in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area, in the Destination Wedding mysteries

Shawn Corridan & Gary Waid: non-series thrillers

Dianne Dixon: non-series

Jessica Estevao: Ruby Proulx, a psychic with a questionable past, in the late 1890s, in the Change of Fortune mysteries (Jessie Crockett)

Alexia Gordon: Gethsemane Brown, an African-American classical musician from Virginia, stranded in an Irish seaside village haunted by the irascible ghost of a famous native composer

Noah Hawley: non-series suspense

Nat Hentoff: Noah Green, a homicide detective in Greenwich Village and Alphabet City, New York City

Clark Howard: non-series mysteries and true crime

Joe Ide: Isaiah Quintabe, called IQ, a young black man who solves crimes using his intellect and Sherlock Homes-like observations, in east Long Beach, California

Cynthia Kuhn: Lila Maclean, an English professor at exclusive Stonedale University, near Denver, Colorado

Nadine Nettmann: Katie Stillwell, a wine taster (“The Palate”) working on certification, and amateur sleuth, in the wine country of Northern California, in the Sommelier mysteries

Nick (Nicholas) Petrie: Peter Ash, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran with post-traumatic stress challenges

Lisa Preston: non-series thrillers

Lili Wright: non-series

Heather Young: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in February 2017

Jane Harper: non-series

Leslie Karst: Sally Solari, a former lawyer, helping run her dad’s Italian restaurant, in Santa Cruz, California

Arthur Kerns: Hayden Stone, a retired FBI agent now working for the CIA to combat international terrorism

New Lynn Chandler Willis series: Ava Logan, a young widow with two children who owns the local newspaper in Jackson Creek, North Carolina


Authors and Characters Added in March & April 2017

New Fiona Barton series: Kate Waters, an investigative reporter for the London Daily Post

New Baron R. Birtcher series: Tyler Dawson, a rancher in Meriwather County, Oregon, beginning in 1973

New C.J. Box series: Cassie Dewell, a new deputy sheriff and later an investigator, in rural North Dakota

James P. Carse: non-series

Chan Ho-Kei: non-series

Caite Dolan-Leach: non-series

New William Heffernan series: Henry Doyle, a homicide detective who can hear the last words of murder victims, in Tampa, Florida, in the Dead Detective mysteries

New Tami Hoag series: Nick Fourcade and Annie Broussard, police detectives in Bayou Breaux, Louisiana

New Ragnar Jónasson series: Hulda Hermannsdottir, a police detective inspector in Reykjavik and elsewhere in Iceland

John Keyse-Walker: Teddy Creque, a Special Constable and the only cop on the remote island of Anegada, British Virgin Islands

New Dean Koontz series: Jane Hawk, an FBI agent battling a murderous conspiracy

New Attica Locke series: Darren Mathews, a black Texas Ranger, with family and alcohol problems, in rural east Texas, in the Highway 59 series

Melissa Scrivner Love: non-series thriller

New Eric Van Lustbader series: Bravo Shaw, a member of the secret head of the Gnostic Observatine sect, in an apocalyptic thriller series

Melina Marchetta: non-series thriller; YA suspense

Rob McCarthy: Harry Kent, an A&E (emergency care) doctor and police surgeon, in London, England

New Thomas Mullen series: An ensemble cast of police officers, black and white, beginning in 1948 Atlanta, Georgia

William L. Myers, Jr.: legal thrillers

B.A. Paris: non-series thrillers

New T. Jefferson Parker series: Roland Ford, once a cop, then a marine, now a private investigato

New Cay Rademacher series: Roger Blanc, an investigator with the anti-corruption unit of the Gendarmerie, in the Provence region of France

New Karen Robards series: Bianca St. Ives, running a multinational firm with her father, and swindling con men out of their money, in the Guardian thriller series

Susan C. Shea: Dani (Danielle) O’Rourke, with a playboy ex-husband, serving as a fund-raiser for an art museum in San Francisco, California; Katherine Goff, an American ex-pat living in the Burgunday region of France

Sherry Thomas: Charlotte Holmes, a disgraced young gentlewoman solving cases under the pseudonym Sherlock Holmes, beginning in 1886 London, in the Lady Sherlock mysteries

New Peter Turnbull series: Maurice Mundy, a recently retired London detective constable now working for Scotland Yard’s Cold Case Review Team


Authors and Characters Added in May 2017

New Ellery Adams series: Nora Pennington, owner of Miracle Books in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, who starts the Secret, Book & Scone Society to help damaged people provide support to those in need

Ryan Aldred: Ben Cooper, from Toronto, accidentally buys a bar with his friend Miguel, and assisted by his lawyer friend Victoria, in Costa Rica, in the Bar on a Beach mysteries

Matthew Betley: Logan West, a former Marine officer, working against international terrorists

Tracy Buchanan: non-series thrillers

Kevin Egan: non-series thrillers; Kieran Lenahan, a lawyer turned golf pro, in Westchester County, New York (written as Conor Daly)

New Christopher Farnsworth series: John Smith, a former CIA agent who can hear people’s thoughts, now working as a troubleshooter for One Percent, a Los Angeles-based clandestine organization serving the very rich

New Meg Gardiner series: Caitlin Hendrix, a detective with the Narcotics Task Force in San Francisco, California

New Leonard Goldberg series: Joanna Blaock, a practicing nurse and the secret daughter of Sherlock Holmes, who solves crimes with Dr. John Watson, Jr., beginning in 1914

R.M. Greenaway: David Leith and Cal Dion, fractious RCMP detectives, in British Columbia, Canada, in the B.C. Blues series

New Carolyn Haines series: Raissa James, a young woman widowed by WWI, running Pluto’s Snitch, a private investigation agency specializing in the occult along with Reginald Proctor, a self-proclaimed medium

Michael Helm: non-series

Joseph Hone: Peter Marlow, a frequently betrayed and victimized British spy

Jennifer Jaynes: the Stranger series

Kathleen Kent: non-series

Mark Lisac: non-series

Howard Marks: Catrin Price, a detective sergeant in Cardiff, Wales

New Amy Myers series: Nell Drury, an Escoffier-trained chef at Wychbourne Court, a country house in Kent, beginning in 1925

R.J. Noonan: Laura Mori, a Japanese-American rookie cop, in a small town near Portland, Oregon

New L.J. Sellers series: Roxanne “Rox” MacFarlane, a former CIA agent now working as a private investigator specializing in extracting girls from cults in Portland, Oregon, in The Extractor series

New Sally Spencer series: Jennie Redhead, a private investigator and former cop in Oxford, England

Jay Stringer: Eoin Miller, a half-Gypsy, ex-cop gangland trouble-shooter, in the West Midlands region of England; Sam Ireland, a reluctant private investigator and part-time bike messenger, in Glasgow, Scotland


Authors and Characters Added in June 2017

Ellie Alexander: Juliet Capshaw, a recent culinary school graduate, returns to her hometown to heal a broken heart and help her mom at Torte, the family bakery, in Ashland, Oregon, in the Bakeshop mysteries; Sloan Krause, leaving the family brewery (and her cheating husband) to work for Nitro, a hip new brewery, in Leavenworth, Washington (Kate Dyer-Seeley pseudonym)

Federico Axat: non-series

New Joe Badal series: Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez, homicide detectives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files series; Matt Curtis, a surgeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the Cycle of Violence series

Bryn Chancellor: non-series

JoAnn Chaney: non-series

Julie Chase: Lacy Marie Crocker, the owner of Furry Godmother, a pet boutique and organic treat bakery in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Kitty Couture mysteries (Julie Anne Lindsey pseudonym)

Daniel Cole: William Oliver Layton-Fawkes (The Wolf) and Emily Baxter, detectives in the Homicide and Serious Crime Team, in London, England

New Michael Connelly series: Renée Ballard, a young detective in Hollywood, California, demoted to night shift after filing a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor

New E.J. Copperman series: Kay Powell, an animal talent agent in fictional Scarborough, New Jersey, in the Agent to the Paws mysteries

Kate Dyer-Seeley: Meg Reed, an outdoor journalist for Northwest Extreme magazine, based in Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest mysteries

Nuala Ellwood: non-series

Lauren A. Forry: non-series

Jacqueline Frost: Holly White, an amateur sleuth on the family tree farm in historic Mistletoe, Maine, in the Christmas Tree Farm mysteries (Julie Anne Lindsey pseudonym)

Donna Morrissey: non-series

Sara Flannery Murphy: non-series

New Andrea Penrose series: The Earl of Wrexford, a scientist, and Charlotte Sloane, a satirical cartoonist working under her dead husband’s name, in Regency London, England

New Kathy Reichs series: Sunday Night, who retreats to isolated Goat Island, South Carolina, after an injury ends her police career

Marcus Sedgwick: non-series historical thrillers, even vampires, in Paris, France

New Dorothy St. James series: Charity Penn, an amateur sleuth learning to make chocolates, in Camellia Beach, South Carolina, in the Southern Chocolate Shop mysteries

Amy Stuart: non-series

Hannah Tinti: non-series

Catriona Ward: non-series gothic thrillers

New Lis Wiehl & Sebastian Stuart series: Erica Sparks, a cable news host at Global News Network in New York, in the Newsmakers series

Elle Wild: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in July 2017

New Laura Bradford series: Tobi Tobias, running her own advertising agency

New Michael Brandman series: Buddy Steel, an LAPD homicide detective returning home to care for his father, the sheriff, in the rich coastal town of Freedom, California

Deb Caletti: non-series

New Ray Celestin series: Michael Talbot and Ida Davis, Pinkerton agents in the Jazz Age

Jim Eldridge: Paul Stark, a Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector and war hero, beginning in 1921 London, England

New Amanda Flower series: Bailey King, leaving New York to take over Swissmen Sweets, her Amish grandparents’ candy shop, in Harvest, Ohio, in the Amish Candy Shop mysteries

Stephanie Gayle: Thomas Lynch, formerly with the NYPD, now the new chief of police, hiding that he’s gay, in late 1990s Idyll, Connecticut

New Tod Goldberg series: Sal Cupertine, a legendary Chicago hitman

Richard Goodfellow: Max Travers, an American English teacher in Tokyo, Japan

New Cora Harrison series: Hugh Mac Egan, a lawyer at Hampton Court during the reign of King Henry VIII

Jordan Harper: non-series

J.A. Hennrikus: Edwina “Sully” Sullivan, an ex-cop leaving her unfaithful husband, now general manager of her hometown theater, the Cliffside Theater Company, in the Theater Cop mysteries (Julianne Holmes pseudonym)

New Daniel Judson series: Tom Sexton, a former Navy Seabee in Afghanistan, now working in black ops, in the Agent series

New Sujata Massey series: Perveen Mistry, the daughter of a respected Zoroastrian family who has just joined her father’s law firm, in 1920s Bombay, India

New Gilly Macmillan series: Jim Clemo, a detective inspector in Bristol, England

New Graham Masterton series: Katie Maguire, a detective of the Gardai, in Cork, Ireland

New Catriona McPherson series: Lexy Campbell, a marriage counselor from Scotland, whose life collapses in California

New Linda Stasi series: Alessandra Russo, a cynical New York reporter, in an international religious thriller series:


Authors and Characters Added in August 2017

New Sara Blaedel series: Ilka Jensen, a school photographer, in Copenhagen, Denmark, travels to Racine, Wisconsin where her estranged father has died

Julia Buckley: Madeline Mann, a small-town reporter, in Webley, Illinois; Lilah Drake, a secret caterer running the Covered Dish, providing meals customers can claim they cooked, in fictional Pine Haven, Illinois, in the Undercover Dish mysteries; Lena London, a recent graduate with a giant loan, working for Camilla Graham, a famous writer of Gothic Suspense novels, in Blue Lake, Indiana, in the Writer’s Apprentice mysteries

Lynn Cahoon: Jill Gardner, running Coffee, Books, and More, her store in a coastal resort town, South Cove, California, in the Tourist Trap mysteries; Cat Latimer, a former English professor now running a bed-and-breakfast, in the Colorado mountains; Angie Turner, running a farm-to-table restaurant in her old hometown in rural Idaho, in the Farm-to-Fork mysteries

John Darnielle: non-series, with some scary stuff

New Candice Fox series: Ted Conkaffey, a Sydney homicide detective accused but not convicted of murder who retreats north to the crocodile infested wetlands of Crimson Lake, Australia

New Daryl Wood Gerber series: Mimi Rousseau, opening her own bistro and inn, in Napa Valley, California, in the French Bistro mysteries

New Anna Lee Huber series: Verity Kent, a young war widow in 1919 England

New Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman series: Clay Edison, a Coroner’s Deputy, in Los Angeles, California

Vaseem Khan: Ashwin Chopra, a retired police inspector who inherits an elephant and opens a private detective agency, in Mumbai, India, in the Baby Ganesh Agency Investigations

Jess Kidd: non-series

Steven Price: non-series

Iain Reid: non-series

New Eric Rickstad series: Frank Rath, an ex-cop private investigator, in rural Vermont

Jock Serong: non-series

Anna Snoekstra: non-series

Ann Turner: non-series

New C.M. Wendelboe series: Arn Anderson, a Former Denver homicide detective, back at work in his old hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the Bitter Wind mysteries

Kevin Wolf: non-series

Laura Elizabeth Woollett: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in September 2017

Åsa Avdic: non-series suspense

Emily Carpenter: non-series suspense thrillers

New Krista Davis series: Florrie Fox, managing the Color Me Read bookstore in Georgetown, Washington DC, in the Pen & Ink mysteries

New Dawn Eastman series: Katie LeClair, the new doctor in the small town of Baxter, near Ann Arbor, Michigan

New James W. Hall series: Harper McDaniel, a Coconut Grove, Florida, photographer tracking down the killers of her husband and baby son

New Jane Harper series: Aaron Falk, a federal police agent in Australia

Nir Hezroni: Agent 10483, a rogue agent formerly with The Organization, an Israeli intelligence organization

Catherine Ryan Howard: non-series thrillers

Abir Mukherjee: Captain Sam Wyndham, a former Scotland Yard detective serving on the Imperial Police Force, and Sergeant Surrender-Not (Surendranath) Banerjee, beginning in 1919 Calcutta, India

New Nancy J. Parra series: Taylor O’Brian, founder of Off The Beaten Path Wine Tours, living with her Aunt Jemma on a small winery, in Sonoma, California, in the Wine Country mysteries

New T.R. Ragan series: Jessie Cole, a private investigator in Sacramento, California

New Christopher Reich series: Simon Riske, running an auto garage and working as a freelance industrial spy, in London, England

New Patricia Smiley series: Davie Richards, a homicide detective in Los Angeles, California, in the Pacific Homicide series


Authors and Characters Added in October 2017

Bailey Cattrell: Elliana Allbright, running a custom perfume store with a garden out back, Scents & Nonsense, in fictional Poppyville, California, in the Enchanted Garden mysteries (Cricket McRae pseudonym)

Jennifer Finney Boylan: non-series

New Hilary Bonner series: David Vogel, a detective inspector in Bristol, England

New Judith Cutler series: Jane Cowan, with her abusive ex-husband in prision, now the head teacher at the primary school, in Wrayford, Kent, England

New Casey Daniels series: Miss Evie Barnum, running her brother P.T.’s museum, in 1840s New York City

New Kaitlyn Dunnett series: Mikki Lincoln, a freelance editor recently widowed, buying her childhood home in the Catskills village Lenape Hollow, New York, in the Deadly Edits mysteries (Kathy Lynn Emerson pseudonym)

Matt Goldman: Nils “Shap” Shapiro, a private detective, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Karo Hämäläinen: non-series

New Mary Ellen Hughes series: Callie Reed, whose Aunt Melodie dies at her music box shop, in Keepsake Cove, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, in the Keepsake Cove mysteries

Tyrell Johnson: non-series

Liz Nugent: non-series psychological thrillers

Lucy Ribchester: non-series historical mysteries

New Laura Joh Rowland series: Sarah Bain, a photographer and private detective, in late 1880s London, England, in the Victorian mysteries

New Victoria Thompson series: Elizabeth Miles, living on the edge of society, relieving so-called respectable men of their ill-gotten gains, in turn-of-the-20th-Century New York City, in the Counterfeit Lady series

New Michael Wiley series: Franky Dast, wrongly conviced of rape and murder, now released and working with the Justice Now Initiative in Jacksonville, Florida


Authors and Characters Added in November 2017

David Casarett: Ladarat Patalang, a nurse ethicist at Sriphat Hospital, and Detective Wiriyai Mookja, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the Ethical Chiang Mai Detective Agency series

Steven Cooper: Gus Parker, a reluctant psychic, and Alex Mills, a homicide detective, in Phoenix, Arizona

Jessica Ellicott: Beryl Helliwell, an American adventuress, and Edwina Davenport, her English school chum, in the hamlet of Walmsley Parva, England, beginning in 1920 (Jessica Estevao pseudonym)

Two new Mari Hannah series: Matthew Ryan, a detective sergeant in Northumbria, England; David Stone and Frankie Oliver, CID officers in Northumbria, England

Elizabeth Heathcote: non-series psychological suspense

Emily Littlejohn: Gemma Monroe, a police detective in a small ski town in Colorado

Greer Macallister: non-series

New Clea Simon series: Tara Winton, a music journalist in Boston, Massachusetts

New Dolores Gordon-Smith series: Anthony Brooke, a secret agent working for the British government in World War I

Auralee Wallace: Erica Bloom, returning to help out with her mother’s business in a small town in New Hampshire, in the Otter Lake mysteries

Steve Zousmer: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in December 2017

Kathleen Barber: non-series psychological suspense

New Cynthia Baxter series: Kate McKay, moving home from Manhattan to take care of her ailing grandmother, running an ice-cream shop, Lickety Splits, in the Hudson Valley town of Wolfert’s Roost, New York

New Simon Beaufort series: Alec Londale, a young reporter on the Pall Mall Gazette in 1880s London, England

Guy Bolton: Jonathan Craine, an LAPD detective whose actress wife committed suicide, in late 1930s Hollywood, California

New Dale Brown & Jim DeFelice series: Louis Massina, a robotics expert working with the FBI to combat the Russian mafia, in the Puppet Master thrillers

Helen Cadbury: Sean Denton, a police constable, in Doncaster, England

James (J.S.) Carol: Jefferson Winter, son of a famous serial killer, and a former FBI profiler working as a private investigator

Liv Constantine: non-series thrillers

Polina Dashkova: non-series thriller

Karen Dionne: non-series psychological suspense & thrillers

New Kate Dyer-Seeley series: Britta Johnston, leaving her deadbeat husband and dead-end job, now working at her aunt Elin’s floral boutique, Blooma, in Portland, Oregon

New Peggy Ehrhart series: Pamela Paterson, a widow whose daughter just left for college, working as associate editor of a craft magazine and founder of the Knit and Nibble knitting club, in Arborville, New Jersey

New Barry Eisler series: Livia Lone, a Thai sex-crimes detective in Seattle, Washington

New Kate Ellis series: Albert Lincoln, a detective inspector from London, sent to investigate murder in 1919 Derbyshire, England

New Brian Freeman series: Frost Easton, a homicide detective, in San Francisco, California

Kellye Garrett: Dayna Anderson, an actress turned private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

New Lee Goldberg series: Ian Ludlow, a bestselling writer recruited by the CIA to imagine terrorism scenarios, based in Seattle, WA

New Sarah Graves series: Jacobia “Jake” Tiptree (from the Home Repair Is Homicide series) and her best friend Ellie, running a waterfront bake shop, The Chocolate Moose, in the island fishing village of Eastport, Maine

New Karen Harper series: Claire Britten, a forensic psychologist working with lawyer Nick Markwood, around Saint Augustine, Florida, in the South Shores romantic suspense series

New Diane Janes series: Frances Black and Tom Dod, amateur sleuths in the late 1920s, in the north of England

New Mons Kallentoft series: Zack Herry, a party animal by night, police detective by day, in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Hercules series

T.E. Kinsey: Lady Emily Hardcastle, an eccentric widow with a secret past, and Florence (Flo) Armstrong, her maid and confidante, and an expert in martial arts, moving in the first decade of the 1900s from London to the English countryside

Joseph Knox: Aiden Waits, a disgraced cop working undercover, in Manchester, England

New Chris Nickson series: Lottie Armstrong, beginning as a police constable in 1924, then in 1944, in Leeds, England

New Brenda Novak series: Evelyn Talbot, a psychiatrist working at a maximum security prison and heading the Hanover House institute, near Anchorage, Alaska

New Mark Pryor series: Dominic, a British expat and psychopath working for the DA’s office, in Austin, Texas

New Christopher Rice series: Charlotte Rowe, raised by serial killers who killed her mother, now out for revenge

Krysten Ritter: non-series thriller

Jane Robins: non-series psychological suspense

New Randall Silvis series: Ryan DeMarco, a State Police sergeant, in northwestern Pennsylvania

B.K. Stevens: non-series

C.L. Taylor: non-series psychological thrillers

Emma Tennant: non-series

Wendy Webb: non-series gothic suspense

New C.M. Wendelboe series: Nelson Lane, a US Marshal chasing suspects from Wyoming to Oklahoma during the 1930s

Raoul Whitfield: non-series

New F. Paul Wilson series: Rick Hayden and Laura Fanning, in a struggle to control two secret societies trying to control the ultimate medical miracle

Felicia Yap: Hans Richardson, investigating crime in an alternate Cambridge, England, populated by Monos (who remember only the last 24-hours) and Duos (with a 48-hour memory)


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