2012 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2012

Killer Crullers [Donut Shop #6] by Jessica Beck

The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller [Haunted Bookshop #6] by Cleo Coyle/Alice Kimberly

The Amethyst Spectacles [r] [Pat and Jean Abbott #6] by Frances Crane

Wild Wild Death [Pepper Martin #8] by Casey Daniels

Die Job [Southern Beauty Shop #3] by Lila Dare

One Perfect Shot [s] [Posadas County prequel] by Steven F. Havill

Affairs of Steak [White House Chef #5] by Julie Hyzy

File M for Murder [Cat in the Stacks #3] by Miranda James

Royal Pains: Sick Rich [Royal Pains #2] by D.P. Lyle


Deadly Campaign [Last Laff #2] by Alan Orloff

Plan Bee [Queen Bee #3] by Hannah Reed

Love, Honour, and O’Brien [s] [Holly Love #1] by Jennifer Rowe [1st US edition]

Last Dance [Winston Patrick #2] by David Russell

If Fried Chicken Could Fly [Country Cooking School #1] by Paige Shelton

Red Means Run [Virgil Cain #1] by Brad Smith

Unhallowed Ground [Hugh de Singleton #4] by Mel Starr [1st US edition]

Death by Killer Mop Doll [Anastasia Pollack #2] by Lois Winston

February 2012

Clobbered by Camembert [Cheese Shop #3] by Avery Aames

The Walled Flower [Victoria Square #2] by Lorraine Bartlett

No Return [NS] by Brett Battles

The Troupe [NS] by Robert Jackson Bennett

A Fitting End [Magical Dressmaking #2] by Melissa Bourbon

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof [Piece of Cake #2] by Jacklyn Brady

Death on Heels [Crime of Fashion #8] by Ellen Byerrum

One Book in the Grave [Bibliophile #5] by Kate Carlisle

Old Haunts [Haunted Guesthouse #3] by E.J. Copperman

The Exterminators [Assassin Bug #2] by Bill Fitzhugh

Bloodland [NS] by Alan Glynn [1st US edition]

Town in a Wild Moose Chase [Candy Holliday #3] by B.B. Haywood


Dutch Me Deadly [Passport to Peril #7] by Maddy Hunter

Gem of a Ghost [Emma Whitecastle #3] by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Sticks and Stones [s] [Cat DeLuca #2] by K.J. Larsen

The Child Who [NS] by Simon Lelic

Liar Moon [r] [Martin Bora #2] by Ben Pastor

The Eighth Veil [NS] by Frederick Ramsay

Lake on the Mountain [Dan Sharp #1] by Jeffrey Round

Boston Cream [Jonah Geller #3] by Howard Shrier

The Flatey Enigma [NS] by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson

The Quiet Twin [NS] by Dan Vyleta [1st US edition]

Desert Wind [Lena Jones #7] by Betty Webb

Guilty Consciences [SS] edited by Martin Edwards

March 2012

Till Death Do Us Purl [Black Sheep Knitting #4] by Anne Canadeo

Murder of the Bride [Rex Graves #5] by C.S. Challinor

Fire Engine Dead [Museum #3] by Sheila Connolly

Whatever You Love [NS] by Louise Doughty [1st US edition]

Sail of Stone [Erik Winter #6] by Åke Edwardson

The Cadaver Game [s] [Wesley Peterson #16] by Kate Ellis

Plunder [s] [Faye Longchamp #7] by Mary Anna Evans

Lie in the Dark [r] [Vlado Petric #1] by Dan Fesperman

Cooking the Books [s] [Corinna Chapman #6] by Kerry Greenwood [1st US edition]

Adrift on St. John [Mystery in the Islands #1] by Rebecca M. Hale


November Hunt [Murder-by-Month #7] by Jess Lourey

The Probability of Murder [Professor Sophie Knowles #2] by Ada Madison

Fashion Faux Paw [Dog Walker #6] by Judi McCoy

Due or Die [Library Lover #2] by Jenn McKinlay

Sketch a Falling Star [Portrait of Crime #3] by Sharon Pape

Nine for the Devil [s] [John the Lord Chamberlain #9] by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer

Little Shop of Homicide [Devereaux Dime Store #1] by Denise Swanson

Point and Shoot [Charlie Hardie #3] by Duane Swierczynski

Ashes to Dust [s] [Thóra Gudmundsdottir #3] by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Mumbai Noir [SS] edited by Altaf Tyrewala

April 2012

The Deathly Portent [Ottilia Draycott #2] by Elizabeth Bailey

50% Off Murder [Good Buy Girls] by Josie Belle

Dread on Arrival [Hemlock Falls #17] by Claudia Bishop

Silenced [Lucy Kincaid #5] by Allison Brennan

Reap What You Sew [Southern Sewing Circle #6] by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Barnstorming [Gail McCarthy #12] by Laura Crum

Gold Mountain [Fiona MacGillivray #3] by Vicki Delany

Deadly Offer [Darby Farr #3] by Vicki Doudera

A Deeper Darkness [Samantha Owens #1] by J.T. Ellison

Mix-Up in Miniature [Miniature #6] by Margaret Grace

Twisted [Tracers #5] by Laura Griffin

A Bitter Veil [NS] by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Hounds Abound [Pet Rescue #] by Linda O. Johnston

The Long Stitch Good Night [Embroidery #4] by Amanda Lee


The Blood of an Englishman [r] [Kramer & Zondi #6] by James McClure

The Skeleton Picnic [s] [J.D. Books #2] by Michael Norman

Nights of Awe [Ariel Kafka #1] by Harri Nykänen

Life Without Parole [Kate Conway #2] by Clare O’Donohue

Driven [s] [sequel to Drive] by James Sallis

Cats Can’t Shoot [Pru Marlowe #2] by Clea Simon

Ready, Scrap, Shoot [Kiki Lowenstein #5] by Joanna Campbell Slan

The Scarlet Pepper [White House Gardener #2] by Dorothy St. James

The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon [Cats in Trouble #4] by Leann Sweeney

Best Eaten Cold and Other Stories: A Murder Squad Anthology [SS] edited by Martin Edwards

Writes of Spring: Stories & Prose [SS] edited by Gary Shulze & Pat Frovarp

May 2012

Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders [Oscar Wilde #5] by Gyles Brandreth

Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own [Mrs. Jeffries #30] by Emily Brightwell

The Tyrant [NS, new translation] by Jacques Chessex [APA: A Father’s Love]

All Sales Fatal [Mall Cop #2] by Laura DiSilverio

Mr. Monk on Patrol [r] [Adrian Monk #13] by Lee Goldberg

A Cold Day in Paradise [r] [Alex McKnight #1] by Steve Hamilton

Deadly Negatives [NS] by Russell Hill

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice [r] [NS] by Andrea Kane

Copycat Killing [Magical Cats #3] by Sofie Kelly

Bonereapers [s] [Dinah Pelerin #3] by Jeanne Matthews

Don’t Die Under the Apple Tree [Rosie the Riveter #1] by Amy Patricia Meade


The Boy Who Stole the Leopard’s Spots [Amanda Brown #3] by Tamar Myers

Fatal Induction [s] [Professor Bradshaw #2] by Bernadette Pajer

The Wild Wood Enquiry [Ivy Beasley #3] by Ann Purser

One Dog Night [r] [Andy Carpenter #9] by David Rosenfelt

The Vegas Knockout [Duffy Dombrowski #4] by Tom Schreck

Most Likely to Murder [Susan Lombardi #4] by Carole B. Shmurak

Powers of Arrest [s] [Will Borders #2] by Jon Talton

Herring on the Nile [Ethelred and Elsie #4] by L.C. Tyler

From Blood [NS] by Edward Wright [1st US edition]

Long Island Noir [SS] edited by Kaylie Jones

June 2012

Return of the Swallows [s] [Tamar Saticoy #2] by Aileen G. Baron

Dead Man Waltzing [Ballroom Dance #2] by Ella Barrick

Icon [NS] by J. Carson Black

Threaded for Trouble [Willow Vanderling #2] by Janet Bolin

Hearse and Buggy [Amish #1] by Laura Bradford

The Age of Doubt [Salvo Montalbano #14] by Andrea Camilleri

Quilt or Innocence [Southern Quilting #1] by Elizabeth Craig

The Devil’s Dust [Charlie McKelvey #3] by C.B. Forrest

Damage Control [Jonathan Grave #4] by John Gilstrap

One Breath Away [NS] by Heather Gudenkauf

Blind Goddess [Hanne Wilhelmsen #1] by Anne Holt [1st US edition]


Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray [Death and Taxes #3] by Diane Kelly

False Negative [NS] by Joseph Koenig

Hot Button [Button Box #2] by Kylie Logan

Blessed Are the Dead [Emmanuel Cooper #3] by Malla Nunn

The Dark Monk [Magdalena #2] by Oliver Pötzsch

No One Left to Tell [NS] by Karen Rose

The Treble Wore Trouble [St. Germaine #11] by Mark Schweizer

Target: Tinos [s] [Andreas Kaldis #4] by Jeffrey Siger

The Mastersinger from Minsk [Hermann Preiss #2] by Morley Torgov

Corpse in the Crystal Ball [Fortune Teller #2] by Kari Lee Townsend

Venice Noir [SS] edited by Maxim Jakubowski

July 2012

Pies and Prejudice [Charmed Pie Shoppe #1] by Ellery Adams

Plotting at the PTA [Beth Kennedy #3] by Laura Alden

Stick a Fork in It [Culinary Cop #2] by Robin Allen

Perfect Is Overrated [NS] by Karen Bergreen

Nothing To Hide [Roland March #3] by J. Mark Bertrand

In a Witch’s Wardrobe [Witchcraft #4] by Juliet Blackwell

Cloaked in Malice [Vintage Magic #5] by Annette Blair

Size 12 and Ready to Rock [Heather Wells #4] by Meg Cabot

The 13th Target [s] [NS] by Mark de Castrique

Murder for Choir [Glee Club #1] by Joelle Charbonneau

The Other Woman’s House [Simon Waterhouse & Charlie Zailer #6] by Sophie Hannah

Grace Among Thieves [Manor House #3] by Julie Hyzy


Afraid To Die [r] [Selena Alvarez & Regan Pescoli #4] by Lisa Jackson

A Sinister Sense [Raven’s Nest Bookstore #2] by Allison Kingsley

Beef Stolen-Off [Clueless Cook #2] by Liz Lipperman

Endangered [s] [Iris Oakley #3] by Ann Littlewood

Pulse [Frank Quinn #7] by John Lutz

Photo Finish [s] [Jack Doyle #4] by John McEvoy

Red Velvet Revenge [Cupcake Bakery #4] by Jenn McKinlay

Old and Cold [NS] by Jim Nisbet

A Fountain Filled with Blood [r] [Clare Fergusson #2] by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Blackjack [NS] by Andrew Vachss

How To Dine on Killer Wine [Party-Planning Mystery #5] by Penny Warner

Burrows [s] [Red River #2] by Reavis Z. Wortham

August 2012

Miss Me When I’m Gone [NS] by Emily Arsenault

A Witch Before Dying [Witchcraft #2] by Heather Blake

Widow’s Might [Liv Bergen #3] by Sandra Brannan

Nowhere To Run [NS] by Nancy Bush

Peril in Paperback [Bibliophile #6] by Kate Carlisle

The Laughterhouse [Theodore Tate #3] by Paul Cleave

Dying Echo [s] [Grim Reaper #4] by Judy Clemens

Sour Apples [Orchard #6] by Sheila Connolly

Lake Country [NS] by Sean Doolittle

Mystery in the Minister [r] [Matthew Bartholomew #17] by Susanna Gregory [APA: Murder in the Minister]

Kept in the Dark [NS] by Penny Hancock [1st US edition, APA: Tideline]

Carnival for the Dead [NS] by David Hewson

The Facility [NS] by Simon Lelic [1st US edition]


When the Cookie Crumbles [Cookie Cutter Shop #3] by Virginia Lowell

Grave of Angels [NS] by Michael Prescott

Scone Island [s] [Ike Schwartz #8] by Frederick Ramsay

The Session Man [Auggie Velez-Colon #1] by Robert J. Randisi

Getting Dunn [NS] by Tom Schreck

Deadly Politics [Molly Malone #1] by Maggie Sefton

Death of a Schoolgirl [Jane Eyre Chronicles #1] by Joanna Campbell Slan

Crow’s Landing [Virgil Cain #2] by Brad Smith

Bruja Brouhaha [Mind for Murder #2] by Rochelle Staab

Nightwatcher [Nightwatcher #1] by Wendy Corsi Staub

St. Petersburg Noir [SS] edited by Natalia Smirnova & Julia Goumen

September 2012

Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause [r] [Miss Dimple #2] by Mignon F. Ballard

Wall-to-Wall Dead [Do-It-Yourself #6] by Jennie Bentley

Dead and Buried [Cooper & Fry #13] by Stephen Booth

Lowcountry Boil [Liz Talbot #1] by Susan M. Boyer

Mrs. Jeffries Takes a Second Look [Mrs. Jeffries omnibus containing #4, 5, 6] by Emily Brightwell

Death in Four Courses [Food Critic #2] by Lucy Burdette

Nowhere To Hide [NS] by Nancy Bush

Supernatural Born Killers [Pepper Martin #9] by Casey Daniels

What You Wish For [NS] by Janet Dawson

More Than Sorrow [s] [NS] by Vicki Delany

Face of the Enemy [s] [Helluva War #1] by Joanne Dobson & Beverle Graves Myers

What the Heart Remembers [NS] by Debra Ginsberg

How To Tail a Cat [Cats and Curios #4] by Rebecca M. Hale

The Hanging [Maggie MacGowen #8] by Wendy Hornsby

Hide & Snoop [Odelia Grey #7] by Sue Ann Jaffarian


Sonora Crossing [Del Shannon #2] by Darrell James

Dead Man’s Grip [r] [Roy Grace #7] by Peter James

Opening Moves [Patrick Bowers #6] by Steven James

The Ninth Step [NS] by Grant Jerkins

Treacherous Toys [Renaissance Faire #5] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Last Wool and Testament [Haunted Yarn Shop #1] by Molly MacRae

Bleeding Through [s] [Rachel Goddard #5] by Sandra Parshall

Bullets and Lies [Talbot Roper #1] by Robert J. Randisi

Don’t Cry for Me [Rebel Ridge #2] by Sharon Sala

Big Maria [NS] by Johnny Shaw

Sleepwalker [Nightwatcher #2] by Wendy Corsi Staub

Rough Riders [sequel to Eddie’s World] by Charlie Stella

Murder of the Cat’s Meow [Scumble River #15] by Denise Swanson

Company Orders [NS] by David J. Walker

Death Where the Bad Rocks Live [Manny Tanno #2] by C.M. Wendelboe

The Low Road [NS] by Chris Womersley [1st US edition]

October 2012

A Cat Tells Two Tales [Alice Nestleton #22] by Lydia Adamson

Bear Bait [Sam Westin #2] by Pamela Beason

The Fallen One [NS] by Rick Blechta

Deadly Patterns [Magical Dressmaking #3] by Melissa Bourbon

Gun Church [s] [NS] by Reed Farrel Coleman

Killing the Emperors [s] [Robert Amiss #12] by Ruth Dudley Edwards

Pierced [Henning Juul #2] by Thomas Enger

The Light Keeper’s Legacy [Chloe Ellefson #3] by Kathleen Ernst

The Hollow Man [Nick Belsey #1] by Oliver Harris [1st US edition]

Mrs. Malory and a Necessary End [Sheila Malory #20] by Hazel Holt

A Fatal Stain [Daring Finds #3] by Elise Hyatt

Blood Line [Anna Travis #7] by Lynda La Plante [1st US edition]

December Dread [Murder-by-Month #8] by Jess Lourey

A Grid for Murder [Mystery by the Numbers #3] by Casey Mayes

Falling Glass [NS] by Adrian McKinty [1st US edition]

The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid [Hubert Schuze #6] by J. Michael Orenduff


NYPD Red [s] [NS] by James Patterson & Marshall Karp

The Warlord of Willow Ridge [NS] by Gary Phillips

A Plague of Lies [Charles du Luc #3] by Judith Rock

Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder [Mom Zone #7] by Sara Rosett

Strong Poison [r] [Lord Peter Wimsey #6] by Dorothy L. Sayers

Have His Carcase [r] [Lord Peter Wimsey #8] by Dorothy L. Sayers

Gaudy Night [r] [Lord Peter Wimsey #11] by Dorothy L. Sayers

Busman’s Honeymoon [r] [Lord Peter Wimsey #12] by Dorothy L. Sayers

If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance [Country Cooking School #2] by Paige Shelton

Night Blind [Blake Sanders #1] by Michael W. Sherer

Death and the Maiden [Max Liebermann #6] by Frank Tallis

Mixed Signals [s] [Grace Street #2] by Jane Tesh

The Clause [NS] by Brian M. Wiprud

Kansas City Noir [SS] edited by Steve Paul

November 2012

Written in Stone [Books by the Bay #4] by Ellery Adams

Cut to the Bone [Hollis Grant #4] by Joan Boswell

Arsenic and Old Cake [Piece of Cake #3] by Jacklyn Brady

A Novel Way To Die [Black Cat Bookshop #2] by Ali Brandon

Stalked [Lucy Kincaid #5] by Allison Brennan

Wrong Hill To Die On [s] [Alafair Tucker #6] by Donis Casey

Let It Sew [Southern Sewing Circle #7] by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Nightshade on Elm Street [Flower Shop #13] by Kate Collins

Edge of Black [Samantha Owens #2] by J.T. Ellison

Archie Meets Nero Wolfe [Nero Wolfe prequel] by Robert Goldsborough

Skulduggery [r] [NS] by Carolyn Hart

Death of a Country Fried Redneck [Food and Cocktails #2] by Lee Hollis

The First Prophet [Bishop Files #1] by Kay Hooper


Make Believe [s] [Edna Ferber #3] by Ed Ifkovic

Placebo [s] [Jevin Banks #1] by Steven James

Beware This Boy [Tom Tyler #2] by Maureen Jennings

The Clue Is in the Pudding [Pennyfoot Hotel #20] by Kate Kingsbury

A Very Public Eye [Leo Reese #2] by Lori L. Lake

Pandora’s Temple [Blaine McCracken #11] by Jon Land

The Cold Cold Ground [Troubles #1] by Adrian McKinty

Deadly Row To Hoe [Home Crafting #6] by Cricket McRae

The Hunted Hare [Aidan #1] by Fay Sampson

Beneath the Abbey Wall [Highland Gazette #3] by A.D. Scott

Murder Is a Piece of Cake [Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper #8] by Elaine Viets

Wedding Cake Killer [Fresh-Baked #7] by Livia J. Washburn

Accidents Waiting to Happen [NS] by Simon Wood

Staten Island Noir [SS] edited by Patricia Smith

December 2012

Illegally Iced [Donut Shop #8] by Jessica Beck

A Deal To Die For [Good Buy Girls #2] by Josie Belle

Murder on the House [Haunted Home Renovation #3] by Juliet Blackwell

To Love and To Perish [Broken Vows #4] Lisa Bork

Invisible [NS] by Carla Buckley

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti [Magical Bakery #2] by Bailey Cates

Rest in Pizza [r] [Pizza Lovers #4] Chris Cavender

Stake & Eggs [Cackleberry Club #4] by Laura Childs

The Cleaner [NS] by Paul Cleave [1st US edition]

Holiday Buzz [Coffeehouse #12] by Cleo Coyle

More Than Sorrow [s] [NS] by Vicki Delany

Blessed Are Those Who Thirst [Hanne Wilhelmsen #2] by Anne Holt [1st US edition 2012]

Fonduing Fathers [White House Chef #6] by Julie Hyzy

What a Ghoul Wants [Ghost Hunter #7] by Victoria Laurie

A Haunting Dream [Missing Pieces #4] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

Thread on Arrival [Embroidery #5] by Amanda Lee


Murder for the Halibut [Clueless Cook #3] by Liz Lipperman

Panic Button [Button Box #3] by Kylie Logan

A Function of Murder [Prof. Sophie Knowles #3] by Ada Madison

Book, Line and Sinker [Library Lover #3] by Jenn McKinlay

A Friendly Game of Murder [Algonquin Round Table #3] by J.J. Murphy

City of Exiles [Art #2] by Alec Nevala-Lee

Recipe for Treason [Lady Arianna Hadley #3] by Andrea Penrose

Beeline to Trouble [Queen Bee #4] by Hannah Reed

Sanctity of Hate [s] [Prioress Eleanor #9] by Priscilla Royal

The Opening Night Murder [Restoration #1] by Anne Rutherford

A Killer Maize [Farmer's Market #4] by Paige Shelton

The Serenity Murders [Turkish Delight #4] by Mehmet Murat Somer

To Darkness and to Death [r] [Clare Fergusson & Russ Van Alstyne #4] by Julia Spencer-Fleming

House of Evidence [NS] by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson

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