Reporters & the Media
Paul Adam
  • Mike McLean: freelance journalist in England

Isaac Adamson
  • Billy Chaka: ace reporter for Cleveland’s hottest-selling Asian teen magazine

Mary Jo Adamson
  • Michael Merrick: newspaperman in 1840s Boston, Massachusetts

Letha Albright
  • Viv Powers: small town reporter in the Ozarks of northeastern Oklahoma

Esri Allbritten
  • The staff of Tripping, a low-budget travel magazine for believers in the paranormal, and everybody’s favorite Chihuahua, Gigi

Kevin Allman
  • Kieran O’Connor: freelance journalist in Hollywood, California

Sheryl J. Anderson
  • Molly Forrester: advice columnist in New York City

Barbra Annino
  • Stacy Justice: 20-something reluctant witch working as a reporter, and her Great Dane Thor, in fictional Amethyst, Illinois

Árni Thórarinsson
  • Einar: investigative reporter for The Afternoon News, based in Reykjavík, Iceland

Mark Arsenault
  • Eddie Bourque: investigative reporter in the mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Billy Povich: obituary writer for a newspaper in Providence, Rhode Island

Wayne Arthurson
  • Leo Desroches: Aboriginal Issues reporter with gambling and drinking problems, born to a Cree mother, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tony Aspler
  • Ezra Brant: wine journalist in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sam Baker
  • Annie Anderson: tabloid feature writer and fashion editor at Handbag Magazine, based in London, England

Jo Bannister
  • Mickey Flynn: American photojournalist
  • Primrose Holland: ex-pathologist turned advice columnist, in Skipley, England

Christine Barber
  • Lucy Newroe: newspaper editor and volunteer EMT, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jay Barbette (Bart & Betty Coe Spicer)
  • Harry Butten: newspaper reporter

Linwood Barclay
  • Zack Walker: science fiction writer and reporter

Colin Bateman
  • Dan Starkey: journalist in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Karen Grigsby Bates
  • Alex (Alexa) Powell: African-American newspaper columnist in Los Angeles, California

K.K. Beck
  • Jack Clancy: reporter, and Iris Cooper, a flapper, in Portland, Oregon

Dick Belsky
  • Jenny McKay: 40-something reporter at the lowest rated TV station in New York City
  • Lucy Shannon: newspaper reporter in New York City, by Dick Belsky

E.C. Bentley
  • Philip Trent: journalist in London, England

Carmel Bird
  • Courtney Frome: sassy freelance journalist who investigates crimes, in Australia

Lionel Black
  • Kate Theobald: reporter in London, England

Anna Blundy
  • Faith Zanetti: contemporary war correspondent in the Mid-East, Russia, and Europe

Judith Yates Borger
  • Marguerite (Skeeter) Hughes: newspaper reporter in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Paula Boyd
  • Jolene Jackson: free-lance journalist, whose trouble starts whenever she goes home to Kickapoo, Texas

Gerry Boyle
  • Jack McMorrow: small-town editor in Androscoggin, Maine

Laura Bradford
  • Elise Jenkins: reporter for the Ocean Point Weekly, and Mitch Burns, a police detective, in Ocean Point, New Jersey

Liz Brady
  • Jane Yeats: Harley-riding journalist and crime writer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ruth Brandon
  • Andrew Taggart: journalist with New Politics, based in London, England

Lilian Jackson Braun
  • Jim Qwilleran: journalist, with cats Koko and Yum Yum in Pickax, northeast central United States

Steve Brewer
  • Drew Gavin: Albuquerque Gazette sports columnist in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thomas Gately Briody
  • Michael Carolina: former TV investigative reporter in Providence, Rhode Island

Jan Brogan
  • Hallie Ahern: investigative newspaper reporter, and gambling addict, leaving Boston for Providence, Rhode Island

Christopher Brookmyre
  • Jack Parlabane: journalist in Edinburgh, Scotland

James Brownley
  • Alison Glasby: crime reporter, in 1970s London, England

Don Bruns
  • Mick Sever: rock and roll journalist

Edna Buchanan
  • Britt Montero: newspaper crime reporter in Miami, Florida

Jan Burke
  • Irene Kelly: newspaper reporter in southern California

Robert Olen Butler
  • Christopher Marlowe Cobb: American newspaper war correspondent, who doubles as a spy, in WWI

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli
  • Emily Kincaid, a recently divorced reporter and failed mystery writer, and Dolly Wakowski, a deputy, in rural Leetsville, in northern Michigan

Ellen Byerrum
  • Lacey Smithsonian: “Crime of Fashion” columnist, in Washington, DC

Carol Cail
  • Maxey Burnell: investigative reporter and newspaper owner in Boulder, Colorado

Alan Caillou
  • Mike Benasque: journalist caught up in international intrigue

Rebecca Cantrell
  • Hannah Vogel: crime reporter in 1930s Berlin, Germany

Lillian Stewart Carl
  • Jean Fairbairn: working for an Edinburgh-based history and travel magazine, and Alasdair Cameron, a police detective, in Scotland

Harry Carmichael
  • Quinn: crime reporter, and John Piper, an insurance assessor

J.D. Carpenter
  • Priam Harvey: racetrack journalist, and Campbell Young, a racetrack-loving homicide detective, later a private investigator, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Caleb Carr
  • John Schuyler Moore: turn-of-the-19th-century journalist in New York City

Michael Castleman
  • Ed Rosenberg: newspaper reporter for the Foghorn, in San Francisco, California

Joy Castro
  • Nola Céspedes: ambitious young reporter at the Times-Picayune, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Carol Caverly
  • Thea Barlow: editor of Chicago-based Western True Adventures, who turns free-lance in Wyoming

Helen Chappell
  • Hollis Ball: reporter, and Sam Wescott, her ex-husband’s ghost, in Maryland

Mary Jane Clark
  • Eliza Blake: TV news morning show host, along with producer Annabelle Murphy, cameraman B.J. D’Elia, and psychiatrist Dr. Margo Gonzalez, in New York City, in the Sunrise Suspense Society series

Stephen J. Clark
  • Nelson Ingram: burnt-out reporter, digging up the dark criminal secrets beneath the sleepy surface of Litchfield, Alabama

Helen Chappell
  • Hollis Ball: reporter, and Sam Wescott, her ex-husband’s ghost, in Maryland

James Hadley Chase
  • Dave Fenner: reporter turned private investigator

Margaret Coel
  • Catherine McLeod: investigative reporter in Denver, Colorado

Jeffrey Cohen
  • Aaron Tucker: former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter, in New Jersey

Emma Cole
  • Kate Murray: journalist, in Canada

Max Allan Collins
  • Maggie Starr: America’s most famous ex-striptease artist, now running her late husband’s newspaper syndicate, and her stepson Jack, her VP and chief troubleshooter, in 1948 Manhattan, New York City

Susan Conant
  • Holly Winter: dog trainer and magazine columnist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Dog Lovers mysteries

Michael Connelly
  • Jack McEvoy: reporter, and Rachel Walling, an FBI agent, in Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California

Patricia Cornwell
  • Andy Brazil: young reporter turned rookie cop, and Judy Hammer, Chief of Police, Deputy Virginia West,in North Carolina and Virginia

C.R. Corwin
  • Dolly Madison (Maddy) Sprowls: 60-something newspaper archivist for the Herald-Union, and cub reporter Aubrey McGinty, in Hannawa, Ohio, in the Morgue Mama mysteries

Colin Cotterill
  • Jimm Juree: former crime reporter for the Chiang Mai Daily Mail, now living with her family in rural southern Thailand

Michael Craft
  • Mark Manning: gay journalist in Chicago, Illinois

Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • Myrtle Clover: 80-something retired English teacher who writes a newspaper column, in fictional Bradley, North Carolina

Bill Crider & Willard Scott
  • Stanley Waters: retired weatherman operating a Bed and Breakfast in Higgins, Virginia
Barbara D’Amato
  • Cat Marsala: freelance investigative journalist in Chicago, Illinois

Mary Daheim
  • Emma Lord: small-town newspaper owner and editor in Alpine, Washington

Julia Dahl
  • Rebekah Roberts: reporter in New York City, investigating crimes in the Brooklyn Hasidic community

Denise Danks
  • Georgina Powers: computer journalist in London, England

Dorothy Salisbury Davis
  • Julie Hayes: actress turned gossip columnist and fortune teller, in New York City

William L. DeAndrea
  • Matt Cobb: investigator for network television in New York City

David Debin
  • Albie Marx: ex-60s radical and a columnist for a radical magazine in 1990s Los Angeles, California

Hannah Dennison
  • Vicky Hill: bumbling investigative journalist in fictional Gipping-on-Plym, England

Bruce DeSilva
  • Liam Mulligan: street-smart investigative reporter in Providence, Rhode Island

Eileen Dewhurst
  • Phyllida Moon: private eye on television, in London, England

Anabel Donald
  • Alex Tanner: freelance TV researcher and part-time private investigator, in London, England, in the Notting Hill mysteries

Claire Donally (Bill McCay)
  • Sunny Coolidge: former New York City newspaper reporter returning with her cat Shadow to Kittery Harbor, Maine, in the Sunny & Shadow mysteries

David Downing
  • John Russell: British journalist working as an amateur spy in 1939 Berlin, Germany

Joan M. Drury
  • Tyler Jones: lesbian feminist newspaper columnist, based in San Francisco, California

Carola Dunn
  • Daisy Dalrymple: journalist in 1920s Hampshire, England

P.N. Elrod
  • Jack Fleming: 1930s reporter turned vampire in Chicago, Illinois, in the Vampire Files

Thomas Enger
  • Henning Juul: veteran investigative crime reporter, in Oslo, Norway

Brenda English
  • Sutton McPhee: reporter in Fairfax, County, Virginia

K.J. Erickson
  • Marshall “Mars” Bahr, nicknamed Candy Man, a detective who serves as a special investigator reporting directly to the chief of police in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jen Estes
  • Cat McDaniel: rookie baseball sportswriter starting with the Las Vegas Chips baseball team, and moving on to the Buffalo Soldiers

Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes
  • Jamie Swift: editor of a newspaper, and Max Holt, a young genius and animal rights activist, in Beaumont, South Carolina

Crabbe Evers
  • Duffy House: ex-sportswriter turned investigator in Chicago, Illinois

Quinn Fawcett (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Bill Fawcett)
  • Ian Fleming: journalist after a distinguished career as an intelligence operative during World War II in Jamaica

Tony Fennelly
  • Margo Fortier: ex-stripper turned columnist in New Orleans, Louisian

E.X. Ferrars
  • Toby Dyke: reporter in Devon, England

Gordon Ferris
  • Douglas Brodie: crime reporter in Glasgow, Scotland, in the 1940s

Gwen Florio
  • Lola Wicks: former foreign correspondent working for a small newpaper in Magpie, Montana, after being downsized from her job in Kabul

G.M. Ford
  • Frank Corso: former New York Times journalist, now working at the third-rate Seattle Sun, in Seattle, Washington

Antonia Fraser
  • Jemima Shore: investigative television journalist in London, England

Shelly Fredman
  • Brandy Alexander: reporter returning home after four years in L.A, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

W.S. Gager
  • Mitch Malone: crime beat reporter in fictional Grand River, in western Michigan

Robert Goldsborough
  • Steve “Snap” Malek: police reporter for the Tribune, in 1930s–1940s Chicago, Illinois

Alison Gordon
  • Kate Henry: baseball sportswriter in Toronto, Canada

Ed Gorman
  • Tobin: hot-tempered movie critic in New York City

Heywood Gould
  • Josh Krales: crime reporter for the New York Event, in New York City

Nancy Grace
  • Hailey Dean: former assistant district attorney in Atlanta, now a therapist and TV personality in New York City

Bill Granger
  • Jimmy Drover: ex-sportswriter in Chicago, Illinois

Anne Underwood Grant
  • Sydney Teague: advertising agency owner in Charlotte, North Carolina

Leslie Grant-Adamson
  • Rain Morgan: newspaper reporter in London, England

John Gray
  • Edmund Whitty: correspondent for a Victorian tabloid in London, England

Bryan Gruley
  • Gus Carpenter: reporter returning to his hometown of Starvation Lake, Michigan

Peter Guttridge
  • Nick Madrid: freelance journalist

Lisa Haddock
  • Carmen Ramirez: 24-year-old Irish-Puerto Rican lesbian copy editor at her hometown newspaper, in Frontier City, Oklahoma

Carolyn Haines
  • Dixon Sinclair: big city reporter who moves to stop drinking and run a small town weekly in Jexville, Mississippi

Oakley Hall
  • Ambrose Bierce: journalist, and his sidekick Tom Redmond, in 1880s San Francisco, California

Parnell Hall
  • Cora Felton: crossword creator with a nationally-syndicated column in Bakerhaven, Connecticut, in the Puzzle Lady mysteries

Michael Haskins
  • Mick Murphy: journalist in Key West, Florida, with ties to Boston, Massachusetts

Gemma Halliday
  • Tina Bender: gossip columnist with the L.A. Informer, the premier tabloid magazine in Los Angeles, California, in the Hollywood Headlines series

Denise Hamilton
  • Eve Diamond: reporter for the Los Angeles Times, in Los Angeles, California

Ron Handberg
  • A newsroom crew in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Carolyn G. Hart
  • Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins: 70-something reporter in South Carolina

Ellen Hart
  • Sophie Greenway: magazine editor and food critic for Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Culinary Mysteries

Ellen Hart
  • Sophie Greenway: magazine editor and food critic for Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the Culinary Mysteries

Sparkle Hayter
  • Robin Hudson: cable news reporter in New York City

Libby Fischer Hellmann
  • Ellie Foreman: recently divorced suburban mom, who makes video documentaries, in Chicago, Illinois

Rosemary Herbert
  • Liz Higgins: reporter for the tabloid The Beantown Banner, in Boston, Massachusetts

Bonnie Hearn Hill
  • Kit Doyle: radio talk show host and amateur sleuth, in California
  • Newspaper reporters, including Geri LaRue, a hearing-impaired 20-something, in San Francisco, and elsewhere in California

Wendy Hornsby
  • Maggie MacGowen: documentary filmmaker in Los Angeles, California

Lis Howell
  • Suzy Spencer: a working mother and part-time television producer, in the village of Tarnfield in the north of England, in the Norbridge Chronicles
  • Kate Wilkinson: television producer based in London, England

Richard Hoyt
  • John Denson: ex-reporter and ex-army intelligence operative, in Seattle, Washington

Linda Joffe Hull
  • Maddie Michaels, recovering from her husband’s loss of their savings, becomes Mrs. Frugalicious, an anonymous blogger of shopping and financial advice, in Denver, Colorado

Julie Hyzy
  • Alex St. James: TV reporter based in Chicago, Illinois

Robert Irvine
  • Robert Christopher: television reporter in Los Angeles, California

Nancy Baker Jacobs
  • Quinn Collins: reporter for the Hollywood Star, in Hollywood, California

Jody Jaffe
  • Natalie Gold: reporter on the horse show circuit in Charlotte, North Carolina

J.A. Jance
  • Ali (Alison) Reynolds: 40-something newscaster fired for aging by a Los Angeles TV network, who returns to her hometown of Sedona, Arizona, and takes up blogging

Jerry Jenkins
  • Jennifer Grey: newspaper reporter and columnist in Chicago, Illinois

Christine T. Jorgensen
  • Stella the Stargazer: astrologer and lovelorn columnist in Denver, Colorado
Cady Kalian
  • Maggie Mars: struggling screenwriter and former investigative journalist, in Los Angeles, California

Lucille Kallen
  • C.B. Greenfield: newspaper editor and musician, and Maggie Rome, a reporter and musician, in Sloan's Ford, Connecticut

M.S. Karl (Malcolm Shuman)
  • Peter Brady: small town newspaper editor

Jim Kelly
  • Philip Dryden: newspaper reporter in Cambridgeshire, England

Toni L.P. Kelner
  • Tilda Harper: celebrity journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts, in the “Where Are They Now?” mysteries

Jerry Kennealy
  • Carroll Quint: entertainment critic for a newspaper in San Francisco, California

Mary Kennedy
  • Maggie Walsh: Manhattan psychologist who takes a job as a radio talk show host on WYME in the fictional south Florida town of Cypress Grove, in the Talk Radio mysteries

Bill Kent
  • Shep Ladderback: aging obituary writer for a tabloid, and his assistant Andrea “Andy” Cosicki, who also writes the Mr. Action consumer column, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tracy Kiely
  • Elizabeth Parker: newspaper fact-checker and die-hard Jane Austen fan, in the Washington, DC area

Doug Kiker
  • Mac McFarland: burned-out reporter in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Lisa Kleinholz
  • Zoe Szabo: former Rolling Stone reporter tuned small town reporter, in New England

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
  • Mina Beckwith, a newspaper reporter, and Ned Manusia, a playwright, in 1930s Honolulu, Hawaii

Julie Kramer
  • Riley Spartz: investigative TV reporter, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Joyce Krieg
  • Shauna J. Bogart: radio talk show host in Sacramento, California

Michael Kurland
  • Alexander Brass: newspaper columnist in 1935 New York City

Kelly Lange
  • Maxi Poole: reporter for a large television station in Los Angeles, California

Edwin Lanham
  • Frank Luther: city editor in New York City

Charles Larson
  • Nils-Frederik Blixen: TV producer and amateur sleuth, mostly in Los Angeles, California

Ellen Larson
  • Natalie Joday: investigative reporter in Bergen County, New Jersey

Janet Laurence
  • Darina Lisle: caterer-chef and food writer in West Country, England

Allan Levine
  • Charles St. Clair: journalist in 1870s New York City

Robert S. Levinson
  • Neil Gulliver: former newspaper crime reporter, and former spouse Stevie Marriner, a soap opera star, in Los Angeles, California

Jackie Lewin
  • Grace Beckmann: middle-aged mother and freelance writer in Colorado

Kathryn Lilley
  • Kate Gallagher: plus-sized TV producer laid off and left by her boyfriend, in Durham, North Carolina, in the Fat City mysteries

James Lilliefors
  • Jon Mallory, an investigative reporter, and his brother Charles, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, based in Washington, DC

Liz Lipperman
  • Jordan McAllister: substitute culinary reporter in the fictional small town of Ranchero, Texas, in the Clueless Cook mysteries
  • Elaina (Lainey) Garcia: talk-show host, and the ghost of her sister Tessa, in Grapevine, Texas, in the Dead Sister Talking mysteries (written as Lizbeth Lipperman)

John Logue
  • John Morris: Associated Press sportswriter focusing on golf and football, and his love interest Julia Sullivan, based in 1970s Atlanta, Georgia

Jess Lourey
  • Mira James: assistant librarian and part-time reporter, in Battle Lake, Minnesota, in the Murder-by-Month mysteries

Gail Lukasik
  • Leigh Girard: former teacher moving from Chicago to work as a reporter for the Door County Gazette, in the remote artist community of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

Mike Lupica
  • Peter Finley: TV reporter in New York City

Arthur Lyons
  • Jacob Asch: Jewish-Episcopal ex-reporter private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Adrian Magson
  • Riley Gavin: freelance journalist, and Frank Palmer, an ex-military policeman and private investigator, in London, England

Tim Maleeny
  • Cape Weathers: reporter turned private investigator, in San Francisco, California

Liza Marklund
  • Annika Bengtzon: novice reporter, later crime editor, for Kvallspressen, a tabloid in Stockholm, Sweden

Amanda Matetsky
  • Paige Turner: mystery novelist and crime reporter, and a Korean War widow, in 1950s New York City

Lew Matthews
  • Horatio T. Parker: crime reporter for the weekly Explorer, in Hampstead, England

Nancy Barr Mavity
  • James Aloysius “Peter” Piper: ace crime reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Alexander McCall Smith
  • Isabel Dalhousie: Scottish-American editor of the esteemed Review of Applied Ethics and a woman of independent means in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the Sunday Philosophy Club mysteries

Carol McCleary
  • Nellie Bly: American investigative reporter, in Paris and around the world, starting in 1889

Val McDermid
  • Lindsay Gordon: lesbian journalist and socialist in Glasgow, Scotland

Gregory McDonald
  • Irwin M. “Fletch” Fletcher: reporter turned beach bum socialite in the United States

Nora McFarland
  • Lilly Hawkins: TV news photographer in Bakersfield, California

Judy Mercer
  • Ariel Gold: amnesiac television news magazine producer in Los Angeles, California

Penny Mickelbury
  • Mimi Patterson: reporter, and Gianna Maglione, a lesbian police lieutenant, in Washington, DC

Carlene Miller
  • Lexy Hyatt: lesbian crime reporter in Florida

Denise Mina
  • Patricia “Paddy” Meehan: crime reporter for the Scottish Daily News, in Glasgow, Scotland

Rick Mofina
  • Jack Gannon: veteran crime reporter in Buffalo, New York
  • Tom Reed: crime reporter, and Walt Sydowski, a homicide inspector, in San Francisco, California
  • Jason Wade: rookie crime reporter, in Seattle, Washington

Calley Moore
  • Lindsey Dyson: investigative reporter

Laurie Moore
  • Dainty Prescott: former debutante and intern at WBFD-TV in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Debutante Detective romantic suspense series
  • Aspen Wicklow: news anchor in Dallas, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth TV News romantic suspense series

Kaye Morgan
  • Liza Kelly: former publicist in Hollywood, now a sudoku columnist for a paper in her hometown of Maiden’s Bay, Oregon, in the Sudoku mysteries

Ron Nessen and Johanna Neuman
  • Jane Day: newspaper reporter, and Jerry Knight, talk show host, in Washington DC

Sylvia Nobel
  • Kendall O’Dell: reporter at a small-town newspaper in fictional Castle Valley, Arizona

Suzanne North
  • Phoebe Fairfax: camera operator for “A Day in the Life Style” TV program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meg O’Brien
  • Jessica “Jesse” James: investigative reporter in Rochester, New York

Clare O’Donohue
  • Kathleen (Kate) Conway: TV producer for the show “Missing Persons” in Chicago, Illinois

Marc Olden
  • Hawthorne Albert Harker: an investigative reporter

Karen E. Olson
  • Annie Seymour: police reporter in New Haven, Connecticut

David Osborn
  • Margaret Barlow: 50-something freelance journalist in New York City

Howard Owen
  • Willie Black: mixed-race reporter in Richmond, Virginia
Linda Palmer
  • Morgan Tyler: 30-year-old widow, the head writer of the daytime drama “Love of My Life” in New York City

Stuart Palmer
  • Howard Rook: middle-aged reporter

Brad Parks
  • Carter Ross: investigative reporter for the Eagle-Examiner, in Newark, New Jersey

James Patterson
  • Cindy Thomas: reporter, Lindsay Boxer, a homicide inspector, Jill Bernhardt, an Assistant District Attorney, and Claire Washburn, a medical examiner — founding members of The Women’s Murder Club, in San Francisco, California

Joanne Pence
  • Angelina Amalfi: food columnist and restaurant reviewer, in San Francisco, California

Audrey Peterson
  • Jane Winfield: British journalist and music writer, in London, England

Judson Philips
  • Peter Styles: investigative reporter

Mike Phillips
  • Sam Dean: Jamaica-born black journalist in London, England

Jason Pinter
  • Henry Parker: 20-something freshman journalist with the New York Gazette, in New York City

Anna Porter
  • Judith Hayes: divorced freelance journalist with two teenagers, and her friend, Manhattan editor Marsha Hillier, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Deborah Powell
  • Hollis Carpenter: lesbian crime reporter and her schnauzer Anice, in 1936-37 Houston, Texas

Suzanne Price
  • Sky Taylor: recently widowed 30-something newspaper columnist and creative cleaner, in fictional Pigeon Cove, off the Massachusetts coast, in the Grime Solvers series

Philip Purser
  • Colin Panton: working in television in England

Ellen Rawlings
  • Rachel Crowne: free-lance journalist in Vermont

Herbert Resnicow
  • Marcus Aurelius Burr: sportswriter in New York City

Phyllis Richman
  • Chas. Wheatley: restaurant critic in Washington, DC

John R. Riggs
  • Garth Ryland: newspaper reporter in Oakalla, Wisconsin

Ann Ripley
  • Louise Eldridge: organic gardener and TV host in Northern Virginia, in the Gardening mysteries

David Roberts
  • Verity Browne: leftist journalist, and Lord Edward Corinth, a jaded English aristocrat, between the wars in 1930s London, England

Kevin Robinson
  • Stick Foster: paraplegic newspaper reporter in Orlando, Florida

Luís Miguel Rocha
  • Sarah Monteiro: international journalist from Portugal who investigates things Vatican

Al Roker with Dick Lochte
  • Billy Blessing: celebrity chef and restaurateur, and food anchor for morning TV show Wake Up America!, in New York City

Annette Roome
  • Christine Martin: 40-something cub reporter in England

Carolyn J. Rose
  • Casey Brandt: TV news editor, later director, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Michael E. Rose
  • Frank Delaney: world-traveling investigative journalist and sometime spy, based in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Jennifer Rowe
  • Verity “Birdie” Birdwood: TV researcher in Australia

Jane Rubino
  • Cat Austen: single-mom reporter, and Victor Cardenas, a police detective, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Hank Phillippi Ryan
  • Charlotte “Charlie” McNally: 40-something TV investigative reporter, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jane Ryland, a disgraced newspaper reporter, and Jake Brogan, a homicide detective, in Boston, Massachusetts

Eve K. Sandstrom
  • Nell Matthews: newspaper reporter, and Mike Svenson, a police officer, in Grantham, Oklahoma

Beth Saulnier
  • Alex Bernier: Gen-X reporter, in upstate New York

A.D. Scott
  • Journalists in the offices of the Highland Gazette, in the mid-1950s in the highlands of Scotland

Louise Shaffer
  • Angie DaVito: TV soap opera producer in New York City

Diane K. Shah
  • Paris Chandler: wealthy young widow, gossip reporter, and sleuth, in 1947 Los Angeles, California

Sarah Shankman
  • Samantha Adams: crime reporter in Atlanta, Georgia

Harry Shannon
  • Mick Callahan: radio talk show psychologist in Dry Wells, Nevada

Michael W. Sherer
  • Emerson Ward: freelance writer in Chicago, Illinois

Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid
  • Sammy Greene: talk-radio host at an ultraconservative New England college

Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore
  • Cotten Stone: television journalist on assignment for SNN (Satellite News Network) reporting on apocalyptic events

Celestine Sibley
  • Kate Kincaid Mulcay: veteran newspaperwoman in Atlanta, Georgia

Elizabeth Sims
  • Lillian Byrd: a sometime reporter, street musician, and amateur sleuth based around Detroit, Michigan

Judith Skillings
  • Rebecca Moore: former reporter who runs a classic car restoration shop, in rural Maryland

Gillian Slovo
  • Kate Baeier: Portuguese journalist turned private investigator, in London, England

Barbara Burnett Smith
  • Jolie Wyatt: radio station reporter and aspiring writer, in Purple Sage, Texas

Julie Smith
  • Paul MacDonald: ex-reporter and mystery writer, in San Francisco, California

Troy Soos
  • Marshall Webb: freelance reporter for Harper’s Weekly who secretly pens dime novels, and Rebecca Davies, a child of privilege running a home for desperate women

Guy Stanley
  • Araki: investigative journalist in Tokyo, Japan

Janice Steinberg
  • Margo Simon: public radio reporter in San Diego, California

Carl Stevens (Raymond Obstfeld)
  • Christian “Dagger” Daguerre: investigative freelance reporter working for news magnate, Hannibal S. Kydd

Sarah Strohmeyer
  • Bubbles Yablonsky: hairdresser and journalist in Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Eric Stone
  • Ray Sharp: American expatriate journalist and detective, in east Asia

Karen Hanson Stuyck
  • Lis James: journalist turned public relations officer for a mental health center, in Houston, Texas

Andrew Taylor
  • An ensemble cast, including Jill Francis, a journalist, and Richard Thornhill, a detective inspector, in Lydmouth, England, in the 1950s, in the Lydmouth series

Matt & Bonnie Taylor
  • Palmer Kingston: Pulitzer-winning reporter for the Marlinsport Tribune, and Alice Jane (A.J.) Egan, his lover who writes for the competing New Seville Times, set mostly in Florida

Steve Thayer
  • Rick Beanblossom: investigative reporter in St. Paul, Minnesota

Aimee and David Thurlo
  • Sister Agatha: former investigative journalist, now one of the extern sisters, the convent's link to the outside world, at the Our Lady of Hope Monastery, in New Mexico

Cecelia Tishy
  • Kate Banning: former Boston investigative reporter and trade magazine editor, in Nashville, Tennessee

Kathy Hogan Trochek
  • Truman Kicklighter: retired reporter, in St. Petersburg, Florida

Kerry Tucker
  • Libby Kincaid: magazine photographer in New York City

Laura Van Wormer
  • Sally Harrington: television journalist in Connecticut

Elaine Viets
  • Francesca Vierling: 6-ft. newspaper columnist in St. Louis, Missouri

Martyn Waites
  • Joe Donovan: former investigative journalist whose son has disappeared, in Newcastle, England
  • Stephen Larkin: London tabloid journalist whose wife and baby were murdered, now back in his hometown of Newcastle, England

Ann Waldron
  • McLeod Delaney: Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist from Florida, who comes to Princeton University as a visiting lecturer, later professor, in Princeton, New Jersey

LynDee Walker
  • Nichelle Clarke: intrepid crime reporter in a small town on the coast of Virginia, in the Headlines in Heels mysteries

Mary Willis Walker
  • Mollie Cates: true-crime writer and reporter in Texas

Persia Walker
  • Lanie Price: former crime reporter, now the society columnist at the Harlem Chronicle, in 1920s Harlem, New York City

Penny Warner
  • Connor Westphal: newspaper publisher in Flat Skunk, California

Polly Whitney
  • Mary "Ike" Tygart: television news producer, and Abby Abagnarro, a television news director, in New York City

Lis Wiehl and April Henry
  • Cassidy Shaw, a reporter, Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor, and Nicole Hedge, an FBI special agent, in the Triple Threat series

Collin Wilcox
  • Stephen Drake: newspaper reporter with ESP in San Francisco, California

John Morgan Wilson
  • Benjamin Justice: gay crime reporter and writer in Los Angeles, California

Steve Womack
  • Harry James Denton: ex-newspaper reporter turned private investigator, in Nashville, Tennessee

Sherryl Woods
  • Amanda Roberts: investigative reporter in Atlanta, Georgia

M.J. Zellnik
  • Peter Eberle: newspaper reporter, and Libby Seale, a seamstress from New York, in 1894 Portland, Oregon

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Todd Mills: gay TV news reporter in Minneapolis, Minnesota

James W. Ziskin
  • Ellie (Eleonora) Stone: young journalist working for a small town daily newspaper, in 1960s New Holland, New York

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