The Law
Jeff Abbott
  • Whit Mosley: judge in Texas

Kenneth Abel
  • Danny Chaisson: former Assistant District Attorney, now bagman for a crooked state senator in New Orleans, Louisiana

Alex Abella
  • Charlie Morell: Cuban-American private investigator turned lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Cathy Ace
  • The WISE Enquiries Agency (women investigators from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England), based in Wales

Neil Albert
  • Dave Garrett: disbarred lawyer turned private eye, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Susan Wittig Albert
  • China Bayles: herbalist and former attorney, in Pecan Springs, Texas

Angela Amato & Joe Sharkey
  • Gerry Conte: undercover cop turned defense attorney in New York City

Miles Archer
  • Doug McCool: Vietnam vet and process server in San Francisco, California

Catherine Arnold
  • Karen Perry-Mondori: criminal defense attorney in Tampa, Florida

Deborah Turrell Atkinson
  • Storm Kayama: attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii

Rosemary Aubert
  • Ellis Portal: former lawyer and judge convicted of a crime in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

H.C. Bailey
  • Joshua Clunk: Bible-spouting, hymn-singing lawyer, in London, England

Kathleen Anne Barrett
  • Beth Hartley: attorney running a legal research firm, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Margaret Barrett & Charles Dennis
  • Susan Given: asset forfeiture prosecutor in New York City

Jack Batten
  • Crang: lawyer and jazz buff in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sydney Bauer
  • David Cavanaugh: criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Josephine Bell
  • Claude Warrington-Reeve: barrister, Dr. David Wintringham, and Inspector Steven Mitchell of Scotland Yard, in England

Nancy Bell
  • Jackson Crain: judge in Post Oak, Texas

Karin Berne
  • Ellie Gordon: law firm office manager in Orange County, California

William Bernhardt
  • Ben Kincaid: attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Michael Biehl
  • Karen Hayes: staff lawyer for Shoreview Memorial Hospital in Illinois

Sallie Bissell
  • Mary Crow: half-Cherokee assistant district attorney, in Atlanta, Georgia

Michael Bowen
  • Thomas Curry: ex-lawyer, and Sandrine Cadette Curry, a Girl Friday, in a law firm in 1960s New York City
  • Rep Pennyworth: trademark and copyright lawyer, and Melissa Pennyworth, a graduate student in Literature, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Jay Brandon
  • Mark Blackwell: new district attorney in San Antonio, Texas
  • Chris Sinclair: district attorney in San Antonio, Texas

William Brodrick
  • Father Anselm: lawyer turned monk, in Larkwood Priory, England

Carter Brown
  • Randy Roberts: lawyer in San Francisco, California

John Buchan
  • Sir Edward Leithen: lawyer in Scotland and Canada

D.W. Buffa
  • Joseph Antonelli: criminal lawyer in Portland, Oregon

Alafair Burke
  • Samantha Kincaid: Deputy District Attorney in Portland Oregon

James Lee Burke
  • Billy Bob Holland: attorney and former Texas Ranger, in Deaf Smith, Texas

Laura Caldwell
  • Izzy McNeil: young entertainment lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Taffy Cannon
  • Nan Robinson: State Bar Investigator in Los Angeles, California

Diane Capri
  • Wilhelmina (Willa) Carson: federal judge in Tampa, Florida

Haggai Carmon
  • Dan Gordon, an Israeli Mossad veteran, now an investigating attorney acting worldwide for the CIA and U.S. Department of Justice

Gianrico Carofiglio
  • Guido Guerrieri: jaded defense lawyer in Bari, Italy

John Dickson Carr
  • Henri Bencolin: juge d’instruction (examining magistrate) in Paris, France

Lauren Carr
  • Joshua Thornton: special prosecutor in Chester, West Virginia

Warren Carrier
  • Sean Fogarty: lawyer in the fictional college town of Silvertown, in northern Wisconsin

Sammi Carter
  • Abby Shaw: who leaves a career in corporate law and a cheating husband to return to her hometown of Paradise, Colorado, to take over her aunt’s candy shop, Divinity, in the Candy Shop mysteries

C.S. Challinor
  • Rex Graves: barrister specializing in criminal litigation, prosecutor at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary Challis (Sara Woods)
  • Jeremy Locke: attorney in England

David Champion
  • Bomber Hanson: ace trial lawyer, and his son and investigator, Tod, based in fictional Angleton, on the central coast of California

Kate Charles
  • Middleton-Brown, David: solicitor in London, England

Thomas Chastain
  • David Middleton-Brown: solicitor in London, England, and Lucy Kingsley, an artist, in the Book of Psalms mysteries

Marcia Clark
  • Rachel Knight: 30-something deputy DA in the Special Trials Unit, in Los Angeles, California

Martin Clark
  • Non-series legal thrillers

L.B. Cobb
  • Legal thrillers

Margaret Coel
  • Vicky Holden: Arapaho attorney, and John Aloysius O’Malley, a Jesuit missionary, on the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

Mark Cohen
  • Pepper Keane: former federal prosecutor, now a private investigator, in Colorado

Kate Collins
  • Abby Knight: law school drop-out and the owner of Bloomers Florists in New Chapel, Indiana, in the Flower Shop mysteries

Michael Connelly
  • Mickey Haller: lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Rose Connors
  • Martha “Marty” Nickerson: prosecuting attorney, in Chatham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Natasha Cooper
  • Trish Maguire: barrister specializing in child-abuse cases in England

Douglas Corleone
  • Kevin Corvelli: Manhattan criminal defense lawyer who moves to Honolulu, Hawaii

Patricia Cornwell
  • Monique Lamont: District Attorney, and Win Garano, mixed-race state investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

William J. Coughlin
  • Charley Sloan: criminal attorney in Detroit, Michigan

E.V. Cunningham
  • Larry Cohen: Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, and John Comaday, a police commissioner, in New York City

Claire Daniels (Jaqueline Girdner)
  • Cally Lazar: recovering lawyer and an alternative healer

John DeCure
  • J. Shepard: lawyer who surfs in Christianitos, California
Nora Deloach
  • Simone Covington: paralegal, and her mother, Grace “Candi” Covington, an African-American county social worker in Otis, South Carolina

Henry Denker
  • Non-series legal thrillers and courtroom dramas

August Derleth
  • Ephraim Peck: judge in Sac Prairie, Wisconsin

Terry Devane (Jeremiah Healy)
  • Mairead O’Clare: laywer, and Sheldon Gold, her mentor, in Boston, Massachusetts

William Deverell
  • Arthur Beauchamp: scholarly, self-doubting lawyer retired as a hobbyist farmer on Garibaldi Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada
  • Pomeroy and Partners: law firm in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
  • Sir Henry Merrivale: holder of one of the oldest baronetcies in England, physician, barrister, and head of military intelligence for the war office in England

William Diehl
  • Martin Vail: defense attorney in Chicago, Illinois

John F. Dobbyn
  • Michael Knight: a young attorney who gets a job with his mentor, legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, in Boston, Massachusetts

PC Doherty
  • Amerotke: Chief Judge in Thebes, Egypt
  • Nicholas Chirke: young lawyer in medieval England, in the Canterbury Tales mysteries

Robert Dugoni
  • David Sloane: lawyer in Seattle, Washington

Tony Dunbar
  • Tubby Dubonnet: lawyer in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tracy Dunham
  • Tal Jefferson: defeated attorney who escapes the big city and returns to Wynnton, South Carolina, the small town where she was raised

Michael C. Eberhardt
  • Non-series legal thrillers set in California

Wessel Ebersohn
  • Abigail Bukula: a young black lawyer, and Yudel Gordon, an experienced Jewish prison psychologist, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Martin Edwards
  • Harry Devlin: solicitor in Liverpool, England

Lesley Egan (Elizabeth Linington)
  • Jesse Falkenstein: lawyer in Los Angeles, California

David Ellis
  • Jason Kolarich: lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Anne Emery
  • Monty Collins: defense attorney in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Terence Faherty
  • Owen Keane: ex-seminarian and law firm researcher, in Boston, Massachusetts

Linda Fairstein
  • Alex Cooper: Assistant District Attorney in New York City

Ann C. Fallon
  • James Fleming: solicitor in Dublin, Ireland

Tony Fennelly
  • Matthew Arthur Sinclair: gay epileptic DA turned store owner, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Marcello Fois
  • Bustianu Satta: lawyer and poet in Sardinia, Italy

Rebecca Forster
  • Josie Baylor-Bates: criminal defense lawyer in greater Los Angeles, California, in the Witness series

Eugene Franklin (Franklin Bandy)
  • Berkeley Barnes: lawyer, hypochondriac, and private investigator, and Larry Howe, his “Archie,” in New York City

J.F. Freedman
  • Legal thrillers

R. Austin Freeman
  • Dr. John Evelyn Thorndyke: physician and barrister

Frances Fyfield
  • Sarah Fortune: lawyer in a prestigious firm, in London England
  • Helen West: Crown Prosecutor in London, England

Ed Gaffney
  • Zack Wilson and Terry Tallach, young criminal defense lawyers, in Massachusetts

Maurice Gagnon
  • Deirdre O’Hara: lawyer specializing in marine insurance cases, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Erle Stanley Gardner
  • Perry Mason: defense attorney in Los Angeles, California
  • Doug Selby: district attorney in fictional Madison County, California

Louise Gaylord
  • Allie Armington: lawyer in Texas

Thomas Gifford
  • Ben Driskill: lawyer dealing with major political conspiracies, in New York, Iowa, and elsewhere

Anthony Gilbert
  • Arthur G. Crook: fat, beer-drinking Cockney barrister in London, England

E.X. Giroux
  • Robert (Robby) Forsyth: retired barrister, and Abigail (Sandy) Sanderson, his crisply efficient secretary, in London, England

Joel Goldman
  • Lou Mason: attorney in Kansas City, Missouri

Paul Goldstein
  • Michael Seeley: bi-coastal (New York & California) intellectual property litigator with serious personal problems

Philip Gooden
  • Thomas Ansell: London attorney who travels to British cathedral towns during the Victorian era

Chuck Greaves
  • Jack MacTaggart: lawyer with Henley & Hargrove, the oldest and snobbiest law firm in Pasadena, California

Tim Green
  • Casey Jordan: criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas

Tim Green
  • Casey Jordan: criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas

Stephen Greenleaf
  • John Marshall Tanner: non-practicing attorney and private eye, in San Francisco, California

James Grippando
  • Jack Swyteck: criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida

John Grisham
  • Legal thrillers

Frank Gruber
  • Simon Lash: ornery ex-soldier and ex-lawyer, in Los Angeles, California

Brian Haig
  • Major Sean “Bulldog” Drummond: lawyer in the army’s Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG)

J. P. Hailey (Parnell Hall)
  • Steve Winslow: court room attorney in New York City

M.R. Hall
  • Jenny Cooper: small-town lawyer appointed Severn Vale District Coroner, in Gloucestershire, England

Cyril Hare
  • Francis Pettigrew: down-and-out barrister in England

Cora Harrison
  • Mara: a female judge and lawgiver appointed by King Turlough Donn O’Brien in the early 16th century, on the west coast of Ireland, in the Burren mysteries

Gini Hartzmark
  • Kate Millholland: attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Joe Hensley
  • Donald Robak: crusading defense attorney and state legislator, in Bington, Indiana

Randall Hicks
  • Toby Dillon: adoption attorney in the San Diego area, in California

George V. Higgins
  • Jerry Kennedy: criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Jilliane Hoffman
  • C.J. Townsend: Assistant State Attorney in Miami, Florida

Joyce Holms
  • Tam Buchanan: lawyer, and his law student assistant Fizz Fitzgerald, in Edinburgh, Scotland

David Hosp
  • Scott Finn: lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts

Alan Hruska
  • Alec Brno: lawyer in New York City, beginning in 1969

Frederick D. Huebner
  • Matt Riordan: burned-out lawyer turned investigator in Seattle, Washington

Greg Iles
  • Penn Cage: lawyer and writer, in Natchez, Mississippi

Jonnie Jacobs
  • Kali O’Brien: attorney in Gold Country, Califor

Sue Ann Jaffarian
  • Odelia Grey: plus-sized, middle-aged paralegal, in southern California

Jane Jakeman
  • Cecil Galant: examining magistrate in Cannes, France

Linda O. Johnston
  • Kendra Ballantyne: attorney and freelance pet sitter
Michael A. Kahn
  • Rachel Gold: lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, and then St. Louis, Missouri

Jamie Katz
  • Dan Kardon: Boston attorney who uncovers corruption and murder in a quiet, working-class community near Cape Cod, Massachusetts

David A. Kaufelt
  • Wyn Lewis: real estate attorney, on Long Island, New York

Julia Keller
  • Bell Elkins: prosecuting attorney for Raythune County, West Virginia

Lelia Kelly
  • Laura Chastain: assistant district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Judith Kelman
  • Sarah Spooner: assistant district attorney with family problems, in New York

Nancy Kopp
  • Non-series legal thrillers

Gabrielle Kraft
  • Jerry Zalman: Beverly Hills lawyer and deal-maker, in Los Angeles, California

Carrol Lachnit
  • Hannah Barlow: ex-cop lawyer in Orange County, California

Mercedes Lambert
  • Whitney Logan: 20-something attorney in Los Angeles, California

Jane Langton
  • Homer Kelly: lawyer and former police lieutenant, now a Harvard professor, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Åsa Larsson
  • Rebecka Martinsson: tax attorney in Stockholm, called back to her hometown Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle, in Sweden

William Lashner
  • Victor Carl: down-on-his-luck, money-hungry lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mike Lawson
  • Joe De Marco: lawyer and trouble-shooter for the Speaker of the House, as Counsel Pro Tem for Liaison Affairs, based in Washington, DC

Margaret Leek (Sara Woods)
  • Stephen Marryat: attorney in England

Allison Leotta
  • Anna Curtis: sex crimes prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office in Washington, DC

John Lescroart
  • Dismas Hardy: ex-cop bartender and ex-Assistant District Attorney turned defense attorney, and Abe Glitsky, a black, Jewish cop, in San Francisco, California

Barbara Levenson
  • Mary Magruder Katz: half Jewish, half Southern Baptist criminal defense attorney, in Miami, Florida

Paul Levine
  • Jake Lassiter: ex-linebacker turned lawyer in Miami, Florida
  • Steve Solomon: Coconut Beach bum, and Victoria Lord, a Miami blue blood, squabbling law partners in Florida

Ronald Levitsky
  • Nate Rosen: civil liberties lawyer from Washington, DC, taking cases in Virginia, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Illinois

Roy Lewis (b.1933)
  • Eric Ward: policeman turned solicitor, in England

Terry Lewis
  • Ted Stevens: hard-luck attorney, and his law partner Paul Morganstein, in Tallahassee, Florida

Ron Liebman
  • Mickie Mezzonatti and Salvatore “Junne” Salerno, Jr., criminal defense lawyers and ex-cops, in Camden, New Jersey

Dick Lochte and Christopher Darden
  • Nicolette (Nikki) Hill: 30-something black prosecutor in Los Angeles, California

Richard & Frances Lockridge
  • Bernie Simmons: assistant district attorney in New York City

M.L. Longworth
  • Antoine Verlaque: the chief magistrate of Aix, and his love interest, law professor Marine Bonnet, in Aix-en-Provence, France

Phillips Lore (Terrence Lore Smith)
  • Leo Roi: lawyer and criminal investigator, in Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois

David Lyons
  • Jock Boucher: federal judge of Cajun background, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Debbi Mack
  • Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae: lawyer in Maryland

James Macomber
  • John Cann: Vietnam Special Forces veteran, now a US-based lawyer dealing with international legal issues and ethical dilemmas in Europe

Lauren Maddison
  • Connor Hawthorne: lesbian mystery novelist and former district attorney

Mike Manno
  • Parker Nobel: deputy attorney general and burned-out former prosecutor, in Iowa

Phillip Margolin
  • Amanda Jaffe: attorney in Portland, Oregon

Margaret Maron
  • Deborah Knott: district judge in North Carolina

Edward Marston
  • Gervase Bret: lawyer, and Ralph Delchard, a soldier in 11th century England, in the Domesday Series
  • Robert Colbeck: former attorney now serving as an inspector in the fledging Scotland Yard in 1851 London, England

John Martel
  • Non-series legal thrillers set in San Francisco, California

Mary E. Martin
  • Harry Jenkins: lawyer in a small wills and estates firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Osgoode Trilogy

Michele Martinez
  • Melanie Vargas: federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan, New York

Steve Martini
  • Paul Madriani: defense attorney in California

Harold Q. Masur
  • Scott Jordan: brash young lawyer in New York City

Lia Matera
  • Laura Di Palma: corporate lawyer in San Francisco, California
  • Willa Jansson: law student, then lawyer, and a child of idealistic, left-wing parents, in San Francisco, California

Claire Matturro
  • Lillian (Lilly) Belle Rose Cleary: eco-conscious junior partner in a prestigious law firm in Sarasota, Florida

Andrew McAleer
  • Joseph C. Gleason: lawyer in Arlington, Massachusetts

Ed McBain
  • Matthew Hope: attorney in Florida

Robert McCammon
  • Matthew Corbett: young magistrate’s clerk, in 1699 Carolina and 1703 New York City

Keith McCarthy
  • Helena Flemming: a solicitor, and Dr. John Eisenmenger, a former forensic pathologist in charge of St. Benjamin’s Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, in England

Shirley McKay
  • Hew Cullan: young lawyer, starting in 1579 St. Andrews, Scotland

Grant McCrea
  • Rick Redman: lawyer, drinker, rookie investigator, father, and poker hound, in New York City

Christine McGuire
  • Kathryn Mackay: prosecuting attorney in northern California

Ralph M. McInerny
  • Andrew Broom: attorney in Wyler, Indiana

Pat McIntosh
  • Gil Cunningham: notary in 15th century Glasgow, Scotland

M.R.D. Meek
  • Lennox Kemp: disbarred solicitor working as a detective, in London England

Brad Meltzer
  • Legal thrillers

D.R. Meredith
  • John Lloyd Branson: attorney in Texas

Penny Mickelbury
  • Carole Ann Gibson: black criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC

Margaret Millar
  • Tom Aragon: Hispanic lawyer

John A. Miller
  • Claude McCutcheon: laid-back bachelor lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California

Zygmunt Miloszewski
  • Teodor Szacki: world-weary state prosecutor in Warsaw, Poland

Adam Mitzner
  • Non-series legal thrillers

Adam Mitzner
  • Non-series legal thrillers

Christopher G. Moore
  • Vincent “Vinee” Calvino: disbarred American lawyer turned private investigator, in Bangkok, Thailand, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia

Thomas Mogford
  • Spike Sanguinetti: lawyer based in Gibraltar, sleuthing around the Mediterranean

John Mortimer
  • Horace Rumpole: elderly “junior” barrister, and Old Bailey hack, in London, England

Marcia Muller
  • Sharon McCone: legal investigator and private eye, in San Francisco, California

Haughton Murphy
  • Reuben Frost: retired Wall Street super-lawyer and private investigator

Michael Nava
  • Henry Rios: gay criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Francis M. Nevins
  • Loren Mensing: law-school professor in St. Louis, Missouri

Helen Nielsen
  • Simon Drake: Chicago lawyer transplanted to southern California

Perri O’Shaughnessy
  • Nina Reilly: struggling, young attorney in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Sara Paretsky
  • V.I. Warshawski: attorney turned private eye, in Chicago, Illinois

Barbara Parker
  • Gail Connor: corporate attorney in Miami, Florida

Richard Parrish
  • Joshua Rabb: Jewish lawyer in late 1940s and early 1950s working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and privately, in Tucson, Arizona

James Patterson
  • Jill Bernhardt: Assistant District Attorney, Lindsay Boxer, a homicide inspector, Cindy Thomas, a reporter, and Claire Washburn, a medical examiner — members of The Women’s Murder Club, in San Francisco, California

Richard North Patterson
  • Christopher Paget: lawyer in the Special Investigations Section of the Washington Economic Crimes Committee

Michael Pearce
  • Dmitri Kameron: lawyer in Kursk, Russia

Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)
  • George Crowder: attorney

Twist Phelan
  • Lawyers in a small town in Arizona are featured in the Pinnacle Peak mysteries

Edward O. Phillips
  • Geoffrey Chadwick: an acerbic, single, gay, 50-something corporate lawyer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cathy Pickens
  • Avery Andrews: 30-something lawyer, in South Carolina

Jodi Picoult
  • Non-series suspense usually with a legal and/or medical ethics twist

Marissa Piesman
  • Nina Fischman: public service lawyer for the elderly in New York City

Rhonda Pollero
  • Finley Anderson Tanner: youngish paralegal with an interest in discount shopping, in West Palm Beach, Florida

R Barbara Corrado Pope
  • Bernard Martin: investigating magistrate in late 19th century Provence, France

Scott Pratt
  • Joe Dillard: jaded lawyer in rural Tennessee

Peter Rabe
  • Manny DeWitt: lawyer for an international firm, Lobbe Industriel, who becomes a spy

Manuel Ramos
  • Luis Montez: attorney and former Chicano activist, in Denver, Colorado

Barry Reed
  • Dan Sheridan: attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Herbert Resnicow
  • Giles Sullivan: retired attorney, and Isabel Macintosh, a faculty dean, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries

Shelly Reuben
  • Max Bramble: attorney, and Wylie Nolan,arson investigator

Craig Rice
  • John J. Malone: lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Barrie Roberts
  • Chris Tyroll: off-beat anarchist lawyer who will defend anyone, in the West Midlands of England

Michael Robertson
  • Reggie and Nigel Heath: solicitors with office space on Baker Street in London, England, who receive letters written to Sherlock Holmes

Chris Rogers
  • Dixie Flannigan: prosecutor turned bounty hunter, in Houston, Texas

Charles Rosenberg
  • Robert Tarza and his protégée Jenna James, attorneys at the Marbury Marfan, in Los Angeles, California

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
  • Lily Forrester: Assistant District Attorney in southern California
  • Carolyn Sullivan: single mom, part-time law student, and overworked probation officer, in Ventura County, California

David Rosenfelt
  • Andy Carpenter: defense attorney in Paterson, New Jersey

Robert Rotstein
  • Parker Stern: trial lawyer who has developed stage fright, in Los Angeles, California

Ona Russell
  • Sarah Kaufman: Jewish probate court official in 1920s Toledo, Ohio, later visiting Dayton, Tennessee

Pamela Samuels-Young
  • Vernetta Henderson: African-American attorney at a large law firm in Los Angeles, California

C.J. Sansom
  • Matthew Shardlake: lawyer in mid-16th century England

Dylan Schaffer
  • Gordon Seegerman: reluctant public defender by day and lead singer in a Barry Manilow cover band by night, in northern California

D.R. Schanker
  • Nora Lumley: public defender in Marion County, Indiana

Norma Schier
  • Kay Barth: district attorney based in Aspen, Colorado

Lisa Scottoline
  • Rosato & Associates: all-women law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa See
  • David Stark: American attorney, and Liu Hulan, a Chinese police inspector, combining talents to solve mysteries in China

James Sheehan
  • Jack Tobin: prominent trial lawyer formerly in Miami, now crusading for justice in rural Florida

Liad Shoham
  • Legal thrillers set in israel

Barry Siegel
  • Greg Monarch: lawyer in La Graciosa, California

Sheldon Siegel
  • Mike Daley: lawyer and ex-priest in San Francisco, California

Janet Smith
  • Annie MacPherson: attorney in Seattle, Washington

Julie Smith
  • Rebecca Schwartz: Jewish feminist lawyer in San Francisco, California

Lachlan Smith
  • Leo Maxwell: newly minted lawyer emulating his brother, a criminal defense attorney, beginning in 1999 San Francisco, California

Walter Sorrells
  • Non-series legal thrillers

Bart Spicer
  • Benson Kellogg: lawyer who inherits a town in New Mexico, and fights to save it

Gretchen Sprague
  • Martha Patterson: pro bono attorney in Brooklyn, New York

Patricia Houck Sprinkle
  • MacLaren Yarbrough: business-owner turned magistrate in Hopemore, Georgia, in the Thoroughly Southern mysteries

Mary Stanton (Claudia Bishop)
  • Brianna Winston-Beaufort: a lawyer who inherits a haunted law firm, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Beaufort & Co. series

Mike Stewart
  • Tom McInnes: young attorney in Coopers Bend, Alabama

Grif Stockley
  • Gideon Page: defense attorney in Arkansas

Hampton Stone (Aaron Marc Stein)
  • Jeremiah X. Gibson: assistant district attorney in New York City

Gene Stratton
  • Mort Sinclair: respected genealogist and lawyer on Fogge Island off the New England Coast

Shirley Tallman
  • Sarah Woolson: attorney in 19th-century San Francisco, California

Robert K. Tanenbaum
  • Roger “Butch” Karp: Criminal Courts Bureau chief, and Marlene Ciampi, assistant District Attorney in 1970s New York City

William G. Tapply
  • Brady Coyne: sports fisherman and lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts

Joseph Teller
  • Harrison J. Walker (Jaywalker), a disgraced criminal defense attorney, in Manhattan, New York City

Peter Temple
  • Jack Irish: lawyer and gambler, turned debt collector and people finder, in Melbourne, Australia

Peter Tremayne
  • Sister Fidelma: 7th century Celtic sister and legal advocate in Kildare, Ireland

Margaret Truman
  • Mackenzie Smith: law professor and Annabel Reed, a gallery owner, in Washington, DC

Scott Turow
  • The Kindle County series

Mari Ulmer
  • Christine Garcia y Grant: ex-lawyer running a bed and breakfast in Taos, New Mexico, in the Taos Festival Mysterie

Michael Underwood
  • Rosa Epton: solicitor in London, England
  • Richard Monk: lawyer in England

Judith Van Gieson
  • Neil Hamel: attorney and investigator in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Robert Van Gulik
  • Judge Dee: magistrate in China during the Tang Dynasty (600s)

Michael Venning (Craig Rice)
  • Melville Fairr: lawyer in New York

Ayelet Waldman
  • Juliet Applebaum: public defender turned stay-at-home mom, in Los Angeles, California, in the Mommy Track mysteries

David J. Walker
  • Dugan: lawyer, and Kirsten, owner of the Wild Onion, Ltd, a private detective agency, in Chicago, Illinois

Marianne Wesson
  • Lucinda Hayes: attorney and the director of the Boulder County Rape Crisis Center, in Boulder County, Colorado

Carolyn Wheat
  • Cass Jameson: criminal lawyer in Brooklyn, New York

Jenny White
  • Kamil Pasha: magistrate in the new secular courts in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire, in Istanbul, Turkey

Stephen White
  • Lauren Crowder: attorney, and Alan Gregory, a clinical psychologist, in Boulder, Colorado

Kate Wilhelm
  • Barbara Holloway: defense attorney in Oregon

Elizabeth Woodcraft
  • Frankie Richmond: 30-something lesbian barrister specializing in family law, in London, England

Sara Woods
  • Anthony Maitland: barrister in England

Stuart Woods
  • Stone Barrington: ex-cop and attorney, in New York City
  • Ed Eagle: lawyer in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • Charles Spotted Moon: attorney and Ojibway tribal shaman in San Francisco, California

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
  • Thóra Gudmundsdottir: lawyer in Reykjavik, Iceland

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