Authors & Characters Added in 2018

Authors and Characters Added January–February 2018

R.J. Bailey: Sam Wylde, a female “personal protection officer” (bodyguard) of the rich and powerful, in the UK and Europe (joint pseudonym of Robert Ryan and wife)

Sarah Bailey: Gemma Woodstock, the lead homicide investigator in rural Smithson, New South Wales, Australia

Susan Alice Bickford: non-series

Angela Clarke: Freddie Venton, starting a journalism career, and her friend Nasreen Cudmore, a police officer, in London, England

Ron Corbett: Frank Yakabuski, a detective with the Springfield Regional Police, on the Northern Divide in Canada

K.J. Howe: Thea Paris, an elite kidnap negotiator and ransom specialist with Quantum Security International

Sheena Kamal: Nora Watts, a homeless research assistant for an attorney in Vancouver, Canada:

Deborah E. Kennedy: non-series

Winnie M. Li: non-series

H.B. Lyle: Wiggins, an ex-soldier trained as a child by Sherlock Holmes, serving as a British spy in 1909

Anna Mazzola: non-series historical mysteries

Gin Phillips: non-series thrillers

Emily Ruskovich: non-series

Joanna Schaffhausen: non-series

New James Swain series: Billy Cunningham, a conman in Las Vegas, Nevada

Gabriel Tallent: non-series

Wendall Thomas: Cyd Redondo, a young, third-generation Brooklyn travel agent specializing in senior citizens, based in New York City

Nancy Tingley: Jenna Murphy, a young Asian art curator at a Marin County museum, and amateur sleuth, based in California

Kathleen Valenti: Maggie O’Malley, a young pharmaceutical researcher at Rxcellance

Emily Winslow: Chloe Frohmann, a detective inspector, and her partner Morris Keene, a detective chief inspector, in Cambridge, England


Authors and Characters Added in March 2018

Allison Brook: Carrie Singleton, head of programs at the library, with its own ghost librarian, in Clover Ridge, Connecticut, in the Haunted Library mysteries (Marilyn Levinson pseudonym)

V.M. Burns: Samantha Washington, opening a mystery bookshop, in North Harbor, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Michigan; RJ Franklin Jr., a homicide detective, in St. Joseph, Indiana; Lilly Echosby, a CPA enrolling her toy poodle, Agatha Christie, at the Eastern Tennessee Dog Club

New Barbara Cleverly series: John Redfyre, a college-educated WWI veteran, and a newly hired detective inspector, in 1920s Cambridge, England

New Anthony Horowitz series: Anthony Horowitz, a celebrated novelist, and Daniel Hawthorne, a disgraced yet brilliant detective inspector, working together to turn real life cases into books

Marilyn Levinson: Lydia Krause, a retired businesswoman, in the Twin Lakes mysteries; Lexie Driscoll, a college professor leading the Golden Age Mystery Book Club, in Old Canfield, on Long Island, New York

New Phillip Margolin series: Robin Lockwood, a young lawer, and her mentor and boss Regina Barrister

New Brad Meltzer series: Jim “Zig” Zigarowski, a mortician working on the government's top-secret and high-profile cases at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware

New Clare O’Donohue series: Hollis and Finn Larsson, married college professors from Michigan who accept literary investigations from the CIA in the World of Spies series

New Anne Perry series: Daniel Pitt, son of Thomas and Charlotte and a junior barrister in 1910s London, England


Authors and Characters Added in April 2018

Amanda Allen: Madeline “Maddie” Vaughn-Alwin, a war widow and artist moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the 1920s, in the Santa Fe Revival mysteries (Amanda Carmack pseudonym)

New Jay Brandon series: Edward Hall, a former defense attorney convicted of evidence tampering in Houston, Texas

New Glenn Cooper series: Cal Donovan, a Harvard Divinity school professor of religious history and archeology investigating religious conspiracies

Luca D’Andrea: non-series

New Amanda Flower series: Fiona Knox, after losing her fiancé and her flower shop, inherits her godfather’s cottage and magical garden, in Duncreigan, Scotland, in the Magic Garden mysteries

Mariah Fredericks: Jane Prescott, a lady’s maid in 1910s New York City; non-series mysteries for young adults

New David Krugler series: Lt. Ellis Voigt, a young naval intelligence officer in post-WWII Washington, DC, and New Mexico

New Gerard O’Donovan series: Tom Collins, an Irish imigrant and former New York City cop working as a private investigator in 1920s Hollywood, California

New Derek B. Miller series: Sigrid Ødegård, a chief inspector in Oslo, Norway

New Donna Morrissey series: the Now family in rural Newfoundland, Canada

K.R. Richardson: Eric Matheson, a rookie cop, and Inspector J. P. Dillal, the cybernetically enhanced Chief Investigating Forensic Officer, on the coroporate-owned planet Gattis, in the Gattis File series (Kat Richardson pen name)

New Joel C. Rosenberg series: J.B. Collins, a New York Times foreign correspondent

New David Rosenfelt series: Doug Brock, a New Jersey state police officer

New Andrew Taylor series: James Marwood, son of a traitor and a government informer under Charles I, in 1660s London, England, in the Ashes of London series

New Christine Trent series: Florence Nightingale, Superintendent of the Establishment for Gentlewomen During Temporary Illness in 1850s London

Andrew Wilson: Agatha Christie, the mystery author, beginning in December 1926 England


Authors and Characters Added in May 2018

Robert Bailey: Tom McMurtrie, a retired University of Alabama law professor, and his former student, now partner, Rick Drake, in Alabama and Tennessee

New Donna Ball series: Aggie Malone, a police chief, her husband Deputy Sheriff Ryan Grady, and their border collie Flash, on Dogleg Island, on the gulf coast of Florida

Casey Barrett: Duck Darley, a former rich kid and competitive swimmer, working as an unlicensed private investigator, in Manhattan, New York City

Natasha Bell: non-series

Sally Hill Brouard: non-series

Dave Butler: Jenny Willson, a park warden at Banff National Park, in British Columbia, Canada

New Sheila Connolly series: Kate Hamilton, who plans to turn her hometown of Asheboro, Maryland, into a working Victorian town

John Copenhaver: non-series

Ashley Dyer: Detective Ruth Lake and Detective Chief Inspector Greg Carver in Liverpool, England (joint pseudonym of Margaret Murphy and Helen Pepper)

New Anne Frasier series: Jude Fontaine, a homicide detective who had been held captive in an underground cell for three years, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Danny Gardner: Elliot Caprice, a disgraced former cop working as a process server, in 1950s Chicago, Illinois

David Gibbins: Jack Howard, a marine archaeologist investigating ancient mysteries

New Danielle Girard series: The Rookie Club,a tight-knit band of female cops struggling for respect, in San Francisco, California; Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman, the police department medical examiner, in San Francisco, California

New Elizabeth Gunn series: Alice Adams, a retired schoolteacher who works part-time at the local newspaper in Clark’s Fort, Montana

Robyn Harding: non-series

Nick Harkaway: non-series futuristic thrillers

Annie Hogsett: Allie Harper, a divorce survivor, and Tom Bennington, a blind college professor and major lottery winner, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the Somebody’s Bound To Wind Up Dead series

New Lee Hollis series: Poppy, a penniless widow running the Desert Flowers Detective Agency, with her two best friends, Violet and Iris, in Palm Springs, California

Stephen Mack Jones: August Snow, an ex-cop who won $12 million in a wrongful termination lawsuit, son of an African-American father and Mexican-American mother, in Detroit, Michigan

New Jim Kelly series: Eden Brooke, a detective inspector, a wounded hero in World War 1, in 1939 Cambridge, England, in the Nighthawk series

Cornelia Kidd: Anna Winslow, a native of Maine's Quarry Island who learns she has a half-sister, Izzie Jordan, in the Maine Murder mysteries (Lea Wait pseudonym)

Bharti Kirchner: Maya Mallick, an Asian-American private investigator, in Seattle, Washington

New Adam LeBor series: Balthazar Kovaks, a Murder Squad detective in Budapest, Hungary

Kristen Lepionka: Roxane Weary, a private detective in Columbus, Ohio

New Malcolm Mackay series: Nate Colgan, the acting head of a crime organization in Glasgow, Scotland

New Andrew Mayne series: David Dixon, an astronaut grappling with the Russians in orbit, and on earth, in the Space Ops series; Theo Cray, a biology professor and computer expert, in Montana

Catherine McKenzie: non-series psychological suspense

Thomas Pluck: Jay Desmarteaux, released from prison after 25 years for killing a school bully, in New Jersey

New Scott Pratt series: Darren Street, a young defense attorney wrongfully convicted of murder, in Knox County, Tennessee

New Amanda Quick series: Dark and dangerous secrets at the exclusive 1930s Hollywood refuge in the seaside community of Burning Cove, California

Mark Sarvas: non-series

Alex Segura: Pete Fernandez, a former journalist with a drinking problem, invesigating in Miami, Florida

New William Shaw series: Alexandra Cupidi, a detective sergeant recently transfered from London to the Kent countryside in England

Bradley Spinelli: non-series

Daniela Tully: non-series

Sarah Vaughan: non-series

Rio Youers: non-series, with fantasy and horror

Rich Zahradnik: Coleridge Taylor, a newsman in mid-1970s New York City


Authors and Characters Added in June 2018

Emily Barnes: Katherine Sullivan, a grandmother feeding her artistic self in New Mexico, returning to her hometown, Edina, Minnesota, where she had been police chief

Benet Brandreth: William Shakespeare’s lost years in 1580s England and Venice

Nova Jacobs: non-series

New Helaine Mario series: Maggie O’Shea, a classical pianist

New Susan McBride series: Jo Larsen, a police detective in Plainfield, Texas

Lauren Doyle Owens: non-series

Charlton Pettus: non-series

New Clea Simon series: Becca, in training to be a witch, and her three cats, Harriet, Laurel, and Clara, with psychic powers, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Witch Cats of Cambridge series

New Amy Stuart series: Clare O’Dey, who fled her abusive husband, and private investigator Malcolm Boon

New James Swain series: Jon Lancaster, a retired private detective and ex–Navy SEAL, and Beth Daniels, an FBI agent and former abduction victim, in southern Florida


Authors and Characters Added in July 2018

Steph Broadribb: Lori Anderson, a single mother working as a bounty hunter, in Florida

Rachel Caine: Gwen Proctor, a shy Midwestern housewife who finds out her husband is a serial killer, starting in Wichita, Kansas

Dan Chaon: non-series literary fiction, with suspense, psychological, and thriller elements

New Rory Clements series: Professor Tom Wilde, an American historian specializing in the Elizabethian secret service, in the 1930s

Hank Early: Earl Marcus, son of a fundamentalist preacher, working as a private investigator, in the mountains of North Georgia

Jeremy Finley: non-series science fiction thriller

Victoria Gilbert: Amy Webber, a university librarian moving in with her aunt in a mountain town in Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Library mysteries

Layton Green: Dominic Grey, a diplomatic security agent and private investigator, and Professor Viktor Radek, an expert on cults; Joe “Preach” Everson, a prison chaplain turned police officer, leaving Atlanta after a mental breakdown to return home to Creekville, North Carolina

New Jess Lourey series: Salem Wiley, a genius cryptanalyst, expert in quantum computing, and an agoraphobe, investigating secret history, in the Salem’s Cipher series

John Mantooth: non-series

Stephanie Marland: Clementine Starke, member of an online true-crime group, working with detective inspector Dominic Bell, in London, England (Steph Broadribb pseudonym)

Adam Walker Phillips: Chuck Restic, a Human Resources manager at a large corporation and part-time private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Eryk Pruitt: non-series Southern noir

Riley Sager: non-series thrillers (Todd Ritter pseudonym)

Cynthia Swanson: non-series suspense thriller

James Tucker: Buddy Lock, a homicide detective in New York City


Authors and Characters Added in August 2018

A.R. Ashworth: Elaine Hope, a Detective Chief Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, in London, England

New David Baldacci series: Atlee Pine, an FBI agent and profiler specializing in serial killers, in the mountain west

William Boyle: non-series noir set mostly in Brooklyn, New York

New Gianrico Carofiglio series: Pietro Fenoglio, a marshal in the Carabinieri, dealing with Mafia violence in the 1990s in southern Italy

Teresa Dovalpage: non-series set in Cuba

Dianne Freeman: Frances Wynn, the Countess of Harleigh, a young American-born widow beginning in 1899 London, England

New Charlaine Harris series: Gunnie (Lizbeth) Rose, a young gunslinger in the southwestern country known as Texoma, in a dystopian supernatural thriller series

Lilja Sigurðardóttir: Sonja, a young recently divorced mother with financial problems who resorts to cocaine smuggling in Iceland, in the Reykjavik Noir series

New Susan Oleksiw series: Felicity O’Brien, with an inherited healing touch, in rural Massachusetts

Carol Potenza: Nicky Matthews, a tribal police sergeant at the fictional Fire-Sky Pueblo in New Mexico

New Chris Simms series: Sean Blake, a newly qualified detective constable, in Manchester, England

Jo Spain: Tom Reynolds, a Garda detective inspector, in Dublin, Ireland

New Taylor Stevens series: Jack and Jill, 26-year-old twins on the run, trained by their mother in espionage

New Diane A.S. Stuckart series: Ruby Sparks, a tarot card reader, and her mystically inclined cats, in South Florida, in the Tarot Cats series

New A.J. Tata series, written with Nicholas Irving: Vick “The Reaper” Harwood, an expert US sniper in Afghanistan, recovering from injuries, in North Carolina

C.J. Tudor: non-series thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in September 2018

Craig Faustus Buck: non-series

Graeme Macrae Burnet: Georges Gorski, a police detective in Saint-Louis, France

New Marc Cameron series: Arliss Cutter, an ex-military US Marshal skilled in tracking

Alex Dahl: non-series psychological suspense set in Norway

Brendan Duffy: non-series thrillers

Ralph Dennis: Jim Hardman, an ex-cop wrongly accused of corruption, working as an unlicensed private investigator and bodyguard, often with his drinking buddy Hump Evans, a black ex-NFL player, in Atlanta, Georgia

New Paul Doherty series: Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and mother to Henry Tudor, and her clerk Christopher Urswicke, beginning in 1471 England

Francis Duncan: Peter Justice, in England; Mordecai Tremaine, an amateur sleuth and retired tobacconist, in England

Arjun Raj Gaind: His Highness Farzand-i-Khas-i-Daulat-i-Inglishia Mansur-i-Zaman Maharaja Sikander Singh, ruler of Rajpore, India, beginning in 1909, in the Maharaja mysteries

Paddy Hirsch: Justy (Justice) Flanagan, a young lawyer, beginning in 1799 New York City

Carole Lawrence: Ian Hamilton, a detective inspector in late 19th century Edinburgh, Scotland (Carole Buggé pseudonym)

Minna Lindgren: Siiri Kettunen and Irma Lännenleimu, very elderly best friends at the Sunset Grove retirement community, in Helsinki, Finland, in the Lavender Ladies Detective Agency trilogy

Paula Munier: Mercy Carr, a retired Army Corporal, and her bomb-sniffing Belgian shepherd Elvis, in Vermont

Bina Shah: non-series dystopian thriller

Rosemary Simpson: Prudence MacKenzie, an heiress, and Geoffrey Hunter, an ex-Pinkerton agent, in 1880s New York City, in the Gilded Age mysteries

Zoje Stage: non-series thrillers

Emma Viskic: Caleb Zelic, a deaf private investigator in Melbourne, Australia

New Ovidia Yu series: SuLin, a local girl stepping in as governess for the Acting Governor of Crown Colony of Singapore, beginning in 1936


Authors and Characters Added in October 2018

Tara Isabella Burton: non-series

Paul Di Filippo: non-series; Will Keats, an elementary school counselor and son of a ventriloquist, near Columbus, Georgia (written as Philip Lawson, joint pseudonym with Michael Bishop)

Gregory Dowling: January Esposito, after losing his job in London, follows his brother to Italy, where he teaches and sleuths; Alvise Marangon, a reluctant spy in mid-18th century Venice

Corey Lynn Fayman: Rolly Waters, a laid back guitar-playing private investigator, in San Diego, California

Jessica Fellowes: the Mitford Murders series, centered on the Mitford sisters in 1920s England

Steve Goble: Spider John Rush, a reluctant pirate in the 1720s

Kent Harrington: Alex Law, blue-blooded CIA officer, and Butch Nickels, Vietnam vet and CIA thug

Rob Hart: Ash McKenna, a reluctant amateur private investigator, starting in New York, then Portland, OR, then Georgia, then Prague, and then…

Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen: non-series thrillers

L.S. Hilton: Judith Rashleigh, a dangerous sociopath from shabby roots, gaining entry into the upper echelons of the art world and society, in London and Europe, in an erotic thriller trilogy

Maria Hummel: non-series

Gary Inbinder: Achille Lefebvre, a police detective, later chief of detectives, in 1890s Paris, France, in the Fin de Siecle mysteries

Hammond Innes: Peter Deveril, ace crime reporter for the Evening Record, based in England

Jane Isaac: Helen Lavery, a detective chief inspector, in the Midlands of England; Will Jackman, a detective inspector, in Stratford and the Midlands of England; Beth Chamberlain, a detective constable and Family Liaison Officer, in England

Shannon Kirk: non-series

Sarah Lotz: non-series thrillers

New G.A. McKevett series: Stella Reid, a widow and grandmother to seven, in 1980s McGill, Georgia, in the Granny Reid mysteries

Jonathan Moore: non-series thrillers

Ambrose Parry: Will Raven, a 20-year-old medical student apprentice to James Simpson, professor of midwifery, in 1840s Edinburgh, Scotland (joint pseudonym of Christopher Brookmyre with wife Marisa Haetzman)

Raymond Postgate: Inspector Holly, in England

New Lisa Preston series: Rainy Dale, a horseshoer in Cowdry, Oregon

New Lisa Sandlin series: Delpha Wade, an ex-convict who wants to be a private investigator, beginning in 1973 Beaumont, Texas

Bill Schutt & J.R. Finch: R.J. MacCready, a zoologist and adventurer, and indigenous Brazilian Yanni Thorne, on thrilling quests starting in 1944

J. Todd Scott: Chris Cherry, a deputy and then sheriff in Big Bend County, west Texas

Karen Lee Street: Edgar Allan Poe and C. Auguste Dupin do some detecting in the 1840

Luca Veste: David Murphy, a detective inspector, and Laura Rossi, a detective sergeant, in Liverpool, England

New Minette Walters series: Lady Anne of Develish, during the Black Plague in 1348 England

Max Wirestone: Dahlia Moss, an unemployed geeky 20-something studying to be a private investigator, sleuthing in the computer game industry, in St. Louis, Missouri

Jennifer Wolfe: non-series psychological thriller; YA distopian fantasy and thrillers written as Jennifer Boswort


Authors and Characters Added in November 2018

New Maddie Day series: Mackenzie (Mac) Almeida, owner of a bicycle shop in the fictional town of Westham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, who hosts a cozy mystery book group in the Cozy Capers Book Group mysteries (Edith Maxwell pseudonym)

New Jeffery Deaver series: Colter Shaw, an itinerate reward seeker, traveling the US to solve crimes and locate missing persons

New Christina Dodd series: Kellen Adams, fleeing a past she doesn't quite remember, in Cape Charade on the Pacific North Coast

New Elena Forbes series: Eve West, a detective chief inspector in London, England

Andrew Gaddes: Thomas Lester, the son of a disgraced Templar Knight, during the reign of Edward II, beginning in 1324 England

Edwin Hill: Hester Thursby, a Harvard librarian who runs a side business finding missing people, in Boston, Massachusetts

D.B. John: non-series thrillers

New Kylie Logan series: Jazz Ramsey, an administrative assistant at an all-girls school who trains cadaver dogs, in Cleveland, Ohio

New John Lutz series: Thomas Laker, an NSA agent working for the secret Gray Outfit, based in Washington DC

William McIntyre: Robbie Munro, a criminal lawyer in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the Best Defence series

Aimee Molloy: non-series psychological suspense

New Chris Nickson series: Simon Westow, a former workhouse orphan working as a thieftaker (recovering items stolen from the rich) in 1820s Leeds, England

Karen Odden: non-series Victorian mysteries

New Sharon Pape series: Kailyn Wilde, a modern day witch of ancient lineage running a potient shop in upstate New York, in the Abracadabra mysteries

M.B. Shaw: Iris Grey, an artist in a Hampshire village in England (Tilly Bagshawe pseudonym)

New Denise Swanson series: Dani (Danielle) Sloan, inheriting an old house and running a catering business, in the college town of Normalton, Illinois, in the Chef-To-Go mysteries

New Kevin Wolf series: Kepler, a wandering frontier newspaper man in late 1870s Colorado and Arizona

Linda J. Wright: Kieran Yates, a former Crown Counsel now investigating crime against animals, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Lauren Wright Douglas pseudonym)


Authors and Characters Added in December 2018

Jennifer Ashley: Kat Holloway, highly sought-after young cook to the wealthy, beginning in 1880 London, England, in the Below Stairs mysteries

Tamara Berry: Eleanor Wilde, a fake medium specializing in ridding her clients of resident ghosts

Doug Burgess: David Hazzard, a transgender history professor, and Billy Dyer, chief of police in Little Compton, Rhode Island

Louise Candlish: non-series domestic suspense and thrillers

Caz Frear: Cat Kinsella, a young detective constable with the Metropolitan Police Force in London, England

Laurie Loewenstein: Temple Jennings, a sheriff, and his wife Etha, beginning in 1935 in the drought-stricken town of Vermillion, Oklahoma, in the Dust Bowl mysteries

Dervla McTiernan: Cormac Reilly, a police detective in Galway, Ireland

Stuart Turton: non-series

Christian White: non-series psychological thriller


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