2014 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2014

The Secret History of Las Vegas [NS] by Chris Abani

Pecan Pies and Homicides [Charmed Pie Shoppe #3] by Ellery Adams

Double Dip [Davis Way #2] by Gretchen Archer

A Medal for Murder [r] [Kate Shackleton #2] by Frances Brody

A Dark and Stormy Knit [Black Sheep Knitting #6] by Anne Canadeo

A Chorus Line-Up [Glee Club #3] by Joelle Charbonneau

Playing with Fire [Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade #2] by J.J. Cook

Buzz [Game #2] by Anders de la Motte

Alone [Bone Secrets #4] by Kendra Elliot

Murder Sends a Postcard [Haunted Souvenir Shop #3] by Christy Fifield

Red Cell Seven [Red Cell 7 #2] by Stephen Frey

A Measure of Blood [Richard Christie #7] by Kathleen George

Murder in the Ball Park [Nero Wolfe continuation #9] by Robert Goldsborough

Home of the Braised [White House Chef #7] by Julie Hyzy

The Silence of the Library [Cat in the Stacks #5] by Miranda James


Teacup Turbulence [Pet Rescue #5] by Linda O. Johnston

Paws for Murder [Pet Boutique #1] by Annie Knox

Presto Variations [NS] by Lee Lamothe

The Ghoul Next Door [Ghost Hunter #8] by Victoria Laurie

Tapestry of Lies [Weaving #2] by Carol Ann Martin

Whispers of Vivaldi [s] [Tito Amato #6] by Beverle Graves Myers

Snow White Must Die [r] [Oliver von Bodenstein & Pia Kirchhoff #4] by Nele Neuhaus

The Blood Promise [Hugo Marston #3] by Mark Pryor

Crossbones Yard [r] [Alice Quentin #1] by Kate Rhodes

The Last Death of Jack Harbin [Samuel Craddock #2] by Terry Shames

The Poisoned Island [Charles Horton #2] by Lloyd Shepherd [1st US edition]

Urban Renewal [Cross #2] by Andrew Vachss

Haiti Noir 2: The Classics [SS] edited by Edwidge Danticat

February 2014

Days of Wine and Roquefort [Cheese Shop #5] by Avery Aames

Broken Homes [Rivers of London #4] by Ben Aaronovitch [1st US edition]

Poison at the PTA [Beth Kennedy #5] by Laura Alden

Books, Cooks, and Crooks [Novel Idea #3] by Lucy Arlington

A Royal Threesome [Royal Spyness #1–3] by Rhys Bowen

Death of an Irish Diva [Cumberland Creek #3] by Mollie Cox Bryan

Murder With Ganache [Key West Food Critic #4] by Lucy Burdette

India Black and the Gentleman Thief [Madam of Espionage #4] by Carol K. Carr

Throw in the Trowel [Flower Shop #15] by Kate Collins

Scandal in Skibbereen [County Cork #2] by Sheila Connolly

The Sound of Broken Glass [r] ]Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James #15] by Deborah Crombie

Bubble [Game #3] by Anders de la Motte

Graveyard of Memories [John Rain prequel] by Barry Eisler

Castle Rock [r] [NS] by Carolyn Hart

Town in a Strawberry Swirl [Candy Holliday #5] by B.B. Haywood


The Contractors [NS] by Harry Hunsicker

The Bar Keep [NS] by William Lashner

House of Glass [NS] by Sophie Littlefield

A Tale of Two Biddies [League of Literary Ladies #2] by Kylie Logan

A Fatal Slip [Sweet Nothings #3] by Meg London

January Thaw [Mira James #9] by Jess Lourey

We Are Here [NS] by Michael Marshall [1st US edition]

Trusting Viktor [Cleo Cooper #2] by Lee Mims

The Cockroaches [Henry Hole #2] by Jo Nesbø [1st US edition]

Glass Houses [Birdie Keane #2] by Terri Nolan

Drowning Barbie [s] [Ike Schwartz #9] by Frederick Ramsay

Beewitched [Queen Bee #5] by Hannah Reed

The Baker Street Translation [r] [Baker Street Letters #3] by Michael Robertson

Watching the Dark [r] [Inspector Banks #20] by Peter Robinson

Bristol House [r] [NS] by Beverly Swerling

Shooting Star [NS] by Peter Temple [1st US edition]

Bad Reputation [s] [Madeline Maclin #4] by Jane Tesh

March 2014

Broken Trust [Nora Abbot #2] by Shannon Baker

Lost [r] [Lacey Flint #3] by Sharon Bolton

Shunned and Dangerous [Amish #3] by Laura Bradford

Pearls and Poison [Consignment Shop #3] by Duffy Brown

Keeping Mum [Garden Society #3] by Alyse Carlson

Murder at Westminster Abbey [Kate Haywood #2] by Amanda Carmack

Sweet Tea Revenge [r] [Tea Shop #14] by Laura Childs

Iced to Death [Gourmet de-Lite #3] by Peg Cochran

The Day of the Dead: The Autumn of Commissario Ricciardi [Commissario Ricciardi #4] by Maurizio de Giovanni

To‘Aga [Jungle Beat #3] by John Enright

How To Paint a Cat [Cats and Curios #5] by Rebecca M. Hale

The Dead of Summer [Anders Knutas #5] by Mari Jungstedt [1st US edition]


Death of a Dyer [r] [Will Rees #2] by Eleanor Kuhns

Eyes Closed Tight [NS] by Peter Leonard

Spinning in Her Grave [Haunted Yarn Shop #3] by Molly MacRae

In the Morning I’ll be Gone [Sean Duffy #3] by Adrian McKinty [1st US edition]

Poisoned Ground [s] [Rachel Goddard #6] by Sandra Parshall

Ten for Dying [s] [John, Lord Chamberlain #10] by Mary Reed & Eric Mayer

The Boy Who Stole from the Dead [Nadia Tesla #2] by Orest Stelmach

Dead Between the Lines [Devereaux Dime Store #3] by Denise Swanson

Helsinki Blood [r] [Inspector Vaara #4] by James Thompson

April 2014

The Corpse with the Emerald Thumb [Cait Morgan #3] by Cathy Ace

A Roux of Revenge [Soup Lover #3] by Connie Archer

The Perfect Ghost [r] [NS] by Linda Barnes

The Greenland Breach [John Spencer Larivière #1] by Bernard Besson

Deadliest of Sins [Mary Crow #6] by Sallie Bissell

A Killing Notion [Magical Dressmaking #5] by Melissa Bourbon

Merrick [NS] by Ken Bruen

The Second Woman [Denton #3] by Kenneth Cameron [1st US edition]

Death on Eat Street [Biscuit Bowl Food Truck #1] by J.J. Cook

Deal Killer [Darby Farr #5] by Vicki Doudera

Chump Change [Leo Waterman #8] by G.M. Ford

Inherit the Word [Cookbook Nook #2] by Daryl Wood Gerber

Madness in Miniature [Miniature #7] by Margaret Grace

Murder on Bamboo Lane [Ellie Rush #1] by Naomi Hirahara

The Color of Light [Maggie MacGowen #9] by Wendy Hornsby


Ghost of a Gamble [Ghost of Granny Apples #4] by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Critical Damage [Mark Mallen #2] by Robert K. Lewis

Game for Five [Bar Lume #1] by Marco Malvaldi

The Long Shadow [Annika Bengtzon #8] by Liza Marklund

Sugar and Iced [Cupcake Bakery #6] by Jenn McKinlay

A Biscuit, a Casket [Pawsitively Organic #2] by Liz Mugavero

The Blackwoods Farm Enquiry [Ivy Beasley #5] by Ann Purser

Long Knives [NS] by Charles Rosenberg

The Whole Cat and Caboodle [Second Chance Cat #1] by Sofie Ryan

Panthers Play for Keeps [s] [Pru Marlowe #4] by Clea Simon

Silence for the Dead [NS] by Simone St. James

Syndrome E [r] [Lucie Hennebelle, & Franck Sharkoby #1] by Franck Thilliez

Small Town Spin [Nichelle Clarke #3] by LynDee Walker

A Second Helping of Murder [Comfort Food #2] by Christine Wenger

May 2014

Please Don’t Tell [r] [NS] by Elizabeth Adler

The Caretaker [r] [Ranjit Singh #1] by A.X. Ahmad

Obsidian Curse [Stacy Justice #5] by Barbra Annino

An Embarrassment of Corpses [r] [Oliver Swithin #1] by Alan Beechey

Murdering Ministers [r] [Oliver Swithin #2] by Alan Beechey

This Private Plot [s] [Oliver Swithin #3] by Alan Beechey

The Goodbye Witch [Wishcraft #4] by Heather Blake

Drone Strike [Dreamland #15] by Dale Brown & Jim DeFelice

The Cornish Coast Murder [r] [Reverend Dodd #1] by John Bude

The Lake District Murder [r] [Reverend Dodd #2] by John Bude

A Cookbook Conspiracy [r] [Bibliophile #7] by Kate Carlisle

Chip Off the Ice Block Murder [Shay O’Hanlon #4] by Jessie Chandler

The Gods of Guilt [r] [Mickey Haller #5] by Michael Connelly

Mr. Monk Gets on Board [r] by Hy Conrad

The Detective & the Pipe Girl [NS] by Michael Craven

Last Licks [Sunny & Shadow #3] by Claire Donally

The Benefactor [Jack Taggart #8] by Don Easton

Murder and Mendelssohn [s] [Phryne Fisher #20] by Kerry Greenwood [1st US edition]

The Water Rat of Wanchai [Ava Lee #1] by Ian Hamilton [1st US edition]

Death Rides Again [r] [Jocelyn Shore #3] by Janice Hamrick

The Orpheus Descent [NS] by Tom Harper


Dead, White, and Blue [r] [Death on Demand #26] by Carolyn Hart

The Pickled Piper [Pickled and Preserved #1] by Mary Ellen Hughes

Fleur de Lies [Passport to Peril #9] by Maddy Hunter

Carnival [St. Cyr & Kohler #15] by J. Robert Janes

Jailhouse Glock [Dead Sister Talking #2] by Lizbeth Lipperman

Death Runs Adrift [Gray Whale Inn #6] by Karen MacInerney

Death of a Mad Hatter [Hat Shop #2] by Jenn McKinlay

The Day She Died [NS] by Catriona McPherson

A Tiger’s Tale [Call of the Wilde #2] by Laura Morrigan

The Crooked Spire [Chesterfield #1] by Chris Nickson

Next Life Might Be Kinder [NS] by Howard Norman

Death in Sarasota Springs [Gilded Age #2] by Charles O’Brien

Murder Gone A-Rye [Baker’s Treat #2] by Nancy J. Parra

American Woman [NS] by Robert Pobi [APA: River of the Dead]

White Fire [r] [Aloysius Pendergast #13] by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

A Dollhouse To Die For [Deadly Notions #2] by Cate Price

Dante’s Poison [Mark Angelotti #2] by Lynne Raimondo

Boiled Over [Maine Clambake #2] by Barbara Ross

The Stranger on the Train [NS] by Abbie Taylor [APA: Emma’s Baby]

Board Stiff [r] [Dead-End Job #12] by Elaine Viets

June 2014

Murder, Simply Stiched [Amish Quilt Shop #2] by Isabella Alan

Night of the Living Thread [Threadville #4] by Janet Bolin

Dead Heat [Lucy Kincaid #8] by Allison Brennan

Wolf Hunt [Quentin Margont #2] by Armand Cabasson [1st US edition]

Angelica’s Smile [Inspector Montalbano #17] by Andrea Camilleri

Hell with the Lid Blown Off [s] [Alafair Tucker #7] by Donis Casey

Razing the Dead [Museum #5] by Sheila Connolly

Tempest in a Teapot [Teapot Collector #1] by Amanda Cooper

Basil Instinct [Eve Angelotta #2] by Shelley Costa

The Diva Wraps It Up [Domestic Diva #8] by Krista Davis

Hot Fudge Frame-Up [Fudge Shop #2] by Christine DeSmet

The Last Alibi [r] [Jason Kolarich #4] by David Ellis

Gallowglass [Douglas Brodie #4] by Gordon Ferris

Independence Slay [Celebration Bay #3] by Shelley Freydont

Tequila Sunset [NS] by Sam Hawken [1st US edition]

Close to the Broken Hearted [Abe Teal #2] by Michael Hiebert

The Devil in the Marshalsea [Tom Hawkins #1] by Antonia Hodgson

Dead Lil’ Hustler [Loon Lake #14] by Victoria Houston


Inaugural Parade: The First Three White House Chef Mysteries by Julie Hyzy

Dark Angel [Anders Knutas #6] by Mari Jungstedt [1st US edition]

Face Value [s] [Rachel Gold #9] by Michael A. Kahn

Paw Enforcement [Megan Luz #1] by Diane Kelly

Deadly Forecast [r] [Psychic Eye #11] by Victoria Laurie

Thread End [Embroidery #7] by Amanda Lee

Laidlaw [r] [Jack Laidlaw #1] by William McIlvanney

Blood Wine [Quin & Morgan #4] by John Moss

Present Darkness [Emmanuel Cooper #4] by Malla Nunn

Engaged in Murder [Perfect Proposals #1] by Nancy J. Parra

Enigma of China [r] [Chen Cao #8] by Qiu Xiaolong

Reckless Disregard [Parker Stern #2] by Robert Rotstein

Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil [Grantchester #3] by James Runcie

A Better World [Brilliance #2] by Marcus Sakey

Dancing on Rocks [NS] by Rose Senehi

Moving Day [NS] by Jonathan Stone

The Death of Lucy Kyte [Josephine Tey #5] by Nicola Upson [1st US edition]

No Stone Unturned [Ellie Stone #2] by James W. Ziskin

Singapore Noir [SS] edited by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

July 2014

The Purity of Vengeance [r] [Department Q #4] by Jussi Adler-Olsen

What Strange Creatures [NS] by Emily Arsenault

A Vision in Velvet [Lily Ivory #6] by Juliet Blackwell

Crime Rib [Food Lovers’ Village #2] by Leslie Budewitz

Some Enchanted Éclair [Magical Bakery #4] by Bailey Cates

Supreme Justice [NS] by Max Allan Collins

The Last Town [Wayward Pines #3] by Blake Crouch

Be Careful What You Witch For [Family Fortune #2] by Dawn Eastman

Come Sweet Death [Simon Brenner #3] by Wolf Haas

Muffin But Murder [Merry Muffin #2] by Victoria Hamilton

The Lazarus Curse [Dr. Thomas Silkstone #4] by Tessa Harris

Silence of the Lamb’s Wool [Yarn Retreat #2] by Betty Hechtman

The White Magic Five and Dime [Tarot #1] by Steve Hockensmith & Lisa Falco

A Grave Matter [Lady Darby #3] by Anna Lee Huber

Grace Against the Clock [Manor House #5] by Julie Hyzy

Strangled in Paris [r] [Victor Legris #6] by Claude Izner

Deserves to Die [Alvarez & Pescoli #6] by Lisa Jackson


Death, Taxes, and Silver Spurs [Tara Holloway #7] by Diane Kelly

Prophet of Bones [r] [NS] by Ted Kosmatka

Cookies and Scream [Cookie Cutter Shop #5] by Virginia Lowell

The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent [Maggie Hope #4] by Susan Elia MacNeal

The Pale House [Gregor Reinhardt #2] by Luke McCallin

This Is the Water [NS] by Yannick Murphy

To Kill a Matzo Ball [Deadly Deli #5] by Delia Rosen

Unleashed [r] [Andy Carpenter #11] by David Rosenfelt

From Fear to Eternity [Immortality Bites #3] by Michelle Rowen

The Sea Grape Tree [Shad Myers #3] by Gillian Royes

Rollover [s] [Dan Mahoney #2] by Susan Slater

The Perfect Stranger [NS] by Wendy Corsi Staub

Deadly Assets [Allison Campbell #2] by Wendy Tyson

The Madmen of Benghazi [Malko Linge] by Gérard de Villiers

World of Trouble [Last Policeman #3] by Ben H. Winters

Vengeance Is Mine [s] [Red River #4] by Reavis Z. Wortham

August 2014

Murder in the Mystery Suite [Book Retreat #1] by Ellery Adams

The Kennedy Connection [Gil Malloy #1] by R.G. Belsky

Tahoe Ghost Boat [Owen McKenna #12] by Todd Borg

Taken In [Southern Sewing Circle #9] by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Murder at Midnight [Rex Graves #7] by C.S. Challinor

Book Fair and Foul [Ashton Corners Book Club 34] by Erika Chase

Billionaire Blend [r] [Coffeehouse #13] by Cleo Coyle

Shear Trouble [Southern Quilting #4] by Elizabeth Craig

By My Hand [Commissario Ricciardi #5] by Maurizio de Giovanni

Seven for a Secret [r] [Timothy Wilde #2] by Lyndsay Faye

An Old Betrayal [r] [Charles Lenox #7] by Charles Finch

Blind Moon Alley [Jersey Leo #2] by John Florio

Moon in a Dead Eye [NS] by Pascal Garnier [1st US edition]

Just One Evil Act [r] [Inspector Lynley #18] by Elizabeth George

The Spirit in the Skull [s] [NS] by J.M. Hayes

Extra Sensory Deception [Raven’s Nest Bookstore #4] by Allison Kingsley


The Good Know Nothing [s] [California Century #7] by Ken Kuhlken

Bagmen [Victor Carl #8] by William Lashner

Moon Over Tangier [Francis Bacon #3] by Janice Law

After I’m Gone [r] [NS] by Laura Lippman

Death by Devil’s Breath [Chili Cook-off #2] by Kylie Logan

To Die Fur [Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot #2] by Dixie Lyle

Three Card Monte [Bar Lume #2] by Marco Malvaldi

The Hidden Girl [NS] by Louise Millar

The Counterfeit Lady [Victorian Bookshop #2] by Kate Parker

Death of a Crabby Cook [Food Festival #1] by Penny Pike

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof [Eli Paxton #3] by Mike Resnick

Sea of Stone [Fire and Ice #4] by Michael Ridpath

Deadly Bonds [Wade Jackson #9] by L.J. Sellers

If Catfish Had Nine Lives [Country Cooking School #4] by Paige Shelton

The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim [Cats in Trouble #6] by Leann Sweeney

Weirdo [NS] by Cathi Unsworth [1st US edition]

Festival of Crime: The Twin Cities Sisters in Crime [SS] edited by Christine Husom & Mickie Turk & Michael Allan Mallory

September 2014

The Wolfe Widow [Book Collector #3] by Victoria Abbott

The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star [r] [Darling Dahlias #4] by Susan Wittig Albert

Carnal Acts [NS] by Sam Alexander

Close-Up On Murder [r] [Murder She Wrote #40] by Donald Bain & Jessica Fletcher

The Eyes of Aurora [Pliny the Younger #5] by Albert Bell

Marked Down for Murder [Good Buy Girls #4] by Josie Belle

Rebel Without a Cake [Piece of Cake #5] by Jacklyn Brady

Literally Murder [Black Cat Bookshop #4] by Ali Brandon

Killing Custer [r] [Wind River #17] by Margaret Coel

Swift Justice [Bob White Birder Murder #6] by Jan Dunlap

The Wedding Soup Murder [Italian Kitchen #2] by Rosie Genova

Stirring the Plot [Cookbook Nook #3] by Daryl Wood Gerber

Deep Shelter [Nick Belsey #2] by Oliver Harris [1st US edition]

Sinking Suspicions [Sadie Walela #3] by Sara Sue Hoklotubbe

The Hunting Dogs [William Wisting #9] by Jørn Lier Horst

Avoidable Contact [s] [Kate Reilly #3] by Tammy Kaehler

Autumn Killing [Malin Fors #3] by Mons Kallentoft [1st US edition]

Season of Storms [r] [NS] by Susanna Kearsley

Nightmares Can Be Murder [Dream Club #1] by Mary Kennedy

Ultimatum [NS] by Simon Kernick [1st US edition]


Groomed for Murder [Pet Boutique #2] by Annie Knox

Bone of Contention [Gina Mazzio #4] by Bette & J.J. Lamb

Get Carter [r] [Jack Carter #1] by Ted Lewis

Murder on the Île Sordou [Antoine Verlaque & Marine Bonnet #4] by M.L. Longworth

Murder at Marble House [Gilded Newport #2] by Alyssa Maxwell

The Papers of Tony Veitch [r] [Laidlaw #2] by William McIlvanney

Death at Chinatown [Emily Cabot #5] by Frances McNamara

The Sun Is God [NS] by Adrian McKinty

Phantom Limb [s] [Daniel Rinaldi #4] by Dennis Palumbo

The Edison Effect [s] [Professor Bradshaw #4] by Bernadette Pajer

The Skeleton Takes a Bow [Family Skeleton #2] by Leigh Perry

The Button Man [Hugo Marston #4] by Mark Pryor

The Cottoncrest Curse [NS] by Michael H. Rubin

The Twelfth Night Murder [Restoration #3] by Anne Rutherford

The Low Road [Highland Gazette #5] by A.D. Scott

Martini Regrets [Sherri Travis #6] by Phyllis Smallman

Murder of a Needled Knitter [Skye Denison #17] by Denise Swanson

Dang Near Dead [r] [Aggie Mundeen #2] by Nancy G. West

No Tomorrow [Victor the Assassin #4] by Tom Wood [APA: Better Off Dead]

Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials [Aunty Lee #2] by Ovidia Yu

Prison Noir [s] [SS] edited by Joyce Carol Oates

October 2014

The Corpse with the Platinum Hair [Cait Morgan #4] by Cathy Ace

Double Strike [Davis Way #3] by Gretchen Archer

The Forgotten Girl [NS] by David Bell

One Potion in the Grave [Magic Potions #2] by Heather Blake

Shadow Knight’s Mate [NS] by Jay Brandon

A Crafty Christmas [Cumberland Creek #4] by Mollie Cox Bryan

Gilt Trip [r] [Scrapbooking #11] by Laura Childs

Five Minutes Alone [Christchurch Noir] by Paul Cleave

Picked To Die [Orchard #8] by Sheila Connolly

The Question of the Missing Head [Asperger’s #1] by E.J. Copperman

The Last Dead Girl [r] [David Loogan prequel] by Harry Dolan

Under Cover of the Night: A True Story of Sex, Greed and Murder [true crime] by Diane Fanning

Autumn, All the Cats Return [Gilles Sebag #2] by Philippe Georget

Murderous Mince [Pie in the Sky #2] by Ellie Grant

Spectrum [Karen Vail #6] by Alan Jacobson

Bless Her Dead Little Heart [Southern Ladies #1] by Miranda James


A Midwinter’s Tale [Magical Cats #6] by Sofie Kelly

The Missing Place [NS] by Sophie Littlefield

The Legend of Sleepy Harlow [League of Literary Ladies #3] by Kylie Logan

Frenzy [Frank Quinn #9] by John Lutz

Weave of Absence [Weaving #3] by Carol Ann Martin

The Killer Next Door [NS] by Alex Marwood [1st US edition]

Not a Chance in Helen [River Road #3] by Susan McBride

Last Kiss [Dr. Kate Pearson #3] by Louise Phillips

Off Kilter [Scottish Highlands #1] by Hannah Reed

Dead Broke in Jarrett Creek [Samuel Craddock #3] by Terry Shames

Eleven Days [Jack Carrigan & Geneva Miller #2] by Stav Sherez [1st US edition]

Sons of Sparta [r] [Andreas Kaldis #6] by Jeffrey Siger

A Virtuous Death [Lady of Ashes #3] by Christine Trent

Chaos in Kabul [Malko Linge #195] by Gérard de Villiers

Trick or Deadly Treat [Fresh-Baked #9] by Livia J. Washburn

Desert Rage [s] [Lena Jones #8] by Betty Webb

November 2014

Lethal Letters [Books by the Bay #6] by Ellery Adams

Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen [r] by Emily Brightwell

The Chocolate Book Bandit [r] [Chocoholic #13] by Joanna Carl

Snow White Red-Handed [Ophelia Flax #1] by Maia Chance

Risky Undertaking [s] [Buryin’ Barry #6] by Mark de Castrique

My Sister’s Grave [NS] by Robert Dugoni

Tradition of Deceit [Chloe Ellefson #5] by Kathleen Ernst

None So Blind [Michael Green #10] by Barbara Fradkin

No Mallets Intended [Vintage Kitchen #4] by Victoria Hamilton

For Better or Worsted [r] [Crochet #8] by Betty Hechtman

Deadly Ruse [Mac McClellan #2] by E. Michael Helms

Hell on Wheels [Odelia Grey #9] by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Dead Man’s Time [r] [Roy Grace #9] by Peter James

Mulled Murder [r] [Pennyfoot Holiday Mysteries #9] by Kate Kingsbury


A Certain Retribution [Merrick McKnight #2] by Michael Lister

Plagued By Quilt [Haunted Yarn Shop #4] by Molly MacRae

On Borrowed Time [Library Lover #5] by Jenn McKinlay

The Girl in the Woods [Birdy Waterman] by Gregg Olsen

Black Karma [White Ginger #2] by Thatcher Robinson

Vol. 17: Lying in Wait [Ann Rule’s Crime Files] by Ann Rule

Bloody Politics [Molly Malone #3] by Maggie Sefton

Through the Evil Days [r] [Clare Fergusson & Russ Van Alstyne #8] by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Ruthless [Janet Scott & Rachel Bailey #3] by Cath Staincliffe

The Abbot’s Agreement [Hugh de Singleton #7] by Mel Starr

Suede to Rest [Material Witness #1] by Diane Vallere

A Dog Gone Murder [Mystery Shopper #10] by Elaine Viets

Belfast Noir [SS] edited by Adrian McKinty & Stuart Neville

Helsinki Noir [SS] edited by James Thompson

December 2014

Murder, Simply Served [Amish Quilt Shop #4] by Isabella Alan

Keeper of the Castle [Haunted Home Renovation #5] by Juliet Blackwell

Death of Riley [r] [Molly Murphy #2] by Rhys Bowen

Threatcon Delta [Ryan Kealey #7] by Andrew Britton

Geared for the Grave [Cycle Path #1] by Duffy Brown

Death with All the Trimmings [Key West Food Critic #5] by Lucy Burdette

A Memory of Flames [Quentin Margont #3] by Armand Cabasson

The Brewer of Preston [NS] by Andrea Camilleri

Eggs in a Casket [r] [Cackleberry Club #5] by Laura Childs

Mr. Monk Is Open for Business [r] [Monk #18] by Hy Conrad

Inspector Specter [Haunted Guesthouse #6] by E.J. Copperman


The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer [Paws and Claws #2] by Krista Davis

Roseblood [NS] by Paul Doherty

Aground on St. Thomas [Mystery in the Islands #3] by Rebecca M. Hale

Paw and Order [Megan Luz & Brigit #2] by Diane Kelly

The Death Box [Carson Ryder & Harry Nautilus #10] by Jack Kerley

Spell Booked [Retired Witches #1] by Joyce & Jim Lavene

High Stakes [s] [Jack Doyle #5] by John McEvoy

Scandal at Six [r] [Lois Meade #6] by Ann Purser

The Wolf and the Lamb [s] [Jerusalem #3] by Frederick Ramsay

Moriarty Returns a Letter [r] [Baker Street Letters #4] by Michael Robertson


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