2007 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [NS] non-series

January 2007

Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog by Boris Akunin

Capitol Murder [r] [Kincaid] by William Bernhardt

Ricochet [r] [NS] by Sandra Brown

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter [r] [Dixie Hemingway] by Blaize Clement

The Two-Minute Rule [r] [NS] by Robert Crais

To Love and To Perish [Annabelle Archer] by Laura Durham

Best Served Cold [Trailer Park] by Jimmie Ruth Evans

Death Dance [r] [Alex Cooper] by Linda Fairstein

Cherry Cheesecake Murder [r] [Hannah Swensen] by Joanne Fluke

Anacacho [r] [Allie Armington] by Louise Gaylord

Xs [r] [Allie Armington] by Louise Gaylord

Mr. Monk and The Blue Flu by Lee Goldberg

Deadly Sin [David Bliss] by James Hawkins


Dying To Be Famous [Jim McNamara] by David Hiltbrand

Glossed and Found [Persia Rose Vanderbilt] by India Ink

The Ethical Assassin [r] [NS] by David Liss

The Fallen [r] [NS] by T. Jefferson Parker

Hole in Juan [r] [Amanda Pepper] by Gillian Roberts

Dirty Blonde [r] [NS] by Lisa Scottoline

Death on the Family Tree [Family Tree] by Patricia Sprinkle (new series)

Concrete Desert [r] [David Mapstone] by Jon Talton

A Long Shadow [r] [Rutledge] by Charles Todd

The Princeton Impostor [McLeod Delaney] by Ann Waldron

Night Has a Thousand Eyes [r] by Cornell Woolrich

February 2007

DeKok and Murder by Installment [r] [DeKok] by A.C. Baantjer

The Templar Legacy [r] by Steve Berry

Ground to a Halt [Sarah & Meg Quilliam] by Claudia Bishop

Killed by Clutter [Domestic Bliss Mystery] by Leslie Caine

Hitched [r] [Regan Reilly] by Carol Higgins Clark

The Bee’s Kiss [r] [Sandilands] by Barbara Cleverly

Dead Past [Diane Fallon] by Beverly Conner

In the Company of the Courtesan [r] [NS] by Sarah Dunant

Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund [Desiree Shapiro] by Selma Eichler

A Family Concern [Rona Parish] [r] by Anthea Fraser

Hardscrabble Road [r] [Gregor Demarkian] by Jane Haddam

The Orkney Scroll [r] [Lara McClintock] by Lyn Hamilton


Prior Bad Acts [r] [NS] by Tami Hoag

Death Without Company [r] [Walt Longmire] by Craig Johnson

Meow is for Murder [Pet Sitter] by Linda O. Johnston

The Blue Cheer [Frank Johnson] by Ed Lynskey

Dead and Berried [Natalie Barnes] by Karen MacInerney

The Finishing School [r] by Michele Martinez

The Night of the Living Deb [Debutante Dropout] by Susan McBride

The Summer Snow [r] by Rebecca Pawel

High Priestess [r] [Warren Ritter] by David Skibbins

Guess Who’s Coming To Die? [Thoroughly Southern] by Patricia Sprinkle

Elephants in the Distance [r] by Daniel Stashower

March 2007

Savannah Breeze [r] by Mary Kay Andrews

Murder in Montmartre [r] by Cara Black

Escape Clause [r] by James O. Born

Oh Danny Boy [r] [Molly Murphy] by Rhys Bowen

Gourdfellas [Gourd Craft] by Maggie Bruce

The Hard Way [r] [Jack Reacher] by Lee Child

Traitor [r] [Tommy Carmellini] by Stephen Coonts

Blood of Paradise by David Corbett

The Alpine Recluse [r] [Emma Lord] by Mary Daheim

Catalogue of Death [Miss Zukas] by Jo Dereske

Death Shoots a Birdie [Birdwatcher] by Christine Goff

The Old Wine Shades [r] [Richard Jury] by Martha Grimes

Blood and Honey [r] [Joe Faraday] by Graham Hurley


Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib

The Rabbit Factory [r] [Lomax and Biggs #1] by Marshall Karp

Gone [r] [Delaware] by Jonathan Kellerman

Through a Glass, Darkly [r] [Guido Brunetti] by Donna Leon

Poison Pen [Claudia Rose] by Sheila Lowe

The Last Spymaster [r] by Gayle Lynds

The Burning Ground [r] by John Malcolm

Death Knell [John Keegan] by John Misak

Scavenger by David Morell

Borkmann’s Point [r] [Van Veeteren] by Håkan Nesser

The Da Vinci Cook [Angie Amalfi] by Joanne Pence

Silenced by Syrah [Wine Lovers] by Michele Scott

Murder Unfolds [Stain-Busting] by Sharon Short

Kill Me [r] [Alan Gregory] by Stephen White

April 2007

The Patience of the Spider [Salvo Montalbano] by Andrea Camilleri

Blood Matters [Roxanne Prescott #2] by Taffy Cannon

The Master of Knots [r] [Alligator] by Massimo Carlotto

The Fugitive [NS] by Massimo Carlotto

Consigned to Death [r] [Josie Prescott] by Jane K. Cleland

Soul Patch [r] [Moe Prager #4] by Reed Farrel Coleman

The Waxman Murders [r] [Hugh Corbett] by Paul Doherty

Cat in a Quicksilver Caper [r] [Midnight Louie] by Carole Nelson Douglas

Coffee, Tea, or Murder? [Murder, She Wrote] by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Good Night, My Darling by Inger Frimansson

Cocaine Blues [r] [Phryne Fisher #1] by Kerry Greenwood

Urn Burial [r] [Phryne Fisher #8] by Kerry Greenwood

The Third Bill Slider Omnibus by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles [includes Shallow Grave and Blood Sinister]

The King of Lies [r] by John Hart

The Tooth of Time [r] [Maxie and Stretch #2] by Sue Henry


Bertie and the Crime of Passion [r] [Bertie] by Peter Lovesey

Corpse Suzette [r] [Savannah Reid] by G.A. McKevett

Somewhere in the City: Selected Stories [NS] by Marcia Muller

Tomb of the Golden Bird [r] [Peabody] by Elizabeth Peters

Miss Julia Stands Her Ground [r] [Miss Julia] by Ann B. Ross

A Roman Ransom [r] [Libertus] by Rosemary Rowe

In a Town Called Mundomuerto by Randall Silvis

All The Way Home [r] by Wendy Corsi Staub

Murder of a Botoxed Blonde [Scumble River #9] by Denise Swanson

The Torso [r] [Irene Huss] by Helene Tursten

Shadows in the White City [Alastair Ransom] by Robert W. Walker

What’s So Funny? [r] [Dortmunder #13] by Donald E. Westlake

Cuban Death-Lift [r] by Randy Wayne White (originally written as Randy Striker)

While I Disappear [r] [John Ray Horn] by Edward Wright

May 2007

Behind the Curtain [r] [Echo Falls #2] by Peter Abrahams

Murder Grins and Bears It [Yooper] by Deb Baker

Stone Rain [Zack Walker #4] by Linwood Barclay

By the Time You Read This [r] [John Cardinal] by Giles Blunt
APA: The Fields of Grief [UK]

Mrs Jeffries and the Best Laid Plans [Victorian #22] by Emily Brightwell

Edge of Battle [r] by Dale Brown

Ghost Dancer [r] by John Case
APA: Dance of Death

Baby Shark’s Beaumont Blues [Baby Shark] by Robert Fate

Saddlemaker’s Wife [r] [NS] by Earlene Fowler

Kill Chain [r] [Evan Delaney] by Meg Gardiner

Nightfall [r] by David Goodis

Street of No Return [r] by David Goodis

The Wounded and the Slain [r] by David Goodis

The Last Word [Diagnosis Murder #8] by Lee Goldberg

The Janissary Tree [r] [Yashim Togalu] by Jason Goodwin

Rattling the Bones [Fran Varady #7] by Ann Granger

The Saboteurs [r] [OSS] by W.E.B. Griffin with William E. Butterworth IV

A Journeyman to Grief [Murdoch] by Maureen Jennings


Deluge [CSI: NY #3] by Stuart Kaminsky

The Art of Detection [r] [Kate Martinelli #5] by Laurie R. King

Knit Fast, Die Young [Knitting] by Mary Kruger

Getting Old Is Criminal [Gladdy Gold] by Rita Lakin

Poisoned Petals [Peggy Lee] by Joyce and Jim Lavene

The PMS Murder [r] [Jaine Austen #5] by Laura Levine

Trial & Error [Solomon & Lord] by Paul Levine

Bone Valley [r] [Lilly Cleary] by Claire Matturro

The Book of Fate [r] by Brad Meltzer

The Second Horseman [r] by Kyle Mills

Kiss of Death [Morgan Tyler #4] by Linda Palmer

Nightlife [r] [NS] by Thomas Perry

Mourners [r] [Nameless] by Bill Pronzini

A Wrinkle in Crime [r] [May List #3] by T. Dawn Richard

Ghost Force [r] by Patrick Robinson

Fit To Die [Supper Club] by J.B. Stanley

Takedown [r] by Brad Thor

Murder Unleashed [r] [Dead End Job #5] by Elaine Viets

June 2007

Murder on the Menu [Cooking Class #2] by Miranda Bliss

Jesus Out to Sea [SS] by James Lee Burke

Witch Hunt [Ophelia and Abby #4] by Shirley Damsgaard

When the Devil Holds the Candle [r] [Inspector Sejer] by Karin Fossum

Fatal Laws by Jim Michael Hansen

Dead Wrong [r] [Joanna Brady] by J.A. Jance

Christietown [Cece Caruso #4] by Susan Kandel

Like a Dog with a Bone [Jack Field #6] by Lee Charles Kelley

Marked Man [r] [Victor Carl] by William Lashner

Quietly in Their Sleep [r] [Guido Brunetti] by Donna Leon (APA: Death of Faith)


Secret Agent Girl [Murder A-Go-Go] by Rosemary Martin

Are You Scared Yet by Hunter Morgan

Twenty-Seven Bones [r] by Jonathan Nasaw

Havana Blue [Mario Conde #1] by Leonardo Padura

A Thousand Bones [Louis Kincaid #8] by P.J. Parrish

Shooting Elvis [r] [Charlie Priest] by Stuart Pawson

Death Reins In [Horse Lover #2] by Michele Scott

Beads of Doubt [Kitzi Camden #2] by Barbara Burnett Smith and Karen MacInerney

Whiskey and Tonic [Whiskey Mattimoe #3] by Nina Wright

July 2007

Death on the Lizard [r] [Ardleigh & Sheridan] by Susan Wittig Albert

Songs of Innocence by Richard Aleas

DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain [r] [DeKok] by A.C. Baantjer

The Pale Blue Eye [r] by Louis Bayard

Ammunition [Inspector Brant] by Ken Bruen

Grave Apparel [Crime of Fashion #5] by Ellen Byerrum

Decaffeinated Corpse [Coffeehouse] by Cleo Coyle

The Fourth Bear [r] [Jack Spratt] by Jasper Fforde

Without Consent [Dr. Anya Crichton] by Kathryn Fox


Sharp Objects [r] by Gillian Flynn

The Malice of Unnatural Death [r] [Knights Templar] by Michael Jecks

Brush with Death [Annie Kincaid] by Hailey Lind

Vanishing Point [r] [Sharon McCone] by Marcia Muller

A Field of Darkness [r] by Cornelia Read

Mr. Dixon Disappears [Mobile Library] (US publication) by Ian Sansom

The Hellfire Conspiracy by Will Thomas

The Bullet Trick [r] Louise Welsh

August 2007

No Nest for the Wicket [r] [Meg Langslow] by Donna Andrews

Gun Shy [Raine Stockton] by Donna Ball

The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey [Austin McKenzie] by Claudia Bishop

The Chocolate Jewel Case [Chocoholic Mystery] by Joanna Carl

Disco for the Departed [r] [Dr. Siri Paiboun] by Colin Cotterill

Saks and Violins [r] [Bed & Breakfast] by Mary Daheim

Heartstopper [r] by Joy Fielding

Act of Treason [r] [Mitch Rapp] by Vince Flynn

Black Seconds [Inspector Sejer] by Karin Fossum


A Play of Lords [Joliffe #4] by Margaret Frazer

Never Go Back [Harry Barnett #3] by Robert Goddard (1st US edition)

Last Shot [r] [Tim Rackley] by Gregg Hutwitz

The Noble Outlaw [r] [Crowner John] by Bernard Knight

A Deadly Dealer [Molly Appleby #3] by J.B. Stanley

The Bone Man [Tally Whyte #4] by Vicki Stiefel

Mr. Lucky [r] [Tony Valentine #5] by James Swain

Bronx Noir [SS by various authors] edited by S.J. Rozan

September 2007

Walla Walla Suite: A Room with No View [Quinn #2] by Anne Argula

Goodbye Dolly [Dolls To Die For] by Deb Baker

Who’s Kitten Who? [Reigning Cats & Dogs] by Cynthia Baxter

Cutthroat [NS] by Steve Brewer

The Gardens of the Dead [r] [Father Anselm #2] by William Brodrick

Mai Tai to Murder [Darcy Cavanaugh #3] by Candy Calvert

Every Secret Thing [Kate Murray] [1st US edition] by Emma Cole

The One Minute Assassin [NS] by Troy Cook

The Witch Is Dead [Ophelia and Abby #5] by Shirley Damsgaard

Face Down O’er the Border: [Lady Appleton #11] by Kathy Lynn Emerson


Deadly Vintage [Molly Doyle #4] by Elaine Flinn

Revenant [NS] by Carolyne Haines

String of Lies [Craft Corner #2] by Mary Ellen Hughes

Crime Seen [Psychic Eye #5] by Victoria Laurie

Knee High by the Fourth of July [Mira James #3] by Jess Lourey

Island of Exiles [Sugawara Akitada #4] by I.J. Parker

Die for Me by Karen Rose

Location Location [Margot O'Banion #6] by Kit Sloane

Kill Now, Pay Later [r] [Ben Gates #3]by Robert Terrall [originally written as Robert Kyle]

Fresh Disasters [r] [Stone Barrington #13] by Stuart Woods

October 2007

Slide by Ken Bruen with Jason Starr

Fatal Feng Shui [Domestic Bliss #5] by Leslie Caine

The Tomb of Zeus [Laetitia Talbot #1] by Barbara Cleverly

Tombs of Endearment [Pepper Martin #3] by Casey Daniels

CSI: In Extremis by Ken Goddard

A Knock at the Door [NS] by Ed Gorman

Deadly Laws [Bryson Coventry #4] by Jim Michael Hansen

Nature Girl [r] by Carl Hiaasen


Norway to Hide [Passport to Peril #6] by Maddy Hunter

Your Chariot Awaits [Andi McConnell #1] by Lorena McCourtney

Dead in the Night [anthology including Eternity in Death, an Eve Dallas novella] by J.D. Robb

Underground and Collected Stories by James Russell

The Harrowing [r] by Alexandra Sokoloff

Dead Street [NS] by Mickey Spillane

The Best American Mystery Stories 2007 edited by Carl Hiaasen

November 2007

Hex Marks the Spot [Bewitching #3] by Madelyn Alt

Sketching Evil [NS] by Donna Anders

Shallow Grave [Julie Collins #3] by Lori G. Armstrong

A Carol for a Corpse [Quilliam sisters #15] by Claudia Bishop

Santa Cruise [r] by Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark

Runoff [s] [August Riordan #4] by Mark Coggins

Perish By Pedicure [r] [Bad Hair Day #8] by Nancy J. Cohen

Deadly Beloved [NS] by Max Allen Collins

Gunpowder Plot [r] [Daisy Dalrymple #15] by Carola Dunn

Turkey Flambe [Jason Blue #11] by Nancy Fairbanks

Web of Evil [r] [Alison Reynolds] by J.A. Jance


Shrouds of Holly [Pennyfoot Hotel #15] by Kate Kingsbury

Vicious Circle [r] by Robert Littell

Maiden Rock [Claire Watkins #6] by Mary Logue

In for the Kill [NS] by John Lutz

Dead of the Day [Annie Seymour #3] by Karen E. Olson

The Codex [r] [NS] by Douglas Preston

Beware False Profits [Ministry Is Murder #3] by Emilie Richards

Angel’s Share [r] [Fitzroy Maclean Angel #14] by Mike Ripley

Accessory to Murder [Mystery Shopper #3] by Elaine Viets

Detroit Noir edited by E.J. Olsen and John C. Hocking

The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps: The Best Crime Stories from the Pulps During Their Golden Age—The ’20s, ’30s & ’40s edited by Otto Penzler

December 2007

Skate Crime [Figure Skating #5] by Alina Adams

Dead Men Don’t Get the Munchies[Cooking Class #3] by Miranda Bliss

The Lightning Rule [r] [NS] by Brett Ellen Block

Big Boned [Heather Wells #3] by Meg Cabot

Peppermint Twisted [Candy Shop #3] by Sammi Carter

The Accidental Florist [r] [Jane Jeffry] by Jill Churchill

A Rose from the Dead [Flowershop #6] by Kate Collins

Garden of Darkness by Anne Frasier


Still Life With Devils [NS] by Deborah Grabien

Blood Dreams [Special Crimes Units #1] by Kay Hooper

Half the Blood of Brooklyn [Joe Pitt #3] by Charlie Huston

Preaching to the Corpse [Rebecca Butterman #2] by Roberta Isleib

The Platypus Ploy [Kylie Kendall #5] by Claire McNab

A Bucket of Ashes [Guilded Age #6] by P.B. Ryan

A Hell of a Woman: An Anthology of Female Noir edited by Megan Abbott

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