Authors & Characters Added in 2019

Authors and Characters Added in January 2019

Oyinkan Braithwaite: non-series

James Brydon: non-series

Anthony Bourdain: non-series mysteries

Trudy Nan Boyce: Sarah (“Salt”) Alt, a homicide detective in Atlanta, Georgia

Jack Carr: James Reece, a former Navy SEAL traveling the world to fight terrorism

Justin Cartwright: non-series mysteries

Becky Clark: Charlemagne “Charlee” Russo, a mystery author, in Denver, Colorado, in the Mystery Writer’s mysteries; Cassidy Dunne, a candy-loving 50-year-old, and her longtime best friend, Dan Diehl, in Los Angeles, California, and on the way to Denver, Colorado (written with Ted Hardwick)

Eric Clark: non-series spy thrillers

Tracy Clark: Cassandra Raines, a former cop turned private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

Karen Cleveland: non-series

A.J. Devlin: “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead, a former pro-wrestler working as a bar bouncer and errand boy for his father’s detective agency, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New Paul Di Filippo series: con artists Glen McClinton, a disbarred Rhode Island lawyer, and Stan Hasso, a former arsonist

Mick Finlay: William Arrowood, a private investigator who despises Sherlock Holmes, and his sidekick Barnett, in 1890s South London, England

A.J. Finn: non-series

Peter Gadol: non-series thrillers

New Camilla Grebe series: Hanne Lagerlind-Schön, a psychological profiler in Sweden

New Victoria Hamilton series: Emmeline St. Germaine, a spinster who disguises herself as the Masked Avengeress to rescue sexually abused servants in Regency London

Bradley Harper: Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle and Margaret Harkness, a journalist, helping the Metropolitan Police, in 1888 London, England

Aimee Hix: Willa Pennington, an apprentice private investigator, in Washington, DC

New Alan Hruska series: Alec Brno, a lawyer in New York City, beginning in 1969

Caroline Hulse: non-series

Debra Jo Immergut: non-series

Katja Ivar: Hella Mauzer, a young police sergeant, and the first female homicide detective in Helsinki, beginning in 1952 Finland

You-Jeong Jeong: non-series

New Melissa Scrivner Love series: Lola Vasquez, part of a gang in South Central Los Angeles, California

Louisa Luna: Alice Vega, a California bounty hunter, and Max “Cap” Caplan, a Pennyvania private investigator

Christine Mangan: non-series psychological suspense

James A. McLaughlin: non-series

New Amy Patricia Meade series: Letitia “Tish” Tarragon, a former banker now running the Cookin’ the Books Café in Hobson Glen, Virginia

Mindy Mejia: non-series

Victor Methos: Jon Stanton, a homicide detective whose former partner turned out to be a serial killer, in San Diego, California; Dr. Samantha Bower of the Center for Disease Control, in the Plague Trilogy; Brigham Theodore, a criminal defense attorney at a seedy law firm, in Salt Lake City, Utah; Mickey Parsons, a Special Agent with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit; Sarah King, an outcast Pennsylvania Amish who speaks to the dead, and a Special Agent with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit; Kyle Dixon and Ethan Baudin, police detectives in Cheyenne, Wyoming; non-series thrillers and court-room dramas

Liane Moriarty: non-series

Delia Owens: non-series

Judy Penz Sheluk: Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland, owners of the Glass Dolphin antique shop, in Miakoda Falls, a small town north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Calamity “Callie” Barnstable, inheriting her father’s Victorian house, in Marketville, a small town near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Keenan Powell: Maeve Malloy, a former public defender, whose career was ended by a drinking problem, in Anchorage, Alaska

Joanna Schaffhausen: Ellery Hathaway, a young police officer, and Reed Markham, an FBI profiler

Leila Slimani: non-series

New Alexander McCall Smith series: Ulf Varg and other detectives in the Department of Sensitive Crimes, in Malmo, Sweden

J.G. Toews: Stella Mosconi, a newspaper reporter in Nelson, an artsy ski town in south-central British Columbia, Canada

New Helene Tursten series: Embla Nyström, a detective inspector with the Västra Götaland County Bureau of Investigation in Gothenburg, Sweden

Iona Whishaw: Lane Winslow, a former British intelligence agent escaping in 1946 to the rural community of King’s Cove, British Columbia, Canada


Authors and Characters Added in February 2019

New Susanna Calkins series: Gina Ricci, a cigarette girl working in a Chicage speakeasy beginning in 1929, in the Speakeasy mysteries

New Hilary Davidson series: Sheryn Sterling, a police detective in New York City, in the Shadows of New York myseries

New Jim Eldridge series: Daniel Wilson, a private inquiry agent, and his partner Abigail Fenton, an archaeologist and historian, in 1890s London, England, In the Museum Mysteries

New Dana Haynes series: Michael Finnigan, a former US Marshall, and Katalin Fiero Dahar, an ex-spy, operating an illegal international bounty hunting business based in Cyprus

New Maureen Jennings series: Charlotte Frayne, a junior associate in a two-person private investigation firm owned by T. Gilmore, in 1936 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Paradise Cafe series

New Diane Kelly series: Whitney Whitaker, a real estate agent specializing in fixer-uppers in Nashville, Tennessee, in the House-Flipper mysteries

New Martin Suter series: Johann Friedrich von Allmen, the head of Allmen International Inquiries, in Zurich, Switzerland

Olga Wojtas: Shona McMonagle, a time-travelling former pupil of the Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh, Scotland


Authors and Characters Added in March 2019

Tania Bayard: Christine de Pizan, a young widow working as a scribe to support her children and mother, in 1390s Paris, France

Michelle Frances: non-series psychological thrillers

Un-su Kim: non-series thriller

Alex Michaelides: non-series psychological thriller

Meghan Scott Molin: MG (Michael-Grace) Martin, a young purple-haired comics geek working as a story writer for Genius Comics in Los Angeles, California, in the Golden Arrow mysteries

Sarah St.Vincent: non-series psychological thriller


Authors and Characters Added in April 2019

New R.G. Belsky series: Clare Carlson, a New York City TV news director

James Brabazon: Max McLean, a British intelligence agent and assassin with the highly secretive unit called The Unknown, a black ops team that delivers off-the-books justice on behalf of the British Government

New Mollie Cox Bryan series: Charlotte Conovan, an author of celebrity biographies in the Classic Star Biography mysteries

New Alys Clare series: Lily Raynor, owner of the private inquiry agency World’s End Bureau, beginning in 1880 London, England

New David Hewson series: Tristan Haraldsen, a part-time district sheriff on the Faroe island of Vágar

New Graham Hurley series: Enora Andresson, an actress in London

S.A. Lelchuk: Nikki Griffin, a bookstore owner, private investigator, and vigilante protector of battered women in Berkeley, California

Lynne Truss: Constable Twitten, an eager young addition to the Brighton, England police force, beginning in 1957


Authors and Characters Added in May 2019

Lea Carpenter: non-series thrillers

David R. Dow: non-series

New Jeremy Finley series: Lynn Chance, a secretary to a university astronomer, and her grandson William Chance, in a sci-fi thriller series starting in 1960s Illinois

New David Gordon series: Joe Brody, the bouncer at Club Rendezvous — Queens’ finest gentleman’s club, and former black ops specialist

New Cora Harrison series: Inspector Charles Field, Charles Dickens, and Wilkie Collins in Victorian London, in the Gaslight mysteries

Samantha Harvey: non-series

Sophie Hénaff: Commissaire Anne Capestan, relegated to the command of the Awkward Squad, unfireable police misfitswho have refused to retire, after her own disgrace, in Paris, France

John McMahon: P.T. Marsh, a police detective in rural Mason Falls, Georgia

New Catherine O’Connell series: Greta Westerlind, part of the Aspen, Colorado, ski patrol

New Robert Pobi series: Dr. Lucas Page, a former FBI agent injured on duty, now a professor and bestselling author, in New York City

J.P. Pomare: non-series

New Jay Stringer series: Marah Chase, a black-market treasure hunter

Annie Ward: non-series

Lauren Wilkinson: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in June 2019

Elizabeth Blake: the Jane Austen Society in Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, England (Carole Buggé pseudonym)

Katrina Carrasco: non-series

New Robert Dugoni series: Charles Jenkins, a retired CIA case officer now running a security consulting business from Camano Island, Washington

Helen C. Escott: non-series

Lisa Gabriele: non-series

Howard Michael Gould: Charlie Wald, an eccentric private investigator and former homicide detective, in Los Angeles, California

Chris Hammer: non-series

New Reece Hirsch series: Lisa Tanchik, an FBI Special Agent specializing in cybercrime

John Jantunen: The Tildon Chronicles, set in the cottage country of northern Ontario, Canada

T.J. Martinson: non-series

Beverley McLachlin: non-series

Bill Prentice: non-series

Nathan Ripley: non-series thrillers

New Michael Rutger series: Nolan Moore, the star of The Anomaly Files, a You-Tube documentary series featuring investigations into unsolved mysteries (Michael Marshall pseudonym)

Loreth Anne White: Angie Pallorino, a detective with the Metro Victoria Police Department, later a private investigator, on Vancouver Island, Canada; multiple romantic suspense series


Authors and Characters Added in July 2019

Dov Alfon: non-series

Claire Askew: Helen Birch, a detective inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Jo Baker: non-series

Karin Brynard: Albertus Beeslaar, a police inspector, in a small town in the Northern Cape region of South Africa

Ellison Cooper: Sayer Altair, a neuroscientist and FBI profiler, working out of Washington, DC

New M.W. Craven series: Washington Poe, a disgraced detective brought back from suspension, and Tilly Bradshaw, an awkward civilian analyst, in the Lake District of England

Peter Cunningham: Joe Grace, a financial analyst, in Dublin, Ireland (written as Peter Benjamin); non-series

Elizabeth Fremantle: non-series historical thrillers

New Bryan Gruley series: Katya Malone, the police lieutenant, later Chief of Police, in Bleak Harbor, southwestern Michigan

New Naomi Hirahara series: Leilana Santiago, working at her family’s shave ice shop in Kauai, Hawaii

New T.C. LoTempio series: Crishell “Shell” McMillan, a former actress running the Purr N Bark Pet Shop in Fox Hollow, Connecticut

Erica Miner: Julia Kogan, a professional violinist at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, and later at the Santa Fe Opera

New Kate Mosse series: Minou Joubert, a 19-year-old helping in her father’s bookshop, starting in 1562 Paris, France, during the Huguenot persecutions, in the Burning Chambers quartet

New Håkan Nesser series: Gunnar Barbarotti, a police inspector in the quiet town of Kymling, Sweden

Vicky Newham: Maya Rahman, a British Bangladeshi detective inspector, in East London, England

Alex Reeve: Leo Stanhope (born Charlotte), assistant to a coroner, in 1880s London, England

Kaira Rouda: non-series

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo: non-series

Laura Shepherd-Robinson: non-series

New Nancy Cole Silverman series: Misty Dawn, former Hollywood Psychic to the Stars, and Wilson Thorne, recently deceased set designer, in Hollywood, California

Catherine Steadman: non-series thrillers

New Larry D. Sweazy series: Sonny Burton, retired from the Texas Rangers after losing an arm in a shoot-out with Bonnie and Clyde, now freelancing in the early 1930s Texas

Bev Thomas: non-series

Holly Watt: Casey Benedict, star reporter at the Post, in London, England

Tim Willocks: non-series thrillers

Benjamin Wood: suspenseful literary fiction


Authors and Characters Added in August 2019

New Tony Black series: Rob Valentine, a detective inspector in Ayr, Scotland

New Alice Blanchard series: Natalie Lockhart, a rookie detective in the isolated town of Burning Lake, New York

New Lorenzo Carcaterra series: Tank Rizzo, a former NYPD detective pulled back in to solve special cases

New Ann Cleeves series: Matthew Venn, a detective inspector in Devon, England, in the Two River series

New Ben Coes series: Rob Tacoma, a former Navy SEAL recruited by the CIA to combat the Russian mafia

New Martin Edwards series: Jacob Flint, a tabloid journalist in 1930s London, England

Erica Ferencik: non-series thrillers

New Lee Goldberg series: Eve Ronin, a sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles County, California

New James R. Hannibal series: Talia Inger, a rookie CIA officer on the Moscow desk, and Adam Tyler, a former assassin, fighting a crowdsourced crime syndicate

Angie Kim: non-series

David Lagercrantz: further adventures of Lisbeth Salander, continuing the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson

Tara Laskowski: non-series

New D.P. Lyle series: Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy, raised as thieves by an itinerant family and trained in black ops by the US military, available to fix the unfixable

Tim Mason: non-series

New Anne Perry series: Elena Standish, a British photographer, beginning in 1933

New Paige Shelton series: Beth Rivers, known to the world as thriller author Elizabeth Fairchild

New Peter Steiner series: Willi Geismeier, an honest cop in 1920s Munich, Germany


Authors and Characters Added in September 2019

Alex Beer: August Emmeric, a war veteran and police inspector, in post World War I, Vienna, Austria

Connie Berry: Kate Hamilton, a widowed Ohio antiques dealer sleuthing in the United Kingdom

Jake Hinkson: non-series mostly set in the Ozarks

Tim Johnston: non-series

Katherine Kovacic: Alex Clayton, an art dealer, in 1999 Melbourne, Australia

Lawrence H. Levy: Mary Handley, the first woman detective in 1890s Brooklyn, New York

Emily O’Grady: non-series

New Kwei Quartey series: Emma Djan, a 26-year-old private detective who had dreams of a police career, in Accra, Ghana

Catharine Riggs: the Santa Barbara (California) suspense series

New David Rosenfelt series: Laurie Carpenter, Andy’s wife and a former cop now working as a private investigator with her former partner and his German Shepherd, in New Jersey, in the K Team series

Benjamin Stevenson: non-series

Tony Strong: Terry Williams, after a failed marriage, resumes her doctoral studies in detective fiction at Oxford; Kat Tapo, a captain in the Carabiniere, unraveling a conspiracy between the CIA and the Catholic Church, in Venice, Italy, in the Carnivia trilogy (written as Jonathan Holt), non-seres written as JP Delaney

T. Marie Vandelly: non-series

New Sue Williams series: Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the Rusty Bore Takeaway in an outback Austalian town, in the comedic Rusty Bore mysteries

Marty Wingate: Pru Parke, a Dallas native working as a freelance gardener around England, in the Potting Shed mysteries; Julia Lanchester, quitting her job on her father’s BBC nature show to work in tourist management, in the English countryside, in the Birds of a Feather mysteries; Hayley Burke, curator of a library in Bath, England, in the First Edition Library mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in October 2019

New Tessa Arlen series: Poppy Redfern, an air raid warden in Little Buffenden, England, beginning in 1942, in the Woman of WWII mysteries

New Donis Casey series: Bianca LaBelle, a 1920s Hollywood actress starring in The Adventures of Bianca Dangereuse

Aoife Clifford: non-series

Mary Feliz: Maggie McDonald, a professional organizer and her sidekick golden retriever based in Silicon Valley, California

New J.J. Hensley series: Trevor Galloway, a former Pittsburgh narcotics detective turned unlicensed private investigator

Luke Jennings: Eve Polastri, an MI-6 operative, and Villanelle, a psycopathic syndicate assassin, in an international thriller series

New Kathleen Kent series: Betty Rhyzyk, a former Brooklyn cop, now a narcotics detective, in Dallas, Texas

New Victoria Laurie series: Catherine “Cat” Cooper, starting a new career as a life coach in East Hampton, New York

New Jeff Lindsay series: Riley Wolfe, a master thief targeting the wealthiest 1%

Allison Montclair: Miss Iris Sparks and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge, proprietors of The Right Sort Marriage Bureau, beginning in 1946 London, England (pseudonym)

Daniel Nieh: non-series

New Jason Pinter series: Rachel Marin, a single mother and vigilante, in a small town in Illinois

New Sara Rosett series: Olive Belgrave, an impoverished gentlewoman turned private investigator in 1920s England, in the High Society Lady Detective series

Britta Röstlund: non-series

L.C. Shaw: Jack Logan, a New York City investigative journalist (Lynne Constantine pseudonym)

Michael Theurillat: Kommissar Eschenbach, Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department, in Zurich, Switzerland


Authors and Characters Added in November 2019

Robert Bryndza: Erika Foster, a police detective in London, England; Kate Marshall, a detective constable now lecturing in criminology at a college in southwest England

Celia Imrie: five retired British ex-pats running a restaurant in Bellevue-Sur-Mer, in the south of France

Jess Montgomery: Lily Ross, a sheriff in the 1920s Appalachian town of Kinship, Ohio, in the Kinship mysteries (Susan Short pseudonym)

Shelley Noble: Lady Dunbridge, a widow turned sleuth in turn-of-the-20th-century New York City (Shelley Freydont pseudonym)

Kate Saunders: Laetitia Rodd, a clergyman’s widow making inquiries to supplement her income in 1850s Hampstead, England

J.P. Smith: non-series

New Michael Wiley series: Sam Kelson, a Chicago private investigator with two brain conditions caused by a bullet wound to the head: disinhibition (inability to lie or keep quiet when questioned) and autotopagnosia (inability to recognize his own face in the mirror)


Authors and Characters Added in December 2019

Cristina Alger: non-series

Barbara Bourland: non-series

Tom Chatfield: non-series

New Judith Cutler series: Matthew Rowsley, the newly appointed land agent, and Mrs. Faulkner, the housekeeper, for Lord Croft’s vast Shropshire estate in Victorian England

New Vicki Delany series: Lily Roberts, leaving New York City to run a teashop in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the Tea by the Sea mysteries

Tori Eldridge: Lily (Dumpling) Wong, a 24-year-old Chinese-Norwegian kunoichi, female ninja, protecting abused women and their children in Los Angeles County, California

Megan Goldin: non-series thrillers

New Andrew Grant series: Paul McGrath, a former Army Intelligence officer working as a janitor in New York City in order to search for evidence to convict his father’s killer

Nancy Herriman: Celia Davies, a British born nurse, and Nicholas Greaves, a Civil War veteran and police detective in 1860s San Francisco, California, in the Old San Francisco mysteries; Bess Ellyott, a widow and herbalist, in Elizabethan London, England

Vanessa Lillie: non-series psychological thrillers

Sara Lövestam: Kouplan, a young Iranian illegal immigrant working as a private detective for cases where the police can’t help, in Stockholm, Sweden

Lauren North: non-series psychological suspense

Sergio Olguín: Verónica Rosenthal, a journalist in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Malin Persson Giolito: Sophia Weber, a criminal defense lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden

New Frederick Ramsay series: Jesse Sutherlin, returning home from World War I to 1920s Buffalo Mountain, Virginia

Sherri Smith: non-series

Søren Sveistrup: non-series

John Vercher: non-series


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