Authors & Characters added in 2013

Authors and Characters Added in January 2013

Isaac Adamson: Billy Chaka, ace reporter for Cleveland’s hottest-selling Asian teen magazine

Vivien Armstrong: Judith Pullen, a detective sergeant, often assisted by her former chief inspector, Ralph Arnott, in England; Roger Hayes, a detective chief inspector and former classical pianist, in the village of Newton Greys, Oxfordshire, England

Nina Bawden: non-series

Barbara Ninde Byfield: Simon Bede, an Episcopal priest and assistant to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Helen Bullock, a world-famous photographer

Jessie Chandler: Shay O’Hanlon, co-owner of The Rabbit Hole, a quirky-cool coffee shop, and amateur sleuth, along with her JT Bordeaux, her cop girlfriend, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elaine Raco Chase: Nikki Holden, an investigative reporter, and Roman Cantrell, a private investigator, in Miami, Florida

Mary Clayton: John Reynolds, formerly an inspector with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, retired to write detective novels, in Cornwall, England

Laura Coburn: Kate Harrod, a homicide detective, and a single mother who thought she’d be a librarian, in fictional San Madera, California

Dean Crawford: Ethan Warner, a former war correspondent in Iraq and Afghanistan from Chicago, battling apocalyptic and weird forces for the US Defense Intelligence Agency

Henry Denker: non-series legal thrillers and courtroom dramas

Gene DeWeese: Joe Karns, a reporter/investigator, in sci/fi capers; non-series gothic written as Jean DeWeese

Christy Fifield: Glory Martine, inheriting her great-uncle’s souvenir shop, including ghosts, in Keyhole Bay, Florida, in the Haunted Souvenir Shop mysteries (Christina F. York pseudonym)

Eileen Fulton: Mina McFall, a TV soap opera star, and Dino Rossi, a police lieutenant, in New York City

New Heywood Gould series: Tommy Veasy, a police detective in fictional La Playita, California

Edith Piñero Green: Dearborn V. Pinch, a 70-something ladies’ man helping where the police are not wanted, in New York City

Tessa Harris: Dr. Thomas Silkstone, an American anatomist working in 1780s England

Anna Lee Huber: Lady Darby, a widow taking refuge at her sister’s estate, in 1830s Scotland

Nan & Ivan Lyons: Natasha O’Brien and Millie Ogden, culinary artistes in Manhattan, New York

Susan Elia MacNeal: Maggie Hope, the newest typist at No. 10 Downing Street for Winston Churchil, in 1940s London, England

New Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini series: Sabina Carpenter, a former Pinkerton operative, and her detective partner, ex-Secret Service agent John Quincannon, in late 1890s San Francisco, California

Elise Sax: Gladie Burger, a matchmaker-in-training, and her eccentric Grandma Zelda, in fictional Cannes, California, in the Matchmaker series

Christoph Spielberg: Felix Hoffmann, an experienced emergency room doctor and reluctant sleuth, and his girlfriend Celine, in Berlin, Germany

Barry Unsworth: non-series

New Robert Wilson series: Charles Boxer, a former cop turned private security professional specializing in kidnapping

Ben H. Winters: Hank Palace, a police detective living under the threat of an impending asteroid collision, in Concord, New Hampshire

Samuel Youd: non-series; Joe Dust, an American private investigator living in London, England (written as Peter Graaf)


Authors and Characters Added in February 2013

Jerry Ahern: Dan Track, an agent with American military intelligence; David Holden, a former Navy SEAL and the Patriots, fighting urban Marxists of the Front for the Liberation of North America, in the Defenders series; Hank Frost, a one-eyed mercenary, in the They Call Me Mercenary series (written as Axel Kilgore)

New Kelley Armstrong series: Olivia Taylor Jones, from a prominent Chicago family, finds out she’s the adopted daughter of notorious serial killers, in Cainsville, Illinois, in the Cainsville trilogy

New Jessica Beck series: Victoria and Greg, running The Charming Moose Diner in Jasper Fork, North Carolina, in the Classic Diner mysteries (Tim Myers pseudonym)

James Carlos Blake: the Wolfe crime-family sagas, ranging from New England, to the Texas borderlands, beginning in the early 19th century

Duffy Brown: Reagan Summerside, running her consignment shop The Prissy Fox, with her Aunt KiKi, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Consignment Shop mysteries

Susan M. Boyer: Liz Talbot, a private investigator with a ghostly sidekick, in fictional Stella Maris, South Carolina

Mollie Cox Bryan: Annie, a former investigative journalist, now a stay-at-home mom involved with a scrapbooking club, in fictional Cumberland Creek, Virginia

Leslie Ann Budewitz: Erin Murphy, taking over her family’s century-old general store, in Jewel Bay, Montana, in the Food Lovers’ Village series

Holli Castillo: Ryan Murphy, a female prosecutor in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Crescent City mysteries

J.J. Cook: Stella Griffin, a former Chicago fire fighter, now the fire chief for Sweet Pepper, Tennessee, along with the ghost of former fire chief Eric Gamlyn, in the Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade mysteries (Joyce & Jim Lavene pseudonym)

Marcello Fois: Bustianu Satta, a lawyer and poet, in Sardinia, Italy

Harry Harrison: Slippery Jim (James Bolivar) diGriz, the galaxy’s greatest interstellar thief and con artist, in the 30th century; Tony Hawkin, an FBI agent

New Dana Haynes series: Daria Gibron, a former member of Israeli intelligence who has also worked for the FBI, DEA, and ATF

Brandon Hebert: non-series set in south Florida

New Betty Hechtman series: Casey Feldstein, a dessert chef inheriting her aunt's Yarn2Go business, in the Yarn Retreat series

Peg Herring: Elizabeth Tudor, and her friend Simon Maldon, amateur sleuths during the reign of her father Henry VIII, in London, England, in the Simon & Elizabeth mysteries; the Dead Detective mysteries; Loser, a homeless woman on the streets of Richmond, Virginia

Roy Innes: Mark Coswell, a homicide inspector in Vancouver, and Paul Blakemore, an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in British Columbia, Canada

New Chris Kuzneski series: The Hunters, a team of renegades financed by a billionaire out to find the world's most legendary treasures

Javier Marías: Jacques (Juan, Jacobo, Jack…) Deza, in London separated from his ex-wife in Madrid, is recruited into MI-6, British Intelligence

Keith McCafferty: Sean Stranahan, a painter, fly fisherman, and private investigator, and Sheriff Martha Ettinger, in Montana

New Jenn McKinlay series: Scarlett Parker, heading from Florida to run Mims’s Whims, a ladies’ hat shop with her cousin, in London, England, in the Hat Shop mysteries

T.R. Ragan: Lizzy Gardner, a private investigator who was once terrorized by a serial killer, in Sacramento, California

Kate Rhodes: Alice Quentin, a psychologist in London, England

New Karen Robards series: Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone, an expert in criminal pathology who can communicate with the newly dead

Jeffrey S. Stephens: Jordan Sandor, a CIA agent after bad guys around the world

Simone St. James: non-series historical ghost stories set in 1920s England

New Carsten Stroud series: Nick Kavanaugh, a cop with a dark side, and his wife, Kate, a distinguished lawyer from an old southern Niceville family

Stephan Talty: non-series

Jaden Terrell: Jared Mckean, an ex-cop in his mid-30s, now a private investigator, with a fondness for horses, a son with Down Syndrome, and an ex-wife, in Nashville, Tennessee

S. Connell Vondrak: homicide detectives in Washington, DC

Timothy Watts: non-series mysteries

New Lis Wiehl with April Henry series: Mia Quinn, a prosecutor in the King County, Washington, district attorney's office


Authors and Characters Added in March 2013

New Frankie Y. Bailey series: Hannah McCabe, a police detective in the not-too-distant future, in Albany, New York

John Enright: Apelu Soifua, a detective sergeant, formerly with the San Francisco Police Department, now back home in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the Jungle Beat mysteries

Barry Estabrook: non-series crime fiction

Will Ferguson: non-series crime fiction

William Hood: Alan Trosper, an experienced spy brought back into the CIA by a new director

Jean-Claude Izzo: Fabio Montale, a cop who goes out on his own in Marseilles, France in Marseilles, France

Julia Keller: Bell Elkins, the prosecuting attorney for Raythune County, West Virginia

Fuminori Nakamura: Kizaki, a mysterious figure who controls others in evil schemes, in Japan

Tim O’Mara: Raymond Donne, a former NYPD detective, now a teacher in his old precinct, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Howard Owen: A family saga of farmer Littlejohn McCain and later his willful prodigal daughter, Georgia, in Scotland County, North Carolina; Willie Black, a hardscrabble mixed-race kid, back where he started 30-years before as a reporter, in Richmond, Virginia

Craig Robertson: Rachel Narey, a detective sergeant, and Tony Winter, a police photographer, and others, in Glasgow, Scotland

New Thomas Perry series: Jack Till, a retired LAPD homicide detective, now working as a private investigator in Los Angeles, California

Mark Pryor: Hugo Marston, head of security at the US embassy in Paris, France


Authors and Characters Added in April 2013

A.X. Ahmad: Ranjit Singh, former commander of an elite army unit in India, now an illegal immigrant working as a caretaker on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Peggy Blair: Ricardo Ramirez, a police inspector and head of the Major Crimes Unit, in Havana, Cuba

New Mel Bradshaw series: Paul Shenstone, a police detective in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Susanna Calkins: Lucy Campion, a young orphan working as a chambermaid, in 1665 London, England

New Massimo Carlotto series: Giorgio Pellegrini, a leftist Italian radical, guerilla fighter, and criminal, later a regular businessman who gets tangled up with the mob

Eoin Colfer: Daniel McEvoy, an Irish bouncer working in a seedy New Jersey bar

Deryn Collier: Bern Fortin, a former Canadian Forces commander, working for the coroner in the small town of Kootenay Landing, in British Columbia, Canada

Shelley Costa: Eve Angelotta, a 32-year old former dancer, now chef at her family’s Italian restaurant, outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Maurizio de Giovanni series: Giuseppe Lojacono, a police inspector, in Naples, Italy

Claire Donally: Sunny Coolidge, a former New York City newspaper reporter returning with her cat Shadow to Kittery Harbor, Maine, in the Sunny & Shadow mysteries (Bill McCay pseudonym)

Philip Donlay: Donovan Nash, a pilot for hire

Les Edgerton: non-series thrillers

Wolf Haas: Simon Brenner, a police detective, the Columbo of Austria

New Victoria Hamilton series: Merry Wynter, an expert muffin baker who inherits a mansion in fictional Autumn Vale, New York

Anne Hillerman: continuing father Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn and Chee series

Peter Kirby: Luc Vanier, a detective inspector in the Major Crimes unit, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Chris Laing: non-series

Charlotte Link: non-series crime fiction set in England

New Kylie Logan series: Maxie Pierce, an amateur sleuth on the chili cook-off circuit

Stephen Miller: non-series thrillers

D.A. Mishani: Avraham Avraham, a police detective in Tel Aviv, Israel

Nancy J. Parra: Toni Ryder, a gluten-free baker in fictional Oiltop, Kansas, in the Baker’s Treat mysteries

Valerie Plame: Vanessa Pierson, an undercover CIA agent in pursuit of terrorists [written with Sarah Lovett]

New Jacqueline Seewald series: Jim Spencer, an amateur sleuth just entering high school, his cousin Sara Woodson, and his older brother Raven (with the “Third Eye”) in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey

Terry Shames: Samuel Craddock, the former chief of police in the fictional town of Jarrett Creek, in central Texas

Beverly Swerling: historical mysteries

James M. Tabor: Hallie Leland, a microbiologist and adventurer, combatting biological threats

New Aimée & David Thurlo series: Josephine Buck, a young Navajo, and other employees at a New Mexico trading post, in the Navajo Rez series

Tom Wood: Victor the Assassin, the world’s deadliest hit man for hire, later working for the CIA


Authors and Characters Added in May 2013

Kevin J. Anderson: Rebecca Tamerlane, a victim of the Joan of Arc serial killer, seeking revenge as a shape-shifter, in California [written with Kristine Kathryn Rusch]; Craig Kreident, an FBI agent investigating terror threats in top-secret government facilities [written with Doug Beason]; Dan Shamble, a zombie private investigator at Shamble & Die (Chambeaux & Deyer) Investigations, in the Big Uneasy

New Mike Befeler series: Van and Vanna, invisible when naked and capable of changing into one another, running a detective agency, in Boulder, Colorado

Tony Black: Gus Dury, a failed journalist turned investigator, in Edinburgh, Scotland; Rob Brennan, a detective inspector with the Lothian and Borders Police, in Scotland; Doug Michie, a private investigator returning to his hometown of Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland

John Dandola: Jeffrey Devereaux-Kirsten Eriksson, at Hammond Castle Museum, in New England; Edie Koslow and Tony del Plato in 1940s West Orange, New Jersey

Bryan Forbes: Alec Hillsden, an MI-6 agent, in England and Russia

Bernie Lee: Tony Pratt, a middle-aged mystery writer and former advertising executive, and his wife Pat, a financial consultant, based in Oregon

Jim Lynch: non-series

Alex Marwood: non-series thrillers (Serena Mackesy pseudonym)

Becky Masterman: non-series

New Lorena McCourtney series: Cate Kinkaid, a fledgling private investigator in Eugene, Oregon, in The Cate Kinkaid Files

Julie Moffett: Lexi Carmichael, a klutzy computer geek working for the National Security Agency, in Washington, DC

Kathryn O’Sullivan: Colleen McCabe, the fire chief and amateur sleuth, in the small town of Corolla, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Michelle Rowen: Sarah Dearly, a fledgling vampire working with master vampire Thierry de Bennicoeur, an agent of the Ring, policing vampires worldwide, in the Immortality Bites mysteries

New Sheldon Siegel series: David Gold, a highly decorated police detective in Chicago, Illinois

Scott Smith: non-series suspense/thrillers

Robin Spano: Clare Vengel, a rookie police officer who goes undercover, starting out in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Denise Weeks: Jacquidon Carroll, out of work and recently diagnosed with diabetes, and her sister Chantal, amateur sleuths in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas; Ariadne French and her older sister Zoe, amateur sleuths in Marfa, Texas

G. Willow Wilson: non-series

Tom Wright: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in June 2013

Barbra Annino: Stacy Justice, a 20-something reluctant witch, working as a reporter, and her Great Dane Thor, in fictional Amethyst, Illinois

Michael Brandman: continuation of the Jesse Stone series by Robert B. Parker

Diane Capri: Wilhelmina (Willa) Carson, a federal judge in Tampa, Florida

New Ellen Crosby series: Sophie Medina, a photojournalist based in Washington DC

Jen Estes: Cat McDaniel, a rookie baseball sportswriter starting with the Las Vegas Chips baseball team, and moving on to the Buffalo Soldiers

Sebastian Faulks: non-series crime fiction

Caryl Férey: non-series mysteries

Lawrence Goldstone: non-series mysteries

Helen Goodman: Fonnie Beachum, a 65-year old retired nurse, recovering stroke victim, and amateur sleuth, in North Carolina; Allison Aldridge, a 40-something schoolteacher in Holliston, North Carolina

Ellie Grant: Maggie Grady, returning home to help with her aunt’s pie shop in Durham, North Carolina, in the Pie in the Sky mysteries (Joyce and Jim Lavene pseudonym)

Seth Harwood: Jack Palms, a washed up actor who gets entangled in drug wars, in San Francisco, California

Alaric Hunt: Clayton Guthrie and Rachel Vasquez, private detectives in New York City

Geoffrey Jenkins: Geoffrey Peace, a British submarine commander after World War II, off the coast of South Africa

Sarah Jio: non-series psychological/romantic suspense

G.B. Joyce: Brad Shade, a journeyman pro hockey player for 14 years, now scouting for Los Angeles in the National Hockey League

Bob Judd: Forrest Evers, a champion international race car driver, tangled up in shenanigans around the world

Raymond Khoury: Sean Reilly, an FBI anti-terrorist specialist, and Tess Chaykin, an archaeologist, dealing with historical secrets and threats

Pierre Lemaître: Camille Verhoeven, a very short, pugnacious police commandant (detective chief inspector), in Paris, France

Joan Lock: Ernest Best, a detective sergeant, later inspector, starting in 1870s London, England

Adam Mitzner: non-series legal thrillers

Yxta Maya Murray: Juana Sanchez, an archaeologist, and her daughter Lola, a bibliophile and owner of the Red Lion bookshop, searching treasure around the world in the Red Lion thriller/adventure series

Darden North: non-series medical thrillers

New Charles O’Brien series: Jeremiah Prescott, a private detective in 1890s New York City, in the Gilded Age mysteries

Niamh O’Connor: Jo Birmingham, a detective inspector and single mother, in Dublin, Ireland

Richard Powell: Andy Blake, an antique dealer, and his adventurous sharpshooting wife Arab (Arabella)

Mike Resnick: Eli Paxton, a former Chicago cop now barely making it as a private investigator, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Robert Rotstein: Parker Stern, a trial lawyer who has developed stage fright, in Los Angeles, California

Lynn Shepherd: Charles Maddox, a former Metropolitan police officer now working privately as a thief taker (detective) in 1850s London, England

Thomas E. Sniegoski: Remy Chandler, an angel turned private investgator, in Boston, Massachusetts, in an urban fantasy series

Kate Sweeney: Kate Ryan, a middle-aged, accident prone, ex-private investigator, who later returns to Ryan, Costello, and Winfield Investigations, in Chicago, Illinois; Sebastian, a vampire who has wandered Europe for five centuries, and her lesbian lover, Dr. Alex Taylor, in the Dawn romantic thriller series; Grayson MacCarthaigh, a detective sergeant, in Chicago, Illinois

Vanda Symon: Sam (Samantha) Shephard, a young detective constable, in Dunedin, New Zealand

Ingrid Thoft: Fina Ludlow, a law school dropout working as a private investigator in her father’s law firm, in Boston, Massachusetts

Walter Walker: non-series mostly legal thrillers set in San Francisco, California, or Boston, Massachusetts

Chuck Zito: Nicky D’Amico, a gay stage manager in Pennsylvania and New York City


Authors and Characters Added in July 2013

Jeffrey Allen: Deuce Winters, a stay-at-home dad and amateur sleuth, in fictional Rose Petal, Texas (Jeff Shelby pseudonym)

Lauren Beukes: non-series sci-fi thrillers

New Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison series: Nicholas Drummond, American-born chief inspector at Scotland Yard, London, England

Matt Coyle: Rick Cahill, a former Santa Barbara cop falsely accused of killing his wife, now a restaurateur in the San Diego suburb, La Jolla, California

New Blake Crouch series: Ethan Burke, a Secret Service agent who becomes trapped in the strange village of Wayward Pines, Idaho

New Krista Davis series: Holly Miller, returning home to run the pet-friendly Sugar Maple Inn, in fictional Wagtail, Virginia, in the Paws and Claws mysteries

Jennifer Egan: non-series contemporary fiction with suspense and thriller elements

New series by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg: Kate O’Hare, an FBI agent and former Navy Seal, and Nick Fox, an international thief and con man, in the Fox & O’Hare mysteries

New Jim Fusilli series: Sam, a longtime drifter after his wife was murdered, playing the good Samaritan as he wanders America

New Alison Gaylin series: Breanna Spector, a missing persons investigator in New York with Hyperthymestic Syndrome, the ability to remember her own past with all five senses

Hanna Jameson: a rotating cast of underworld narrators who frequent The Underground, a club in London, England

Liz Jensen: non-series dystopian thrillers

C.T. Jorgensen: Casey Jansen, a police detective in Ridgewood, Colorado [Christine T. Jorgensen]

Mary Lou Kirwin: Karen Nash, a small town librarian from Minnesota who moves to London to open a bookstore (Mary Logue pseudonym)

New Chris Knopf series: Arthur Cathcart, a market researcher and occasional finder of missing persons searching for the truth about his murdered wife

M.A. Lawson: Kay Hamilton, a DEA agent in San Diego, California (Mike Lawson pseudonym)

New John Lawton series: Joe Wilderness, with a dubious past in the military and MI-6 after World War II, now working covertly for his former black market partner in 1963 Berlin, Germany

Malcolm Mackay: Frank MacLeod, an aging underground hit man in Glasgow, Scotland, in the Glasgow Trilogy

Thomas Mogford: Spike Sanguinetti, a lawyer based in Gibraltar, sleuthing around the Mediterranean

Mark Oldfield: the Vengeance of Memory trilogy, following three time-lines: Ana María Galindez, a Guardia Civil forensic investigator in contemporary Madrid, Spain; Comandante Leo Guzmán, in the 1950s under Franco; and the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s

New Gail Oust series: Piper Prescott, a transplanted Yankee running a spice shop, in fictional Brandywine Creek, Georgia

Clive Rosengren: Eddie Collins, a part-time actor and part-time sleuth, in Hollywood, California

Michael Russell: Stefan Gillespie, a Garda detective sergeant in 1930s Dublin, Ireland

New Phyllis Smallman series: Singer Brown, once part of the rock band Vortex, whose members are being murdered, in Glenphiddie Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada

M.D. Villiers: non-series crime fiction


Authors and Characters Added in August 2013

Siân Busby: non-series crime fiction

Anders de la Motte: Henrik “HP” Petterson, a slacker who finds a strange cell phone on a commuter train in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Game trilogy

Philippe Georget: Gilles Sebag, a police detective based in Perpignan, in the Catalan area of France

New Leonard Goldberg series: Dr. David Ballineau, a Los Angeles emergency room chief and Special Forces veteran, and his girlfriend, nurse Carolyn Ross, in a series of medical thrillers

New Laurie R. King series: Harris Stuyvesant, a former investigator for the U.S. Justice department, and Bennett Grey, a recluse with heightened senses after his near death in WWI, in the 1920s

Zane Lovitt: Ned Kelly Best First Fiction nominee

David Lyons: Jock Boucher, a federal judge of Cajun background, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Frédérique Molay: Nico Sirsky, the precocious chief of the criminal investigation division, La Crim’, in Paris, France

Carolyn Mulford: Phoenix Smith, a wounded former CIA operative, recovering in her hometown in Missouri

Sue Williams: Ned Kelly Best First Fiction nominee

Dick Wolf: Jeremy Fisk, a detective in the NYPD intelligence division, in New York City


Authors and Characters Added in September 2013

Pieter Aspe: Pieter Van In, a police inspector, in Bruges, Belgium

Max Barry: non-series thrillers, with a satirical, dystopian edge

Michael Castleman: Ed Rosenberg, a newspaper reporter for the Foghorn, in San Francisco, California

Marc Davis: non-series

Don Easton: Jack Taggart, an undercover Mountie, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Henry Farrell: non-series

Martin Fletcher: non-series historical thrillers

Matthew Glass: non-series futuristic political thrillers

Lotte & Søren Hammer: Konrad Simonsen, a detective inspector in Copenhagen, Denmark

Linda Joffe Hull: Maddie Michaels, recovering from her husband’s loss of their savings, becomes Mrs. Frugalicious, an anonymous blogger of shopping and financial advice, in Denver, Colorado

Martin Jensen: Winston, a manuscript illuminator, and Halfdan, a half-Dane, half-Saxon, working for King Canute in 11th century Oxford, England

Adam LeBor: Yael Azoulay, a behind-the-scenes negotiator for the United Nations who goes rogue

New Patrick Lee series: Sam Dryden, a former Special Forces operative retired to a small town on the coast of southern California

Leonard Merrick: non-series crime fiction

Mary Miley: Roaring Twenties mysteries

Alberto Mussa: non-series set in Brazil

Carla Norton: non-series; true crime

Jeanine Pirro: Dani Fox, an ambitious young assistant district attorney, in mid-1970s Westchester County, New York

Barbara Rogan: Jo Donovan, a young widow running a literary agency in New York City

William Shaw: Cathal Breen, a detective sergeant, and WPC Helen Tozer, of the Metropolitan Police, in the late ’60s music scene, in London, England

Liad Shoham: non-series legal thrillers set in Israel

Dan Smith: non-series thrillers

Lachlan Smith: Leo Maxwell, a newly minted lawyer emulating his brother, a criminal defense attorney, in 1999 San Francisco, California

Linda Stratmann: Frances Doughty, the young daughter of a pharmacist, and an amateur sleuth (later professional detective), in Victorian London, England; true crime

Vidar Sundstøl: Lance Hansen, a Forest Service officer and the grandson of Norwegian immigrants, in Cook County, Minnesota, on the north shore of Lake Superior, in the Minnesota Trilogy

Ovidia Yu: Rosie “Aunty” Lee, a feisty widow, amateur sleuth, and proprietor of a home-cooking restaurant, in Singapore


Authors and Characters Added in October 2013

Rachel Abbott: non-series thrillers

Cathy Ace: Cait Morgan, a Welsh-Canadian professor and criminologist, based in British Columbia, Canada, and traveling here and there

Gretchen Archer: Davis Way, on the security team at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino, in Biloxi, Mississippi, in the Davis Way crime capers

New Heather Blake series: Carly Bell Hartwell, owner of Little Shop of Potions in Hitching Post, Alabama, in the Magic Potion mysteries (Heather Webber pseudonym)

Armand Cabasson: Quentin Margont, an officer and investigator in the Grande Armée, in the early 1800s, during the Napoleonic Wars

Eleanor Catton: non-series

Nancy Coco: Allie McMurphy, renovating her family's old hotel, on Mackinac Island, Michigan, in the Candy-Coated mysteries (Nancy J. Parra pseudonym)

Emma Donoghue: non-series

Robert Edric: Leo Rivers, a private investigator in Hull, England, in the Song Cycle trilogy

Pascal Garnier: non-series crime fiction

Jørn Lier Horst: William Wisting, chief inspector of police and head of CID, in Larvik, Norway

Ellen Larson: Natalie Joday, an investigative reporter in Bergen County, New Jersey

Paul D. Marks: Duke Rogers, a private investigator in early 1990s Los Angeles, California

Holly Menino: Tink Elledge, a 50ish nationally-ranked equestrian and horse trainer living with her fourth husband on a horse farm near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Llwyd Owen: non-series crime and suspense set in Wales

Ross Pennie: Zol Szabo, a public health doctor and medical detective, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Randy Rawls: Arthur Conan Edwards (Ace Edwards), a private investogator in Dallas, Texas; Beth Bowman, a private investigator in south Florida

New Cath Staincliffe series: Janet Scott, a straight-laced detective constable, and Rachel Bailey, a detective constable from a deprived childhood, in Manchester, England

New Rebecca Tope series: Persimmon “Simmy” Brown, a florist in the Lake District of England


Authors and Characters Added in November 2013

Allyson K. Abbott: Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton, the owner of a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Synesthesia, a neurological condition enabling her to smell noises or taste color, in the Mack’s Bar Mysteries (Beth Amos pseudonym)

Bernard Besson: John Spencer Larivière, a former French intelligence officer, Victoire, his karate-trained Eurasian partner, and Luc, their computer-genius sidekick, in international eco-thriller-dom

Jorgen Brekke: Odd Singsaker, a police inspector in Trondheim, Norway

Graham Brown: Danielle Laidlaw, an investigator for a covert branch of the National Research Institute

New Jane Casey series: Jess Tennant, a 15-year old investigating her cousin’s death, in Port Sentinal, England [YA]

Joyce Cato: Jenny Starling, a traveling cook and caterer in England (Faith Martin pseudonym)

New J.J. Cook series: Zoe Chase, the new owner of a fixer-upper diner, and running a food truck in Mobile, Alabama, in the Biscuit Bowl Food Truck series (Joyce & Jim Lavene pseudonym)

K.A. Delaney: Max Tyger, a former cop running a one-man detective agency in Darlington, Connecticut (John R. Corrigan pseudonym)

Kate George: Bree MacGowan, a 30-year-old doing what she can to get by in Vermont

New Martha Grimes series: Paul Giverney, a suspense novelist dealing with cut-throat publishers in New York City

Paul Halter: Dr. Alan Twist and Chief Inspector Hurst; Owen Burns, an Edwardian dilletante and amateur sleuth assisting Scotland Yard, and Achilles Stock

New Iris Johansen series: Catherine Ling, a shadowy CIA operative raised on the streets of Hong Kong

Annie Knox: Izzy McHale, opening the Trendy Tails Pet Boutique, in fictional Merryville, Minnesota, in the Pet Boutique series (Wendy Lyn Watson pseudonym)

Bette Golden Lamb & J.J. Lamb: Gina Mazzio, an registered nurse at Ridgewood General Hospital, in San Francisco, California

J.J. Lamb: Zachariah Tobias Rolfe III, a private investigator specializing in gambling-related crimes, based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Barry Lancet: Jim Brodie, a bilingual part-owner of Brodie Investigations, a detective agency founded by his father in Tokyo, and operator of a Japanese art and antique gallery in San Francisco, California

Robert K. Lewis: Mark Mallen, a former undercover cop with drug problems, estranged from his wife and daughter, in San Francisco, California

Eleazar Lipsky: non-series

Catherine Lloyd: Robert Kurland, an army major wounded at Waterloo, and his childhood friend and housekeeper, Lucy Harrington, the rector’s daughter, in Kurland St. Mary, in Regency England

Christopher Lord: Simon Alastair, a gay bookstore owner and amateur sleuth in fictional Dickens Junction, Oregon

Liz Mugavero: Kristan “Stan” Connor, retreating from corporate public relations to a small town in Connecticut, in the Pawsitively Organic series

Mukoma Wa Ngugi: Ishmael, an African American police detective in Madison, Wisconsin, teams up with O (David Odhiambo), a police detective in Nairobi, Kenya

Terri Nolan: Birdie Keane, an investigative journalist in Los Angeles, California

Leigh Perry: Georgia Thackery, an English professor who moves back into her parents’ house with her teenaged daughter and discovers a skeleton named Sid already in residence, in the Family Skeleton mysteries (Toni Kelner pseudonym)

New Sheila Quigley series: Mike Yorke, a detective inspector returning from London to northeast England, in the Holy Island trilogy

Matthew Quirk: Mike Ford, a Harvard Law School grad groomed for the highest circles of political and financial control

New James Rollins & Grant Blackwood series: Tucker Wayne

Charles Rosenberg: non-series legal thrillers

Lloyd Shepherd: Charles Horton, Thames River Police Chief, and John Harriott, a River Police magistrate, in 1810s London, England

Orest Stelmach: Nadia Tesla, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, in New York City, the Ukraine, and elsewhere

Stephan Talty: Absalom “Abbie” Kearney, a police detective with a Harvard education, in Buffalo, New York

Sam Thomas: Bridget Hodgson, a widowed midwife, and Martha Hawkins, her apprentice, in 1640s York, England

New Aimée and David Thurlo series: Charlie Henry, an Iraq war special-ops veteran, now owner of the Three Balls pawnshop, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Maggie Toussaint series: Baxley Powell, a landscaper and pet-sitter with “dreamwalking” powers, assisting the county sheriff, in Georgia, in the Dreamwalker mysteries

Gérard de Villiers: Malko Linge, SAS — Son Altesse Sérénissime (His Serene Highness) — an Austrian prince and international agent for the CIA

Jean Zimmerman: non-series historical mysteries set in New York City


Authors and Characters Added in December 2013

Chris Abani: non-series mysteries

Stephen Anable: Mark Winslow, a gay improv comic, from Boston, Massachusetts

Peter Antony: Mr. Verity, a large, cigar-smoking sleuth who investigates only between tea and supper, in England (joint pseudonym of twins Anthony & Peter Shaffer)

Terri L. Austin: Rose Strickland, a struggling waitress at Ma’s Diner and part-time college student, in fictional Huntingford, Missouri

R.B. Chesterton: non-series thrillers (Carolyn Haines pseudonym)

Hy Conrad: Amy Abel, a shy, risk-averse woman running a travel agency specializing in adventure; Adrian Monk, an obsessive-compulsive police detective, in San Francisco, California, based on the Monk TV show (continuation of Lee Goldberg series)

Amanda Cooper: Sophie Taylor, a failed New York restaurateur and chef, returning to her grandmother's restaurant, Auntie Rose's Victorian Tearoom, in Gracious Grove, New York, in the Teapot Collector mysteries (Donna Lea Simpson pseudonym)

Roberto Costantini: Michele Balistreri, a police commissario in charge of World Cup security, in 2006 Rome, Italy, in the “Evil” trilogy [Trilogia del Male] reaching into the past

Waverly Curtis: Pepe, a talking Chihuahua, and Geri Sullivan, a novice private investigator, in the Barking Detective mysteries (joint pseudonym of Curt Colbert & Waverly Fitzgerald)

Brian D’Amato: Jed DeLanda, a descendant of the ancient Maya and a math prodigy, traveling back in time to save the world from apocalypse

Jill Downie: Ed Moretti, a detective inspector, and his partner, detective sergeant Liz Falla, on the Island of Guernsey, in the English Channel

New David Downing series: Jack McColl, a Scottish car salesman who collects intelligence for His Majesty's Navy around the world, beginning in 1913

Kendra Elliot: the Bone Secrets romantic suspense series, set in Oregon

J.S. Fletcher: Mr. Poskitt, a Yorkshire farmer, in England; Inspector Skarratt of Scotland Yard, in London, England; Ronald Camberwell, a private investigator (“specialist in criminology … I have nothing to do with the police”), in London, England; Sergeant Charlesworth, a police detective in England

Melissa Foster: non-series thrillers and suspense

Robert Galbraith: Cormoran Strike, a private detective, and his secretary Robin Ellacott, in London, England (J.K. Rowling pseudonym)

Casey Hill: Reilly Steel, a US-trained CSI investigator in Dublin, Ireland (Melissa Hill & Kevin Hill joint pseudonym)

M.R.C. Kasasian: Sidney Grice, London’s most famous personal detective, and his goddaughter and ward, March Middleton, in 1880s London, England

Max Kinnings: Ed Mallory, a detective chief inspector and hostage negotiator, blinded 13 years ago in the line of duty, in London, England

Jenifer LeClair: Brie Beaumont, a wounded Minneapolis homicide detective, recovering on the coast of Maine, in the Windjammer mysteries

Carol Ann Martin: Della Wright, owner of a weaving studio in Briar Hollow, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, in the Weaving mysteries

James E. Martin: Gil Disbro, a young, conservative, non-drinking private investigator, in Cleveland, Ohio

William Martin: Peter Fallon, an antiquarian bookseller involved in Harvard intrigues, and later hunting historical treasures with Evangeline Carrington, in Boston, Massachusetts

J.D. Masters: Donovan Steele, a rugged police lieutenant, in New York City (Simon Hawke pseudonym)

J.K. Mayo: Harry Sedall, a British military intelligence colonel, based in London, England

Marja McGraw: Sandi Webster, a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California; Chris Cross, looking like Humphrey Bogart, running a 1940s-themed restaurant, in Los Angeles, California

Carol Miller: Daisy McGovern, a pastry chef barely supporting her invalid mother, in a small town in southwestern Virginia, in the Moonshine mysteries

Lee Mims: Cleo Cooper, a geologist in North Carolina

Laura Morrigan: Grace Wilde, an animal behaviorist who can communicate psychically with animals, in Florida, in the Call of the Wilde series

John D. Nesbitt: non-series western and frontier mysteries

Baroness Orczy: Sir Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the mysterious English baronet who rescues French aristocrats from certain death after the French revolution; Bill Owen, the Old Man in the Corner, an armchair detective who sits in a restaurant playing with string, and relates the solution of crimes to Polly Burton, a young journalist, in London, England; Lady Molly de Mazareen, of Scotland Yard, in London, England

Lauran Paine: non-series crime fiction written under his own name and pseudonyms including John Armour, Reg Batchelor, Kenneth Bedford, Mark Carrel, Robert Clarke, Richard Dana, J.F. Drexler, Jared Ingersol, John Kilgore, Hunter Liggett, J.K. Lucas, John Morgan

Louise Phillips: Dr. Kate Pearson, a criminal psychologist working with the police, in Dublin, Ireland

Sarah Pinborough: Dr. Thomas Bond, a physician assisting the police investigating brutal serial killings, in 1880s London, England

Robert Reginald: Richard Curtis Van Loan (The Phantom of 1930s-40s fame), drawn out of retirement, in 1950s southern California, in the Phantom Detective Agency mysteries

Delia Rosen: Gwen Katz Silver, from Manhattan, inheriting a Jewish deli, Murray’s Pastrami Swami, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the Deadly Deli mysteries

Barbara Ross: Julia Snowden, returning to her hometown to run the Snowden Family Clambake Company, in fictional Busman’s Harbor, Maine, in the Maine Clambake mysteries

Randy Singer: non-series legal thrillers with a Christian angle

Christopher Valen: John Santana, a homicide detective originally from Colombia, in St. Paul, Minnesota

Edgar Wallace: The Four Just Men — Manfred, Gonsalez, Poiccart, & Merrell (who was killed in 1902) — dedicated to punishing those whom the law cannot touch, in England, Europe, and Amerca; Commissioner Sanders, an English official in colonial Africa; T.B. Smith, an assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, in London, England; Lieutenant Bones, in colonial Africa; Elk, a detective sergeant, later inspector, at Scotland Yard, in London, England; J.G. Reeder, a small middle-aged detective with an sword-umbrella, working at various times for Scotland Yard, Banker’s Trust, and the public prosecutor, in London, England; Superintendent Minter (“The Sooper”) of Scotland Yard, in London, England

Tim Weaver: David Raker, a missing persons investigator, based in London, England

Dan Wells: John Wayne Cleaver, a teenager obsessed with serial killers and trying to avoid becoming one, in Clayton County, North Dakota

New Neil White series: Joe Parker, an ingenious criminal defense lawyer, and his brother Sam, a tenacious homicide detective, in Manchester, England

James W. Ziskin: Ellie (Eleonora) Stone, a young journalist working for a small town daily newspaper, in 1960s New Holland, New York


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