Authors & Characters added in 2015

Authors and Characters Added in January 2015

Lisa Alber: Merrit Chase, a Californian searching for relatives in Ireland, in the County Clare mysteries

Alex Barclay: Joe Lucchesi, a police detective in New York City; Ren Bryce, an FBI agent based in Denver, Colorado

Julia Dahl: Rebekah Roberts, a reporter in New York City, looking for her mother in the Brooklyn Hasidic community

Craig Davidson: non-series noir and thrillers; non-series thriller/horror written as Patrick Lestewka; non-series thrillers and terror written as Nick Cutter

Eva Dolan: Detective Inspector Zigic and Detective Sergeant Ferreira, of the underfunded Hate Crimes Unit, in Peterborough, England

Helen FitzGerald: Krissie Donald, who becomes a parole officer in Scotland

Thomas Hinde: non-series mysteries

Alan Hruska: non-series legal thrillers

Hans Olav Lahlum: Kolbjorn Kristiansen (K2), a detective inspector, and his wheelchair-bound assistant Patricia, starting in late 1960s, Oslo, Norway

C.B. McKenzie: Rodeo Grace Garnet, a former bronc rider working as a private detective, in a remote corner of Arizona

Kira Peikoff: non-series futuristic scientific-medical thrillers

Chapman Pincher: non-series mysteries

David Putnam: Bruno Johnson, an ex-detective with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and an ex-convict

Anthony Quinn: Celcius Daly, a Catholic detective inspector, in Belfast, Northern Ireland; W.B. Yeats, the poet, during World War I, in Ireland

New Ian Sansom series: Swanton Morley, the People’s Professor, researching a history of England, with a guide to each county, assisted by his daughter Miriam, and Spanish Civil War vet Stephen Sefton, in late 1930s England

Mel Sherratt: Allie Shenton, a detective sergeant, in Stoke-on-Trent, England; the Estate thriller saga series, on the notorious Mitchell Estate, in the fictional city of Stockleigh, England

Andy Siegel: Tug Wyler, a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney, in New York City

David Thorne: Daniel Connell, a disgraced ex-City (London) lawyer now scraping a living in Essex, England

Lisa Turner: Billy Able, a police detective, in Memphis, Tennessee

Sterling Watson: non-series mostly set in Florida

Holly West: Isabel, Lady Wilde, a mistress to King Charles II, who also works as the fortune-teller Mistress Ruby, in 1670s London, England


Authors and Characters Added in February 2015

Annette Dashofy: Zoe Chambers, a paramedic and deputy coroner in rural Vance Township, Pennsylvania

New Laura DiSilverio series: Amy-Faye Johnson, running an event-planning business and member of the Readaholics Book Club, in Heaven, Colorado

Krista Foss: non-series crime fiction

Tod Goldberg: Michael Westen, a covert spy who goes private, in the Burn Notice TV novelization series

Sherry Harris: Sarah Winston, a former Air Force wife, now divorced from the police chief in Ellington, Massachusetts, in the Garage Sale mysteries

D.E. Ireland: Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins, the flower girl and professor, as amateur sleuths in early 20th century London, England (Meg Mims & Sharon Pisacreta pseudonym)

Jerusha Jones: Meredith Morehouse, a former city girl and curator of the Imogene Museum, in Platts Landing, along the Columbia River, in Washington; Nora Ingram-Sheldon, whose husband is a fugitive criminal, in Mayfield, Washington

Peyton Marshall: non-series crime fiction

New Edward Marston series: Peter and Paul Skillen, twin detectives in 18th century London, England, in the Bow Street Rivals series

Terrie Farley Moran: Mary “Sassy” Cabot and Bridget Mayfield, owners of Read ’Em and Eat, a bookstore and café in Fort Myers Beach, in the barrier islands of the Florida Gulf Coast

Susan O’Brien: Nicki Valentine, a widow with two kids, training to be a private investigator, in suburban Washington, DC

New Jon Redfern series: Inspector Owen Endersby, of the recently formed London Detective Police, in early 1840s London, England

Tracy Weber: Kate Davidson, a yoga instructor, in Seattle, Washington, in the Downward Dog mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in March 2015

New Sean Chercover series: Daniel Byrne, a former investigator of miracle claims for the Vatican’s Office of the Devil’s Advocate

Glen Erik Hamilton: Van Shaw, an Army Ranger raised as a thief in Seattle, Washington

Robert Karjel: Ernst Grip, a Swedish security agent working with the US military and the FBI

Andrew E. Kaufman: Patrick Bannister, a national news reporter

Andrew Lane: The Young Sherlock Holmes YA series

Elizabeth Little: non-series thriller

Adam Mansbach: Jess Galvan, a drug runner along the Texas-Mexico border, with some supernatural powers

Laura McHugh: non-series suspense

Alexander Söderberg: Sophie Brinkmann, a nurse and single mother tangled up with organized crime, in Stockholm, Sweden

New M.J. Trow series: Captain Matthew Grand, a Union cavalry officer, and James Batchelor, a London journalist, in the 1860s, in the Grand & Batchelor Victorian mysteries

Vu Tran: non-series

Xiao Bai: non-series crime fiction set in Shanghai, China


Authors and Characters Added in April 2015

Lili Anolik: non-series

New Rick Blechta series: Marta Hendriks, a renowned opera singer on the international stage

Sandra Block: Zoe Goldman, a hospital resident psychiatrist, in Buffalo, New York

Conor Brady: Joe Swallow, a detective sergeant in 1880s Dublin, Ireland

Janet Brons: Liz Forsyth, an RCMP Inspector based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Stephen Hay, a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Holly Brown: non-series psychological suspense

John Burley: non-series psychological/medical thrillers

Steve Burrows: Domenic Jejeune, a Canadian police officer newly installed as Detective Chief Inspector in the town of Saltmarsh, Norfolk, England, in the Birder Murder mysteries

M.H. Callway: non-series crime fiction

Brenda Chapman: Kala Stonechild, a First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Pamela (Pam) Christie: Fernando (Nando) Aguilar, a half-breed spy working for Governor Juan Batista de Anza, in 1780s Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pamela Christie: Arabella Beaumont, a courtesan and sleuth, in Regency London, England

Shelley Coriell: ensemble cast in the FBI’s elite Apostles team

Jeannette de Beauvoir: non-series mysteries

New Vicki Delany series: Merry Wilkinson, owner of Mrs. Claus's Treasures, in Rudolph, New York, in the Year Round Christmas mysteries

New Steven Gore series: Harlan Donnally, a former San Francisco homicide detective who retired after being shot, now running a restaurant in Northern California

New Steve Hamilton series: Nick Mason, out of prison after serving five years of a 25-to-life term

Matthew Iden: Marty Singer, a retired homicide detective in Washington, DC

Judith Janeway: Valentine Hill, a magician with a mysterious background, in San Francisco, California; Alison Weaver, a PhD candidate at the University of California in Berkeley

Kelly Jones: non-series with art focus

Mary Louise Kelly: non-series thrillers

Charles Kingston: Chief Inspector Wake of Scotland Yard, in London, England

Nathan Larson: Dewey Decimal, protecting library resources in a ruined, dystopian New York City

Liesa Malik: Daisy Arthur, a widow and retired special education teacher now writing romances, in Littleton, Colorado

Mallock: Amédée Mallock, police commissioner in Paris, France, in the Barbarian Chronicles [chroniques barbares]

Antonio Manzini: Rocco Schiavone, deputy prefect of police exiled from Rome to Aosta, a small touristy town in the Italian Alps

Andrew Marr: non-series political thrillers set in the UK

Alen Mattich: Marko della Torre, a secret policeman in 1991 Zagreb, Croatia, as Yugoslavia crumbles

Nancy Barr Mavity: James Aloysius “Peter” Piper, ace crime reporter, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Eve McBride: non-series crime fiction

Todd Moss: Judd Ryker, director of the new State Department Crisis Reaction Unit

Benjamin Percy: non-series

S.D. Sykes: Oswald de Lacy, the teenaged Lord of Somerhill Manor, during the Black Plague in mid-14th century Kent, England

Andy Weir: non-series science fiction thriller

Sam Wiebe: Michael Drayton, a 20-something private investigator specializing in missing persons, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in the Vancouver Noir series

Vincent Zandri: Jack Marconi, warden of the maximum security Green Haven Prison, later a private investigator, in New York; Dick Moonlight, a former police detective turned private investigator and massage therapist, in Albany, New York; Chase Baker, an author and tour guide, in an archeological adventure-thriller series


Authors and Characters Added in May 2015

Mishka Ben-David: non-series

New Win & Meredith Blevins series: Yazzie Goldman, half-Navajo and half-Jewish, returning to the Navajo reservaton after serving overseas in WWII

New Adam Brookes series: Philip Mangan, a free-lance British journalist, caught up in
international intrigue

New Kathleen Delaney series: Mary McGill, pillar of the community in a small town in California

New Marjorie Eccles series: Herbert Reardon, a detective inspector in late 1920s Shropshire, England

New Robert Ellis series: Matt Jones, a newly minted homicide detective, in Los Angeles, California:

New Cora Harrison series: Reverend Mother Aquinas, in 1923 Cork, Ireland

New Kim Harrison series: Peri Reed, a special task agent in a futuristic Detroit, Michigan

Steffen Jacobsen: Michael Sander, a former elite solder and policeman, now a private investigator, and Lene Jensen, a detective superintendant, in Denmark

New Barry Maitland series: Harry Belltree, a homicide detective, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

New Nancy Martin series: Sunny McKillip, left in charge of Miss Ruffles, a dog who inherits a university professor's estate, in the small town of Mule Stop, Texas

Gordon McAlpine: non-series; The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe, 12-year old twins, in a middle grade series

Sophie McKenzie: non-series psycholgical thrillers for adults and young adults

Karim Miské: non-series

Ruth Moose: Beth McKenzie, running a bed and breakfast in fictional Littleboro, North Carolina, in the Dixie Dew mysterie

Andreas Norman: non-series

New Deanna Raybourn series: Veronica Speedwell, a young woman seeking adventure in 1880s London, England

Dolores Redondo: Amaia Salazar, a 30-year-old police inspector in the Basque region of Spain, in the Baztan trilogy

New J.D. Rhoades series: Tony Wolf, an FBI agent off the grid, and Tim Buckthorn, Chief Deputy Sheriff in Pine Lake, North Carolina

New Charles Rosenberg series: Robert Tarza and his protégée Jenna James, attorneys at the Marbury Marfan, in Los Angeles, California

New Alan Russell series: Michael Gideon and his German shepherd partner Sirius, sole members of the LAPD’s Special Cases Unit, in Los Angeles, California

New Fay Sampson series: Hilary Masters, a retired teacher, and her recently widowed friend Veronica Taylor

Ben Sanders: Sean Devereaux, a detective sergeant, and his friend John Hale, an ex-cop, private investigator, in Auckland, New Zealand; Marshall Grade, an ex-NYPD undercover cop, now in witness protection in Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Alexandra Sokoloff series: Matthew Roarke, a San Francisco FBI agent, pursuing Cara Lindstrom, a serial killer, in the Huntress/FBI series

Maris Soule: P.J. Benson, a private investigator assisted by Baraka, her Rhodesian Ridgeback, in fictional Zenith, Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Larry D. Sweazy: Marjorie Trumaine, a professional book indexer and farm-wife in 1960s North Dakota

New Don Winslow series: Art Keller, a DEA agent dealing with a large cast of characters in the drug trade based in Mexico

New Tom Wright series: Jim Bonham, a detective in Traverton, Texas, a small town on the Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas border


Authors and Characters Added in June 2015

Jean-Luc Bannalec: Georges Dupin, a former Paris detective, now a police Commissaire exiled to Brittany, France

F.H. Batacan: Father Gus Saenz, a Jesuit priest and forensic anthropologist, and his his protégé, psychologist Father Jerome Lucero, in late 1990s Quezon City, Phillipines

Lynn Chandler Willis: non-series

Trace Conger: Finn Harding, a private investigator stripped of his license now specializing in finding people who don’t want to be found, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Richard Crompton: Mollel, a former Maasai warrior turned police detective, in Nairobi, Kenya

Bea Davenport: non-series mysteries

New Robert Dugoni series: Tracy Crosswhite, a homicide detective in Seattle, Washington

New Elizabeth J. Duncan series: Charlotte Fairfax, formerly the costume mistress of the Royal Shakespeare Company, now working as a costume designer for a small company in upstate New York in the Shakespeare in the Catskills mysteries

Kati Hiekkapelto: Anna Fekete, a senior detective constable of Yugoslav-Hungarian extraction, in Northern Finland

Andrew Hughes: non-series

New J. Sydney Jones series: Sam Kramer, an expat American journalist working as the Vienna correspondent for the Daily European, in 1990s Europe

Leslie Dana Kirby: non-series

Ellen Kirschman: Dot Meyerhoff, a psychologist for the Kenilworth Police Department in northern California

BV Lawson: Scott Drayco, a former piano prodigy, later an FBI agent and crime consultant, in coastal Virginia and Washington, DC

Steve Liskow: Zach Barnes, a private investigator, in Hartford, Connecticut; Chris “Woody” Guthrie, a private investigator, in Detroit, Michigan

Harry N. MacLean: non-series

Claire McGowan: Paula Maguire, a forensic psychologist, returning from London to Ballyterrin, Northern Ireland

New Ben Rehder series: Roy Ballard, a freelance videographer with a knack for catching insurance cheats

Mark Allen Smith: Geiger, an “information retrieval” specialist (expert torturer)

Tim Wirkus: non-series

Patricia Smith Wood: Harrie McKinsey, and her best friend Ginger Vaughn, in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Authors and Characters Added in July 2015

New Cathy Ace series: The WISE Enquiries Agency (women investigators from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England), based in London, England

Glen Apseloff: non-series medical thrillers

Eileen Brady: Kate Turner, a veterinarian in Oak Falls, New York, in the DVM mysteries

Zoe Burke: Annabelle Starkey, a movie-aficionado from San Francisco, traveling around the US, later working for a detective agency in New York City

Michel Bussi: non-series

New Reed Farrel Coleman series: Gus Murphy, a retired cop driving a van for a hotel, in Suffolk County, New York

Mukul Deva: Iqbal and Force 22, India’s strike action team, take on terrorists, set mostly in India and Pakistan; Ravinder Singh Gil, head of India’s anti-terrorism police, in India and Pakistan

Kate Hamer: non-series

Paul E. Hardisty: Claymore Straker, a South African oil company engineer, in the wilds of Yemen

Smith Henderson: non-series

New Bonnie Hearn Hill series: Kit Doyle, a radio talk show host and amateur sleuth, in California

Patrick Hoffman: non-series thrillers

Sydney Horler: The Honourable Timothy Overbury “Tiger” Standish, in England; Gerald Frost (Nighthawk), who steals jewelry from the immoral rich, in England; and many other series

Caroline Kepnes: Joe Goldberg, an obsessive bookstore worker, in New York and then Los Angeles, California

Renée Knight: non-series psychological suspense

New Michael Koryta series: Mark Novak, a private investigator working for a Florida law firm that specializes in exonerating death row inmates

New Leena Lehtolainen series: Hilja Ilveskero, a professional bodyguard, in Finland and Russia

Patrícia Melo: Maiquel, a hood and contract killer in a poor part of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Celeste Ng: non-series

New Karen E. Olson series: Nicole Jones, living off the grid on Block Island, Rhode Island

New Diana Orgain series: Rachel and her sister Maggie, running a wine bar, and the dog-loving Roundup Crew, in fictional Pacific Cove, California

New Stefanie Pintoff series: Eve Rossi, a hostage negotiator for the FBI in New York City

New Pauline Rowson series: Art Marvik, a former Marine commando and Special Boat Services officer on the Isle of Wight

New Jessica Stirling series: Jim Kinsella, a detective inspector in early 20th century Dublin, Ireland (Hugh C. Rae pseudonym)


Authors and Characters Added in August 2015

Bernhard Aichner: Brünhilde Blum, a 24-year-old undertaker tracking down her husband’s killers, in Innsbruck, Austria

Ronald H. Balson: Catherine Lockhart, a lawyer, and Liam Taggart, a private investigator, based in Chicago, Illinois

Maegan Beaumont: Sabrina Vaughn, a homicide detective (and former teenage abduction victim), in San Francisco, California

Samuel Bjørk: Holger Munch, a veteran homicide detective, and his suicidal former partner, Mia Krüger, in Oslo, Norway

Saul Black: Valerie Hart, a homicide detective in San Francisco, California

P.J. Brackston: Gretel (yes, that Gretel), now a 35-year-old private investigator, and her brother Hans, in 1770s Bavaria, Germany, in the Brothers Grimm mysteries

J.C. Burke: non-series YA set in Australia

Andrew Croome: non-series

Ray Daniel: Aloysius Tucker, a computer whiz, in Boston, Massachusetts

Averil Dean: non-series thrillers

New Anders de la Motte series: David Sarac, a handler at the Intelligence Unit of the Stockholm Police Force, in Sweden

Peter Docker: non-series

Christina Dodd: romantic suspense

Gloria Ferris: Bliss Moonbeam Cornwall, a former socialite working part-time jobs, and Neil Redfern, the police chief, in the small town Lockport, Ontario, Canada

John Fortunato: Joe Evers, a Bureau of Indian Affairs Special Agent facing early retirement due to a botched investigation, on the Navajo Reservation, in Arizona and New Mexico

New Daniel Friedman series: Lord Byron at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1807 England

New Chris Goff series: Raisa Jordan, an agent for the US Diplomatic Security Service assigned to Tel Aviv

Lee Goodman: Nick Davis, a federal prosecutor, somewhere in the mountainous USA

New Elly Griffiths series: Max Mephisto, formerly part of the Magic Men, a group of stage magicians who performed special missions during WWII, in 1950s Brighton, England

Alex Hammond: Will Harris, a defense lawyer, in Melbourne, Australia

Sarah Hilary: Marnie Rome, a detective inspector, in London, England

New Gregg Hurwitz series: Evan Smoak, the Nowhere Man, an orphan raised to be an assassin, on a personal mission to help those with nowhere else to turn

Leo Kanaris: George Zafiris, a private investigator, in Athens, Greece

Janet Kellough: Thaddeus Lewis, an itinerant preacher in 1840s Upper Canada

Shane Kuhn: John Lago, a hit man who infiltrates companies as an intern, in New York City

Laura Lebow: Lorenzo Da Ponte, Court Poet and Mozart’s librettist, in 1780s Vienna, Austria

Anna Loan-Wilsey: Hattie Darvish, a traveling secretary in the 1890s

Helaine Mario: non-series thrillers

New Brian McGilloway series: Lucy Black, a detective sergeant in the Police Service of Northern Ireland

Tony Parsons: Max Wolfe, a detective constable, in London, England

Piergiorgio Pulixi: Biagio Mazzeo, chief inspector heading a unit investigating drugs and organized crime, in northern Italy

Two new Robert J. Randisi series: Sangster, a hitman who discovered he had a soul and retired to New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Hitman with a Soul trilogy; Truxton “Tru” Lewis, a retired NYPD captain housesitting wherever he's needed, in the Housesitting Detective series

Matt Richtel: Nat Idle, a medical journalist, in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Guy Saville: Burton Cole, a British ex-mercenary in the early 1950s, in an alternate history series where Germany won World War II

Douglas Schofield: non-series thrillers

Donald Smith: non-series historical

Amy Stewart: non-series

Brian Thiem: Matt Sinclair, a homicide detective, in Oakland, California

Simone van der Vlugt: non-series thrillers

David Whish-Wilson: Frank Swann, a police superintendant (later a private investigator) in 1970s Perth, Australia

Robert J. Wiersema: non-series supernatural thrillers, with a bit of horror

Reba White Williams: cousins Coleman and Dinah Greene move from North Carolina to New York after college to make their mark on the art world

Carter Wilson: non-series thrillers

Hester Young: Charlotte “Charlie” Cates, a New York editor mourning her 5-year-old son’s death heads to Louisiana in response to dreams of dead children


Authors and Characters Added in September 2015

Richard Van Anderson: David McBride, a failed surgeon forced to perform illegal organ harvests, in Manhattan, New York City

Maya Corrigan: Val Deniston, leaving New York City to live with her curmudgeonly grandfather in fictional Bayport, near Chesapeake Bay, on the eastern shore of Maryland, in the Five-Ingredient mysteries

Kay Finch: Corie McKenna, a private investigator in Houston, Texas; Sabrina Tate, an aspiring mystery writer, and Hitchcock, a local cat, in fictional Lavender, Texas, the Bad Luck Cat mysteries

V.M. Giambanco: Alice Madison, a homicide detective in Seattle, Washington

Mette Ivie Harrison: Linda Wallheim, a Mormon Bishop’s wife who becomes an amateur sleuth, in Draper, Utah

New Lynn Hinton series: Sister Evangeline (Eve) Divine, leaving (and later returning to) a monastery near Pecos, New Mexico, to help her father, a former cop running a private detective agency in Los Angeles, California, in the Divine Private Detective Agency series

Andy McDermott: Nina Wilde, an archeologist, and Eddie Chase, an ex-SAS agent serving as bodyguard, in a global apocalyptic thriller series

Mark Stevens: Allison Coil, a hunting guide in the Flat Tops Wilderness of northwest Colorado


Authors and Characters Added in October 2015

Carolyn Baugh: Nora Khalil, an Egyptian-American police officer assigned to the FBI’s Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Barry S. Brown: Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street, London, England

New Judith Cutler series: Tobias Campion, vicar of Moreton Priory, in 1810 England

Elsa Hart: non-series

Robert Masello: non-series apocalyptic thrillers

Ann Myers: Rita Lafitte, chef at Tres Amigas Café, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the Santa Fe Café mysteries

Two new series on the Wendy Corsi Staub page: Mundy’s Landing, a small town with a sinister secret, in the Hudson Valley of New York; Lily Dale, a lakeside town in New York full of kooky psychics and mediums

Anthony Wynne: Dr. Eustace Hailey, a snuff-taking physician and psychologist, in England and sometimes Scotland


Authors and Characters Added in November 2015

Victor Bridges: non-series mysteries

New Joyce Cato series: Monica Noble, a vicar’s wife in the Cotswold village of Heyford Bassett, England (Faith Martin pseudonym)

New Janet Dawson series: Jill McLeod, a Zephyrette working on the California Zephyr between Chicago, Illinois, and the San Francisco Bay Area, in the early 1950s

Maddie Day: Robbie Jordan, proprietor of a Pans ’N Pancakes, a restaurant in fictional South Lick, Indiana, in the Country Store mysteries (Edith Maxwell pseudonym)

Two new series on the Phillip DePoy page: Foggy Moskowitz, a former car thief and amateur sleuth, working for Child Protective Services, in 1970s Florida; Christopher Marlowe, the playwright, poet, and rake, serving as a secret agent for Queen Elizabeth, in 1580s England

New Felix Francis series: Dave Swinton, a champion steeplechase jockey in England

New Andrew Grant series: Cooper Devereaux, a police detective in Burmingham, Alabama

New Ryan David Jahn series: Damien Lamb, a private investigator with a mission, in Louisville, Kentucky

Jennifer Kincheloe: Anna Blanc, a young socialite who wants to be a detective, in 1907 Los Angeles, California

New Stephen King series: Bill Hodges, a retired detective battling his nemesis the Mercedes Killer, in a midwestern city

New Bill Kitson series: Adam Bailey, a sleuthing journalist, and his partner Eve Samuels, in ghostly English manor house investigations, in the Eden House mysteries

New Con Lehane series: Ray Ambler, curator of the New York Public Library’s crime fiction collection, and homicide detective Mike Cosgrove, in New York City

Rob Leininger: Gabrielle Johns, an ex-showgirl, playing backroom poker and working for her father, a private investigator, in Reno, Nevada; Mort Angel, a private-eye-in-training at his nephew’s detective agency, in Reno, Nevada

New Edith Maxwell series: Rose Carroll, a Quaker midwife in a mill town, in 1880s Massachusetts

Jakob Melander: Lars Winkler, a former drug addict and squater, now a homicide detective, in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denzil Meyrick: Jim Daley, a detective chief inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Two new Dreda Say Mitchell series: The Gangland Girls series set in London, England; Rio Wray, a detective inspector, and John “Mac” MacDonagh, an undercover cop, in London, England

Margaret Mizushima: Mattie Cobb, a police officer, her K-9 police dog Robo, and veterinarian Cole Walker, in the mountain town Timber Creek, Colorado

Tim Parks: Morris Duckworth, an unhappy and poverty-stricken English teacher in Verona, Italy

John Rowland: Inspector Shelley of Scotland Yard, in England

New Clea Simon series: Blackie, a cat with a vague past life, and Care, a young woman in the mean streets

New Brad Smith series: Carl Burns, returning to his home town after a stint in prison, in Rose City, Ontario, Canada

New Ronald Tierney series: Peter Strand, a Chinese-American private investigator, in San Francisco, California

Sarah Ward: Francis Sadler, a detective inspector, and detective constable Connie Childs, in the small town of Bampton in the Derbyshire Peak District of England


Authors and Characters Added in December 2015

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse: Mycroft Holmes, a British civil servant working for the Secretary of State for War, beginning in 1870 London, England

New Kelley Armstrong series: Casey Duncan, a homicide detective with a secret, living off the grid in the wilds of northern Canada

Steve Cavanagh: Eddie Flynn, a con artist turned lawyer, in New York City

New Shelley Costa series: Val Cameron, a senior editor at a New York publishing company

Richard Goodfellow: non-series

New Beth Gutcheon series: Maggie Detweiler, a retired New York City private school head, traveling with her best friend, socialite Hope Babbin

James M. Jackson: Seamus McCree, a private financial investigator, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Jax Miller: non-series

New Susan Moody series: Alexandra (Alex) Quick, a former police detective, in England

Brian Panowich: the saga of the Burroughs family, ruling a drug-fueled criminal empire for three generations, in northern Georgia

New T.R. Ragan series: Faith McMann, a schoolteacher whose husband is murdered and children kidnapped

Lisa Sandlin: non-series

Emily Schultz: non-series

Leta Serafim: Yiannis Patronas, the chief police officer on the island of Chios, Greece, in the Greek Islands mysteries

Phoef Sutton: Caleb Rush (AKA Crush), a bodyguard and bouncer, in Los Angeles, California


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