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Authors and Characters Added in January 2016

Ellen Byron: Maggie Crozat, returning home to her family’s plantation-turned-bed-and-breakfast, in Louisiana, in the Cajun Country mysteries

Heather Haven: the Alvarez Family, running Discretionary Inquiries, a Silicon Valley agency investigating theft of intellectual property, in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California; Persephone “Percy” Cole, one of the first female private detectives in 1940s Manhattan, New York City

David Joy: non-series

Jessica Knoll: non-series

Gilly Macmillan: non-series

New Jo Nesbø series: the Blood on Snow saga revolving around Oslo’s biggest crime lord, the Fisherman, in Norway

Viet Thanh Nguyen: non-series

Rebecca Scherm: non-series

Jane Shemilt: non-series psychological thrillers

Josh Stallings: Moses McGuire, an ex-Marine, ex-con bouncer at a strip club, in Los Angeles, California

David C. Taylor: Michael Cassidy, an NYPD cop with an unusual background, in 1950s New York City

New Diane Vallere series: Margo Tamblyn, a former magician's assistant, returning home to run Disguise DeLimit, her family's costume shop, in Proper City, Nevada, in the Costume Shop mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in February 2016

Tessa Arlen: Lady Clementine Montfort, in the early 1900s in England

Cindy Brown: Ivy Meadows, an off off off Broadway aspiring actress, in Phoenix, Arizona

Julianne Holmes: Ruth Clagan, an expert clockmaker at Cog & Sprocket, inherited from her grandfather, in the small Berkshire town of Orchard, Massachusetts, in the Clock Shop mysteries

Eric Rickstad: non-series thrillers set in Vermont

Sofie Sarenbrant: Emma Sköld, a police inpector in Stockholm, Sweden

Stu Strumwasser: non-series

Art Taylor: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in March 2016

Kristi Belcamino: Gabriella Giovanni, a newspaper reporter, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

John A. Connell: Mason Collins, a US Army criminal investigator, in post-World War II Germany

New E.J. Copperman series: Rachel Goldman, author of a series featuring missing persons investigator Duffy Madison, in the Mysterious Detective series (Jeffrey Cohen pseudonym)

New Elizabeth Darrell series: Ben Norton, a former WWI Royal Flying Corps Flight Sergeant, beginning in 1930

New Jeannette de Beauvoir series: Martine LeDuc, publicity director for the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada

Anthony Franze: non-series legal thrillers

Abby Geni: non-series suspense

Laurent Guillaume: non-series

Joe Hart: Liam Dempsey, a former homicide detective, in the small town of Tallston, Minnesota; the Dominion dystopian thriller trilogy

Ragnar Jónasson: Ari Tho, a young policeman, in Siglufjörður, Iceland, in the Dark Iceland series

New Adrian Magson series: Ruth Gonzales, a former British police offier, and Andy Vaslik, formerly with the NYPD and Homeland Security, operatives with the Cruxys Solutions special security firm

New Nick Oldham series: Steve Flynn, a former Royal Marine, ex-cop and sportfishing skipper in the Canary Islands

Two new Paige Shelton series: Chester Henry and his granddaughter Clare, running the Rescued Word typewriter and book repair shop, in the ski resort town of Star City, Utah, in the Dangerous Type mysteries; Delaney Nichols, an American working for Edwin MacAlister at his Cracked Spine bookshop, in Edinburg, Scotland, in the Scottish Bookshop mysteries

Erik Storey: Clyde Barr, an adventurer and soldier of fortune returning after 16 years to western Colorado

Erik Axl Sund: Jeanette Kihlberg, a detective superintendant, and psychotherapist Sofia Zetterlund, in Stockholm, Sweden, in the Victoria Bergman trilogy

A.J. Tata: the Garrett family combats international terrorism in the Threat military thriller series; Jake Mahegan, a Delta Force captain

New Wendy Tyson series: Megan Sawyer, a former lawyer returning home to run the family farm in Winsome, Pennsylvania, in the Greenhouse mysteries

Ruth Ware: non-series thrillers

Robin Yocum: non-series mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in April 2016

Stefan Ahnhem: Fabian Risk, a Stockholm policeman moving to Tågaborg, near his old home town, in Sweden

Sally Andrew: Tannie Maria, a middle-aged Afrikaans widow who writes an advice column with recipes for the Klein Karoo Gazette in rural South Africa

New Mike Befeler series: Mark Yeager, an amateur sleuth, in the Platform Tennis mysteries

New Don Bruns series: Quentin Archer, a former Detroit cop, now a homicide detective in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli series: Jenny Weston, returning home after a bitter divorce, to Bear Falls, Michigan, in the Little Library mysterie

New Laura Bradford series: Winnie Johnson, a bake shop owner delivering desserts in an inherited ambulance, in the Emergency Dessert Squad mysteries

New Mollie Cox Bryan series: Cora Chevalier, a 30-something blogger running a craft retreat business, in fictional Indigo Gap, North Carolina, in the Cora Crafts mysteries

Ian Caldwell: non-series religious thrillers

Two new Rebecca Cantrell series: Joe Tesla, a software genius, crippled by agoraphobia, living in the tunnels under New York City; Sofia Salgado, former star of kid's TV show, Half Pint Detective, now a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California, in the Malibu mysteries [written with Sean Black]

New Joe Clifford series: Jay Porter, an estate clearer dealing with family troubles, later an investigator at NorthEastern Insurance, in New Hampshire

Two new Peg Cochran series: Monica Albertson, running a cranberry farm on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, in Michigan, in the Cranberry Cove mysteries; Shelby McDonald, a recipe and gardening blogger running Love Blossom Farm, in the small town of Lovett, in western Michigan, in the Farmer’s Daughter mysteries

Jonathan Craig: Pete Selby, an NYPD detective in the Sixth Precinct, New York City

Mike Craven: Avison Fluke, a detective inspector recovering from Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Cumbria, England

Katerina Diamond: non-series

Claire Douglas: non-series thrillers

John Dufresne: Wylie “Coyote” Melville, a professional therapist and forensic consultant, in Eden, Florida

Janet Finsilver: Kelly Jackson, the manager of Redwood Cove Bed-and-Breakfast, assisted by dogs with special abilities and a group of senior citizen sleuths, the “Silver Sentinels,” in fictional Redwood Cove, California

New Amanda Flower series: Violet Waverly, working in her grandmother Daisy's store, Charming Books, near Niagara Falls, in Cascade Springs, New York, in the Magical Bookshop mysteries

Jean Flowers: Cassie Miller, leaving a position in the Boston main post office, returning to her hometown to be postmistress, in North Ashcot, Massachusetts, in the Postmistress mysteries [Camille Minichino pseudonym]

New Shelley Freydont series: Deanna Randolph, a headstrong heiress, in 1890s Newport, Rhode Island, in the Newport Gilded Age series

LS Hawker: non-series thrillers

New James Henry series: Nick Lowry, a detective inspector in early 1980s Colchester, England

New Chris Holm series: Michael Hendricks, a former covert operative for the US military presumed killed in Afghanistan, now a hitman who only targets other hitmen

Matt Johnson: Robert Finlay, a police officer on the Royalty Protection team, in 2001 London, England

Alexis Koetting: Bella James, an actress in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

New Kylie Logan series: Laurel Inwood, a former Hollywood personal chef now helping her aunt Sophie run a restaurant, in Hubbard, Ohio, in the Ethnic Eats mysteries

Clare Mackintosh: non-series psychological thriller

New Priscilla Masters series: Dr. Claire Roget, a forensic psychiatrist

Andrew Mayne: Chronological Man, scientific thriller series set in 1890s Boston and New York City; Jessica Blackwood, a magician turned FBI agent

New Matt Rees series: Dominic Verrazzano, an ICE Special Agent

New Candace Robb series: Kate Clifford, a widow running a guesthouse in late 14th century York, England

New M.J. Rose series: The Daughters of La Lune series set in 1890s Belle Époque Paris

Two new Sara Rosett series: Zoe Hunter, a Jill of all trades, freelance copy-editor, property manager, and dog walker, in the On the Run series; Kate Sharp, a location scout and Jane Austen aficionado, in England, in the Murder on Location series

Emelie Schepp: Jana Berzelius, a public prosecutor, in Norrköpping, Sweden

Gerry Schmitt: Afton Tangler, a family liaison officer with the police department, in Minneapolis, Minnesota [Laura Childs real name]

New Amy Stewart series: Constance Kopp, one of the first female deputy sheriffs, and her two younger sisters, in 1910s Paterson, New Jersey

New Elaine Viets series: Angela Richman, a death investigator in Chouteau Forest, a wealthy suburb of St. Louis, Missouri


Authors and Characters Added in May 2016

Patricia Abbott: non-series

New Annamaria Alfieri series: Vera McIntosh, a Scottish missionaries’ daughter, and Justin Tolliver, Assistant District Superintendent of Police, in early 20th century British East Africa

Sascha Arango: non-series

New Shannon Baker series: Kate Fox, wife of the county sheriff, surrounded by a large family and living on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska

Tim Baker: Nick Alston, a private investigator in early 1960s Los Angeles, California, with multiple time-lines and places

Fiona Barton: non-series

Bill Beverly: non-series

Michelle Birkby: Martha Hudson, Sherlock Holmes’s landlady, and Mary Watson, Dr. Watson’s wife, sleuthing out of 221B Baker Street, London, England

Jana Bommersbach: non-series and true crime

Jennifer Chiaverini: non-series Civil War suspense

New Michael Craven series: John Darvelle, a private detective in Los Angeles, California

Katerina Diamond: non-series

Elizabeth Edmondson: The Vintage mysteries; The Very English mysteries

New Eileen Goudge series: Tish Ballard, a property manager in Cypress Bay, California

New Elsa Hart series: Li Du, an imperial librarian and former exile in 18th century China

Julia Heaberlin: non-series suspense set in Texas

David Hood: Culligan Baxter, a detective inspector in 1899 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Delia James: Annabelle Britton, an artist, a gray cat named Alastair, and a coven, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the Witch’s Cat mysteries (Sarah Zettel pseudonym)

Matt Johnson: Robert Finlay, a police officer on the Royalty Protection team, in 2001 London, England

R.J. Koreto: Lady Frances Ffolkes, an Edwardian-era suffragette, and her maid Miss June Mallow, in London, England

New Al Lamanda series: Duncan Wyatt, a retired FBI agent, and his exotic-dancer girlfriend Lo-Lo Del Ray, in Key West, Florida

Diane Les Becquets: non-series thrillers

New Ed Lin series: Jing-nan, running a food stand in Taipei, Taiwan, in the Taipei Night Market

New D.P. Lyle series: Jake Longly, an ex-professional baseball player working as an investigator for his PI father Ray, in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Janey Mack: Maisie McGrane, the baby sister of three Chicago police officers and two defense attorneys, who becomes a Traffic Enforcement agent after being expelled from the police academy, in Chicago, Illinois

New Brad Meltzer & Tod Goldberg series: Hazel Nash, daughter of Jack Nash, the host of The House of Secrets, America's favorite conspiracy TV show

Ottessa Moshfegh: non-series

New Stuart Neville series: Serena Flanagan, a Detective Chief Inspector, in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Idra Novey: non-series

Matthew Palmer: non-series spy and international intrigue

S.G. Redling: Dani Britton, an intuitive data analyst with an elite security firm, in the suburbs of Washington, DC, later in Florida

Nicholas Searle: non-series

Fiona Veitch Smith: Poppy Denby, the young Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Daily Globe, in 1920s London, England

Anton Svensson: non-series thrillers (joint pseudonym of Anders Roslund & Stefan Thunberg)

Darcie Wilde: Rosalind Thorne, a minor heiress in 19th century London, England, in the Useful Woman mysteries (Sarah Zettel pseudonym)

New Stuart Woods series written with Parnell Hall: Teddy Fay, an ex-CIA agent and master of disguise (from Stone Barrington series)

A.J. Wright: Michael Brennan, a detective sergeant in 1890s Wigan, Lancashire, England, in the Lancashire Detective series


Authors and Characters Added in June 2016

Yukito Ayatsuji: non-series

New Michael Bowen series: Josie Kendall, a Washington DC fundraiser

Grant Bywaters: non-series

Robert Daniels: Jack Kale, a retired FBI agent, and Beth Sturgis, an APD robbery-homicide detective, in Atlanta, Georgia

O’Neil De Noux: Dino LaStanza, a Vietnam veteran homicide detective, in New Orleans, Louisiana; Lucien Caye, a private detective starting in late 1940s New Orleans, Louisiana; John Raven Beau, a half-Cajun and half-Sioux homicide detective in New Orleans, Louisiana

C. Michele Dorsey: Sabrina Salter, a former Boston meteorologist, now an innkeeper on St. John, in the US Virgin Islands

Barbara Early: Liz McCall, managing her father’s vintage toyshop purchased with his police retirement money, in East Aurora, New York (Beverly Allen pseudonym)

Wendy Sand Eckel: Rosalie Hart, moving from the DC suburbs to her late aunt’s farmhouse, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

T.W. Emory: Gunnar Nilson, a private investigator in 1950s Seattle, Washington

Max Everhart: Eli Sharpe, an ex-ballplayer turned private detective, based in Asheville, North Carolina

Matthew FitzSimmons: Gibson Vaughn, a computer hacker and ex-Marine, in the Washington, DC area

Two new Barbara Fradkin series: Cedric O’Toole, a handyman living on a farm growing organic vegetables, in Ontario, Canada [Rapid Reads]; Amanda Doucette, a former medical worker in Nigeria, returning to Newfoundland, Canada

Tetsuya Honda: Lt. Reiko Himekawa, a homicide detective with the metropolitan police, in Tokyo, Japan

R. Franklin James: Hollis Morgan, an amateur sleuth working as a paralegal, later a lawyer, and member of the Fallen Angels Book Club who must have a white collar felony record, in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Spencer Kope: Magnus “Steps” Craig, the lead investigator for the FBI’s Special Tracking Unit, who can see a “shine” people leave behind, living on Chuckanut Mountain in northwest Washington

New Karen MacInerney series: Lucy Resnick, a Houston reporter buying her grandmother’s farm in Buttercup, Texas, in the Dewberry Farm mysteries

Mary Marks: Martha Rose, and a coterie of quilters, in the San Fernando Valley, California

Julie Mulhern: Ellison Russell, an artist with a philandering husband, in the country club set in mid-1970s Kansas City, Missouri, in the Country Club Murders series

Sharon Potts: non-series thrillers and suspense

Lev AC Rosen: non-series

William Wells: Jack Starkey, a retired Chicago homicide detective living on a houseboat permanently docked in Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Authors and Characters Added in July 2016

Claire Booth: Hank Worth, the new Sheriff, in Branson, Missouri

Bonnie MacBird: Sherlock Holmes adventures

Jason Miller: Slim, a private investigator with Redneck Investigations, in the coal country of Little Egypt, in southern Illinois

New James Patterson & Candice Fox series: Harriet Blue, a detective in the Sydney police department sex crimes unit

Cay Rademacher: Frank Stave, an Oberinspektor of police in 1947 Hamburg, Germany

Iain Ryan: Laura Romano, a dishonored cop and an addict, reassigned to Tunnel Island, Australia

Viveca Sten: Thomas Andreasson, a police detective on Sandhamn island, east of Stockholm, Sweden, in the Sandhamn Murders series

Wendy Walker: non-series psychological thriller

David Young: Karin Müller, an Oberleutnant detective in the Volkspolizei in mid-1970s Berlin, East Germany


Authors and Characters Added in August 2016

New Lisa Black series: Maggie Gardiner, a forensic expert, and Jack Renner, a homicide detective, in Cleveland, Ohio

Oscar de Muriel: Ian Frey, a disgraced Scotland Yard Inspector, and Adolphus “Nine-Nails” McGray, responsible for investigating apparitions, beginning in 1888 Edinburgh, Scotland

Sara Driscoll: Meg Jennings, FBI Special Agent, and Hawk, her search-and-rescue Labrador, in the FBI K-9 mysteries (Jen J. Danna pseudonym)

New Stephen Gallagher series: Sebastian Becker, a former Pinkerton detective working as the special investigator for the Lord Chancellor’s Visitor in Lunacy, charged with determining sanity, in turn-of the-20th-century London

Alexandra Oliva: non-series thrillers

Bryon Quertermous: Dominick Prince, a student with thesis problems, later working at a university cancer center, in Detroit, Michigan

Linda Reilly: Talia Marby, serving English deep fried fare at Fry Me a Sliver, in the heart of the Berkshires, New York, in the Deep Fried mysteries

Terry Roberts: non-series historical thrillers set in North Carolina

New Todd Robinson series: William “Boo” Malone, a bouncer in a Boston nightclub, and his best friend Junior, another survivor from Saint Gabriel’s Home for Boys

Mark Twain: non-series mystery & crime fiction

Carl-Johan Vallgren: Danny Katz, a private investigator, in Stockholm, Sweden

Julie Weston: Nellie Burns, a photographer, and her Labrador dog, Moonshine, in 1920s Idaho

Gina Wohlsdorf: non-series thrillers

Hideo Yokoyama: non-series


Authors and Characters Added in September 2016

New Reed Farrel Coleman series: Gulliver Dowd, a private investigator in New York City [Rapid Reads]

Connie di Marco: Julia Bonatti, an astrologer in San Francisco, California, in the Zodiac mysteries (real name of Connie Archer)

Joakim Zander: Klara Walldéen, an orphan brought up by her grandparents, working as a political aide in Brussels and London


Authors and Characters Added in October 2016

Andrew Case: Leonard Mitchell, an investigator in New York City, in the Hollow City series

Andrew Michael Hurley: non-series suspense

David Krugler: non-series thriller

New Graham Masterton series: Beatrice Scarlet, the daughter of a London apothecary who emigrates to New Hamshire with her new husband in 1756

Megan Miranda: non-series suspense thrillers

Bart Paul: Tommy Smith, a cowboy, wilderness guide, and former Army sniper, in the the eastern Sierra Mountains on the border between California and Nevada

New Neil Plakcy series: Angus Green, a gay rookie FBI special agent in South Florida


Authors and Characters Added in November 2016

New Jane A. Adams series: Chief Inspector Henry Johnstone of Scotland Yard, beginning in 1928 London, England

New Peter Blauner series: Lourdes Robles, a homicide detective in New York City

Christine Carbo: Monty Harris, a police officer in Glacier National Park, Montana

New John Clarkson series: James Beck, the leader of a group of ex-cons working for justice, based in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York

Two new Max Allan Collins series: Joe Reeder, an ex-Secret Service agent, and Patti Rogers, an FBI special agent; Caleb York, a lawman heading to California, but stalled in Trinidad, New Mexico, in a western series, written with Mickey Spillane

Susan Cox: Theo (Theophania) Bogart, a former party girl and society photographer, escaping family tragedy by fleeing to San Francisco, California

Fiona Davis: non-series

New Vicki Delany series: Gemma Doyle, a transplanted Englishwoman, returning to run her Great Uncle Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium, along with Moriarty the cat, in West London on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Emma Flint: non-series

New Heather Graham series: Kieran Finnegan, a criminal psychologist and co-owner of a pub, and Craig Frasier, an FBI agent, in New York City, in the New York Confidential romantic suspense series

New Tessa Harris series: Constance Piper, a clairvoyant flower girl in 1880s London, England

Paul J. Heald: Stanley Hopkins, a law professor, and an ensemble cast, first in California and then Clarkeston, Georgia, in the Clarkeston Chronicles

New Sasscer Hill series: Fia McKee, a former Baltimore cop, working undercover for the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau, at Gulfstream Park, Florida

Lisa Jewell: non-series suspense and family secrets

Jonas Hassen Khemiri: non-series crime fiction set in Sweden

New Jens Lapidus series: Teddy, an ex-con trying to reform, and Emelie, a new lawyer, in Stockholm, Sweden

New Douglas Lindsay series: Ben Westphall, a detective inspector in Dingwall, Scotland

T.C. LoTempio: Nora Charles, a crime reporter moving back home, and a stray cat named Nick, in Cruz, California, in the Nick and Nora mysteries; Sydney McCall, fleeing a New York advertising job to return home and help her sister, Kat, run the local animal shelter, Friendly Paws, in Deer Park, North Carolina, in the Cat Rescue mysteries

New Molly MacRae series: four women — Janet Marsh, a former librarian from Illinois, her daughter Tallie, a burned-out lawyer, Summer Jacobs, a former reporter, and Christine Robertson — who have just bought Yon Bonnie Books in Inversgail, Scotland, in the Highland Bookshop mysteries

Mandy Morton: Hettie Bagshot, a cat running the No. 2 Feline Detective Agency, in England

Anita Nair: Borei Gowda, a police inspector, in Bangalore, India

Renee Patrick: Lillian Frost, an aspiring actress and social secretary, and costume designer Edith Head, in late 1930s Los Angeles, California

Elizabeth Perona: Adventures of the septuagenarian women of the Summer Ridge Bridge Club, in Brownsburg, Indiana, in the Bucket List mysteries [joint pseudonym of father-daughter team Tony Perona & Liz Dombrosky]

New Matthew Quirk series: John Hayes, leading a secret special operations kill/capture team

New Kirk Russell series: Paul Grale, an FBI special agent and bomb tech

Martin Seay: non-series literary thriller

Susie Steiner: Manon Bradshaw, a detective sergeant in Cambridgeshire, England

Neely Tucker: Sully Carter, an investigative reporter in Washington, DC

Pamela Wechsler: Abby Endicott, chief of the District Attorney’s homicide unit in Boston, Massachusetts


Authors and Characters Added in December 2016

Trey R. Barker: Jace Salome, a rookie correctional officer at the Zachary County Jail, in west Texas

Sarah Cain: Danny Ryan, a journalist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Maia Chance series: Agnes Blythe, helping her eccentric Great Aunt Effie to salvage the condemned Stagecoach Inn, in a small town in New York

New Alys Clare series: Gabriel Taverner, a former ship’s surgeon trying to establish a medical practice in his home county of Devon, beginning in 1603

Hugh Dutton: non-series set in Florida

Cate Holahan: non-series psychological thrillers

New Kate Kingsbury series: Melanie West, after a messy divorce, running a B&B with her grandmother at a purportedly haunted mansion on the Oregon coast, in the Merry Ghost Inn mysteries

New R.J. Koreto series: Alice Roosevelt, the bright, unconventional daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, in early 1900s New York City

Pol Koutsakis: Stratos Gazis, a “conscientious fixer” (hitman), in Athens, Greece

Karen Pullen: Stella Lavender, an agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Jonathan F. Putnam: Joshua Speed, second son of a wealthy plantation owner, and freshly minted lawyer Abraham Lincoln, in late 1830s Springfield, Illinois

New Sarah Rayne series: Phineas Fox, a music researcher based in London

Carrie Smith: Claire Codella, a homicide detective and cancer survivor, in New York City

David Swinson: Frank Marr, a former cop, a drug addict, and now a private investigator, in Washington, DC

E.S. Thomson: Jem Flockhart, a young apocathary in beginning in 1846 Victorian London, England


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