Gilbert Adair
  • Evadne Mount: formidable whodunit author, in a trilogy re-imagining Agatha Christie

Susan Wittig Albert
  • Beatrix Potter: author and illustrator in the Lake District in 1900s England

Bevan Amberhill
  • Jean-Claude Keyes: actor, writer, and amateur sleuth, at the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Eric Ambler
  • Charles Latimer: British university lecturer turned detective novelist, in Turkey

Delano Ames
  • Dagobert Brown: sometime researcher and writer and his wife Jane, living in southern France

Christine Andreae
  • Lee Squires: English professor and poet in Montana

Jo Bannister
  • Dr. Clio Rees: physician and mystery writer, and Harry Marsh, a chief inspector, in England

Linwood Barclay
  • Zack Walker: science fiction writer and reporter

Stephanie Barron
  • Jane Austen: the famous author in England

George Baxt
  • Sylvia Plotkin: author and teacher, and Max Van Larsen, a police detective, in New York City

Cynthia Baxter
  • Mallory Marlowe: recent widow with a new career as a travel writer

Pamela Beason
  • Summer “Sam” Westin: wildlife biologist and writer

Tonino Benacquista
  • Fred Blake: writing a history of the WWII Normandy landings — actually Giovanni Manzoni, an ex-Mafia boss in the FBI Witness Protection Program — and his family in Cholong-sur-Avre, Normandy, France

Alan Beechey
  • Oliver Swithin: children’s book author in Great Britain

Anthony Berkeley
  • Roger Sheringham: writer and obnoxious sleuth, in London, England

Ingrid Black
  • Saxon: former US FBI agent turned true-crime writer, and Grace Fitzgerald, Detective Chief Superintendent with the murder squad, in Dublin, Ireland

Meredith Blevins
  • Annie Szabo: writer and mother, and Madam Mina, a fortune-teller and head of Annie’s late husband’s gypsy clan, in California

Michael Bond
  • Aristide Pamplemousse: gourmet restaurant guide inspector, and his bloodhound Pommes Frites, in Paris,

David Bowker
  • Billy Dye: struggling author, and Rawhead, an assassin and Dye’s childhood friend, in Manchester, England

Ray Bradbury
  • Unnamed writer and amateur sleuth in Los Angeles, California

Gyles Brandreth
  • Oscar Wilde: poet, wit, and playwright, friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Sherard, great-grandson of Wordsworth, investigate murders in Victorian England, Scotland, and France

Herbert Brean
  • William Deacon: magazine writer
  • Reynold Frame: young freelance writer and photographer, and amateur sleuth, in New York City and New England

Toni Brill
  • Midge Cohen: children’s author fluent in Russian, in Brooklyn, New York

D.C. Brod
  • Robyn Guthrie: freelance writer in Illinois

Luisa Buehler
  • Grace Marsden: writer of children’s books in Pine Marsh, Illinois

Christopher Bush
  • Ludovic Travers: wealthy writer and amateur sleuth, later proprietor of the Broad Street Detective Agency, along with Scotland Yard Superintendant George Wharton and later Chief Inspector Jewle, in London, England

Meg Cabot
  • Meena Harper: young soap opera writer who can foresee how people will die, in New York City

Kenneth Cameron (Gordon Kent)
  • General Denton: expatriate U.S. Civil War veteran and former frontier sheriff turned novelist, in turn of the 20th century London, England

Dorothy Cannell
  • Ben Haskell: writer and chef

John Dickson Carr
  • Dr. Gideon Fell: the "old lexicographer" in England

Joanna Challis
  • Daphne du Maurier: young aspiring author in 1920s Cornwall, England

Anna Clarke
  • Paula Glenning: professor and writer, in London, England

Mary Clayton
  • John Reynolds, formerly an inspector with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, retired to write detective novels, in Cornwall, England

Jeffrey Cohen
  • Aaron Tucker: former investigative reporter and aspiring screenwriter, in New Jersey

Max Allan Collins
  • Mallory: small-town student mystery writer in Iowa

Susan Conant
  • Holly Winter: dog trainer and magazine columnist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Dog Lovers mysteries

Natasha Cooper
  • Willow King: romance novelist in London, England

Susan Rogers Cooper
  • E.J. Pugh: housewife-mom romance writer in Black Cat Ridge, Texas

Alisa Craig
  • Osbert Monk: author, and his wife Dittany Henbit Monk, a garden club member, in Lobelia Falls, Ontario, Canada

Blake Crouch
  • Andrew Thomas: successful horror writer, in North Carolina

Stan Cutler
  • Mark Bradley: gay writer of celebrity biographies, and Rayford Goodman, a jaded, once-famous private investigator, in Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Daly
  • Henry Gamadge: author, bibliophile, and forgery expert, in New York City

Gloria Dank
  • Bernard Woodruff: curmudgeonly author of children’s books, and his brother-in-law, Arthur “Snooky” Randolph, in Connecticut

Gloria Dank
  • Bernard Woodruff: curmudgeonly author of children’s books, and his brother-in-law, Arthur “Snooky” Randolph, in Connecticut

Emma Darcy
  • K.C. Gordon: successful romance novelist in Australia

Kyra Davis
  • Sophie Katz: half-Black, half-Jewish mystery writer, in San Francisco, California

William L. DeAndrea
  • Quinn Booker: biographer of Lobo Blacke, a crippled ex-frontier lawman, and in Le Four, Wyoming

Elizabeth Dearl
  • Taylor Madison: novelist in Perdue, Texas

Lillian De La Torre
  • Dr. Sam. Johnson: the real-life 18th-century lexicographer and sage, in London, England

Mary Devlin
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: poet and detective in the late 1300s, in England

Harry Dolan
  • David Loogan: mystery magazine editor in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Margaret Duffy
  • Ingrid Langley: novelist and British Agent, and Patrick Gillard, a British army major

Francis Durbridge
  • Paul Temple: crime writer turned private investigator, in London, England

Chris Ewan
  • Charlie Howard: mystery writer and professional thief, in Europe

Nancy Fairbanks
  • Carolyn Blue, food writer, and her husband Jason, a scientist specializing in how to clean toxins from the environment, in El Paso, Texas

Robert L. Fish
  • Carruthers, Simpson, and Biggs: elderly down-on-their-luck mystery writers, putting their plots into action, in The Murder League Trilogy

Judy Fitzwater
  • Jennifer Marsh: murder mystery writer in Georgia

Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
  • Jessica Fletcher: mystery writer in Cabot Cove, Maine, in the “Murder, She Wrote” series

Marcello Fois
  • Bustianu Satta: lawyer and poet in Sardinia, Italy

Richard Forrest
  • Lyon Wentworth: children’s book author, and Bea Wentworth, a state senator, in Connecticut

Anthea Fraser
  • Rona Parish: biographer and amateur sleuth, in England

Mickey Friedman
  • Georgia Lee Maxwell: disaffected Florida society editor who moves to Paris to write a magazine column, in Paris, France

Sally Goldenbaum
  • Po Paltrow: writer and quilter, and the Queen Bees quilting group, in the fictitious college town of Crestwood, Kansas

Dolores Gordon-Smith
  • Jack Haldean: former Royal Flying Corps pilot and mystery writer, in early 1920s England

Bruce Graeme
  • Richard Verrell, known as Blackshirt, a self-educated foundling who becomes a respected mystery author, and burgles for the fun of it, in England

Martha Grimes
  • Paul Giverney: suspense novelist dealing with cut-throat publishers in New York City

Adam Hall
  • Bishop: author of books about personality under stress and an observer of other people’s problems, and his Oxford-educated assistant, Vera Gorringe, based in London, England

Oakley Hall
  • Ambrose Bierce: journalist, and his sidekick Tom Redmond in 1880s San Francisco, California

Timothy Hallinan
  • Poke Rafferty: “rough-travel” writer living with Rose, a former go-go dancer, in Bangkok, Thailand

David Handler
  • Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag: celebrity ghostwriter in the United States, and his faithful basset hound, Lulu

Clay Harvey
  • Tyler Vance: ex-operative, free-lance writer, and gun expert, in North Carolina

Simon Hawke
  • Will Shakespeare: young writer, and Tuck Smythe, an aspiring actor, the Elizabethan era’s answer to Holmes and Watson, in London, England

L.C. Hayden
  • Dan Springer: writer for a magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada

Peter J. Heck
  • Mark Twain: 19th century American author, and Wentworth Cabot, his secretary, in the USA

Tim Hemlin
  • Neil Marshall: graduate student in creative writing, struggling poet, and part-time chef and caterer, in Houston, Texas

Sara J. Henry
  • Troy Chance: freelance writer in Lake Placid, New York

Hazel Holt
  • Sheila Malory: writer of literary criticism in Taviscombe, England

Greg Iles
  • Penn Cage: lawyer and writer, in Natchez, Mississippi

Dean James
  • Simon Kirby-Jones: gay American writer who became a vampire in Houston, now living in Snupperton Mumsley, a small village in England

P.D. James
  • Adam Dalgliesh: critically acclaimed poet and Scotland Yard commander, in London, England

Paul Johnston
  • Matt Wells: British crime writer caught up in a web of intrigue, murder, satanism, and mind control

Jennifer Jordan
  • Barry Vaughan: history lecturer and spoofy crime writer, and Dee Vaughan, an office temp wife, in Woodfield, England
Cady Kalian
  • Maggie Mars: struggling screenwriter and former investigative journalist, in Los Angeles, California

Susan Kandel
  • Cece Caruso: 40-something biographer of dead mystery writers and fan of vintage fashions, in Southern California

Susan Kelly
  • Liz Connors: former English professor and freelance crime writer, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bill Kent
  • Shep Ladderback: aging obituary writer for a tabloid, and his assistant Andrea “Andy” Cosicki, who also writes the Mr. Action consumer column, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nina Killham
  • Jasmine March: cookbook author and gourmand specializing in rich recipes in Georgetown, Washington, DC

Peter King
  • Jack London: the author in the 1890s (before his famous novels) in San Francisco, California

Mary Kittredge
  • Charlotte Kent: freelance writer in fictional Pelican Rock, Mendocino County, California

Rochelle Krich
  • Molly Blume: true-crime writer in Los Angeles, California

Mary Kruger
  • Brooke Cassidy: mystery writer, and Matt Devlin, a private eye, in 1890s Newport, Rhode Island

Camilla Läckberg
  • Erica Falck: writer, and Patrik Hedstrom, a police detective, in the fishing town of Fjällbacka, Sweden

Josh Lanyon
  • Adrien English: mystery writer and bookseller, in Los Angeles, California
  • Christopher (Kit) Holmes: gay bestselling mystery writer in decline, and J.X. Moriarity, a former cop and bestselling novelist

Janet Laurence
  • Darina Lisle: caterer-chef and food writer in West Country, England

Bernie Lee
  • Tony Pratt: middle-aged mystery writer and former advertising executive, and his wife Pat, a financial consultant, based in Oregon

Laura Levine
  • Jaine Austen: freelance writer in Los Angeles, California

Jackie Lewin
  • Grace Beckmann: middle-aged mother and freelance writer in Colorado

Lawrence Light
  • Karen Glick: feature writer for a Wall Street magazine, in New York City

Anna Maclean
  • Louisa May Alcott: amateur sleuth before becoming a famous author, in pre-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts

Lauren Maddison
  • Connor Hawthorne: lesbian mystery novelist and former district attorney

Mary Jane Maffini
  • Fiona Silk: talent-challenged romance writer, in the bilingual tourist town St. Aubaine, Quebec, Canada

Jaye Maiman
  • Robin Miller: lesbian romance novel and travel writer turned private investigator, in New York City

Valerie Malmont
  • Tori Miracle: ex-New York City crime writer turned novelist, in Pennsylvania

Amy Patricia Meade
  • Marjorie McClelland: a smart and sassy mystery writer, and rich British expat Creighton Ashcroft, in 1930s Ridgebury, Connecticut

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Jay Omega: college professor and science-fiction author

Craig McDonald
  • Hector Lassiter: legendary crime novelist who writes what he lives and lives what he writes, in the 1930s-1950s

Neil McGaughey
  • Kyle Malachi: who publishes mystery book reviews under the pseudonym Stokes Moran

Hope McIntyre
  • Lee Bartholomew: ghostwriter in London, England, and then Long Island, New York

Annette Meyers
  • Olivia Brown: bohemian poet and women’s rights advocate in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York

Kasey Michaels
  • Maggie Kelly: writer of historical romances, dumped by her publisher, starts writing mysteries, in New York City

Lisa Miscione
  • Lydia Strong: true-crime writer in New York City, with side trips to New Mexico and Florida

Paul Nathan
  • Bert Swain: divorced middle-aged writer and head of public relations at a Manhattan medical research center, in New York City

Kris Neri
  • Tracy Eaton: mystery writer and sleuth, in New York City

Denise Osborne
  • Queenie Davilov: struggling screenwriter and investigator, in Hollywood, California
Robin Paige
  • Kathryn Ardleigh: American author who moves to Victorian Dedham, England, and Sir Charles Sheridan, a landed peer and amateur scientist

Ellen Pall
  • Juliet Bodine: successful writer of Regency novels and ex-professor of English literature at Barnard in New York City

Linda Palmer
  • Morgan Tyler: 30-year-old widow, the head writer of the daytime drama “Love of My Life” in New York City

William J. Palmer
  • Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens: 19th century writers in London, England

Orania Papazoglou
  • Patience Campbell McKenna: 6-ft romance novelist turned crime writer, in New York

Tony Perona
  • Nick Bertetto: freelance writer and stay-at-home dad, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Elizabeth Peters
  • Jacqueline Kirby: librarian turned romance novelist, in New York

Audrey Peterson
  • Jane Winfield: British journalist and music writer, in London, England

Linda Lee Peterson
  • Maggie Fiore: magazine writer and editor in San Francisco, California

W.R. Philbrick
  • J.D. Hawkins: wheelchair-bound mystery writer, in Boston, Massachusetts

T.J. Phillips
  • Joe Wilder: playwright and novelist in New York City

Nancy Pickard
  • Marie Lightfoot: true crime author

Ellery Queen
  • Ellery Queen: author in Manhattan, New York

Anthony Quogan
  • Matthew Prior: Canadian playwright

William J. Reynolds
  • Jay Omega: college professor and science-fiction author

Robert Richardson
  • Augustus Maltravers: journalist turned playwright and novelist, in fictional Vercaster, England

Lora Roberts
  • Liz Sullivan: freelance writer and organic gardener, and Police Detectives Paul Drake and Bruno Morales in Palo Alto, California

Laura Joh Rowland
  • Charlotte Brontë: the author, in mid-1880s England

Betty Rowlands
  • Melissa Craig: British crime novelist in the Cotswolds, England

Patricia H. Rushford
  • Helen Bradley: ex-cop travel-writer in Lincoln City, Oregon

William Sanders
  • Taggart Roper: freelance writer, living in a trailer with his dog, and moonlighting as a petty criminal, in Oklahoma

Walter Satterthwait
  • Kate Ivory: novelist turned amateur detective in Oxford, England

Harold Schechter
  • Edgar Allan Poe: in the 1830s-1840s, in Baltimore, Maryland, New York City, and Massachusetts

Michael W. Sherer
  • Emerson Ward: freelance writer in Chicago, Illinois

Beth Sherman
  • Anne Hardaway: ghostwriter in Oceanside Heights, New Jersey, in the Jersey Shore mysteries

Clea Simon
  • Theda Krakow: cat-loving, freelance writer in Cambridge, Massachusetts

E. Joan Sims
  • Paisley Sterling: author of children’s books, in Rowan Springs, Kentucky

Murray Sinclair
  • Ben Crandel: pornographic novel author and amateur detective, in Los Angeles, California

Edward Sklepowich
  • Urbino Macintyre: American expatriate writer and amateur sleuth, and his friend Barbara, Contessa da Capo-Zendrini, in Venice, Italy

Barbara Burnett Smith
  • Jolie Wyatt: radio station reporter and aspiring writer, in Purple Sage, Texas

Julie Smith
  • Paul MacDonald: ex-reporter and mystery writer, in San Francisco, California
  • Talba Wallis: (AKA Baroness de Pontalba), black poet and computer expert, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Troy Soos
  • Marshall Webb: freelance reporter for Harper’s Weekly (who secretly pens dime novels), beau of Rebecca Davies, a child of privilege running a home for desperate women

Veronica Stallwood
  • Kate Ivory: novelist turned amateur detective in Oxford, England

J.B. Stanley
  • Molly Appleby: writer for Collector's Weekly magazine, in North Carolina and Virginia, in the Collectible mysteries

David Stukas
  • Robert Wilsop: recovered Catholic and copywriter for feminine hygiene products, in New York

Maureen Tan
  • Jane Nichols: secret agent turned mystery writer, in Savannah, Georgia

Alice Tilton
  • Leonidas Witherall: retired academic and secret pulp fiction author, in Boston, Massachusetts

L.C. Tyler
  • Ethelred Tressider: a mystery author, and his chocoholic literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, in West Sussex, England

Lisa Unger (Lisa Miscione)
  • Ridley Jones: freelance writer in New York City

Nicola Upson
  • Josephine Tey: the mystery writer in 1930s Britain

Noreen Wald
  • Jacqueline “Jake” O’Hara: ghost writer in Manhattan, New York City

Mary Willis Walker
  • Mollie Cates: true-crime writer and reporter, in Texas

Kate White
  • Bailey Weggins: true crime author, in Warren, Massachusetts

John Morgan Wilson
  • Benjamin Justice: gay crime reporter and writer in Los Angeles, California

Matt Witten
  • Jacob Burns: at-home dad and part-time scriptwriter, in Saratoga Springs, New York

Sue Owens Wright
  • Elsie "Beanie" MacBean: freelance writer and member of the Washoe Tribe, and her basset hound, Cruiser, in South Tahoe, Nevada

Joyce Yarrow
  • Jo Epstein: private investigator and performance poet, based in Brooklyn, New York

R.D. Zimmerman
  • Alex Phillips: technical writer and his sister, Maddy Phillips, a blind forensic psychiatrist, on an island in Lake Michigan

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