Authors & Characters added in 2008

Authors and Characters Added in January 2008

Karin Alvtegen: non-series mysteries set in Sweden

Ray Bradbury: An unnamed writer and amateur sleuth in Los Angeles, California

Gyles Brandreth: Oscar Wilde, poet, wit, and playwright, friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Sherard, great-grandson of Wordsworth, investigate murders in Victorian England, Scotland, and France

Gordon Campbell: Edgar nominee for Best First Mystery

Gianrico Carofiglio: Guido Guerrieri, a jaded defense lawyer in Bari, Italy

Two new series on the Max Allan Collins page: Criminal Minds (TV Tie-in); Maggie Starr, America's most famous ex-striptease artist, running her late husband's newspaper syndicate, and her stepson Jack, her VP and chief troubleshooter, in 1948 Manhattan, New York City

New series on the William J. Coughlin page: Stoney Walsh in Detroit, Michigan

Two new series on the Judith Cutler page: Josie Welford, new owner of the White Hart Pub in Kings Duncombe, a West Country village, and Nick Thomas, a Food Standards Agency inspector, in England; Fran Harman, a Detective Chief Superintendent nearing retirement, in Kent, England

Stan Cutler: Rayford Goodman, a jaded, once-famous private investigator, and Mark Bradley, a gay writer of celebrity biographies, in Los Angeles, California

Gaylord Dold: Mitch Roberts, a private investigator in 1950s Wichita, Kansas

D.H. Dublin: Madison Cross, a former star medical student with the Crime Scenes Unit, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

P.S. Elsner: Nick Dallas, a young but retired cop in Detroit, Michigan, now a private investigator, in the 1950s

Tana French: Edgar nominee for Best First Mystery

Christopher Goffard: Edgar nominee for Best First Mystery

New series on the Ann Granger page: Lizzie Martin, a companion to a wealthy widow slum landlord, in 1860s London, England

Lois Greiman: Christina McMullen, a cocktail waitress turned professional psychologist, and homicide detective Jack Rivera, in Los Angeles, California

Isidore Haiblum: Tom Dunjer in the future; Sisco and Block in the future; James Shaw, a Jewish private investigator in New York City; Morris Weiss, a “Yiddish detective” at Weiss and Weiss, in 1950s New York City

New series on the Linda Hall page: Jake Rikker, a private investigator, kayak adventurer, and whale-watching tour guide specializing in salvage operations, in the mostly Christian town of Fog Point, Maine

Petra Hammesfahr: non-series

Vicki Hendricks: non-series set in Florida

Russell Hill: non-series mysteries, Edgar nominee for Best Paperback Original

New series on the Tami Hoag page: Elena Estes, an ex-cop turned horse trainer, in Palm Beach, Florida

David Hosp: Non-series legal thrillers:

Vicki Lane: Elizabeth Goodweather, a 50-something widow and proprietor of an herb and flower farm near Asheville, North Carolina, in the Appalachians

New series on the José Latour page: Elliot Steil, son of an American sugar magnate, later a professor of English at a Cuban college and then working in an import-export business, in Havana, Cuba

New series on the Wendi Lee page, written as W.W. Lee: Jefferson Birch, a former Texas ranger working for Tisdale Investigations, in the American West in the second half of the 19th century

Michael Lister: John Jordan, a prison chaplain at the Potter Correctional Institution in north Florida

James Macomber: John Cann, a Vietnam Special Forces veteran, now a US-based lawyer dealing with international legal issues and ethical dilemmas in Europe

John Martel: Non-series legal thrillers set in San Francisco, California

Craig McDonald: Edgar nominee for Best First Mystery

Jo Nesbø: Harry Hole, a police detective in Oslo, Norway

Derek Nikitas: Edgar nominee for Best First Mystery

Julie Parsons: Michael McLoughlin, a detective inspector, later retired, in Dublin, Ireland

Shari Shattuck: Callaway (Cally) Wilde, a wealthy socialite, and LAPD detective Evan Paley, in Los Angeles, California

Edward Sklepowich: Urbino McIntyre, an American expatriate writer and amateur sleuth, and his friend Barbara, Countess da Capo-Zendrini, in Venice, Italy

Caro Soles: non-series mysteries

Charlie Stella: non-series books centered in New York City

Jennifer Sturman: Rachel Benjamin, an investment banker and amateur sleuth, based in New York City

Susan Sussman and Sarajane Avidon: Morgan Taylor, a struggling actress in Chicago, Illinois, and on a Caribbean cruise ship

Frank Tallis: Max Liebermann, a psychoanalytic detective in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna, Austria

Michael Underwood: Simon Manton, a police inspector, later superintendent, in London, England; Martin Ainsworth, in England; Richard Monk, a lawyer in England; Nick Atwell, a police sergeant at Scotland Yard, and detective constable Clare Reynolds, in London, England; Rosa Epton, a solicitor in London, England

Martyn Waites: Stephen Larkin, a London tabloid journalist whose wife and baby were murdered, now back in his hometown of Newcastle, England; Joe Donovan, a former investigative journalist whose son has disappeared, in Newcastle, England

Kevin Wignall: non-series mysteries, Edgar nominee for Best Paperback Original

Dirk Wyle: Ben Candidi, a free-spirited, nature-loving biomedical scientist, and Rebecca Levis, a medical student, later MD, in Florida, Washington, DC, and elsewhere


Authors and Characters Added in February 2008

Tasha Alexander: Lady Emily Ashton, young and recently widowed, in Victorian London, England

Maggie Barbieri: Alison Bergeron, a newly divorced English professor at St. Thomas, a small Catholic college in the Bronx, New York City

Ronan Bennett: non-series mysteries

Grace Brophy: Alessandro Cenni, a maverick state police commissario, in Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Rick Copp: Jarrod Jarvis, a former child-star and gay amateur sleuth, in Los Angeles, California, and London, England

Caroline Cousins: Cousins Margaret Ann Matthews, Bonnie Lynn Tyler, and Lindsey Fox, at Pinckney Plantation on fictional Indigo Island, South Carolina

Ellen Crosby: Lucie Montgomery, operating her family’s winery in Virginia, in the Wine Country mysteries

Michael Delving: Dave Cannon, a Connecticut Yankee, in rural Gloucestershire, England, and in Wales; Bob Eddison, a Cherokee Indian, Dave Cannon’s partner, in rural Gloucestershire, England

Richard Doetsch: Michael St. Pierre, a master thief nearing retirement, operating in Europe

New series on the Loren D. Estleman page: Page Murdock, a deputy US Marshal in 1880s American West (and Canada)

Timothy Fuller: Jupiter Jones, a Harvard fine arts instructor and amateur sleuth, in Boston, Massachusetts

Kathleen George: Richard Christie, a homicide detective in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Noreen Gilpatrick: Kate MacLean, a police detective in the Seattle, Washington, area

Donald Goines: Kenyatta, a small-time hoodlum rising to lead an organization devoted to eliminating white cops and ridding the ghetto of drugs and prostitution, in Detroit, Michigan, and Las Vegas, Nevada

Kate Green: Theresa Fortunato, a tarot-reading psychic, and Oliver Jardine, a police detective, in Los Angeles, California

Michael Gruber: Iago “Jimmy” Paz, a Cuban-American cop, in Miami, Florida, and elsewhere

Patricia Gussin: Laura Nelson, a medical student in late 1960s Detroit, Michigan, later a surgeon, in 1970s Tampa, Florida

New series on the Tami Hoag page: Sam Kovac, a hard-boiled police detective, and his wisecracking partner Nikki Liska, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vicky Hunnings: William “Shark” Morgan and Dell Hassler, police detectives in Hilton Head, Beaufort County, South Carolina

James Patrick Hunt: Evan Maitland, a former police detective, now running an antique business and moonlighting as a bounty hunter, based in Chicago, Illinois; George Hastings, a police lieutenant in St. Louis, Missouri

Iceberg Slim: White Folks, a black man able to “pass” and con whites

New series on the Michael Innes page: Charles Honeybath, a detective at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Claude Izner: Victor Legris, a bookseller in late 19th century Paris, France

Henry Kisor: Steve “Two Crows” Martinez, a Lakota Indian by birth, eastern white by upbringing, and deputy sheriff in Porcupine City, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Suzann Ledbetter: Hannah Garvey, a former advertising executive managing the upscale Valhalla Springs retirement community in the Missouri Ozarks

S.L. Linnea: Major Jaime Richards, a US Army chaplain in Iraq, searching for Eden

Lisa Lutz: Isabele “Izzy” Spellman, a 28-year old sleuth working for her parents’ private investigation firm, in San Francisco, California

Edward Mathis: Dan Roman, a private investigator, in east Texas

Cody McFadyen: Smoky Barrett, an FBI agent who was badly scarred by another serial killer, in Los Angeles, California

Kate Morgenroth: non-series mysteries

Steve Mosby: non-series mysteries

Sylvia Nobel: Kendall O’Dell, a reporter at a small-town newspaper in fictional Castle Valley, Arizona

Asa Nonami: non-series mysteries

Richard Parrish: Joshua Rabb, a Jewish lawyer in late 1940s and early 1950s working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and privately, in Tucson, Arizona

John Pilkington: Thomas Finbow, a master falconer in late 16th century London and Berkshire, England; Ben Button, a boy actor with Lord Bonner’s Men, in Elizabethan England (juvenile)

Danuta Reah: non-series mysteries, also written as Carla Banks

Sara Rosett: Ellie Avery, an Air Force wife and professional organizer, in the Mom Zone mysteries

Marcus Sakey: Non-series crime novels set in Chicago, Illinois

Jean Sheldon: Kerry Grant, a police detective and computer guru, in Chicago, Illinois

Shelley Smith: Jacob Chaos, a police inspector, in England

Roz Southey: Charles Patterson, a determined but impoverished musician in 18th century Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Jim Stinson: Spencer Churchill (Stoney) Winston, a filmmaker at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain, screenwriter, and film workshop teacher, in Los Angeles, California

David Stone: Micah Dalton, a “cleaner” for the CIA, roaming the world to fix up Company messes

New series on the Mark Terry page: Derek Stillwater, a bioterrorism expert with the US Department of Homeland Security

Leslie Thomas: “Dangerous” Davies, a detective constable in north London, England

Robert Upton: Amos McGuffin, a hard-drinking, golf-playing private investigator, based in San Francisco, California (also in Los Angeles and New York City)

Clarissa Watson: Persis Willum, an artist and art gallery assistant, in Long Island, New York, and France

Carolyn Weston: Casey Kellogg, an ex-surfer college-grad detective, teamed with Al Krug. a seasoned cop of the old school, in Santa Monica, California

Robin A. White: non-series mysteries

William P. Wood: legal thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in March 2008

Aileen Baron: Lily Sampson, a young American graduate student archeologist, in late 1930s and early 1940s Jerusalem and Morocco

Francis Beeding (John Palmer & Hilary Saunders): Professor Kreutzemark, in Switzerland and Spain; Alistair Granby, a Colonel, later General, in the British Intelligence Service in England and occasionally on the Continent; Wilkins, a police inspector, in England; George Martin, a police inspector, in England; James de la Cloche in the 1600s (written as David Pilgrim)

Josephine Bell: Dr. David Wintringham, Inspector Steven Mitchell of Scotland Yard, and barrister Claude Warrington-Reeve, in England; Dr. Henry Frost, in England; Amy Tupper, an amateur sleuth in London, England

Maureen Carter: Bev Morriss, a lippy but loveable detective sergeant in Birmingham, England

New series on the William Deverell page: Arthur Beauchamp, a scholarly, self-doubting lawyer retired as a hobbyist farmer on Garibaldi Island, off the coast of British Columbia, Canada

New series on the Kathy Lynn Emerson page, writing as Kaitlyn Dunnett: Liss MacCrimmon a 20-something dancer forced into early retirement by a knee injury, helping at her aunt’s Scottish store, in Moosetookalook, Maine

Charles Finch: Charles Lenox, a gentleman sleuth, in 1860s London, England (Agatha nominee for Best First Novel)

Jack Fredrickson: Vlodek “Dek” Elstrom, a private investigator with a failed marriage and battered reputation, in Chicago, Illinois (Shamus finalist for Best First P.I. Novel)

New series on the Meg Gardiner page: Jo Beckett, a forensic psychiatrist, in San Francisco, California

Beth Groundwater: Claire Hanover, 40-something proprietor of a gift-basket business, in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Agatha nominee for Best First Novel)

Palma Harcourt: non-series mysteries; George Thorne, a Detective Superintendent in the Thames Valley police, in England (written as John Penn); Dick Tansey, a Chief Inspector in the Thames Valley police, in England (written as John Penn)

Ray Harrison: Joseph Bragg, a down-to-earth detective sergeant, and James Morton, an upper-crust constable, in 1890s London, England

New series on the Libby Fischer Hellmann page: Georgia Davis, an ex-cop private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

Mick Herron: Zoë Boehm, a 40-something private investigator in Oxford, England

Maria Hudgins: Dotsy Lamb, a recently divorced ancient and medieval history professor from Virginia, with her friend Lettie, traveling in Europe

New series on the Peter King page: Ned Parker, hansom cab driver in 1870s London, England

Roberta Kray: Gangland novels in London, England

Ronald Levitsky: Nate Rosen, a civil liberties lawyer from Washington, DC, taking cases in Virginia, Tennessee, South Dakota, and Illinois

Richard Marinick: non-series set in the mean streets of South Boston, Massachusetts

Stephen Marlowe: Chester Drum, an ex-FBI agent private investigator, venturing around the world; Brian Guy, a private investigator, in New York City (written as Jason Ridgway)

Hope McIntyre: Lee Bartholomew, a ghostwriter in London, England, and then Long Island, New York

Joan Opyr: Wilhelmina “Bil” Hardy, a baby dyke in Cowslip, Idaho

New series on the P.J. Parrish page: Joe Frye, the only female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department (and Louis Kincaid’s lover), in Miami, Florida

Julian Rathbone: Colonel Nur Bey, a policeman in Turkey; Jan Argand, a police commissioner in Brabt, a fictional European country; Renata Fechter, head of a squad of eco-cops in Germany; Chris Shovelin, a down-at-the-heals 50-something British private investigator, in California and Kenya

Deanna Raybourn: Lady Julia Grey, recently widowed, in 1880s London, England (Agatha nominee for Best First Novel)

Derek Raymond: A police detective-sergeant in the Factory, Department A14 — Unexplained Deaths, in Soho, London, England

New series on the Cornelia Read page: Madeline Dare, former dubutante in 1980s New York and Massachusetts

New series on the Matthew Reilly page: Jack West, Jr., an adventurer from the Australian Outback

Sandra Ruttan: Craig Nolan, Ashlyn Hart, and Tain, police constables in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hank Phillippi Ryan: Charlotte “Charlie” McNally, a 40-something TV investigative reporter, in Boston, Massachusetts (Agatha nominee for Best First Novel)

New series on the Walter Satterthwait page: Lizzie Borden, three decades after her acquittal of the axe-murder of her father and stepmother

Roger Silverwood: Superintendent Cawthorn, in England; Michael Angel, a detective inspector in Bromersley, South Yorkshire, England

Fran Stewart: Biscuit McKee, a librarian, and her cat, Marmalade, in Martinsville, a small town in northern Georgia

Duane Swierczynski: non-series mysteries

Edwin Thomas: Martin Jerrold, a lieutenant in the British Navy in the early 1800s, in the Reluctant Adventures trilogy; Demetrios Askiates, a former bounty hunter and bodyguard, in service to the Byzantine Emperor in late 11th century Constantinople, in the First Crusade trilogy (written as Tom Harper)

Livia J. Washburn: Lucas Hallam, a stuntman and former Texas Ranger, in the 1920s; Phyllis Newsom, an elderly amateur sleuth and pie expert, in Weatherford, Texas, in the Fresh-Baked mysteries

Dennis Wheatley: Duke de Richleau, an exiled French monarchist, along with “Modern Musketeers” Richard Eaton, a conservative Christian Englishman, Simon Aron, a liberal Jew, and American Rex Van Ryn, from 1894-1960; Gregory Sallust, a British agent battling Nazis, sometimes by occult mean; Julian Day, seeking revenge against those who ruined his career; Roger Brook, a special agent for Prime Minister William Pitt, from 1783-1815, in Europe, Asia, and the America; Molly Fountain, a widowed Englishwoman and thriller writer after WWII, on the French Riviera


Authors and Characters Added in April 2008

New series on the Rick Acker page: Ben Corbin, a lawyer in Chicago, Illinois, in Christian legal thrillers

New series on the Harold Adams page: Kyle Champion, a former TV news anchor, now a private investigator

Sandra Balzo: Maggy Thorsen, a 40-something divorcée running a coffee shop, Uncommon Grounds, with two women friends in the small fictional town of Brookhills, Wisconsin

Lorna Barrett: Tricia Miles, running a mystery bookstore, Haven’t Got a Clue, and the cat Miss Marple, in fictional small-town Stoneham, New Hampshire, a town full of bookstores (L.L. Bartlett pseudonym)

Peter Blauner: non-series mysteries

Nicholas Blincoe: non-series mysteries

Kyril Bonfiglioli: Charlie Mortdecai, a dishonest art dealer who consorts with international crooks, and his sidekick Jock Strapp, in England

New series co-authored by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr: Max Fisher, a wealthy businessman, and Angela Petrakos, his sexy assistant, starting out in New York City

Pat Burden: Henry Bassett, a retired Detective Chief Superintendent, in Herefordshire, England

Mark Burnell: Stephanie Patrick, a druggie and prostitute turned government assassin, in Europe and elsewhere

Francis Clifford: non-series mysteries

Natalie R. Collins: non-series mysteries; Jenny T. Partridge, founder of the premier dance academies in Ogden, Utah, in the Dance mysteries (written as Natalie M. Roberts)

Sarah D’Almeida: D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, of Dumas fame, serving the king in 17th century France, in the Musketeers mysteries

K.O. Dahl: Gunnarstranda and Frank Frolich, police in Oslo, Norway

Mark De Castrique: Sam Blackman, a former Chief Warrant Officer in the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the U.S. military who lost part of his leg in Iraq, in Asheville, North Carolina

Ben Elton: non-series mysteries

New series on the Inger Frimansson page: Justine Dalvik, in Hässelby, Sweden

Pip Granger: Rosie Featherby, a child raised by her Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bert running a Soho cafe in early 1950s London, England

Michael Gregorio: Hanno Stiffeniis, a magistrate in the Napoleonic era, in early 1800s Konigsberg, Prussia

Melodie Johnson Howe: Claire Conrad, a tall, elegant private investigator, and her sassy assistant, Maggie Hill, in Los Angeles, California, and New York City

Elizabeth Ironside: non-series mysteries

Susanna Jones: non-series mysteries

Denis Kilcommons: Peter Lacey, in Spain and elsewhere

New series on the Diana Killian page: A.J. (Anna Jolie) Alexandra, a 30-something marketing consultant in Manhattan, New York, in the Yoga mysteries

New series on the Jon Land page: Michael Tiranno (The Tyrant), Mafia connected owner of the Seven Sins, a Los Vegas casino

William Landay: non-series mysteries

Jonathan Lethem: non-series mysteries

William F. Love: Francis X. Regan, a wheelchair-bound Catholic Bishop, and his assistant David Goldman, a Jewish ex-cop private eye, in New York City

Desmond Lowden: non-series mysteries

Mary E. Martin: Harry Jenkins, a lawyer in a small wills and estates firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Osgoode Trilogy

Adrian Mathews: non-series mysteries

Seicho Matsumoto: non-series mysteries

John McEvoy: Jack Doyle, a failed ad-man and reluctant sleuth working in the horse-racing world, based in the Chicago, Illinois area

Eoin McNamee: non-series mysteries; Jack Valentine, a middle-aged British intelligence agent in the 1970s, in Ireland and elsewhere (written as John Creed)

Nicholas Meyer: Sherlock Holmes, from the posthumous memoirs of Dr. Watson, in the 1890s in Europe

Dreda Say Mitchell: non-series mysteries

New series on the Ian Morson page: Niccolò Zuliani, a Venetian businessman turned bodyguard at the court of Kubilai Khan in 1262

New series on the Terri Persons page: Bernadette “Cat” Saint Clare, an FBI agent with paranormal powers, in St. Paul, Minnesota

Henry Porter: non-series mysteries

Robert Richardson: Augustus Maltravers, a journalist turned playwright and novelist, in fictional Vercaster, England

Trevor Scott: Jake Adams, a former Air Force intelligence and CIA officer, taking care of business in Europe and elsewhere; Tony Caruso, a private investigator working out of his home-office in an old Ford pickup, with his German-trained bomb-sniffing dog Panzer, a Giant Schnauzer, in Bend, Oregon; Chad Hunter and Frank Baldwin, weapons experts, in the Hypershot thrillers

José Carlos Somoza: non-series mysteries

New romantic suspense series on the Mariah Stewart page: Mallory Russo, ex-cop private investigator, and Charlie Wanamaker, former Philadelphia detective, in Conroy, Pennsylvania

Terri Thayer: Dewey Pellicano, who inherits her mother’s quilt shop Quilter Paradiso, in San Jose, California, in the Quilting mysteries; Stamping Sisters mysteries

Sarah Waters: non-series mysteries

Anton White: non-series mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in May 2008

Jakob Arjouni: Kemal Kayankaya, a private investigator of Turkish background, in Frankfurt, Germany

Jake Arnott: Harry Starks, a charismatic homosexual gangster in 1960s London, England

Rick Blechta: non-series mysteries

Anna Blundy: Faith Zanetti, a contemporary war correspondent in the Mid-East, Russia, and Europe

Liz Brady: Jane Yeats, a Harley-riding journalist and crime writer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alex Brett: Morgan O’Brien, a Canadian government investigator specializing in science fraud, based in Ottawa, Ontario

Terry Carroll: Carl North, a small-town cop and amateur hockey goalie, in Belleford and then St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

New series on the Patricia Cornwell page: Win Garano, mixed-race state investigator, and Monique Lamont, District Attorney, in Boston, Massachusetts

C.R. Corwin: Dolly Madison (Maddy) Sprowls, a 60-something newspaper archivist for the Herald-Union, and cub reporter Aubrey McGinty, in Hannawa, Ohio, in the Morgue Mama mysteries

Jon Evans: non-series mysteries

Reg Gadney: Alan Rosslyn, a private investigator in England and elsewhere in Europe

New series on the Dean R. Koontz page: Odd Thomas, a fry cook who can communicate with the dead, in the fictional small town of Pico Mundo, California

New series on the Jayne Ann Krentz page: Arcane Society, a secret organization devoted to paranormal research (some books written as Amanda Quick)

Stieg Larsson: the Millenium trilogy

Conyth Little: non-series mysteries

Kaye Morgan: Liza Kelly, a former publicist in Hollywood, now a sudoku columnist for a paper in her hometown of Maiden’s Bay, Oregon, in the Sudoku mysteries

Francis M. Nevins: Loren Mensing, a law-school professor, in St. Louis, Missouri; Milo Turner, a con-man and private investigator, in St. Louis, Missouri

Geoffrey Norman: Morgan Hunt, a Vietnam vet, ex-con, private investigator working for a crusading lawyer, in Pensacola, Florida

New series on the Barbara Parker page: C.J. Dunn, a flashy criminal attorney in Miami, Florida

Andrew Pyper: non-series mysteries

R.T. Raichev: Antonia Darcy, a librarian at the Military and Naval Club, and grandmother, along with Major Hugh Payne, in London, England

Jon Redfern: non-series mysteries

Jan Rehner: non-series mysteries

Christopher Rice: non-series mysteries

Peter Steiner: Louis Morgon, a Middle East policy expert dismissed from the CIA, taking refuge in France

Ilona Van Mil: non-series mysteries

Michael Walters: Nergui, ex-head of the Serious Crime Squad, in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Chris Wiltz: Neal Rafferty, a third-generation cop turned private investigator, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Eve Zaremba: Helen Keremos, a 40-something lesbian private investigator and former intelligence operative based in Vancouver, British Columbia, also operating in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and elsewhere

Mark Zuehlke: Elias McCann, the reluctant community coroner, in Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada


Authors and Characters Added in June 2008

Mario Acevedo: Felix Gomez, a private investigator who became a vampire as a soldier in Iraq, in various places in the United States

Sarah Atwell: Emmeline (Em) Dowell, a glassblower, in Tucson, Arizona, in the Glassblowing mysteries (Sheila Connolly pseudonym)

New series on the Edna Buchanan page: Michael Venturi, a deputy U.S. marshall involved in running the Federal Witness Protection Program

Henry Chang: Jack Yu, a police detective in Chinatown, New York City

Sean Chercover: Ray Dudgeon, a former newspaper reporter turned private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

New series on the Ann Cleeves page: Jimmy Perez, a police detective inspector in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, in the Shetland Island Quartet

New series on the Gabriel Cohen page: Jack Leightner, a homicide detective in Brooklyn, New York City

Sheila Connolly: Meg Corey, taking over her mother’s colonial home and apple orchard, in fictional Granford, Massachusetts

New series on the P.T. Deutermann page: Cam Richter, a former lieutenant in a sheriff’s office, now running a private detective agency, in Manceford County, North Carolina

Margaret Doody: Aristotle, the philosopher, and Stephanos, a former student, in 330s BCE Athens under the rule of Alexander

David Downing: John Russell, a British journalist working as an amateur spy in 1939 Berlin, Germany

Two new series on the Kate Ellis page: Lady Katheryn Bulkeley, under the reign of King Henry VIII in 1539, in Liverpool, England; Joe Plantagenet, a detective inspector in Eborby, North Yorkshire, England

New series on the Robert Ellis page: Lena Gamble, a young police detective just promoted to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, in Los Angeles, California

Zoë Ferraris: Dagger nominee

Elena Forbes: Mark Tartaglia, a detective inspector in London, England, Dagger nominee

Rebecca Forster: Josie Baylor-Bates, a criminal defense lawyer in greater Los Angeles, California, in the Witness series

Melissa Glazer: Carolyn Emerson, middle-aged proprietor of a do-your-own-pottery shop, Fire at Will, in fictional Maple Ridge, Vermont, in the Clay and Crime mysteries (Tim Myers pseudonym)

New series on the Philip Gooden page: Thomas Ansell, a London attorney who travels to British cathedral towns during the Victorian era

New series on the Deborah Grabien page: John “JP” Kincaid, a member of Blacklight, a legendary British rock group

New series on the Timothy Hallinan page: Poke Rafferty, a “rough-travel” writer living with Rose, a former go-go dancer, in Bangkok, Thailand

Sophie Hannah: Simon Waterhouse, a detective constable, and Charlie Zailer, a detective sergeant, in rural England

New series on the Julie Hyzy page: Alex St. James, a TV reporter based in Chicago, Illinois

New series on the Quintin Jardine page: Primavera Phillips, Oz Blackstone’s ex-wife, in Spain

Rebecca Kent: Meredith Llewellyn, the headmistress of Bellehaven House, a finishing school in the Cotswolds, and her two cohorts, no-nonsense Felicity Cross and timid ex-socialite Esmerelda Pickard, in Edwardian England (Kate Kingsbury pseudonym)

Dominique Manotti: Daquin, a gay police detective, in Paris, France, Dagger nominee

New series on the Evan Marshall page: Anna Winthrop, a Department of Sanitation garage supervisor in Manhattan, New York City

New series on the Marilyn Meredith page, written as F.M. Meredith: Doug Milligan, a police detective in the fictional beach community of Rocky Bluff, California

New series on the Chris Mooney page: Darby McCormick, holding a doctorate in criminal psychology and working as a crime scene investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts

R.N. Morris: Porfiry Petrovich, the police inspector in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, in 1860s St. Petersburg, Russia, Dagger nominee

Jason Pinter: Henry Parker, a 20-something freshman journalist with the New York Gazette, in New York City

Neil Plakcy: Kimo Kanapa’aka, a gay police detective in Honolulu, Hawaii

Caro Ramsay: Dagger nominee

New series on the Deborah & Joel Shlian page: Lili Quan, a China-born California physician, who travels to China

Tom Rob Smith: Dagger nominee

Martin Suter: Dagger nominee

New series on the Therese Szymanski page: Shawn Donnelly, a police detective, in Detroit, Michigan

Simon Wood: non-series mysteries

Ann Woodward: Lady Aoi, a lady-in-waiting, trained in Chinese healing arts, in the late Heian period (1020s), at the Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Japan


Authors and Characters Added in July 2008

Brett Battles: Jonathan Quinn, an ex-cop freelancing for the Office, a secret US intelligence agency

New series on the Don Bruns page: Skip Moore and James Lessor, best friends since grade school, in Florida

New series on the Margaret Coel page: Catherine McLeod, an investigative reporter in Denver, Colorado

R.J. Ellory: non-series mysteries

Brent Ghelfi: Alekei “Volk” Volkovoy, a wounded Chechnya veteran, now a gangster and covert military operative, in Russia

New series on the Tim Green page: Casey Jordan, a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas

Joe Hill: Macavity nominee

Elspeth Huxley: Superintendant Vachell, a former Canadian mountie, in British colonial Africa

New series on the Larry Karp page: Scott Joplin, in the Ragtime series

Clare Langley-Hawthorne: Ursula Marlowe, an Oxford-educated heiress, suffragette, and aspiring journalist in Edwardian London, England

Jay MacLarty: Simon Leonidovich, a high-tech, international “package” courier

New series on the Craig McDonald page: Hector Lassiter, a legendary crime novelist who writes what he lives and lives what he writes, in the 1930s-1950s

Bridget McKenna: Caley Burke, a 30-something private investigator, in Northern California

John Ramsey Miller: Winter Massey, a deputy U.S. Marshal (later an ex-marshal), in New Orleans, Louisiana, and elsewhere in the South

Joyce Carol Oates: non-series suspense

Michael Prescott: Abby Sinclair, a freelance security consultant who hunts stalkers, and Tess McCallum, an FBI special agent, in Los Angeles, California

Fran Rizer: Calamine “Callie” Parrish, a mortuary cosmetologist, in South Carolina

Craig Russell: Jan Fabel, a Scottish-German police detective (Kriminalhauptkommissar), in Hamburg, Germany

New series on the Sheila Simonson page: Rob Neill, a sheriff’s investigator, and Meg McLean, a librarian, in the Latouche County mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in August 2008

Kelley Armstrong: Nadia Stafford, an ex-cop turned hitwoman, in Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Ashford: Dr. Megan Rhys, a forensic psychologist, in Birmingham, England

Ira Berkowitz: Jackson Steeg, a suspended cop with a drinking problem, in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

Michael A. Black: Ron Shade, a tough-guy private investigator, with a soft heart, and martial arts expert, in Chicago, Illinois

Jan Brogan: Hallie Ahern, an investigative newspaper reporter, and gambling addict, leaving Boston for Providence, Rhode Island

Robert Gregory Browne: non-series mysteries

Bill Bryan: Shamus nominee for Best First P.I. Novel

New series on the Robin Burcell page: Sydney Fitzpatrick, an FBI forensic artist in San Francisco, California

Mary Burton: non-series romantic suspense

Thomas B. Cavanagh: Mike Garrity, a 40-something retired police detective, now a private investigator, with a brain tumor named Bob, in Orlando, Florida

New series on the Michael Connelly page: Mickey Haller, a lawyer in Los Angeles, California

Heather Graham: Donna Miro and Lorna Doria in Massachusetts and New York City; The Flynn Brothers, private investigators inheriting a haunted mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana; the Vampire series, mostly set in New Orleans, Louisiana (written as Shannon Drake)

Rosemary Harris: Paula Holliday, a 30-ish former TV executive opens a landscaping-gardening business in Springfield, Connecticut, in the Dirty Business mysteries

Marion Moore Hill: Juanita Wills, a librarian in fictional Wyndham, Oklahoma, in the Scrappy Librarian series

Claire M. Johnson: Mary Ryan, a pastry chef in San Francisco, California

Kathryn Lilley: Kate Gallagher, a plus-sized TV producer laid off and left by her boyfriend, in Durham, NC, in the Fat City mysteries

Kate Pepper: non-series mysteries

Kat Richardson: Harper Blaine, a private investigator who can see ghosts, zombies, and the like, after being dead for two minutes, in Seattle, Washington, in the Greywalker series

Wendy Roberts: Sadie Novak, a former teacher now running Scene-2-clean, a cleaning company specializing in cleaning up death scenes, in Seattle, Washington, in the Ghost Dusters series

Ona Russell: Sarah Kaufman, a Jewish probate court official in 1920s Toledo, Ohio, later visiting Dayton, Tennessee

Thomas B. Sawyer: non-series mysteries

Tom Schreck: Duffy Dombrowski, an Elvis-loving boxer and social worker, and his basset hound, Al, in a town near New York City

Jane Tesh: Madeline “Mac” Maclin, a divorced former local beauty queen, and struggling private investigator, in Celosia, North Carolina

Dave White: Jackson Donne, an ex-cop private investigator, or night security guard when times are hard, in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Michael Wiley: Joe Kozmarski, a private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

Dave Zeltserman: non-series mysteries

Authors and Characters Added in September 2008

Lori Andrews: Dr. Alexandra Blake, a geneticist and forensic specialist working for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC

Maureen Ash: Bascot de Marins, a Templar Knight recovering from imprisonment in the holy lands, in the early 1200s, in England

Kate Atkinson: Jackson Brodie, an ex-cop, ex-husband, and private investigator, in the UK

New series on the Cynthia Baxter page: Mallory Meadows, a recent widow with a new career as a travel writer

Chelsea Cain: Archie, a police detective, and Gretchen Lowell, a serial killer who tortured and released him, in Portland, Oregon

Susan Taylor Chehak: non-series mysteries

New series on the Laura Childs page: Three semi-desperate, 40+ women running the egg-themed Cackleberry Club

New series on the Mary Jane Clark page: Eliza Blake, a TV news morning show host, along with producer Annabelle Murphy, cameraman B.J. D’Elia, and psychiatrist Dr. Margo Gonzalez, in New York City, in the Sunrise Suspense Society series

Rebecca Drake: non-series mysteries

J.T. Ellison: Taylor Jackson, a homicide lieutenant, and her lover, FBI profiler John Baldwin, in Nashville, Tennessee

Chris Ewan: Charlie Howard, a mystery writer and professional thief, in Europe

Steve Fisher: Lt. Commander Sheridan Doome, in Hawaii and at sea

John Galligan: Ned “Dog” Oglivie, traveling the United States in a 1984 RV, trout fishing until his money runs out, in the Fly Fishing mysteries

Sally Goldenbaum: Po Paltrow, a writer and quilter, and the Queen Bees quilting group, in the fictitious college town of Crestwood, Kansas; Isabel “Izzy” Chambers, a lawyer who leaves Boston to open the Seaside Knitting Studio, in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts

Robert Gott: William Power, a would-be private detective leading a troupe of incompetent Shakespearean actors during World War II, in Australia

New series on the Carolyn Hart page: Bailey Ruth Raeburn, who dies during a storm and then returns as a ghost to help solve crime in her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma

Donald Honig: Major Thomas Maynard, a detective in 1875-76 in Dakota and Montana Territory

N.M. Kelby: non-series mysteries

New series on the Joyce and Jim Lavene page: Mary Catherine Roberts, a four-time widow and a radio show pet psychic, in Wilmington, North Carolina

Mike Lawson: Joe De Marco, a lawyer and trouble-shooter for the Speaker of the House, as Counsel Pro Tem for Liaison Affairs, based in Washington, DC

Maria Lima: Keira Kelly, a half-breed descendant of a powerful paranormal family living among humans in Rio Seco, Texas

Tony Lindsay: David Price, a professional freelance security escort, in the African-American community, in Chicago, Illinois

Adrian Magson: Riley Gavin, a freelance journalist, and Frank Palmer, an ex-military policeman and private investigator, in London, England

G.M. Malliet: Detective Chief Inspector St. Just of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Sergeant Fear, in the UK

Cricket McRae: Sophie Mae Reynolds, a 30-something soapmaker and amateur sleuth, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Home Crafting mysteries

New series on the Penny Mickelbury page: Phil Rodriquez, a Puerto Rican ex-cop private investigator, and his partner, computer whiz Yolanda Aguillera, in New York City

James C. Mitchell: Roscoe Brinker, a former INS agent, now a private investigator, in Tuscon, Arizona

Allan Pedrazas: Harry Rice, a 30-something tavern owner and part-time sleuth, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thomas A. Roberts: non-series mysteries

David Rosenbaum: non-series mysteries

Philip Ross: James Marley, a private investigator in Boston, Massachusetts; Tom Talley, a CIA operative

Randy Russell: Alton Benjamin “Rooster” Franklin, a retired car thief, ex-con, and gambler, mostly in Kansas City, Missour

Gerald Seymour: non-series international intrigue

Juanita Sheridan: Lily Wu, a sleuth, and her “Watson” Janice Cameron, a writer, first in New York City, then in Hawaii

Steven Sidor: non-series mysteries

Mark T. Sullivan: non-series mysteries

Maggie Toussaint: Cleopatra Jones, an accountant, golfer, and divorced mother of two, in Hogan’s Glen, Maryland

New series on the Livia J. Washburn page: Delilah Dickenson, the owner of a travel agency in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Literary Tour mysteries

New series on the Betty Webb page: Theodora “Teddy” Bentley, a zookeeper living on a houseboat on the central coast of California, in the Zoo mysteries

John Babbington Williams: non-series mysteries, including short stories featuring James Brampton, America’s first private detective

Bruce Zimmerman: Quinn Parke, a phobia therapist and wealthy amateur sleuth, in San Francisco, California


Authors and Characters Added in October 2008

Kevin Allman: Kieran O’Connor, a freelance journalist in Hollywood, California

W. Edward Blain: non-series mysteries

Andrew Coburn: Rita Gardella O’Dea, a mafia princess in Massachusetts; James Morgan, police chief in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts

Charles Cumming: Alec Milius, a young college graduate recruited by British intelligence (MI6)

Joan M. Drury: Tyler Jones, a lesbian feminist newspaper columnist, based in San Francisco, California

L.L. Enger: Gun Pedersen, an ex-major-league ballplayer and recluse, mostly in the north woods of Minnesota; also non-series under real names Leif Enger and Lin Enger

Dean Feldmeyer: Rev. Daniel Thompson, a small-town Methodist minister with some personal problems, in Baird, Kentucky

Peter Heath Fine: Jason Starr, a genius and discredited scientist, and Adam Cyber, a superman from the future (written as Peter Heath)

Mark Frost: Arthur Conan Doyle, a doctor, author, and student of the paranormal, in late 19th century London, England

George Dawes Green: non-series mysteries

Marcy Heidish: non-series mysteries

Peter Helton: Chris Honeysett, an artist and private investigator, in and around Bath, England

New series on the Charlotte Hughes page: Dr. Kate Holly, a clinical psychologist

Michael Kurland: The Man from W.A.R. series; Professor Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime and nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, in 1890s London, England; Lord Darcy, Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, in contemporary times of an alternative history Anglo-French empire where the laws of magic prevail; Alexander Brass, a newspaper columnist in 1935 New York City

John Logue: John Morris, an Associated Press sportswriter focusing on golf and football, based in 1970s Atlanta, Georgia

Arthur Maling: Brock Potter, a Wall Street securities analyst

Billie Sue Mosiman: non-series mysteries

Darian North: non-series mysteries

Kem Nunn: non-series surfer-noir set in southern California

Philip Reed: Harold Dodge, a 50-ish, overweight former car salesman, in Los Angeles, California

Craig Smith: non-series mysteries

C.P. Snow: non-series mysteries

David Stout: non-series mysteries

Deborah Valentine: Katharine Craig, a sculptor, and Kevin Bryce, an ex-sheriff’s detective, in Lake Tahoe, California


Authors and Characters Added in November 2008

Beverly Barton: The Protectors series; Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee, trilogy; Griffin Powell, and the Powell Agency (all romantic suspense)

R.D. Brown: Cheney Hazzard, a private security agent in Brownsville, Texas

New series on the Alafair Burke page: Ellie Hatcher, a detective for the NYPD in New York City

C.S. Challinor: Rex Graves, a Scots barrister specializing in criminal litigation, prosecutor at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ron (Roland) Cutler: non-series mysteries

J. Madison Davis: Delbert “Dub” Greenert and Vonna Saucier, white and black private investigators, in New Orleans, Louisiana; Law & Order TV novelizations

Kenn Davis: Carver Bascombe, a black poet and private investigator, in San Francisco, California

The Destroyer Series: Remo Williams, an ex-cop and Vietnam veteran, trained in the ancient (and fictional) Korean martial art “Sinanju” by venerable Master Chiun, and agent of CURE, an organization outside the law serving to protect the law (written by various authors)

Gary Devon: non-series mysteries

Timothy Findley: non-series mysteries

New series on the Norman Green page: Alessandra (Al) Martillo, working as an assistant to Marty Stiles, an ex-NYPD cop turned PI

Andrew Gross: non-series mysteries

Richard Harper: Tom Ragnon, a cop living in a trailer in Arizona

Will Harriss: Cliff Dunbar, a former English professor turned private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Lynne Heitman: Alex Shanahan, general manager of Majestic Airlines, in Boston, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, sometimes undercover investigator in the airline industry, and later a private investigator

Doug Hornig: Loren Swift, a laid-back Vietnam veteran private investigator, in Charlottesville, Virginia; Steven Kirk, a burned-out CIA agent, in Charlottesville, Virginia

Tom Hyman: non-series mysteries

New series on the Lisa Jackson page: Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli, police detectives in Pinewood County, Montana

Mari Jungstedt: Anders Knutas, a police inspector on Gotland island, Sweden

Joseph Koenig: non-series mysteries

Deirdre Laiken: non-series mysteries

John Lawton: Frederick Troy, a police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England

Christopher Leach: non-series mysteries

Jack Lynch: Peter Bragg, a former reporter turned private investigator and part-time bartender, in Sausalito and San Francisco, California, and elsewhere

Patrick McGinley: non-series mysteries

L.A. Morse: Sam Hunter, a crude private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Warren Murphy: Ed Razoni and William “Tough” Jackson, white and black cops, respectively, in New York City; Julian “Digger” Burroughs, a freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada; Devlin “Trace” Tracy, a freelance insurance investigator, in Las Vegas, Nevada; Grandmaster, world champion chess and spy (with wife Molly Cochran); Forever King, a Holy Grail duo (with wife Molly Cochran); Amelia Pierce, daughter of a US intelligence agent (written as Dev Stryker, joint pseudonym with wife Molly Cochran)

Raymond Obstfeld: Harry Gould, a small-time grifter in New York City; Cliff Remington; Christian “Dagger”Daguerre, an investigative freelance reporter working news magnate, Hannibal S. Kydd (written as Carl Stevens)

Anthony Olcott: Ivan Kuvakin, a bureaucrat in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia

William Pearson: non-series mysteries

A.J. Quinnell: Creasy, an American middle-aged, broken down, ex-marine, and retired mercenary

New series on the Gillian Roberts page: Emma Howe, the 50-something owner of a private detective agency, and Billie August, a young single mother, in Tiburon (Marin County), California

Leah Ruth Robinson: Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe, an emergency room physician at Manhattan Hospital, in New York City

John Saul: The Blackstone Chronicles, serial suspense-horror novellas

Eric Sauter: Robert Lee Hunter, a wealthy 30-something private investigator, in New Jersey; Patrick Paige, a police detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark Schorr: Simon Jaffe, known as “Red Diamond”, a taxi-driver, pulp fiction collector, and private investigator, in New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas; Robert Stark, a private investigator; Brian Hanson, a Vietnam veteran and psychologist in a mental health clinic in Portland, Maine

Seymour Shubin: non-series mysteries

Mitch Silver: non-series mysteries

Murray Sinclair: Ben Crandel, a pornographic novel author and amateur detective, in Los Angeles, California

Alison Smith: Judd Springfield, police chief in Coolidge Corners, Vermont

Kay Nolte Smith: non-series mysteries

Marta Stephens: Sam Harper, a homicide detective in Chandler, Massachusetts

Ted Thackrey, Jr.: Preacher, a poker player and mystic, in the American Southwest (Nevada, New Mexico, California)

New series on the Ronald Tierney page: Carly Paladino, a private investigator formerly with a large security firm, and Noah Lang, a streetwise PI, in San Francisco, California

Teri White: Spaceman Kowalski and Blue Maguire, Vietnam vets and cops, in Los Angeles, California


Authors and Characters Added in December 2008

H.C. Bailey: Reginald Fortune, a surgeon and medical consultant to Scotland Yard, in London, England; Joshua Clunk, a Bible-spouting, hymn-singing lawyer, in London, England

Ray Banks: Callum “Cal” Innes, an ex-con working as an unlicensed private investigator, in Manchester, England

Cynthia Blair: Susan and Christine, the Pratt Twins (books for young adults, Cynthia Baxter pseudonym)

Robert J. Bowman: non-series mysteries

James Brownley: Alison Glasby, a crime reporter, in 1970s London, England

Clyde B. Clason: Theocritus Lucius Westborough, an elderly scholar of the Roman Empire, in Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California

John Darnton: non-series mysteries

New series on the Vicki Delany page: Fiona MacGillivray, owner of the Savoy dance hall, her 12-year old son Angus, and constable Richard Sterling, in the gold rush of 1898, in Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada

Sharon Dunn: Ruby Taylor, a 30-something Christian amateur sleuth, in Montana; The Bargain Hunters Network (Ginger the baby boomer, Kindra the college student, Suzanne the pregnant mother of three, and Mary Margret the silver-haired real-estate agent) in Three Horses, Montana

Brian Freemantle: Charlie Muffin, an experienced, rumpled, working-class British agent; Dimitri Danilov, a Colonel in the Moscow People’s Militia, later the Organized Crime Bureau, and William Cowley, an FBI agent and Russian expert; Sebastian Holmes, fathered out of wedlock by Sherlock Holmes while recuperating from his tumble off the Reichenbach Falls; Claudine Carter, an Anglo-French forensic psychologist and criminal profiler working for Europol, in Europe

James N. Frey: Joe Zanca, an ex-boxer private investigator working for The Agency, in San Francisco, California

Michelle Gagnon: Kelly Jones, an FBI agent in New England

Randall Garrett: Lord Darcy, Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, in contemporary times of an alternative history Anglo-French empire where the laws of magic prevail; Kenneth Malone, in then-future 1970s New York City (written as Mark Phillips)

Michael Harvey: Michael Kelly, an ex-cop private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

John Harwood: non-series gothic suspense

Conrad Haynes: Henry “Harry” Bishop, a college professor, in Portland, Oregon

Christiane Heggan: non-series romantic suspense

Patrick A. Kelley: Harry Colderwood, a professional magician

Charles Kenney: non-series mysteries

Gabrielle Kraft: Jerry Zalman, a Beverly Hills lawyer and deal-maker, in Los Angeles, California

Ward Larsen: non-series mysteries

Margaret Lucke: non-series mysteries

Mike Lupica: Peter Finley, a TV reporter in New York City; Jack “The Jammer” Molloy, former Las Vegas casino concierge, now owner of the New York Hawks football team

New series on the T.J. MacGregor page: Nora McKee, a college professor, and librarian Alex Kincaid, fighting shadowy government agents using time travel

James McCahery: Lavina London, a 70-something retired radio personality, in New York

Fidelis Morgan: Lady Ashby de la Zouche, Countess of Clapham, a 60-something former mistress of the deceased Charles II, fallen on hard times, and her former maid Alpiew, around 1700 in London, England

Eddie Muller: Billy Nichols, a boxing columnist for the Inquirer newspaper, in late 1940s San Francisco, California

Dallas Murphy: Artie Deemer, a jazz aficionado supported by his dog Jellyroll, a movie and dog-food commercial star, in New York City

Edward A. Pollitz, Jr.: non-series mysteries, also written as Nick Christian

Edogawa Rampo: non-series mysteries

Harold Schechter: Edgar Allan Poe, himself, in the 1830s-1840s, in Baltimore, Maryland, New York City, and Massachusetts

Elizabeth Sims: Lillian Byrd, a sometime reporter, street musician, and amateur sleuth based around Detroit, Michigan; Rita Farmer, an aspiring actress and single mother, in Los Angeles, California

Mehmet Murat Somer: a nameless male computer technician by day and a transvestite nightclub hostess, in Istanbul, Turkey

Michael Stanley: David Bengu, a large assistant police superintendent known as “Kubu” (hippopotamus), in Botswana

New series on the Jon Talton page: Will Borders, a former homicide detective, in Cincinnati, Ohio

Melinda Wells: Della Carmichael, owner of a cooking school and star of “Della Cooks,” a cable TV cooking show, in Santa Monica, California (Linda Palmer pseudonym)

Wade Wright: Bart Condor, a tough private investigator in New York City; Paul Cameron, a private investigator in southern California; Calhoun, a Vietnam vet working for a U.S. internal security agency run by “The Man”


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