Authors & Characters added in 2010

Authors and Characters Added in January 2010

Alvin Abram: Gabe Garshowitz, a Jewish homicide detective, and his beautiful young partner, Iris Forester, a detective constable, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; the Ackerman-Zwonarz trilogy, historical mystery and saga of the Jewish Ackerman family and the Catholic Zwonarz family, starting in 1921 in Lodz, Poland

Bevan Amberhill: Jean-Claude Keyes, an actor, writer, and amateur sleuth, at the Shakespeare Festival, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Lisa Appignanesi: Marguerite de Landois, in 1899-1990 Paris, France

Robert Arellano: 2010 Edgar Best Paperback Original nominee

Sam Baker: Annie Anderson, a tabloid feature writer now fashion editor at Handbag Magazine, based in London, England

Samm Sinclair Baker: Clark Clark Clark, in New York City

Mike Befeler: Paul Jacobson, an 80-something amateur sleuth, in the Geezer-Lit series

Jane Bow: non-series mysteries

Mel Bradshaw: non-series set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

J.D. Carpenter: Campbell Young, a racetrack-loving homicide detective, later a private investigator, and his friend Priam Harvey, a racetrack journalist, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

C.J. Carver: Jay McCaulay, former captain in the Paras, now working with TRACE, tracking down missing children in war zones

Vera Caspary: non-series mysteries

Cassandra Chan: Jack Gibbons, a detective sergeant at Scotland Yard, and Phillip Bethancourt his rich friend, man-about-town from university days, in London, England

Jim Christy: Gene Castle, a private investigator in late 1930s to 1945 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Peter Clement: Dr. Earl Garnet, the Emergency Room Chief at St. Paul’s Hospital, in Buffalo, New York; Richard Steel, a widowed burned-out ER doctor with a teen-age son, and world-renowned geneticist Kathleen Sullivan, in New York City

Martin S. Cohen: non-series mysteries

E.J. Copperman: Alison Kerby, a guesthouse owner with two unexpected guests (ghosts) in her newly acquired Jersey Shore Victorian, in the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries (Jeffrey Cohen pseudonym)

Eileen Coughlan: non-series mysteries set in Canada

David Cristofano: 2010 Edgar Best First Novel nominee

Ursula Curtiss: non-series mysteries

David Laing Dawson: Dr. Robert Snow, at a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, and then Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Karen Dudley: Robyn Devara, a field biologist, ecologist, and amateur sleuth, based in western Canada

Elizabeth J. Duncan: Penny Brannigan, a manicurist and expatriate Canadian living in Llanelen, Wales

Ruth Fenisong: Gridley Nelson, a rich, Princeton-educated homicide lieutenant, later captain, in New York City

Trevor Ferguson: non-series mysteries; Emile Cinq-Mars, a detective sergeant of French and Indian extraction, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (written as John Farrow)

Barbara Fister: Anni Koskinen, an ex-cop private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois

Irene Fleming: Emily Dagett Weiss, a struggling young movie-maker in the early 20th century, in Fort Lee, New Jersey (Kate Gallison pseudonym)

Roy French: Daniel Riordan, the Raven, once the most feared paramilitary enforcer in Ireland; Patrick Kelly, a Vietnam War veteran, involved in IRA struggles

Rick Gadziola: Jake Morgan, a disgraced Boston police officer turned blackjack dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Maurice Gagnon: Deirdre O’Hara, a lawyer specializing in marine insurance cases, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tim Gautreaux: 2010 Edgar Best Novel nominee

Joseph Mark Glazner: Billy Nevers, operating in the dangerous world of high finance, high crime, and expensive women, in New York City and elsewhere; Evan Paris, NOT a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California (written as Joseph Louis)

William Gibson: the Sprawl trilogy and the Bridge trilogy, science fiction cyber-thrillers with some recurring characters

Paul Grescoe: Dan Rudnicki, a Ukrainian-Canadian widower with two teenage daughters, working for TransWorld Security, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New series on the Jackie Griffey page: Maggie Murphy, a recently widowed 24-year-old, whose dead husband’s ghost Horace hangs around, and patrolman Joe Driver, in Memphis, Tennessee

Heather Gudenkauf: 2010 Edgar Best First Novel nominee

Margaret Haffner: Catherine Edison, a biologist, in fictional Kingsport, Ontario, Canada

John Spencer Hill: Carlo Arbati, a poet and police inspector

Anne Hocking: William Austen, a chief inspector, later Superintendent, at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Brendan Howley: non-series mysteries

Stuart Langford: Will Burns, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Levenson: Mary Magruder Katz, a half Jewish, half Southern Baptist criminal defense attorney, in Miami, Florida

Allan Levine: Sam Klein, a street-wise Jewish immigrant and private investigator, in 1911-1919 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Charles St. Clair, a journalist in 1870s New York City

Sophie Littlefield: Stella Hardesty, a 50-year-old widow who suffered domestic violence, running a sewing shop and helping other abused women, in a small town in Missouri; 2010 Edgar Best First Novel nominee

Attica Locke: 2010 Edgar Best First Novel nominee

Tom Lowe: Sean O’Brien, a recently widowed former Miami homicide detective, now living with his dachshund Max on the St. John’s River, in Florida

New series on the Eric Van Lustbader page: Jack McClure, an ATF agent, and Special Advisor and closest friend to the President of the United States

H. Mel Malton: Polly Deacon, escaping Toronto for a cabin in the back woods, somewhere in Canada and elsewhere; Alan Nearing, an 11-year-old sleuth in Canada (YA written as Mel Malton)

New series on the Nancy Martin page: Roxana “Roxy” Abruzzo, an independent-minded niece of a Mafia boss with a teenage daughter, in the architectural salvage business, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

New series on the Nigel McCrery page: Mark Lapslie, detective chief inspector, and his sergeant, Emma Bradbury, in Essex, England

Paul Nathan: Bert Swain, a divorced middle-aged writer and head of public relations at a Manhattan medical research center, in New York City

Stuart Neville: 2009 Dilys Award finalist

David Parry & Patrick Withrow: Harry Bracken, a former CIA agent working as an insurance investigator, in New York and New England

Edward O. Phillips: Geoffrey Chadwick, an acerbic, single, gay, 50-something corporate lawyer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

John Reeves: Andrew Coggin, a detective inspector, and sergeant Fred Sump, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helen Reilly: Christopher McKee, known as the “Scotsman,” a police inspector, later head of Manhattan’s homicide squad, mostly in New York City

John Lawrence Reynolds: Joe McGuire, a detective lieutenant in Boston, Massachusetts, who drops out in the Bahamas from time to time

Alexandra Roudybush: non-series mysteries

Robert J. Sawyer: The sentient WWW (World Wide Web) trilogy; Sci-fi mysteries

Stephen Jay Schwartz: 2010 Panik Award finalist

Chris Scott: non-series mysteries

Carol Shields: non-series

Jeffrey Siger: Andreas Kaldis, a former Athens homicide detective, now the new police chief on Mykonos Island, Greece

John Worsley Simpson: Harry Stark, a curmudgeonly homicide detective, who listens to jazz and has a reclusive cat, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brad Smith: non-series mysteries

Jennifer Stanley: Cooper Lee, a newly single office machine repair woman in Richmond, Virginia, in the Hope Street Church mysteries (real name of J.B. Stanley)

Betsy Struthers: Rosalie Cairns, a bookstore clerk turned academic, in Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Richard J. Thomas: D.B. Murphy, an ex-blacksmith private investigator in the 1920s-1930s, in the Georgian Bay port town of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

L.C. Tyler: Ethelred Tressider, a mystery author, and his chocoholic literary agent, Elsie Thirkettle, in West Sussex, England; 2010 Edgar Best Paperback Original nominee

Cathy Vasas-Brown: non-series mysteries

Gregory Ward: non-series mysteries

New series on the Penny Warner page: Presley Parker, a former abnormal psychological university professor who opens a party planning business in San Francisco, California, in the Party Planning mysteries

New series on the Nancy Means Wright page: Mary Wollstonecraft, the 18th century English feminist, working as a governess at Mitchelstown Castle, in County Cork, Ireland; the Northern Spy Club children’s mysteries

Scott Young: Matteesie Kitologitok — “the great brain of Arctic crime” — an Inuit inspector in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, based in the Northwest Territories of Canada


Authors and Characters Added in February 2010

Stephen Amidon: non-series mysteries

John Ballem: thrillers set mainly in Canada, some in the Caribbean

Laura Benedict: non-series

Pinckney Benedict: non-series

Michael Blair: Tom McCall, a commercial photographer living on a houseboat, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in the Granville Island mysteries; Joe “Shoe” Schumacher, an ex-cop, professional wrestler, and bodyguard, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lisa Bork: Jolene Asdale, owner of a sports car boutique, in the fictional tourist town of Wachobe in the Finger Lakes region of New York, in the Broken Vows mysteries

P.A. Brown: David Eric Laine, an in-the-closet gay LAPD homicide detective

Mike Carey: Felix Castor, a free-lance exorcist, in supernatural fantasy thrillers set in London, England

Meredith Cole: Lydia McKenzie, an edgy art photographer who also works as an administrative assistant at the D’Angelo detective agency, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York City

Robertson Davies: the trials and travails of Dunstan Ramsay, Percy Boyd Stauntan, and others stemming from an errant snowball, in Canada, in the Deptford Trilogy; Sir Francis Cornish and other academics at the College of St. John and the Holy Ghost, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in the Cornish Trilogy

Dorothy Cameron Disney: non-series mysteries

Kerstin Ekman: Annie Raft, north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden

Margaret Erskine: Septimus Finch, a large, bland detective inspector, later Chief Inspector, in England

Stanley Evans: Sergeant Decker, a frontier lawman in 1860s British Columbia, Canada; Silas Seaweed, a Coast Salish Aboriginal beat cop on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Patricia Finney: Simon Ames and David Becket, secret agents for Queen Elizabeth, in 1580s England (real name of P.F. Chisholm)

Bill Floyd: non-series

Émile Gaboriau: Monseiur Lecoq, a police detective with the Sûreté, in Paris, France

Alicia Giménez-Bartlett: Petra Delicado, an ex-lawyer police inspector, and her sidekick, sergeant Fermín Garzón in Barcelona, Spain

Carol Goodman: non-series gothic thrillers

Heywood Gould: Josh Krales, a crime reporter for the New York Event, in New York City

Andrew Grant: [1968-] David Trevellyan, a lieutenant commander with Royal Navy Intelligence, in New York City, and then Chicago, Illinois

Andrew Grant: [Grant Shanks] non-series thrillers

Terry Griggs: non-series mysteries

New series on the Richard Helms page: Judd Wheeler, chief of police in the fictional town of Prosperity, North Carolina

Alice Hoffman: non-series

Chuck Hogan: non-series mysteries

Rupert Holmes: non-series mysteries

Dave Hugelschaffer: Porter Cassel, a ranger with the Alberta Forest Service, in Canada

Ellen Elizabeth Hunter: Ashley Wilkes, a historic preservationist, and her sister Melanie Wilkes, a real estate agent, in Wilmington, North Carolina, in the Magnolia mysteries

Jack Iams: Stanley “Rocky” Rockwell, a private investigator based in Ohio

Kenzo Kitakata: non-series mysteries

Nigel Krauth: non-series

Lee Lamothe: non-series

Ed Lin: Robert Chow, an NYPD Chinatown beat cop in 1976 New York City

Steve Lopez: non-series

Norman Mailer: non-series and true crime

Cormac McCarthy: non-series

John McFetridge: non-series set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vivian Meyer: Abby Faria, a bike courier and fledgling private investigator based in the Kensington Market area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gwen Moffat: Miss Pink (Melinda Pink), a middle aged magistrate and mountaineer who solves mysteries at various mountainous locations; Jack Pharaoh, recently discharged from RAF Mountain Rescue after an injury, in the Lake District of England

New series on the Rick Mofina page: Jack Gannon, a veteran crime reporter in Buffalo, New York

John Moss: Miranda Quin and David Morgan, a “virtual couple” of homicide detectives, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Robert Noah: non-series mysteries

Clare O’Donohue: Nell Fitzgerald, a former Manhattan publishing professional now helping her grandmother, Eleanor Cassidy, run a quilting store in the Hudson River town of Archer’s Rest, New York, in the Someday Quilts mysteries

Steve Oliver: Scott Moody, an ex-mental patient cab-driving private investigator in the late 1970s, in Spokane, Washington

Michael Parker: non-series thrillers

Jodi Picoult: non-series suspense, usually with a legal and/or medical ethics twist

Stefanie Pintoff: Simon Ziele, a former New York City police detective starting in 1905 Dobson, Westchester County, New York

Jean Potts: non-series mysteries

Mobashar Qureshi: non-series mysteries

Abraham Rodríguez: non-series mysteries

Jeffrey Round: Bradford Fairfax, a gay 30-something special agent with a secret organization called Box 77

Norma Schier: Kay Barth, a district attorney based in Aspen, Colorado

Diane K. Shah: Paris Chandler, a wealthy young widow, gossip reporter, and sleuth, in 1947 Los Angeles, California

L.V. Sims: Dixie T. Struthers, a detective sergeant in the early days of Silicon Valley (late 1980s), in San José, California

Sarah Smith: Alexander von Reisden, a young Austrian biochemist, and Perdita Halley, a concert pianist, first in pre-WWI Boston, Massachusetts, and then Paris, France

Gretchen Sprague: Martha Patterson, a pro bono attorney in Brooklyn, New York

T.S. Stribling: Henry Poggioli, a psychology professor and criminologist at Ohio State University, traveling to the Caribbean and elsewhere

David Sundstrand: Frank Flynn, a Bureau of Land Management agent, in the Mojave Desert of southern California, in the Desert Sky mysteries

Dennis Tafoya: non-series mysteries

L.A. Taylor: J.J. Jamison, a computer engineer and investigator with CATCH (Committee for Analysis of Tropospheric and Celestial Happenings), in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Paul Theroux: Spencer Monroe Savage, a US diplomat

Teona Tone: Kyra Keaton, an aristocratic lady private investigator running her own agency in 1899-1907 Washington, DC

Tom Topor: Kevin Fitzgerald, a private investigator in New York City

Peter Townend: Philip Quest, a photographer and amateur sleuth, in Spain, Sardinia, and Corsica

John Trench: Martin Cotterell, an erudite and untidy archaeologist, in England

John Trenhaile: Stepan Povin, a Russian KGB general in the Cold War; Simon Young, a British businessman and intelligence officer struggling with Chinese and Russian agents, in Hong Kong

Miles Tripp: John Samson, a private investigator in London, England; Hugo Baron, a gentleman agent working for a British organization called Diecast (written as John Michael Brett)

Gordon M. Williams: non-series mysteries; James Hazell, a tough private investigator in the East End of London, England (written as P.B. Yuill, joint pseudonym with Terry Venables)


Authors and Characters Added in March 2010

New series on the David Baldacci page: Shaw, an operative for a secret global intelligence agency, and Katie James, a disgraced investigative journalist

Edgar Bohle: non-series mysteries

Dennis E. Bolen: Barry Delta, a parole officer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Joan Boswell: Hollis Grant, a painter and amateur sleuth, starting in Ottawa, and mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Malcolm Braly: non-series mysteries

Herbert Brean: Reynold Frame, a young freelance writer and photographer, and amateur sleuth, in New York City and New England; William Deacon, a magazine writer

Daniel Broun: Harry Egypt, a thief and soldier of fortune with a sinister master plan

Donna Carrick: non-series mysteries

Ron Chudley: non-series set in Canada, mostly British Columbia

Daniel Edward Craig: Trevor Lambert, a hotel manager and sometime house detective in various locations in North America

Lesley Crewe: non-series mysteries

New series on the Bill Crider page, written with Clyde Wilson: Ted Stephens, a homicide detective sergeant in Houston, Texas

Mildred Davis: non-series mysteries; Sport Abbott, in the Murder in Maine series (written with daughter Katherine Roome and grandson Ren Roome)

Babs Deal: non-series mysteries

Robert Elegant: non-series mysteries

Richard Ellington: Steve Drake, a former actor turned private investigator, based in New York City

Helen Eustis: non-series mysteries

M. Fagyas: thrillers set in eastern Europe

Elizabeth Fenwick: non-series mysteries

Pat Flower: Bert Swinton, an intuitive detective inspector, in Sydney, Australia; non-series psychological suspense set in Australia

Menna Gallie: non-series

Sarah Gainham: Julia Homburg, a leading actress with the Burg Theater in the late 1930s and 1940s, in Vienna, Austria

The Gordons: John Ripley, an FBI agent in Chicago, Arizona, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC; D.C. Randall, a Persian cat in Los Angeles, California; Gail and Mitch, newlyweds in Los Angeles, California

Alan Green: John Hugo, a police lieutenant in Florida

Elly Griffiths: Dr. Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist, and Harry Nelson, a detective chief inspector, in the Saltmarsh area near Norfolk, England

Brèni James: Gunnar Matson, a police sergeant in San Francisco, California

Lane Kauffmann: non-series mysteries

Mary Kelly: Brett Nightingale, a detective inspector (later chief inspector), in Edinburgh, Scotland; Hedley Nicholson, a private investigator in England

Mary Anne Kelly: Claire Breslinsky, a former fashion model and world-wanderer, turned photographer, from Queens, New York

Adam Kennedy: Roy Tucker, in prison for murdering his wife, is offered freedom by a mysterious government agency to assassinate a politician

Hans Hellmut Kirst: Konstantin Keller, a retiring detective inspector, in Munich, Germany

William Krasner: Sam Birge, a homicide detective captain in a big city somewhere

Edwin Lanham: Madigan, a police lieutenant in New York City; Vern Gray, a police lieutenant in Connecticut; Frank Luther, a city editor in New York City

Fred Levon: non-series mysteries

Norah Lofts: non-series mysteries

Donald MacKenzie: Henry Chalice and Crying Eddie, in England; John Raven, a tough Scotland Yard detective inspector, later an unlicensed private investigator living on a houseboat, mostly in England

Jassy Mackenzie: Jade de Jong, a private investigator returning home 10 years after her police commissioner father was killed, and police superintendent David Patel, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Vincent McConnor: Chief Inspector Damiot of the Paris police, and his dog Fric-Frac, in Paris and elsewhere in France

George Milner: Ronald Anglesea, a private investigator in England and Scotland

New series on the Amy Myers page: Tom Wasp, a chimney sweep in Victorian times in the East End of London, England

New series on the Susan Oleksiw page: Anita Ray, an Indian-American in Kerala, South India

Harry Olesker: non-series set in New York City

Allan Prior: non-series mysteries

Jonathan Rabb: Nikolai Hoffner, a police detective starting in 1919, continuing into the Weimar period in Berlin, Germany

Frances Rickett: non-series mysteries

Douglas Rutherford: Paddy Regan, a British special agent, in Europe; Tim Ryder, the world’s youngest Grand Prix winning race car driver

Miriam Sharman: non-series mysteries

Robert B. Sinclair: non-series mysteries

Thomas Sterling: Rizzi, a police captain in Venice, Italy

James Michael Ullman: non-series mysteries

Winfred Van Atta: non-series mysteries

Thomas Walsh: non-series set in New York City

Rubin Weber: non-series set in Pennsylvania Dutch country

C.J. West: Randy Black, a part-time stunt pilot with a fondness for alcohol, bent on vengeance, but perhaps not beyond redemption


Authors and Characters Added in April 2010

New series on the Elizabeth Adler page: Mac Reilly, star of a television private eye series, and his girlfriend and partner Sunny Alvarez, jet-setting here and there

New series on the Susan Wittig Albert page: Miss Elizabeth Lacy and the Darling Dahlias, a garden club, in fictional 1930s Darling, Alabama

James Barlow: non-series mysteries

Evelyn Berckman: non-series mysteries

John Bingham: Kenneth Ducane (also called Vandoran), chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, in England; John “Badger” Brock, a police superintendent in Melford, England

John Blackburn: Charles Kirk, a general, head of British Foreign Office Intelligence, mostly in England; Bill Easterand and Peggy Tey, agents for hire, based in England

Alison Bruce: Gary Goodhew, a detective constable at Parkside Station, in Cambridge, England

Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli: Emily Kincaid, a recently divorced reporter and failed mystery writer, and Deputy Dolly Wakowski, in rural Leetsville, in northern Michigan

James Byrom: non-series mysteries

Henry Calvin: non-series mysteries

Marjorie Carleton: non-series mysteries

Warren Carrier: Sean Fogarty, a lawyer in the fictional college town of Silvertown, in northern Wisconsin

Robert Coover: non-series mysteries

Gordon Cotler: non-series mysteries

James Cross: non-series mysteries

Don Dahler: Huck Doyle, a pro golfer and non-practicing lawyer working as a private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Harold R. Daniels: non-series mysteries

Gloria Dank: Bernard Woodruff, a curmudgeonly author of children’s books, and his brother-in-law, Arthur “Snooky” Randolph, in Connecticut

Ted Dekker: non-series mysteries

John F. Dobbyn: Michael Knight, a young attorney who gets a job with his mentor, legendary trial attorney Lex Devlin, in Boston, Massachusetts

Donald McNutt Douglass: Bolivar Manchenil, a police captain, and grandson of a freed slave, on an unnamed island in the Caribbean

Jan Dunlap: Bob White, an expert birder and counselor at Savage High School, near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, in the Birder Murder mysteries

Penelope Evans: non-series mysteries

A.S. Fleischman: Max Brindle mysteries

C.B. Forrest: Charlie McKelvey, a 30-year veteran police detective whose runaway son was murdered, starting in 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Steven Gore: Graham Gage, a cop turned private investigator, caught up in international intrigue, based in San Francisco, California

Kathryn Miller Haines: Rosie Winter, an actress during WWII, in Manhattan, New York City

Geoffrey Holiday Hall: non-series mysteries

Tarquin Hall: Vish Puri, a portly Punjabi founder of Most Private Investigators Ltd., a detective agency in Delhi, India

Irene Hannon: male and female FBI agents, in the Heroes of Quantico Christian romantic suspense trilogy

Tony Hays: Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, a one-armed soldier and counselor to Arthur, in 5th century Britain

S.B. Hough: John Brentford, a detective inspector, in England

Geoffrey Household: Roger Taine, a British professional hunter, who decides to see if he can hunt a European dictator; non-series novels of intrigue and suspense

P.M. Hubbard: non-series mysteries

E. Howard Hunt: Jack Novak, mostly in Mexico and the Caribbean; Steve Bentley, an adventurous certified public accountant based in Washington, DC (written as Robert Dietrich); Peter Ward, a CIA agent undercover as a lawyer, based in Washington, DC (written as David St. John)

William A. Johnston: non-series set mostly in New York City

William Johnston: Maxwell Smart, a bumbling secret agent working for CONTROL [TV show novelizations]

New series on the Jon Land page: Caitlin Strong, a fifth-generation Texas Ranger, sometimes working as a psychological therapist, in San Antonio, Texas

Eugene Meese: Ellis nominee for Best First Novel

James Mitchell: David Callan, a British agent in the eternal struggle with the KGB, mostly in England; Ron Hoggett, a private investigator with expertise at finding lost things, based in London, England; John Craig, a violent but ethical British Intelligence agent working for Department K (written as James Munro)

Kim Moritsugu: non-series

Kenneth O’Hara: Dr. Alun Barry in England

Jeremy Potter: Sergeant Hiscock (later inspector) of the CID, in London, England

New series on the M.J. Rose page: Reincarnationist mysteries with past-life paranormal elements

New series on the Laura Joh Rowland page: Charlotte Brontë, the author, in mid-1880s England

New series on the Olen Steinhauer page: Milo Weaver, a field agent with the CIA’s clandestine Department of Tourism

New series on the Marc Strange page: Orwell Brennan, police chief in rural Dockerty, Ontario, Canada


Authors and Characters Added in May 2010

James Scott Bell: Kathleen Shannon, moving from New York to live with her rich aunt and pursuing a legal career, in 1903 Los Angeles, California, in the Shannon Saga trilogy with a Christian theme [written with Tracie Peterson]; Kathleen Shannon continues her legal career in early 20th century Los Angeles, California, in the Trials of Kit Shannon trilogy with a Christian theme; Ty Buchanan, a young lawyer whose fiancée has been killed, in Los Angeles, California

Juliet Blackwell: Lily Ivory, a witch running a vintage clothing store, Aunt Cora’s Closet, where she can feel vibrations of the past, in San Francisco, California; Sophie Tanner, a failed anthropologist now running her father’s construction company, in the Historic Home Renovation mysteries

Grant Blackwood: Briggs Tanner, a veteran covert US agent on international missions

New series on the Judith Cutler page: Lina Townend, an orphan, and her mentor Griffith (Griff) Tripp, an antique dealer, in England

Harry Dolan: non-series

Gerald Elias: Daniel Jacobus, a blind, reclusive, crotchety violin teacher living in self-imposed exile in rural New England

Bente Gallagher: Savannah Martin, a real estate agent and southern belle, in Nashville, Tennessee (real name of Jennie Bentley)

New series on the Sue Ann Jaffarian page: Madison Rose, in Los Angeles, California, in the Fang-in-Cheek vampire mysteries

New series on the Bernard Knight page: Richard Pryor, a pathologist, and Angela Bray, a biologist, running a private forensic practice in 1950s Britain, in the Forensic Mystery series

New series on the Joyce and Jim Lavene page: Dae O’Donnell, the mayor of the small town of Duck, North Carolina, who runs a collectible shop and uses her psychic abilities to find lost things, in the Missing Pieces mysteries

New series on the Phillip Margolin page: Dana Cutler, a private detective in Washington DC, and Brad Miller, a law clerk in Oregon

Cammie McGovern: non-series thrillers

Amy Patricia Meade: Marjorie McClelland, a smart and sassy mystery writer, and rich British expat Creighton Ashcroft, in 1930s Ridgebury, Connecticut

Karen Robards: non-series romantic suspense

Luís Miguel Rocha: Sarah Monteiro, an international journalist from Portugal who investigates things Vatican

Gunnar Staalesen: Varg Veum, a private investigator in Bergen, Norway

Simon Tolkien: non-series mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in June 2010

Ellery Adams: Olivia Limoges, a restaurant owner returning with Captain Haviland, a black standard poodle, to her old home town, Oyster Bay, North Carolina (Jennifer Stanley pseudonym)

Lin Anderson: Dr. Rhona MacLeod, a forensic scientist in Glasgow, Scotland

Christine Barber: Lucy Newroe, a newspaper editor and volunteer EMT, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Elizabeth Becka: Evelyn James, a forensic expert in the medical examiner’s office, in Cleveland, Ohio; Theresa MacLean, a forensic scientist, in Cleveland, Ohio (written as Lisa Black)

Miriam Borgenicht: non-series mysteries

New series on the Gerry Boyle page: Brandon Blake, a loner who lives on an old wooden cruiser, on the waterfront of Portland, Maine

M.G. Braun: Al Glenne, a French spy (“the French James Bond”)

New series on the Rita Mae Brown page: Mags, moving from New York City with her dachshund Baxter, to her great aunt Jeep’s ranch near Reno, Nevada

Kathryn Casey: Sarah Armstrong, a criminal profiler lieutenant in the Texas Rangers, and a recently widowed mother, based in Houston, Texas

Jasmine Cresswell: Melody Beecham, a former supermodel, and Nikolai Anwar, operatives in the ultra-secret government agency Unit One; the Raven trilogy, concerning the double life of missing multimillionaire and secret bigamist Ron Raven

Anna Dean: Miss Dido Kent, a 35-year-old amateur sleuth, starting in 1805 Regency England

Jamie Freveletti: Emma Caldridge, a chemist and international ultramarathon runner, and Edward Banner of the security company Darkview

David L. Golemon: Jack Collins, and other operatives in the Event Group, the most secret US agency ever, in a science fiction–paranormal–thriller series

Mark Greaney: Court Gentry (The Gray Man), a former CIA operative, now an international hired assassin

H. Terrell Griffin: Matt Royal, a retired trial lawyer living on Longboat Key, off the gulf coast of Florida

Derek Haas: Columbus (The Silver Bear), a world-weary international hired assassin

James Hayman: Mike McCabe, a former NYPD homicide detective, now a detective sergeant living with his 13-year-old daughter in Portland, Maine

Daniel Kalla: non-series medical thrillers

New series in the Deryn Lake page: Reverend Nick Lawrence, the new, 28-year-old vicar, in the village of Lakehurst, Sussex, England

Liza Marklund: Annika Bengtzon, a novice reporter, later crime editor, for Kvallspressen, a tabloid in Stockholm, Sweden

Bill Noel: Chris Landrum, 50-something and heading for early retirement on the bohemian barrier island, Folly, near Charleston, South Carolina, in the Folly Beach mysteries

Hilary Norman: Sam Becket, an African-American homicide detective, and wife Grace Lucca, a child psychologist, in Miami Beach, Florida

Brad Parks: Carter Ross, a 31-year-old investigative reporter for the Eagle-Examiner, in Newark, New Jersey

Barbara Corrado Pope: Bernard Martin, an investigating magistrate in late 19th century Provence, France

New series on the Ann Purser page: Ivy Beasley, the cantankerous spinster from the Lois Meade series, and Gus, a newcomer to the village of Barrington, England

Peter Rennebohm: non-series mysteries

Chris Simms: Jon Spicer, a detective inspector in Manchester, England

Jarkko Sipilä: Kari Takamäki, supervising detective in the Violent Crimes Unit, in Helsinki, Finland, in the Helsinki Homicide series

Charles Merrill Smith: Reverend C.P. “Con” Randollph, a former professional football quarterback, now minister of the Church of the Good Shepherd, housed in a skyscraper where the penthouse serves as the manse, in Chicago, Illinois

Terrence Lore Smith: Webster Daniels, a jewel thief and author, in Chicago, Illinois; Leo Roi, a lawyer and criminal investigator, in Evanston, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois (written as Phillips Lore)

Mel Starr: Hugh de Singleton, a surgeon in Bampton, near Oxford, during the reign of Edward III, in 14th century England


Authors and Characters Added in July 2010

New series on the Lou Allin page: Holly Martin, a corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Richard Asplin: Gold Dagger nominee

Belinda Bauer: Gold Dagger nominee

Sydney Bauer: David Cavanaugh, a criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

New series on the Christopher Brookmyre page: Angelique De Xavier, a police officer in Glasgow, Scotland

Karen Campbell: Anna Cameron, a police sergeant, later Chief Inspector, in Glasgow, Scotland

Tania Carver (joint pseudonym of Martyn and Linda Waites): Philip Brennan, a detective inspector in the Major Incident Squad, and Marina Esposito, a psychologist, in Colchester, England

Rory Clements: John Shakespeare, an investigator and older brother of Will, in Elizabethan (1580s-1590s) England

Simon Conway: Steel Dagger nominee

Daniel Depp: David Spandau, a former movie stuntman, now a private investigator who specializes in serving Hollywood’s elite, in Los Angeles, California

Patricia Duncker: Gold Dagger nominee

J.F. Englert: Randolph, a poetry-loving black Labrador, and Harry, a struggling artist, in Manhattan, New York City, in the Bull Moose Dog Run mysteries

Ryan David Jahn: New Blood Dagger nominee

Diane Janes: New Blood Dagger nominee

Simon Lelic: New Blood Dagger nominee

Lou Manfredo: Joe Rizzo, a veteran police detective, in Brooklyn, New York City

Kate Morton: non-series historical mysteries

Richard Jay Parker: New Blood Dagger nominee

Randall Peffer: Cape Island mysteries, mainly involving characters and locations around Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Craig Robertson: New Blood Dagger nominee

William Ryan: Alexei Korolev, a captain in the militia’s Criminal Investigation Division under Stalin, in 1930s Moscow, Russia


Authors and Characters Added in August 2010

Mark Abernethy: Alan “Mac” McQueen, a true-blue Australian intelligence agent, in Southeast Asia and Australia

Bunty Avieson: 2002 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel

Lenny Bartulin: Jack Susko, a used book dealer and amateur sleuth, in Sydney, Australia

Annette Blair: Madeira Cutler, proprietor of a vintage clothing store in a former morgue in Mystick Falls, Connecticut, in the Vintage Magic mysteries

Laurent Boulanger: non-series mysteries

J.R. Carroll: Don Bartholomew, an anti-hero, in Sydney, Australia; Dennis Gatz, a homicide detective, in Melbourne, Australia

New series on the Sheila Connolly page: Eleanor “Nell” Pratt, fundraiser for The Society for the Preservation of Pennsylvania Antiques, in the Museum mysteries

Sandy Curtis: non-series romantic thrillers set in Australia

John Dale: non-series mysteries set in Australia; true crime

Emma Darcy: K.C. Gordon, a successful romance novelist, in Australia

Peter Doyle: Billy Glasheen, a lurk merchant and milk bar cowboy, in post-WWII Sydney, Australia

New series on the David Ellis page: Jason Kolarich, a lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Susan Geason: Syd Fish, a former political press secretary, now a private investigator, in Sydney, Australia

Juan Gómez-Jurado: Anthony Fowler, a former priest, CIA operative, and member of the Vatican’s secret service

Jane R. Goodall: Briony Williams, a rookie police officer, later a detective, in London, later Oxford, England

New series on the Ed Gorman page: Dev Conrad, a political consultant in Chicago, Illinois

Nancy Grace: Hailey Dean, a former assistant district attorney in Atlanta, now a therapist and TV personality in New York City

Wayne Grogan: non-series set mostly in Australia

Jarad Henry: Rubens McCauley, a maverick detective in the Criminal Investigation Unit in St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia

Wendy James: 2006 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel

Charles Kipps: Conor Bard, a homicide detective in New York City

Malcolm Knox: 2005 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel

Gabrielle Lord: Gemma Lincoln, a private investigator specializing in insurance traces, in Sydney, Australia; ack McCain, an ex-crime scene detective and forensic scientist, in Sydney, Australia; Conspiracy 365 Young Adult series

New series on the John Lutz page: Frank Quinn, a former NYPD homicide detective, in New York City

Andrew Masterson: Joe Panther, a drug dealer, killer, messiah, and private investigator, in Melbourne, Australia

Iain McDowall: Frank Jacobsen, a detective chief inspector, and detective sergeant Ian Kerr, in Crowby, in the Midlands of England

Andrew McGahan: non-series set in Australia

Philip McLaren: non-series set in Australia

Russel D. McLean: J. McNee, a former cop, now private investigator, in Dundee, Scotland

Zygmunt Miloszewski: Teodor Szacki, a world-weary state prosecutor in Warsaw, Poland

Carolyn Morwood: Marlo Shaw, a professional female cricketer and amateur sleuth, in Melbourne, Australia

Stuart Neville: Jack Lennon, a detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Alex Palmer: Paul Harrigan, a detective inspector in the New South Wales Police Force, later a private security consultant, and his partner Grace Riordan, a detective constable, later an undercover intelligence agent, in Sydney, Australia

Dorothy Porter: crime novels in verse

A.E. Roman: Chico Santana, a wisecracking private investigator on the outs with his wife, in the Bronx, New York

Arlene Sachitano: Harriet Truman, widowed and taking over her aunt’s quilting business and home, in fictional Foggy Point, Washington, in the Loose Threads mysteries; Harley Spring, a divorced single mother and supervisor with Sil-Trac, a computer chip company, in Hillsboro, near Portland, Oregon

Angela Savage: Jayne Keeney, a 30-something Australian, former English teacher and private investigator, in Bangkok, Thailand

Stephen Jay Schwartz: Hayden Glass, a detective in the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division, who also suffers from a sexual addiction, in Los Angeles, California

Lucy Sussex: 1997 Ned Kelly nominee

Paul Thomas: Tito Ihaka, a Maori detective sergeant, in Auckland, New Zealand

Steve Toltz: Ned Kelly First Novel nominee

Cathi Unsworth: non-series crime fiction

Lee Vance: non-series financial thrillers

Chris Womersley: 2008 Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel


Authors and Characters Added in September 2010

New series on the Mignon F. Ballard page: Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, a longtime first-grade teacher during World War II, in Elderberry, Georgia

Jessica Beck: Suzanne Hart, proprietor of a small town donut shop, with an ex-husband, wacky friend, and hunky cop, in April Springs, North Carolina, in the Donut Shop mysteries

Margaret Bevege: Elizabeth Ludowski, a detective appointed to the Police Commissioner’s Special Assignment Squad, in Queensland, Australia

Carmel Bird: Courtney Frome, a sassy freelance journalist who investigates crimes, in Australia

Kirsty Brooks: Cassidy Blair, a 29-year-old amateur sleuth, later private investigator, in Australia

Jane Clifton: non-series set in Australia

Cathy Cole: Nicola Sharpe, a tall, tough 29-year-old private investigator, in the Balmain area of Sydney, Australia

Stephen Gray: 2002 Ned Kelly nominee

Fred Guilhaus: non-series crime fiction

New series on the Peter Guttridge page: Robert Watts, a disgraced chief constable in mid-1930s Brighton, England, in the Brighton trilogy

Nicholas Hasluck: non-series crime fiction

Anne Hawking: non-series crime fiction

Michael Herrmann: non-series crime fiction

Charlotte Hinger: Lottie Albright, an editor for the county historical society in a small town in western Kansas

New series on the Tami Hoag page: Tony Mendez, a Sheriff's detective in mid-1980s Oak Knoll, California

Miranda James: Charlie Harris, a widowed librarian, and Diesel, a Maine coon cat, in the college town of Athena, Mississippi, in the Cat in the Stacks series (Dean James pseudonym)

Catherine Jinks: non-series crime fiction

Dorothy Johnston: Sandra Mahoney, a government clerk, later a computer security consultant, in Canberra, Australia

Randall Longmire: John Morton and Regina Gardner, police detectives in Sydney, Australia

Mary-Rose MacColl: non-series crime fiction

Two new series on the Adrian Magson page: Harry Tate, an officer in MI5 sent to the Balkans after a botched operation; Lucas Rocco, a police inspector in the 1960s, formerly in Paris, now in Poissons-les-Marais, in rural northern France

Colleen McCullough: Carmine Delmonico, a police lieutenant in a fictional mid-1960s college town, Holloman, Connecticut

Jenn McKinlay: Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura, operators of a cupcake bakery, Fairy Tale Cupcakes, in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona; Brenna Miller, a decoupage teacher in Morse Point, a small town in New England, in the Decoupage Murder mysteries (written as Lucy Lawrence)

Camilla Nelson: 2009 Ned Kelly Nominee for Best First Novel

Tony Park: non-series thrillers set in Africa

Sheldon Russell: Hook Runyon, a railroad detective in mid-1940s Oklahoma

Fay Sampson: Suzie Fewings, a genealogist discovering interesting secrets in her family history, in England

Caroline Shaw: Lenny Aaron, an ex-cop female private investigator and cat finder, who is obsessed with Japan, in Melbourne, Australia

Andy Shea: non-series crime fiction

New series on the Connie Shelton page: Samantha Sweet, a caretaker for the USDA who dreams of opening a pastry shop, in northern New Mexico

Steve J. Spears: Stella Pentangeli, detective to the stars and producer of a web-zine, the Pentangeli Papers, and Investigator Ng of the homicide squad, somewhere in Australia

Emma Tom: non-series set in Australia

Norb Vonnegut: non-series financial thrillers

Dave Warner: Andrew “Lizard” Zirk, a former rock star turned private investigator, based in Australia

Greg Wilson: non-series mysteries

Anne Zouroudi: Hermes Diaktoros, the Fat Man, a mysterious investigator from Athens, Greece


Authors and Characters Added in October 2010

Milton T. Burton: non-series set in Texas

Richard Castle: Nikki Heat, a tough, sexy, professional NYPD homicide detective, in New York City

Marcia Clark: Rachel Knight, a 30-something deputy DA in the Special Trials Unit, in Los Angeles, California

Rebecca M. Hale: Rebecca, running an antique shop inherited from her Uncle Oscar, and her cats Rupert and Isabella, in San Francisco, California, in the Cats and Curios mysteries

Victoria Heckman: Katrina Ogden (“K.O.”), a Honolulu police officer in various locations in Hawaii

D.P. Lyle: Samantha (Sam) Cody, a former LAPD officer, now a sheriff’s deputy in Mercer Corner, California; Dub Walker, a former crime scene investigator and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Assessment Unit, in Huntsville, Alabama

Aly Monroe: Peter Cotton, a British economic warfare agent in the mid to late 1940

David Montrose: Russell Teed, a hard-drinking private investigator, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

S.J. Parris: Giordano Bruno, a monk, philosopher, and astronomer on the run from the Roman Inquisition, serving as an agent for Queen Elizabeth I, in late 16th century England

Kwei Quartey: Darko Dawson, a CID detective in Accra, Ghana

Roslund-Hellström: Ewert Grens, a detective inspector, and Sven Sundkvist, a police officer, in Stockholm, Sweden (Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström)

John Vorhaus: non-series mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in November 2010

Avery Aames: Charlotte Bessette, proprietor of Fromagerie Bessette, in fictional Providence, Ohio, in the Cheese Shop mysteries

Esmahan Aykol: Kati Hirschel, the 30-something German owner of the only mystery bookshop in Istanbul, Turkey

Lorraine Bartlett: Katie Bonner, manager of Artisans Alley and an amateur sleuth, in the Victoria Square mysteries (L.L. Bartlett real name)

Noah Boyd: Steve Vail, a renegade FBI agent who leaves the bureau to work as a bricklayer in Chicago, and FBI deputy assistant director Kate Bannon who enlists his help (Paul Lindsay pseudonym)

New series on the Nancy Bush page: The Colony, a secretive, cultish group in Oregon, in a romantic suspense series

Philip Carlo: non-series mysteries; true crime

Joanna Challis: Daphne du Maurier, a young aspiring author in 1920s Cornwall, England

David Champion: Bomber Hanson, an ace trial lawyer, and his son and investigator, Tod, based in fictional Angleton, on the central coast of California

Kent Conwell: Tony Boudreaux, a private investigator based in Austin, Texas

Deborah Coonts: Lucky O’Toole, a statuesque beauty in charge of customer relations for the mega-casino Babylon Hotel, on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

New series on the Stephen Coonts page: Deep Black, a super-secret subagency within the US National Security Agency

Elizabeth Spann Craig: Myrtle Clover, an 80-something retired English teacher who writes a newspaper column, in fictional Bradley, North Carolina; Lulu Taylor, owner of Aunt Pat’s rib joint, in Memphis, Tennessee, in the Memphis Barbeque mysteries written as Riley Adams

Jim DeFelice: Jake Gibbs, an American lieutenant colonel and spy, working for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War; Andy Fisher, an unorthodox FBI Special Agent; books co-authored with Larry Bond, Dale Brown, Stephen Coonts, and Richard Marcinko

New series on the Peter Helton page: Liam McLusky, a detective inspector transferred from Southampton to Bristol, England

Rosemary Herbert: Liz Higgins, a reporter for the tabloid The Beantown Banner, in Boston, Massachusetts

Keigo Higashino: non-series crime fiction

Sara Sue Hoklotubbe: Sadie Walela, daughter of a Cherokee father and white mother, and a banker in the Cherokee Nation of northeastern Oklahoma

New series on the Maureen Jennings page: the Season of Darkness trilogy, in the WW2 Midlands, Shropshire, England

New series on the Linda O. Johnston page: Lauren Vancouver head of HotRescues, a no-kill animal shelter, north of Los Angeles, California

Solomon Jones: Karima “Cream” Thomas, a young woman taking the fall for her drug-dealing boyfriend, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mary Kennedy: Maggie Walsh, a Manhattan psychologist who takes a job as a radio talk show host on WYME in the fictional south Florida town of Cypress Grove, in the Talk Radio mysteries

K.J. Larsen: Cat DeLuca, a private investigator operating the Pants On Fire Detective Agency specializing in cheating spouses, in Chicago, Illinois

Ann Littlewood: Iris Oakley, a zookeeper and amateur sleuth at Finley Memorial Zoo, near Vancouver, Washington

Richard Marcinko: Rogue Warrior, a fictional version of Dick Marcinko, ex-SEAL commander and his team of commandos and operatives struggling with terrorists and bad guys around the world (written with John Weisman and Jim DeFelice)

Ken Mercer: Will MacGowen, whose heroin addiction cost him his job as narcotics detective with the LAPD, now police chief in the fictional rural town of Haydenville, California

New series on the Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child page: Gideon Crew, a former professional thief, Ph.D. scientist at Los Alamos, New Mexico, with only a few years to live, recruited by a super-secret organization

Philip Pullman: Sally Lockhart, starting as a 16-year-old in 1872 London, England [YA historical thrillers]

E.R. Punshon: Inspector Carter and Sergeant Bell, a tortoise and hare team of Scotland Yard detectives, in London, England; Bobby Owen, an Oxford graduate, starting as a police constable, later a detective sergeant then Commander of Scotland Yard, mostly in London, England

Craig Smith: Kate Kenyon, a wealthy young English widow, and Thomas Malloy, a retired CIA operative, mostly in Switzerland

Teresa Solana: Eduard Martíez and Borja Masdéu, non-identical twins and partners in Frau Consultants, an extralegal investigative agency, in Barcelona, Spain

Donald Thomas: Alfred Swain, a detective inspector at Scotland Yard in late 19th century England; Sonny Tarrant, a gangster in 1930s-1940s London, England; Sherlock Holmes short stories; William Verity, a detective sergeant mostly in mid-19th century London, England (written as Francis Selwyn)

Peter Tonkin: William Heritage, his daughter Robin, and son-in-law Richard Mariner, in a modern international nautical thriller series; Tom Musgrave, the Master of Defense, a sleuth in 1590s Elizabethan England

John Weisman: The Headhunters, internal affairs officers after bad cops, in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles (written with Brian Boyer)


Authors and Characters Added in December 2010

Wayne Arthurson: Leo Desroches, born to a Cree mother, an Aboriginal Issues reporter with gambling and drinking problems, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

New series on the Ace Atkins page: Quinn Colson, an army ranger returning home from Afghanistan, in rural northeast Mississippi

Dick Belsky: Lucy Shannon, a newspaper reporter, in New York City; Jenny McKay, a 40-something reporter at the lowest rated TV station in New York City

Sam Bourne: non-series thrillers

New series on the Simon Brett page: Blotto, the Honourable Devereux Lyminster, and his sister Twinks, in England in the 1920s

Cassandra Clark: Hildegard, wealthy and recently widowed, who becomes an abbess in late 14th century York, England, in the Abbess of Meaux mysteries

Gary Corby: Nicolaos, an investigator in classical Athens, beginning in 461 BCE

Douglas Corleone: Kevin Corvelli, a Manhattan criminal defense lawyer who moves to Honolulu, Hawaii

Elizabeth Darrell: Max Rydal, a military detective in the British Army’s Special Investigation Branch, and his sidekick Tom Black, mostly in Europe

Paul Doiron: Mike Bowditch, a game warden in the wilds of Maine

Christy Evans: Georgiana Neverall, a software engineer turned plumber, returning to her old home town of Pine Ridge, Oregon

Sibella Giorello: Raleigh Harmon, FBI agent and forensic geologist who returns to her hometown of Richmond, Virginia, in this Christian mystery series

Barry Grant: Sherlock Holmes, who returns to the present after thawing from a Swiss glacier, and James Wilson, a middle-aged British journalist

L.B. Greenwood: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson pastiches

Ed Ifkovic: Edna Ferber, the author

New series on the Josh Lanyon page: Christopher (Kit) Holmes, a gay bestselling mystery writer in decline, and J.X. Moriarity, a former cop and bestselling novelist

Deborah J Ledford: Steven Hawk, a sheriff’s deputy in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Clyde Linsley: Josiah Beede, a war hero at the Battle of New Orleans, retired lawyer, and New England farmer in 1830s US:

Judi McCoy: Ellie Engleman, a professional dog walker who communicates psychically with dogs, her adopted Yorkie Rudy, and her sometime boyfriend police detective Sam Ryder, in Manhattan, New York City, in the Dog Walker mysteries

Maryann Miller: Sarah Kingsly, a white homicide detective, and her new partner Angel Johnson, a black detective, in Dallas, Texas

Boyd Morrison: non-series disaster suspense thrillers

New series on the Amy Myers page: Jack Colby, a car detective, in England

New series on the Tamar Myers page: Amanda Brown, a young American missionary in the Belgian Congo in the 1950s

Victor Ostrovsky: non-series spy thrillers

Gail Oust: Kate McCall, a retiree and her band of amateur sleuths at Serenity Cove Estates, South Carolina, in the Bunco Babes mysteries

Hannah Reed: Story Fischer, a beekeeper in the fictional small town of Moraine, Wisconsin,
in the Queen Bee mysteries (Deb Baker pseudonym)

Michael Robertson: Reggie and Nigel Heath, solicitors with office space on Baker Street in London, England

Paige Shelton: Becca Robins, who makes jam on her farm and sells at her twin sister Alison’s farmers market, in rural South Carolina, in the Farmer’s Market mysteries

New series on the Clea Simon page: Pru Marlowe, an animal psychic returning to her hometown in the Berkshires, New York

Richard A. Thompson: Herman Jackson, a bail bondsman and former Detroit bookie, in St. Paul, Minnesota

New series on the Simon Tolkien page: William Trave, a detective inspector, and Adam Clayton, a detective constable, in late 1950s-1960s Oxford, England

Wendy Lyn Watson: Tallulah “Tally” Jones, recently divorced and running an ice cream shop (Remember the A La Mode) in Dalliance, Texas, in the Mystery a la Mode series

Lois Winston: Anastasia Pollack, a recently widowed mother of two teenaged sons, and crafts editor for a popular women’s magazine, in northern New Jersey

Joyce Yarrow: Jo Epstein, a private investigator and performance poet, based in Brooklyn, New York City


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