Authors & Characters added in 2011

Authors and Characters Added in January 2011

Robin Adair: Nicodemus Dunne, a fallen Bow Street Runner working as a running patterer, spreading the daily news by word of mouth, transported to 1828 Sydney, Australia, in the Curious Murder mysteries

Tilly Bagshawe: international romance thrillers

Beryl Bainbridge: non-series mysteries

René Belletto: non-series crime fiction

Bruce DeSilva: Liam Mulligan, a street-smart investigative reporter in Providence, Rhode Island

Rachel Brady: Emily Locke, a 30-something single mother working for private investigator Richard Cole, in Houston, Texas

Tim Davys: Mollisan Town Quartet, noir set in a town of stuffed animals

Laura DiSilverio: Charlotte “Charlie” Swift, a former Air Force investigator, now working as a private investigator, in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Emma-Joy “EJ” Ferris, a 30-something medically-retired military policewoman, now a security officer with the Fernglen Galleria, in Vernonville, Virginia, near Washington DC, in the Mall Cop series

David Dodge: James “Whit” Whitney, a tax accountant and reluctant sleuth, based in San Francisco, California; Al Colby, a private investigator based in Mexico City and working in Latin America; John Abraham Lincoln, a Treasury Department agent in Hong Kong and South Africa

David Gordon: Edgar first novel nominee

New series on the Beth Groundwater page: Mandy Tanner, a seasonal river ranger on the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado

New series on the Steven F. Havill page: Thomas Parks, a doctor in 1890s Port McKinney, Washington

Arthur Herzog: non-series disaster thrillers

Robert Kresge: Kate Shaw, a new schoolteacher in a new town, and Monday Malone, a Texas cowboy heading for Montana, in fictional 1870s Warbonnet, Wyoming

Patrick Lee: Travis Chase, an ex-con ex-cop, and Paige Campbell, a scientist with Tangent, confronting The Breach and the entities, in a sci-fi techno-thriller series

Robert Lewis: Robin Llewellyn, a Welsh private investigator, with a fondness for drink, in Bristol, England, and Swansea, Wales

Frances McNamara: Emily Cabot, one of the first female graduate students, in sociology in the 1890s at the University of Chicago, Illinois

Catherine O’Flynn: Edgar paperback nominee

Nic Pizzolatto: Edgar first novel nominee

Claire Rayner: Dr. George Barnabas, a forensic and general pathologist at Royal Eastern Hospital, in London, England

James Thompson: Edgar first novel nominee; Kari Vaara, police chief in the town of Kittilä, Lapland, later a homicide inspector in Helsinki, Finland

Keith Thomson: Drummond Clark, a 64-year-old retired CIA operative with Alzheimer’s, and his son Charlie Clark, a gambler in hock to Russian loan sharks

Elizabeth Thornton: non-series romantic historical suspense


Authors and Characters Added in February 2011

Laura Alden: Beth Kennedy, recently divorced mother of two, running the Children’s Bookshelf bookstore and serving as PTA secretary, in Rynwood, near Madison, Wisconsin

Quentin Bates: Gunnhildur (Gunna) Gísladóttir, a police sergeant, in the village of Hvalvík, Iceland

Lou Berney: Barry nominee for Best First Novel

Jay Bonansinga: Ulysses Grove, an FBI profiler and author of a textbook on the psychopathic mind, based in northern Virginia

Martin Booth: non-series mysteries

Charlie Charters: Barry nominee for Best Thriller

Richard Condon: Colin Huntington, a retired Royal Navy captain and compulsive gambler; Charley Partanna, a gourmet cook and hit man for the Prizzi crime family, in New York City

New series on the John Connolly page: Samuel Johnson, his dachshund Boswell, and an unlucky demon named Nurd, in an adult fantasy thriller series for children

Amanda Flower: India Hayes, an artist and librarian at Martin College in Stripling, Ohio

Barbara Hamilton: Abigail Adams, the future first lady, married to a rebellious lawyer, in mid-1770s Massachusetts Colony (Barbara Hambly pseudonym)

Sasscer Hill: Nikki Latrelle, a young female jockey in Maryland

Elise Hyatt: Candyce “Dyce” Dare, a single mom and proprietor of Daring Finds, a furniture refinishing store in fictional Goldport, Colorado (Sarah D’Almeida pseudonym)

New series on the John Lantigua page: Willie Cuesta, a private investigator based in the Little Havana section of Miami, Florida

Graham Moore: Barry nominee for Best First Novel

Alan Orloff: Channing Hayes, co-owner of the Last Laff Comedy Club, in northern Virginia

Jean-François Parot: Nicolas Le Floch, a young policeman from Breton, beginning in 1761 during the reign of Louis XV, in pre-revolutionary Paris, France

Robert J. Ray: Matt Murdock, a hard-boiled private investigator based in Newport Beach, California

New series on the Kathy Reichs page: Tory Brennan, the science-obsessed niece of Temperance Brennan, who lives on a remote island off the coast of South Carolina in this suspense series for teens

Judith Rock: Barry nominee for Best Paperback

Carolyn J. Rose & Mike Nettleton: Casey Brandt, a TV news editor, later director, in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Paladin, a 40-something counterculture innocent in Portland, Oregon; Molly Donovan, a reporter in Devil’s Harbor, Oregon

A.D. Scott: journalists in the offices of the Highland Gazette, in mid-1950s highlands of Scotland

Ron Watkins: Thomas Tilling, a detective in England and Wales

Anne Worboys: non-series, with some romantic suspense


Authors and Characters Added in March 2011

Joseph Badal: Bob Danforth, a CIA special ops officer dealing with terrorists starting at the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece

Alex Bledsoe: Eddie LaCrosse, a sword-for-hire (anything but murder) private investigator in a fantasy medieval world

Edward Conlon: non-series

S.H. Courtier: Ambrose Mahon, a police inspector, later superintendent, in Australia; Digger Haig, a police inspector, in Australia

Jonathan Hayes: Dr. Edward Jenner, a forensic pathologist who quit his job in Manhattan after 9/11, later a medical examiner in fictional Port Fontaine, Florida

S.T. Joshi: Joe Scintilla, a private investigator based in 1930s New York

Margit Liesche: Pucci Lewis, a US Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) and undercover agent in World War II

New cozy series on the Ed Lynskey page: Alma and Isabel Trumbo, elderly sisters in Quiet Anchorage, Virginia

Bethany Maines: Nikki Lanier, a linguist working with the Carrie Mae Foundation, the supposed philantropic arm of a cosmetics company, but really a secret international organization devoted to helping women, based in Santa Clarita, California

Charlie Owen: ensemble cast of police in D Group, in a fictional 1970s town north of Manchester, England

New series on the Eliot Pattison page: Hadrian Boone, a co-founder of the colony of Carthage, located near the Great Lakes, in Post-Apocalyptic 21st century America

Craig Thomas: Mitchell Gant, a burned out Viet Nam vet and Russian jet skyjacker for the CIA; Kenneth Aubrey and Patrick Hyde, MI-6 agents, and an ensemble of other characters, mostly in Asia

John Verdon: Dave Gurney, a recently retired 40-something NYPD homicide detective with a reputation for catching serial killers, in rural upstate New York

Persia Walker: Lanie Price, a former crime reporter, now the society columnist at the Harlem Chronicle, in 1920s Harlem, New York City


Authors and Characters Added in April 2011

New series on the Jeff Abbott page: Sam Capra, a brilliant CIA agent who is set up and loses everything

Suzanne Adair: historical mysteries featuring female protagonists in the South during the American Revolution

Will Adams: Daniel Knox, an American Egyptologist and dive instructor

Preston L. Allen: non-series crime fiction

New series on the Sandra Balzo page: AnnaLise Griggs, returning to her hometown of Sutterton, North Carolina, to care for her aging mother in the Main Street mysteries

Ellen Block: Abigail Harker, who becomes a lighthouse caretaker on Chapel Isle, North Carolina, after her husband and four-year-old son were killed in a Boston fire

New series on the Jodi Compton page: Hailey Cain, a 23-year-old West Point dropout, San Francisco bike messenger, later second in command in a gang in Los Angeles, California

Lila Dare: Grace Ann Terhune, a recently divorced beautician working in her mother's salon in the tourist town of St. Elizabeth, Georgia, in the Southern Beauty Shop series (Laura DiSilverio pseudonym)

Helen Dunmore: non-series crime fiction

Sam Eastland: Inspector Pekkala, of Finnish extraction, a former investigator of Tsar Nicholas II, imprisoned by the Bolsheviks, now an investigator for Stalin starting in 1929, in the Soviet Union (Paul Watkins pseudonym)

Sunny Frazier: Christy Bristol, an amateur astrologer who works as a secretary in a sheriff’s substation, in the San Joaquin Valley of California

Shane Gericke: Emily Thompson, starting as a 40-year-old rookie cop, and Martin Benedetti, detective commander in the sheriff’s office, in Naperville, Illinois

David Gethin: Wyatt, a British secret agent, in England, Wales, and Italy; Halloran, tough, super-covert British agent in Omega Section

Debra Ginsberg: non-series crime fiction

Tracy Grant: Charles Fraser, an idealistic MP and former intelligence agent, and his wife Mélanie, a war refugee, in Regency London, England; Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch, a diplomat and his wife, beginning at the Congress of Vienna in 1814 (written as Teresa Grant)

Jim Harrison: non-series suspense

Richard Jessup: non-series mysteries and thrillers

Veronica Parker Johns: Agatha Welch, a spinsterish amateur sleuth, in the Virgin Islands and Connecticut; Webster Flagg, a black former actor and singer, living on his investments but also working as a cook and butler, in New York City

New series on the Paul Johnston page: Matt Wells, a British crime writer caught up in a web of intrigue, murder, satanism, and mind control

New series on the Merry Jones page: Harper Jennings, an Iraq war veteran with PTSD, now a teaching assistant at Cornell University, in New York

New series on the Solomon Jones page: Mike Coletti, a homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kevin Lewis: Stacey Collins, a single mother, detective inspector who grew up in the slums of London, England

Bill Loehfelm: Maureen Coughlin, a 29-year-old cocktail waitress at The Narrows bar, on Staten Island, New York

New series on the G.M. Malliet page: Max Tudor, a former MI-5 agent, now vicar at St. Edwold's in the idyllic village of Nether Monkslip, England

Ernesto Mallo: Superintendent “Perro” Lascano, a Buenos Aires police detective during the military dictatorship in late 1970s Argentina

Jean-Patrick Manchette: non-series thrillers mostly set in France

Van Wyck Mason: Hugh North, a US Army intelligence officer, a captain at first, finally colonel, serving around the world as G-2’s greatest troubleshooter

Susan McDuffie: Muirteach, a scribe and former monk, in 1370s Scotland

D.E. Meredith: Adolphus Hatton, a professor and forensic scientist advising the police, and his trusty assistant, Albert Roumande, in late 1850s London, England

Andrea Penrose: Lady Arianna Hadley, posing as a French chef in an aristocratic household in 1813 London, England

Claudia Piñeiro: non-series thrillers set in Argentina

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez: Harlow Jean Cassidy, a Manhattan fashion designer who opens the Magical Dressmaking boutique in a farmhouse she inherits, in Bliss, Texas

Todd Ritter: Kat Campbell, a single-mom police chief in peaceful Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania

Kirk Russell: John Marquez, an ex-DEA agent, now an undercover warden with the California Department of Fish and Game; Ben Raveneau, an older homicide detective, and his ambitious young partner, Elizabeth la Rosa, in San Francisco, California

New series on the Sarah R. Shaber page: Louise Pearlie, a young widow working as a clerk for the OSS, in 1942 Washington, DC

Richard Telfair: Monty Nash, a loner agent working against the Reds with the US Department of Counter Intelligence (Richard Jessup pseudonym)

Jan Costin Wagner: Kimmo Joentaa, a police detective whose wife recently died from Hodgkin’s disease, in Turku, Finland

Paul Watkins: non-series suspense and thrillers


Authors and Characters Added in May 2011

Jeffrey Anderson: non-series medical thrillers

Carla Buckley: Thriller Award nominee

Bill Cameron: Skin Kadash, a homicide detective (later ex-cop) in Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Lee Carrell: Kate Stanley, an academic sleuth, directing Shakespeare at the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London, England, and elsewhere

R. Cameron Cooke: Jack Tremain, a navy lieutenant commander on submarines in the South Pacific during World War II

Hilary Davidson: Lily Moore, a travel writer based in New York City

Warren Fahy: Nell Duckworth, a botanist, and Geoffrey Binswanger, a biologist, investigate a South Pacific island (and other places) where evolution went off in a different direction

New series on the Christa Faust page: Angel Dare, a retired porn star running Daring Angels, an adult modeling agency, in Van Nuys, California

Adam Fawer: non-series thrillers

Anthony Flacco: Shane Nightingale, a 12-year-old orphaned in the 1906 earthquake, and Randall Blackburn, a homicide detective who adopts him, in San Francisco, California

Leah Giarratano: Jill Jackson, a police detective sergeant, and childhood rape victim, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

New series on the John Gilstrap page: Jonathan Grave, a wealthy freelance hostage rescue specialist, in Virginia and Washington, DC

Russ Hall: Travis, the Blue-Eyed Indian, a private investigator, in and around Austin, Texas; Esbeth Walters, a 70-something retired math teacher in the Texas Hill Country

Robert Harris: Marcus Cicero in a political thriller trilogy set in Republican Rome

Matt Hilton: Joe Hunter, an ex-counterterrorism operative raised in Manchester, England, now a vigilante for hire in the USA

Reece Hirsch: Thriller Award nominee

Tobias Jones: “Casta” Castagnetti, a loner, bee-keeping private investigator in northern Italy

Thomas Kaufman: Willis Gidney, a former con-artist, now a private investigator in Washington, DC

Matthew Klein: non-series thrillers

Katia Lief: Karin Schaeffer, a former homicide detective whose family was murdered, in Brooklyn, New York (Kate Pepper)

Kylie Logan: Josie Giancola, a leading expert on buttons with a button shop in Chicago, Illinois, in the Button Box mysteries (Constance Laux pseudonym)

Ada Madison: Sophie Knowles, a math professor at Henley College, in Massachusetts (Camille Minichino pseudonym)

Avner Mandelman: Ellis Award nominee

Two new series on the Edward Marston page: Daniel Rawson, a spy, adventurer, and captain in the British army under the Duke of Malborough in the 1700s in Europe and England; Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy, metropolitan police in 1915 London, England

Michael McKinley: Martin Carter, a former star Canadian hockey player, now retired due to a head injury and working with the New York St. Patricks team in community relations

Jeffrey Moore: Ellis Award nominee

Michael Morley: Jack King, an former FBI profiler running a hotel with his wife, in Tuscany, Italy

Arthur Nersesian: non-series crime fiction

Imogen Robertson: Harriet Westerman, mistress of Caveley Park manor, and anatomist Gabriel Crowther, in the 1780s, in West Susssex, England

Alex Scarrow: Andy and Jenny Sutherland confront the end of civilization as we know it when oil stops

Simon Scarrow: Quintus Licinius Cato, a former imperial slave, and centurion Lucius Cornelius Macro, Roman soldiers starting under Claudius, in an action, historical, intrigue series

Will Staeger: W. Cooper, a semi-retired CIA operative, and Julie Laramie, a CIA satellite intelligence analyst, in the British Virgin Islands

Chevy Stevens: non-series thrillers

Donna Tartt: non-series crime fiction

Steven M. Thomas: Robert Rivers, a burglar and stickup man, in Orange County and Los Angeles, California

Kerry Tombs: Samuel Ravenscroft, a detective inspector with the Whitechapel Constabulary, in the late 1880s in Worcestershire, England

Jon Trace: Tom Shaman, a 30-something burned out ex-priest formerly serving in Los Angeles heads for Italy (Michael Morley pseudonym)

Michael Van Rooy: Monty Haaviko, a semi-reformed ex-convict prowling the mean streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Authors and Characters Added in June 2011

Jussi Adler-Olsen: Carl Mørck, an experienced homicide detective in Department Q, and his assistant Assad, in Copenhagen, Denmark

New series on the Gary Alexander page: Buster Hightower, a standup comic who gets entangled in international intrigue

Emily Arsenault: non-series mysteries

Leo Atkins: Connor Gibbs, private investigator running Quixote Enterprises, in Wendover, North Carolina (Clay Harvey pseudonym)

New series on the C.C. Benison page: Father Tom Christmas, a widower with a 9-year-old daughter, and the new vicar in Thornford Regis, a picturesque village in England:

John Birmingham: Axis of Time alternate history thrillers, as 2021 naval technology finds itself in 1942; Without Warning alternate history thrillers, following mysterious destruction of most of the continental US in 2003

Johnny D. Boggs: Daniel Killstraight, a young Comanche sent off to the Carlisle School for seven years before returning to the Comanche Nation to serve as a policeman

New series on the Maureen Carter page: Sarah Quinn, a detective inspector in Birmingham, England

Mindy Starns Clark: Callie Webber, a private investigator and attorney working for a mysterious philanthropist, here and there in the USA, in the Million Dollar (Christian) mysteries; Jo Tulip, a household hints expert and amateur sleuth, her dog Chewie, and her best-friend-since-childhood, Danny Watkins, in the Smart Chick (Christian) mysteries

New series on the Colin Cotterill page: Jimm Juree, a former crime reporter for the Chiang Mai Daily Mail, now living with her family in rural southern Thailand

William Dietrich: Ethan Gage, an American adventurer and rascal, starting in 1799

Harry Dolan: David Loogan, a mystery magazine editor in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alice Duncan: Daisy Gumm Majesty, a medium to the rich and famous, in 1920s Pasadena, California; Mercy Allcutt, a former Boston Brahmin, working for a down-on-his luck private investigator, in 1920s Hollywood, California; Annabelle Blue, a 19-year-old working in her family’s dry-goods store in 1923, in fictional Rosedale, in southeast New Mexico

Wessel Ebersohn: Abigail Bukula, a young black lawyer, and Yudel Gordon, an experienced Jewish prison psychologist, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Elizabeth Engstrom: non-series psychological horror, mystery, and fantasy

Conor Fitzgerald: Alec Blume, an American ex-patriot police commissario, in Rome, Italy

Sara Gran: Claire DeWitt, the world’s foremost private investigator, in post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana

Ron Hansen: non-series crime fiction

New series on the Karen Harper page: Sarah Kauffman, an artist who paints murals on barns in her Amish community, and Nate MacKensie, an Ohio state arson inspector, in the Home Valley Amish series

Paul Harper: Marten Fane, a retired police detective, in San Francisco, California (David Lindsey pseudonym)

B.B. Haywood: Candy Holliday, running a blueberry farm with her dad Henry “Doc” Holliday, near the fictional seaside town of Cape Willington, Maine

New series on the Anne Holt page: Hanne Wilhelmsen, a lesbian police officer in Oslo, Norway

New series on the James Patrick Hunt page: Dan Bridger, an elite professional thief on the run from the cops and the Mob

New series on the Stephen Hunter page: Ray Cruz, an ex-marine sniper, in Minnesota

Mons Kallentoft: Malin Fors, a 30-something divorced mother of a teenage daughter, and an ambitious detective inspector, in Linköping, Sweden

New series on the Larry Karp page: Bernie Baumgartner, a police detective, in the 1970s in the Pacific Northwest

Lars Kepler: Joona Linna, a detective inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

Paul Lawrence: Harry Lytle, a member of the intelligence service of King Charles II, starting in 1664 in London, England

Iain Levison: non-series crime fiction

Ron Liebman: Mickie Mezzonatti and Salvatore “Junne” Salerno, Jr., criminal defense lawyers and ex-cops, in Camden, New Jersey

Virginia Lowell: Olivia Greyson, owner of he Gingerbread House in her Victorian home in fictional Chatterley Heights, on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland, in the Cookie Cutter Shop series

Rosamund Lupton: non-series crime fiction

Casey Mayes: Savannah Stone, a math puzzle creator, and her husband Zach, a retired Charlotte police chief, in rural North Carolina, in the Mystery by the Numbers series (Tim Myers pseudonym)

Carol McCleary: Nellie Bly, an American investigative reporter, in Paris and around the world, starting in 1889

New series on the Jenn McKinlay page: Lindsey Norris, director of the Briar Creek Public Library, in New York, in the Library Lover’s mysteries

Two new series on the Laurie Moore page: Aspen Wicklow, a news anchor in Dallas, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth TV News romantic suspense series; Dainty Prescott, a former debutante and intern at WBFD-TV in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Debutante Detective romantic suspense series

Dennis Palumbo: Daniel Rinaldi, a psychologist specializing in treating victims of violent crime, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sharon Pape: Rory (Aurora) McCain, a former police sketch artist, now a private investigator sharing a house with the ghost of Federal Marshal Zeke (Ezekiel) Drummond in Huntington, Long Island, New York, in the Portrait of Crime mysteries

New series on the George Pelecanos page: Spero Lucas, an Iraq veteran working as an investigator for a defense lawyer, in Washington, DC

New series on the Ian Rankin page: Malcolm Fox, a cop working for the Complaints, the police internal affairs division, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ted Riccardi: Sherlock Holmes pastiches

New series on the Michael Ridpath page: Magnus Jonson, born in Iceland, raised in Boston, back working as a homicide detective in Iceland, in the Fire and Ice series

Judith Rock: Charles Matthieu Beuvron du Luc, a teacher of rhetoric at Louis le Grand, a Jesuit school in 1680s Paris, France

Al Roker: Billy Blessing, a celebrity chef and restaurateur, and food anchor for morning TV show Wake Up America!, in New York City (written with Dick Lochte)

New series on the Craig Russell page: Lennox, a shady private investigator in 1950s Glasgow, Scotland

New series on the Paige Shelton page: Gram’s Country Cooking School mysteries

Leonie Swann: a flock of Irish detecting sheep led by Miss Maple

New series on the Peter Turnbull page: Harry Vicary, a detective inspector and recovering alcoholic, in London, England

Daphne Uviller: Zephyr Zuckerman, a young, hapless sleuth, who also works as the super of her parent’s Greenwich Village building, in New York City

Valerio Varesi: Commissario Soneri, a homicide detective in Parma, Italy

Domingo Villar: Leo Caldas, a police inspector in Galicia, an autonomous region in northwest Spain


Authors and Characters Added in July 2011

Michael Atkinson: Ernest Hemingway investigates

Roberto Bolaño: non-series fiction with criminous elements

New series on the Meg Cabot page: Meena Harper, a young soap opera writer who can foresee how people will die, in New York City

Mary Andrea Clarke: Georgiana Grey, a young, independent gentlewoman, and a highwayman, the Crimson Cavalier, in late 18th century London, England

Ben Coes: Dewey Andreas, a former Delta officer, encounters international terrorist plots

Jan Coffey: non-series thrillers

William S. Cohen: non-series political thrillers

Julian Cole: Sam Rounder, a plump detective chief inspector, and his younger brother Rick Rounder, an ex-cop private investigator, in York, England

Hannah Dennison: Vicky Hill, a bumbling investigative journalist, in fictional Gipping-on-Plym, England

Vicki Doudera: Darby Farr, a real estate agent returning from California to her old hometown of Hurricane Harbor, Maine

Dianne Emley: Nan Vining, a 30-something police officer and single mom, in Pasadena, California

Barbara Graham: Tony Abernathy, the sheriff, and his wife, Theo, a quilt shop owner, in fictional Park County, in eastern Tennessee

Sam Hawken: Dagger Award nominee

Elizabeth Haynes: Dagger Award nominee

Darynda Jones: Charlotte “Charley” Davidson, a private investigator who has been able to see dead victims since she was a child, consulting with the police, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sofie Kelly: Kathleen Paulson, a librarian from Boston, and two stray cats with special powers, Owen and Hercules, in fictional Mayville Heights, Minnesota, in the Magical Cats mysteries

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl: Mina Beckwith, a newspaper reporter, and Ned Manusia, a playwright, in 1930s Honolulu, Hawaii

Amanda Lee: Marcy Singer, owner of an embroidery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, in fictional Tallulah Falls, Oregon, in the Embroidery mysteries (Gayle Trent pseudonym)

Jackie Lynn: Rose Franklin, who leaves her cheating husband and, when her car breaks down, settles in Shady Grove campsite in West Memphis, Arkansas

Elizabeth C. Main: Jane Serrano, a 40-something widow working in Thornton’s Books in fictional Juniper, Oregon

Vincent McCaffrey: Henry Sullivan, a 30-something book hound, in Boston, Massachusetts

New series on the Amy Patricia Meade page: Stella Thornton Buckley, moving from Manhattan with her husband, Nick, to small-town Vermont, in the Pret’ Near Perfect mysteries

Chris Morgan Jones: Dagger Award nominee

Brenda Novak: romantic suspense

Terry Odell: Blackthorne, Inc., covert operations series of romantic suspense and thrillers

Pamela Samuels-Young: Vernetta Henderson, an African-American attorney at a large law firm in Los Angeles, California

Jeff Shelby: Noah Braddock, a surfer and private investigator, in San Diego, California

Gayle Trent: Myrtle Crumb, a 60-something sleuth, in southwest Virginia; Daphne Martin, a cake decorator back in her home town in southern Virginia

New series on the Don Winslow page: Boone Daniels, a private investigator who would rather be surfing, in San Diego, California

New series on the Brian Wiprud page: Morty Martinez, a “feeler” who empties homes for resale, hoping to find cash left by dead owners who didn't trust banks, in Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Zettel: Charlotte Caine, the chef running Nightlife, a restaurant serving the undead in New York City, in the Vampire Chef mysteries


Authors and Characters Added in August 2011

Michael Ayoob: non-series crime fiction

Elizabeth Bailey: Ottilia Draycott, a young companion to Dowager Lady Polbrook, in Regency England

Alan Carter: Cato Kwong, a Detective Senior Sergeant, in Western Australia

Joelle Charbonneau: Rebecca Robbins, a Chicago mortgage broker inheriting a roller skating rink from her mother, in fictional Indian Falls, Illinois

Monika Fagerholm: tragic events from the late 1960s to 2004, centered on a small town outside Helsinki, Finland

William Gay: non-series Southern gothic

Thomas Greanias: Conrad Yeats, an archeaologist, and Vatican linguist Sister Serena Serghetti, involved in international intrigue, in the Atlantis trilogy; Sam Deker, 35-year-old Israeli counterterrorism agent and demolitions expert

New series on the Patricia Hall page: Kate O’Donnell, an aspiring photographer in 1960s London, England

Tom Henighan: Sam Montcalm, a middle-aged, lone wolf private investigator in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Erin Kelly: non-series crime fiction

Tom Knox: archeological, historical thrillers

New noir series on the Michael Lister page: Jimmy Riley, now working as a private detective in 1940s Panama City, Florida, after losing an arm while on the police force

Geoffrey McGeachin: Alby Murdoch, an Australian secret agent and international photographer; Charlie Berlin, an ex-bomber pilot and POW in World War II, rejoining the police force in 1947 Victoria, Australia

M.J. McGrath: non-series crime fiction

A.D. Miller: non-series crime fiction

Danny Miller: Vince Treadwell, a young police detective sent in 1964 from London to Brighton, England

Thomas Mullen: non-series historical and speculative mystery-thrillers

Taylor Stevens: Vanessa Michael Munroe, the daughter of American missionaries in Africa, now working in Texas researching developing countries for corporations

Sebastian Stuart: Janet Petrocelli, leaving a Manhattan psychotherapy practice to open a collectibles shop in the Hudson Valley town of Sawyerville, New York, in the Janet’s Planet mysteries

New cozy series on the Jane Tesh page: David Randall, a private detective, and his psychic friend Camden, in Parkland, North Carolina, in the Grace Street mysteries

New series on the M.J. Trow page: Kit (Christopher) Marlowe, the Elizabethan playwright in his youth, beginning in 1583

Marilyn Victor & Michael Allan Mallory: Lavender (Snake) Jones, a zookeeper, and her husband Jeff, an Aussie herpetologist, in Minnesota

S.J. Watson: non-series crime fiction

Jason Webster: Max Cámara, chief inspector in the Spanish National Police, in Valencia, Spain

New series on the Lis Wiehl page: Dani Harris, a forensic psychiatrist, and Tommy Gunderson, a former football star and aspiring private investigator, in fictional East Salem, New York, in the East Salem series written with Pete Nelson

Amanda Kyle Williams: Madison McGuire, a lesbian deep-cover secret agent for the US government, later with the CIA, In the US and overseas, starting in 1978; Keye Street, a Chinese-American private investigator, booted out of the FBI for alchoholism, in Atlanta, Georgia


Authors and Characters Added in September 2011

P.J. Alderman: Jordan Marsh, prime suspect in her husband’s murder, leaves Los Angeles to restore a Victorian house with two ghosts, in fictional Port Chatham, Washington

Sara Blaedel: Louise Rick, a detective inspector (later chief inspector), and her friend Camilla Lind, a journalist, in Copenhagen, Denmark

Judith Yates Borger: Marguerite (Skeeter) Hughes, a newspaper reporter, in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jacklyn Brady: Rita Lucero, a pastry chef in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Piece of Cake mysteries (Sherry Lewis pseudonym)

Carol K. Carr: India Black, a young madam running a brothel catering to gentlemen, in 1870s London, England

Jane Casey: Maeve Kerrigan, an ambitious 28-year old detective constable, in London, England

Kathleen Ernst: Chloe Ellefson, the new collections curator of an 1870s pioneer living history museum, in rural 1980s Wisconsin; young adult American Girl mysteries

New series on the Ron Faust page: Dan Shaw, a former military policeman, now a cop going to night law school and studying for the bar exam, in the Florida Keys

New series on the Nicci French page: Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist in London, England

Steven M. Forman: Eddie Perlmutter, a tough Jewish Boston cop in his late 50s, retired to Boca Raton, Florida

Joyce Harrington: non-series mysteries

Dana Haynes: Leonard Tomzak, a pathologist and crash investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board

Katherine Howell: Ella Marconi, a police detective and a revolving cast of ambulance paramedics, in Sydney, Australia

D.E. Johnson: Will Anderson, working in his father’s electric car company, in 1910 Detroit, Michigan

Christobel Kent: Sandro Cellini, a disgraced ex-cop, now a private investigator, in Florence, Italy

Bill Kitson: Mike Nash, a detective inspector in Yorkshire, England

Kristina Ohlsson: Fredrika Bergman, an investigative analyst with a special unit of the federal police, in Sweden

Gregg Olsen: non-series thrillers; Empty Coffin young adult thrillers

Malcolm Pryce: Louie Knight, a private investigator in Aberystwyth, Wales, in a comic Welsh noir series

Javier Sierra: non-series apocalyptic historical religious thrillers

New series on the Duane Swierczynski page: Charlie Hardie, an ex-cop from Philadelphia, working as a high-end house-sitter, and going mano a mano with a vast conspiracy known as The Accident People

Simon Toyne: apocalyptic conspiracy thrillers in the Sanctus trilogy

Piers Venmore-Rowland: Rafi Khan, a London fund manager, and detective inspector Kate Adams of the City’s economic crime unit

New series on the Simon Wood page: Aidy Westlake, a rookie car-racing driver, in England


Authors and Characters Added in October 2011

William Boyd: non-series literary thrillers

Ali Brandon: Darla Pettistone, owner of a bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, and her cat Hamlet, in the Black Cat Bookshop mysteries (Diane A.S. Stuckart pseudonym)

Michael Brett: Sam Dakkers, a bookie in New York City; Pete McGrath, a wise-cracking private investigator in New York City

New D.C. Brod series: Robyn Guthrie, a freelance writer in Illinois

New D.W. Buffa series: Senator Bobby Hart, an idealistic young California Democrat, taking on the Establishment

Jacques Chessex: non-series crime fiction

Jordan Dane: Jessie Beckett, a bounty hunter tracking federal fugitives, later with the Sentinals, an elite vigilante group, in an ensemble cast, in the Sweet Justice series

Louise Doughty: non-series crime fiction

Alex Dryden: Anna Resnikov, a KGB colonel, along with various MI-6 and CIA operatives, starting in 1999 Moscow, Russia

Thomas Enger: Henning Juul, a veteran investigative crime reporter, in Oslo, Norway

Christopher Farnsworth: Nathaniel Cade, a vampire sworn to protect the president and the United States from supernatural threats, starting in the Andrew Johnson administration (1867)

Lyndsay Faye: Timothy Wilde, an ex-bartender and officer in the newly organized police force, in 1845 New York City

New Bill Fitzhugh series: Bob Dillon, a pest exterminator, and Klaus Müller, an assassin, in the Assassin Bug thrillers

C.A. Haddad: David Haham, a government agent in the Middle East; Becky Belski, a computer investigator-snoop, in Chicago, Illinois

Domini Highsmith: Father Simeon, a priest, and Elvira, a nurse, in late 12th century East Yorkshire, England

Ruby Horansky: Nikki Trakos, a 30-something six-foot police detective, in Brooklyn, New York

Renee B. Horowitz: Ruthie Kantor Morris, a 50-something widowed pharmacist, in Scottsdale, Arizona

Rebecca Jenkins: Raif Jarrett, a former soldier and agent for the Duke of Penrith in Woolbridge, Durham, in early 1800s Regency England

Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis: Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse in Copenhagen, Denmark

William Manchee: Stan Turner, beginning in law school at UCLA, then in the Marine Corps, later as a lawyer, starting in late 1970s Dallas, Texas; Richard Coleman, a lawyer in late 1970s Dallas, Texas

New Amy Patricia Meade series: Rose Doyle Keefe, working to support her family in a shipyard in 1942 New York City, in the Rosie the Riveter series

Gil North: Caleb Cluff, a stubborn police sergeant in the small town of Gunnarshaw, in Yorkshire, England

Harri Nykänen: Raid, a hit man, in Finland; Ariel Kafka, a police inspector in the Violent Crime Unit and one of only two Jewish cops in the country, in Helsinki, Finland

Martha Ockley: Faith Morgan, a former policewoman and newly ordained Anglican priest, in Winchester, England (Rebecca Jenkins pseudonym)

Maria-Antònia Oliver: Lònia Guiu, a fiercely feminist private investigator based in Barcelona, Spain

Jane Peart: young, restless Victorian women in late 19th century England, in the Edgecliffe Manor romantic suspense series

Diane Petit: Kathryn Bogert, owner of Good Buys, an estate sale business, and Charli, a Brittany spaniel, in Chicago, Illinois; non-series romantic suspense, set in suburban Chicago, Illinois

Madeleine E. Robins: Sarah Tolerance, a freelance agent of inquiry, in Regency London, England

Roberta Rogow: Rev. Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle team up in 1880s Victorian England; Joshua Roth, a lawyer, and law clerk Peggy Pettigrew, niece of Pettigrew & Roth senior partner Ephraim Pettigrew, in 1870s New York City

Cindy Sample: Laurel McKay, a recently divorced soccer mom working at Hangtown Bank, in the gold country town, Placerville, California

Lionel Shriver: non-series literary thrillers

New Joanna Campbell Slan series: Jane Eyre, and her husband Edward Rochester, as amateur sleuths in 1850s England, in the Jane Eyre Chronicles

New Brad Smith series: Virgil Cain, a small-time rancher, and Claire Marchand, a homicide detective, in upstate New York

Pat Welch: Helen Black, an ex-cop lesbian private investigator, based in Berkeley, California

Patricia Tichenor Westfall: Molly West, a 50-something rural activist in southern Ohio


Authors and Characters Added in November 2011

Josh Bazell: Dr. Peter Brown, an emergency room doctor in Manhattan, New York, formerly Pietro “Bearclaw” Brnwa, a hitman for the New Jersey mob

Barbara Bretton: Chloe Hobbs, the half-human, half-sorceress owner of a knitting shop, in Sugar Maple, Vermont

James Craig: John Carlyle, an inspector in the Metropolitan Police, in London, England

Freda Davies: Keith Tyrell, a detective inspector in Gloucestershire, England

Kaye Davis: Maris Middleton, a lesbian forensic chemist working as an independent crime scene specialist, in Dallas, Texas

Sandy Dengler: Jack Prester, a US park ranger in various national parks, with a Christian perspective; Joe Rodriguez, a police sergeant, in Phoenix, Arizona, in the Mirage Christian mysteries

Anabel Donald: Alex Tanner, a freelance TV researcher and part-time private investigator, in London, England, in the Notting Hill mysteries

Lauren Wright Douglas: Caitlin Reece, a lesbian private investigator, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Allison O’Neil, a lesbian Bed & Breakfast owner and refugee from California, in fictional Lavner Bay, Oregon

W.S. Gager: Mitch Malone, a crime beat reporter in fictional Grand River, in western Michigan

Rolando Hinojosa: Rafe Buenrosto, a homicide detective, and the folks of Belkin County in a fictional south Texas border town, in the Klail City Death Trip saga

Graeme Kent: Ben Kella, a police sergeant and hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, and Sister Conchita, a 20-something American nun, in the 1960s Solomon Islands

New Lori L. Lake series: Leona “Leo” Reese, a lesbian Saint Paul Minnesota police sergeant turned investigator for the State of Minnesota, in the Public Eye series

Liz Lipperman: Jordan McAllister, a substitute culinary reporter in the fictional small town of Ranchero, Texas, in the Clueless Cook mysteries

J.J. Murphy: Dorothy Parker, the witty writer in 1920s Manhattan, New York City, in the Algonquin Round Table mysteries

Chris Nickson: Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, in 1730s England

New Michael Norman series: J.D. Books, a Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement Ranger, based in Kanab, Utah

Joseph Olshan: non-series psychological thrillers

Preston Pairo III: Dallas Henry, a lawyer turned beachcombing motel manager, in Ocean City, Maryland; Jimmy (Griff) Griffin, an ex-cop investigator for the city attorney, in Baltimore, Maryland

Frank Palmer: “Jacko” Jackson, a detective inspector of the East Midlands Combined Constabulary, in Leicester, England; Phil “Sweeney” Todd, a police superintendent in Nottingham, England

William Paul: David Fyfe, a detective chief inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland

Laurence Payne: Sam Birkett, an amusing detective inspector at Scotland Yard, and his assistant, Sergeant Saunders, in London, England; John Tibbett, a petty thief turned reluctant spy and hero, in London, England; Mark Savage, a former stunt man and movie star turned private investigator after a car crash, based in London, England

Gerald Petievich: Charles Carr and Jack Kelly, seasoned, tough Secret Service agents after counterfeiters, starting in Los Angeles, California, and Washington, DC

Tom Philbin: Joe Lawless, commander of the Felony Squad, and an ensemble cast at Fort Siberia, the Bronx, the toughest precinct in New York City

David M Pierce: Vic Daniel, a 6-foot-7+ cut-rate private investigator, driving a Nash Metropolitan, in Los Angeles, California

Andrew Puckett: Tom Jones, a health investigator for the Home Office, and sometimes Jo Farewell, a nursing sister at Latchvale Hospital, in England

Willo Davis Roberts: Black Pearl romantic suspense series; non-series mysteries; mysteries for young readers

New Jeffrey Round series: Dan Sharp, a missing persons investigator and gay single father in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

New Jennifer Rowe series: Holly Love, a reluctant and accidental private investigator working at Gorgon Office Supplies, in the Blue Mountains of Australia

David Russell: Winston Patrick, a lawyer turned teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Susan Whitfield: Logan Hunter, a State Bureau of Investigation agent, in North Carolina


Authors and Characters Added in December 2011

Gilbert Adair: Evadne Mount, a formidable whodunit author, in a trilogy reimagining Agatha Christie

Annamaria Alfieri: non-series mysteries set in South America

Esri Allbritten: the staff of Tripping, a low-budget travel magazine for believers in the paranormal, and everybody’s favorite Chihuahua, Gigi

Pierre Audemars: Hercule Renard, a railway worker in 1930s Paris and elsewhere in France; Monsieur Pinaud, an inspector in the Sûreté, a conscientious family man, and the greatest detective in France

Pamela Beason: Summer “Sam” Westin, wildlife biologist and writer

Stephen Bogart: R.J. Brooks, a tough private investigator and son of famous Hollywood stars, in Los Angeles, California, and New York City

Janet Bolin: Willow Vanderling, who left a corporate job to open a machine embroidery shop in fictional Elderberry Bay, Pennsylvania, in the Threadville mysteries

New S.J. Bolton series: Lacey Flint, a young detective constable in London, England

Freda Bream: Rev. Jabal Jarrett, an eccentric Anglican vicar in and near Auckland, New Zealand

Mary Bringle: non-series mysteries

Alexander Campion: Capucine LeTellier, a police detective specializing in white-collar crime, and her husband Alexandre, a portly food critic, in Paris, France, in the Capucine Culinary mysteries

Peter Cocks: Eddie Savage, a 17-year-old in the ganglands of south London, England [YA]

Adam Creed: Will (“Staffe”) Wagstaffe, a detective inspector in London, England

New Elizabeth Craig series: Beatrice Coleman, a retired art museum curator and amateur sleuth in the fictional mountain village of Dappled Hills, North Carolina, in the Southern Quilting mysteries

Martin Davies: Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes’s housekeeper, in London, England

Percival Everett: non-series mysteries and psychological thrillers

Gordon Ferris: Danny McRae, a former spy turned private investigator who suffers from memory problems due to war injuries, in post-WWII London, England; Douglas Brodie, a crime reporter in Glasgow, Scotland, in the 1940s

David Fingerman: Louise Miller, a lesbian police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chuck Greaves: Jack MacTaggart, a lawyer with Henley & Hargrove, the oldest and snobbiest law firm in Pasadena, California

Laura Griffin: romantic suspense set in south Texas, in the Borderline series; The Glass Sisters romantic suspense; romantic suspense with some recurring characters working at the Delphi Center, a high-tech investigative operation, set in Texas, in the Tracers series

Angus Hall: non-series crime fiction

Janice Hamrick: Jocelyn Shore, a high school teacher, from Austin, Texas

Terry Harknett: Steve Wayne, a private eye in England and elsewhere; John Crown, a chief superintendent of police, in Macao and China; Chester Fortune, a man of violence in a violent world (written as Thomas H. Stone); John Stark, a one-man murder machine hell-bent for revenge, in the Revenger series (written as Joseph Hedges)

Craig Holden: non-series crime fiction

F. Tennyson Jesse: Solange Fontaine, a young Frenchwoman with the gift of sensing moral flaw, in England

James Leasor: Dr. Jason Love, a physician and WWII veteran, on assignment for British Intelligence; Dr. Robert Gunn, in the 19th century Far East

Jeanne Matthews: Dinah Pelerin, an amateur sleuth and wannabe anthropologist, here and there around the world

Keith Moray: Torquil McKinnon, a bagpipe-playing, motorcycle-riding police inspector with the Hebridean Constabulary, on the fictional Outer Hebridean island of West Uist, Scotland

Haruki Murakami: literary crime fiction

Håkan Östlundh: Fredrik Broman, a police detective on the island of Gotland, Sweden

Bernadette Pajer: Benjamin Bradshaw, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington in Seattle in the early 1900s

New Ridley Pearson series: Grace Chu, an American-educated Chinese forensic accountant, and John Knox, an American Iraqi war veteran, with an import/export business, working together as freelance undercover operatives around the world

John Rector: non-series thrillers

Jed Rubenfeld: crime fiction set in early 20th century New York City

New Denise Swanson series: Dev Sinclair, the new owner of an old-fashioned shop in a small town in Missouri, in the Devereaux Dime Store series

Steve Ulfelder: Conway Sax, a no-nonsense auto mechanic with a knack for solving difficult problems, around Framingham, Massachusetts

New Norb Vonnegut series: Grove O’Rourke, a stockbroker at the investment firm of Sachs, Kidder, and Carnegie, in New York City

Neil White: Laura McGanity, a detective constable, and her boyfriend, reporter Jack Garrett, relocated from London to Lancashire, England

Tom Wicker: non-series set in North Carolina and the South


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