Anthony Abbot
  • Thatcher Colt: police commissioner in New York City

Lynn Abercrombie (Walter Sorrells)
  • Mechelle Deakes: African-American police detective demoted to the cold case unit, in Atlanta, Georgia

Alvin Abram
  • Gabe Garshowitz: Jewish homicide detective, and his beautiful young partner, Iris Forester, a detective constable, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Richard K. Abshire
  • Charlie Gants: ex-homicide detective in Texas

Jane Adams
  • Naomi Blake: blind ex-policewoman in the Midlands of England
  • Mike Croft: detective inspector in Norfolk, England
  • Ray Flowers: former police sergeant, now a private investigator, in England

M.J. Adamson
  • Balthazar Marten: NYPD homicide detective, and Sixto Cardenas, a Puerto Rican cop, in Puerto Rico

Thomas Adcock
  • Neil Hockaday: police detective in New York City

Warren Adler
  • Fiona Fitzgerald: homicide detective in Washington DC

Jussi Adler-Olsen
  • Carl Mørck: homicide detective in Department Q, and his assistant Assad, in Copenhagen, Denmark

Catherine Aird
  • Christopher Dennis “Seedy” Sloan: Berebury CID department head in West Calleshire, England

Rennie Airth
  • Inspector John Madden: of Scotland Yard, a shell-shocked veteran of World War I

Peter Alding (Roderic Jeffries)
  • Constable John Kerr: and inspector Robert Fusil in the fictious seaside Fortrow, England

Bruce Alexander
  • Sir John Fielding: blind magistrate and founder of the first police force in 1700s London, England

David Alexander
  • Tommy Twotoes, Terry Rooke, and Lieutenant Romano

Gary Alexander
  • Luis Balam: ex-traffic cop turned tour operator in the Yucatán, México
  • Bamson Kiet: police superintendent in an imaginary country in the Far East

Lawrence Alexander
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Police Commissioner in 1890s New York City

Michael Allegretto
  • Jacob Lomax: ex-cop turned private investigator, in Denver, Colorado

Kate Allen
  • Alison Kaine: lesbian police officer in Denver, Colorado

Lou Allin
  • Holly Martin: corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Doug Allyn
  • Lupe Garcia: homicide detective in Detroit, Michigan

Angela Amato & Joe Sharkey
  • Gerry Conte: undercover cop turned defense attorney in New York City

Delano Ames
  • Juan Llorca: sergeant in the Civil Guard in Spain

James Anderson
  • Inspector Wilkins: in 1930s England

Robert Andrews
  • Frank Kearney and Jose Phelps: veteran Washington, DC, cops

Russell Andrews (David Handler and Peter Gethers)
  • Justin Westwood: former Providence, RI, cop, retreating to the local police department in East End Harbor, Long Island, New York

Anne Argula
  • Quinn: ex-cop turned private investigator, in Spokane and Seattle, Washington

John Armistead
  • Grover Bramlett: sheriff in Sheffield, Mississippi

Campbell Armstrong (Campbell Black)
  • Frank Pagan: detective from Special Branch, Scotland Yard, in London, England, combating international spies and terrorists
  • Lou Perlman: Jewish police detective in Glasgow, Scotland

David Armstrong
  • Frank Kavanagh: detective inspector, and later, detective constable Jane Salt, in Birmingham, England

Vivien Armstrong
  • Roger Hayes: detective chief inspector and former classical pianist, in the village of Newton Greys, Oxfordshire, England
  • Judith Pullen: a detective sergeant, often assisted by her former chief inspector, Ralph Arnott, in England

Arnaldur Indridason
  • Erlendur Sveinsson: detective inspector, and his colleagues Sigurdur Oli and Elinborg, in Reykjavik, Iceland

Gordon Ashe (John Creasey)
  • Patrick Dawlish: who works with British Intelligence and later at Scotland Yard

David Ashton
  • James McLevy: police inspector in 1880s Edinburgh, Scotland

Pieter Aspe
  • Pieter Van In: police inspector, in Bruges, Belgium

Pierre Audemars
  • Monsieur Pinaud: inspector in the Sûreté, a conscientious family man, and the greatest detective in France

A.C. Baantjer
  • Jurrian De Cock: (DeKok in US publications), detective inspector in the police department, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jacqueline Babbin
  • Clovis Kelly: ex-NYPD homicide detective and TV crime consultant, in New York City

George Bagby (Aaron Marc Stein)
  • Inspector Schmidt: colorless cop with a brilliant mind, in New York City

John Ball
  • Jack Tallon: Los Angeles police sergeant who becomes police chief in Whitewater, Washington
  • Virgil Tibbs: black homicide detective based in Pasadena, California

Jean-Luc Bannalec
  • Georges Dupin: former Paris detective, now a police Commissaire exiled to Brittany, France

Jo Bannister
  • Harry Marsh: chief inspector, and Dr. Clio Rees, a physician and mystery writer, in England
  • Frank Shapiro, Cal Donovan, and Liz Graham: cops in Castlemere, England

Alex Barclay
  • Joe Lucchesi: police detective in New York City

Robert Barnard
  • Charlie Peace: young black Scotland Yard detective first in London and then in Leeds, England
  • Perry Trethowan: Scotland Yard inspector in London, England

Dallas Barnes
  • John Stryker: detective sergeant in Los Angeles, California

Trevor Barnes
  • Blanche Hampton: detective superintendent at Scotland Yard, in London, England

James Barnett
  • Owen Smith: detective chief superintendent at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Nancy Bartholomew
  • Stella Valocchi: ex-Florida cop, now a private investigator in Chester County, Pennsylvania

Milton Bass
  • Vinnie Altobelli: ex-cop coronary survivor and private investigator, in San Bernadino, California

Colin Bateman
  • Jimmie Murphy: undercover police officer in London, England

Quentin Bates
  • Gunnhildur (Gunna) Gísladóttir: police sergeant in the village of Hvalvík, Iceland

Roger Bax (Andrew Garve)
  • Inspector James in England

George Baxt
  • Pharoah Love: gay, black police detective in New York City
  • Max Van Larsen: a police detective, and Sylvia Plotkin, an author and teacher, in New York City

William Bayer
  • Frank Janek: NYPD homicide detective in New York City

Gregory Bean
  • Harry Starbranch: burned-out Denver cop turned small-town police chief, in Victory, Wyoming

M.C. Beaton
  • Hamish Macbeth: police constable in Scotland

Maegan Beaumont
  • Sabrina Vaughn: homicide detective (and former teenage abduction victim) in San Francisco, California

James Becker (Peter Stuart Smith)
  • Chris Bronson: detective sergeant, later working undercover for the Metropolitan Police, based in London, England, in an historical conspiracy thriller series

Rose Beecham
  • Jude Devine: lesbian ex-FBI agent, now a Montezuma County Sheriff’s detective in Utah
  • Amanda Valentine: lesbian detective inspector in Wellington, New Zealand

Francis Beeding
  • George Martin: police inspector in England
  • Wilkins: police inspector in England

Sophie Belfort
  • Nick Hannibal: homicide detective, and Molly Rafferty, a history professor at Scattergood College, in Boston, Massachusetts

Laura Belgrave
  • Claudia Hershey: police detective in Florida

Josephine Bell
  • Inspector Steven Mitchell: of Scotland Yard, Claude Warrington-Reeve, barrister, and Dr. David Wintringham, in England

Pauline Bell
  • Benny Mitchell: brash detective constable in Cloughton, Yorkshire, England

George Bellairs
  • Thomas Littlejohn: police inspector, later Superintendent, mostly in England

James R. Benn
  • Billy Boyle: Boston cop from a family of Boston cops, on the staff of distant relative, General Eisenhower, during WWII

Ira Berkowitz
  • Jackson Steeg: suspended cop with a drinking problem, in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

William Bernhardt
  • Susan Pulaski: police profiler who struggles with alcoholism, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Linda Berry
  • Trudy Roundtree: the only woman on the Ogeechee police force in Ogeechee, Georgia

Margaret Bevege
  • Elizabeth Ludowski: detective appointed to the Police Commissioner’s Special Assignment Squad, in Queensland, Australia

Earl Derr Biggers
  • Charlie Chan: police detective based in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mark Billingham
  • Tom Thorne: middle aged detective inspector in London, England

Harry Bingham
  • Fiona Griffiths: young detective constable with a philosophy degree from Cambridge, in Cardiff, Wales

John Bingham
  • John “Badger” Brock: police superintendent in Melford, England

Baron R. Birtcher
  • Mike Travis: newly retired cop building a charter sailing business, in Los Angeles, California

Paul Bishop
  • Fey Croaker: 40-something homicide cop in Los Angeles, California
  • Calico Jack Walker: ex-patrol cop, and Tina Tamiko, his former rookie partner, in Los Angeles, California

Samuel Bjørk
  • Holger Munch: veteran homicide detective, and his suicidal former partner, Mia Krüger, in Oslo, Norway

Ethan Black (Bob Reiss)
  • Conrad Voort: NYPD’s richest detective, in New York City

Ingrid Black
  • Grace Fitzgerald: Detective Chief Superintendent with the murder squad, and Saxon, a former US FBI agent turned true-crime writer, in Dublin, Ireland

Michael A. Black
  • Francisco (Frank) Leal: a half-Hispanic sergeant with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, and Olivia Hart, a female bodybuilder and officer, in Chicago, Illinois

Saul Black
  • Valerie Hart: homicide detective in San Francisco, California

Tony Black
  • Rob Brennan: detective inspector with the Lothian and Borders Police in Scotland

Sara Blaedel
  • Louise Rick: detective inspector (later chief inspector), and her friend Camilla Lind, a journalist, in Copenhagen, Denmark

Peggy Blair
  • Ricardo Ramirez: police inspector and head of the Major Crimes Unit in Havana, Cuba

Al Blanchard
  • James Callahan: homicide detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Eleanor Taylor Bland
  • Marti MacAlister: widowed black police detective in Lincoln Prairie, Illinois

Giles Blunt
  • John Cardinal: detective near Algonquin Bay, Ontario, Canada

Johnny D. Boggs
  • Daniel Killstraight: young Comanche sent off to the Carlisle School for seven years before returning to the Comanche Nation to serve as a policeman

Norman Bogner
  • Michel Danton: police detective in the south of France

Janie Bolitho
  • Ian Roper: Detective Chief Inspector, in Rickenham, England

S.J. Bolton
  • Lacey Flint: a young detective constable in London, England

Hilary Bonner
  • Karen Meadows: detective inspector with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, and John Kelly, a former Fleet Street reporter with addiction problems, in England
  • Rose Piper: detective chief inspector with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, in England

Stephen Booth
  • Detective Constable Ben Cooper: trying to fill his police sergeant father’s shoes, and new partner, Diane Fry, recently transferred to Edendale’s force, in the Peak District in England

Todd Borg
  • Owen McKenna: ex-San Francisco homicide inspector turned private investigator, and his Harlequin Great Dane, Spot, at lake Tahoe, California and Nevada

James O. Born
  • Bill Tasker: agent of the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida

Mark Bouton
  • Rick Dover: homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

Peter Bowen
  • Gabriel Du Pré: Métis (Cree and French, maybe a little English) cattle inspector and sometimes sheriff, in Montana

Rhys Bowen
  • Evan Evans: village constable in Llanfair, Wales

David Bowker
  • Chief Superintendant Laverne and Detective Inspector Lyn Savage

Laura Bradford
  • Mitch Burns: police detective, and Elise Jenkins, a reporter for the Ocean Point Weekly, in Ocean Point, New Jersey

Mel Bradshaw
  • Paul Shenstone: police detective in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Conor Brady
  • Joe Swallow: detective sergeant in 1880s Dublin, Ireland

John Brady
  • Felix Kimmel: police inspector in rural Austria
  • Matt Minogue: police sergeant detective in Dublin, Ireland

Christianna Brand
  • Inspector Charlesworth: in England
  • Inspector Chucky: in England
  • Inspector Cockrill: attached to a constabulary in Kent County, England

Don Bredes
  • Hector Bellevance: a disgraced Boston cop rebuilding his life as a constable in his childhood home of Tipton, in northeast Vermont

Jørgen Brekke
  • Odd Singsaker: police inspector in Trondheim, Norway

Emily Brightwell
  • Inspector Witherspoon: policeman, and Mrs. Jeffries, his housekeeper, in London, England, in the Victorian mysteries

D.C. Brod
  • Quint McCauley: ex-cop turned private investigator in a Chicago suburb in Illinois

Janet Brons
  • Liz Forsyth: RCMP Inspector based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Stephen Hay, a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England

P.J. Brooke
  • Max Romano: half-Scottish, half-Spanish police detective (sub-inspector) in Granada, Spain

Christopher Brookmyre
  • Angelique De Xavier: police officer in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Catherine McLeod, a detective superintendent, and Jasmine Sharp, a former actress, now a private investigator, in Glasgow, Scotland

Grace Brophy
  • Alessandro Cenni: maverick state police commissario, in Assisi, Umbria, Italy

Carter Brown
  • Al Wheeler: sheriff’s homicide investigator, in fictional Pine County, near Los Angeles, California

Marshall Browne
  • Anders: one-legged police inspector, specializing in anti-terrorism, in Italy

P.A. Brown
  • David Eric Laine: in-the-closet gay LAPD homicide detective

Alison Bruce
  • Gary Goodhew: detective constable at Parkside Station, in Cambridge, England

Leo Bruce
  • Sergeant Beef: beer-and-darts-loving common man in England

Ken Bruen
  • Detective Sergeant Tom Brant and Chief Inspector James Roberts: in London’s southeast precinct

Anthony Bruno
  • Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli: members of a parole violators search team, in New Jersey

Edna Buchanan
  • Craig Burch: sergeant in the police Cold Case Squad, in Miami, Florida
  • Michael Venturi: deputy U.S. marshall involved in running the Federal Witness Protection Program

Robin Burcell
  • Kate Gillespie: homicide inspector in San Francisco, California

John Burdett
  • Sonchai Jitpleecheep: police detective in Bangkok, Thailand

Alafair Burke
  • Ellie Hatcher: detective for the NYPD in New York City

James Lee Burke
  • Hack Holland: hard-drinking lawyer, Korean War POW, progressive Democrat, now a sheriff, in Texas
  • Dave Robicheaux: deputy sheriff in New Iberia, Louisiana

W.J. Burley
  • Charles Wycliffe: area CID superintendent in West Country, England

Rex Burns
  • Gabe Wager: homicide detective in Denver, Colorado

Steve Burrows
  • Domenic Jejeune: a former Canadian police officer newly installed as Detective Chief Inspector in the town of Saltmarsh, Norfolk, England, in the Birder Murder mysteries

Miles Burton (John Rhode)
  • Henry Arnold: Scotland Yard inspector, and Desmond Merrion, a military intelligence officer who becomes a private detective, in England

Roger Busby
  • Leric: detective inspector for Scotland Yard in London, England
  • Tony Rowley: detective inspector for Scotland Yard in London, England

Gwendoline Butler
  • John Coffin: police inspector rising through the ranks to Commissioner, and his wife, Stella Pinero, an actress, in south London, England
  • William Winter: police inspector, later superintendent, in south London, England

Alan Caillou
  • Cabot Cain: 6-foot 7-inch tall athletic genius with multiple degrees, working with Interpol around the world

Chelsea Cain
  • Archie: a police detective, and Gretchen Lowell, a serial killer who tortured and released him, in Portland, Oregon

Karen Campbell
  • Anna Cameron: police sergeant, later Chief Inspector, in Glasgow, Scotland

Andrea Camilleri
  • Salvo Montalbano: police inspector in Sicily

Alexander Campion
  • Capucine LeTellier, a police detective specializing in white-collar crime, and her husband Alexandre, a portly food critic, in Paris, France, in the Capucine Culinary mysteries

Stephen J. Cannell
  • Shane Scully: police sergeant in Los Angeles, California

Lillian Stewart Carl
  • Alasdair Cameron: police detective, and Jean Fairbairn, working for an Edinburgh-based history and travel magazine, in Scotland

P.M. Carlson
  • Marty Hopkins: deputy sheriff in Nichols County, Indiana

Carol Carnac
  • Chief Inspector Julian Rivers: in England
  • Inspector Ryvet

J.R. Carroll
  • Dennis Gatz: homicide detective in Melbourne, Australia

Terry Carroll
  • Carl North: small-town cop and amateur hockey goalie, in Belleford and then St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Alan Carter
  • Cato Kwong: Detective Senior Sergeant in Western Australia

Maureen Carter
  • Bev Morriss: lippy but loveable detective sergeant in Birmingham, England
  • Sarah Quinn: detective inspector in Birmingham, England, by Maureen Carter

Tania Carver (Martyn & Linda Waites)
  • Philip Brennan: detective inspector in the Major Incident Squad, and Marina Esposito, a psychologist, in Colchester, England

Dave Case
  • Stacey MacBeth: cop in Chicago, Illinois

Jane Casey
  • Maeve Kerrigan: ambitious young detective constable, in London, England

Kathryn Casey
  • Sarah Armstrong: criminal profiler lieutenant in the Texas Rangers, and a recently widowed mother, based in Houston, Texas

Richard Castle
  • Nikki Heat: tough, sexy, professional NYPD homicide detective, in New York City

Linda Castillo
  • Kate Burkholder: female chief of police in the Amish town of Painters Mill, Ohio

Karen Rose Cercone
  • Milo Kachigan: policeman, and Helen Sorby, a social worker, in 1905 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cassandra Chan
  • Jack Gibbons: detective sergeant at Scotland Yard, and Phillip Bethancourt his rich friend, man-about-town from university days, in London, England

Henry Chang
  • Jack Yu: police detective in Chinatown, New York City

Brenda Chapman
  • Kala Stonechild: First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Kate Charles
  • Mark Lombardi: police officer, DI Neville Stewart, and Callie Anson, a newly ordained Anglican cleric, in London, England

J.D. Carpenter
  • Campbell Young: racetrack-loving homicide detective, later a private investigator, and his friend Priam Harvey, a racetrack journalist, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paul Charles
  • Christy Kennedy: Irish-born Detective Inspector of Camden CID in England
  • Inspector Starrett: of the Garda Serious Crime Unit, in County Donegal, Ireland

Thomas Chastain
  • Max Kauffman: NYPD inspector, and J.T. Spanner, a private investigator, in New York City

Jerome Charyn
  • Isaac Sidel: deputy police commissioner, later Mayor, in New York City

Agatha Christie
  • Superintendent Battle: of Scotland Yard, and Bundle Brent

James Church
  • Inspector O: state security officer, in North Korea

Baxter Clare
  • L.A. “Frank” Franco: homicide detective in Los Angles, California

Marten Claridge
  • Frank McMorran: detective inspector in Scotland

Douglas Clark
  • George Masters: Scotland Yard DCI and later Chief Superintendent, and Bill Green, a Detective Inspector and later DCI, in London, England

Lowen Clausen
  • Seattle police trilogy: variously featuring Sam Wright, Katherine Murphy, and Grace Stevens, in Seattle, Washington

Jon Cleary
  • Scobie Malone: family-man and a police inspector in Sydney, Australia

Ann Cleeves
  • Jimmy Perez: police detective inspector in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, in the Shetland Island Quartet
  • Stephen Ramsey: impulsive police inspector in Northumberland, England
  • Vera Stanhope: detective inspector in East Yorkshire, England

Blaize Clement
  • Dixie Hemingway: former sheriff’s deputy, now a professional pet sitter, in Sarasota, Florida

Barbara Cleverly
  • Commander Joe Sandilands: Scotland Yard detective assigned to post-WWI India

Andrew Coburn
  • James Morgan: police chief in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts

Tucker Coe (Donald E. Westlake)
  • Mitch Tobin: ex-cop private investigator in Queens, New York

Gabriel Cohen
  • Jack Leightner: homicide detective in Brooklyn, New York

Julian Cole
  • Sam Rounder: a plump detective chief inspector, and his younger brother Rick Rounder, an ex-cop private investigator, in York, England

Martina Cole
  • Kate Burrows: detective inspector, and Patrick Kelly, her lover with underworld connections, in the East End of London, England

Chris Collett
  • Tom Mariner: detective inspector in Birmingham, England

Max Allan Collins
  • CSI: Crime scene investigators (TV Tie-in), in either Las Vegas, Nevada, or Miami, Florida
  • Eliot Ness: 1930s public safety officer in Cleveland, Ohio

Jodi Compton
  • Sarah Pribek: missing persons detective in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Michael Connelly
  • Harry Bosch: homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

J.J. Connington
  • Sir Clinton Driffield: Chief Constable, and Squire Wendover, in rural England
  • Superintendant Ross: in England

John Connor
  • Karen Sharpe: detective constable, later detective sergeant, in 1990s Yorkshire, England

K.C. Constantine
  • Mario Balzic: small-town police chief in Rocksburg, Pennsylvania

Thomas H. Cook
  • Frank Clemons: homicide detective in Atlanta, Georgia, later a private eye in New York City

Brian Cooper
  • John Spencer Lubbock: retired World War II DCI in Great Britain

Susan Rogers Cooper
  • Milt Kovak: sheriff in Prophesy County, Oklahoma

Elizabeth Corley
  • Andrew Fenwick: DCI in Sussex, England

Patricia Cornwell
  • Judy Hammer: Chief of Police, Deputy Virginia West, and Andy Brazil, a young reporter turned rookie cop, in North Carolina and Virginia

John William Corrington & Joyce Hooper Corrington
  • Ralph “Rat” Trapp: black homicide detective captain, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Miles Corwin
  • Ash Levine: former Israeli paratrooper and top detective in the elite LAPD Felony Squad, in Los Angeles, California

Roberto Costantini
  • Michele Balistreri: police commissario in charge of World Cup security, in 2006 Rome, Italy, in the “Evil” trilogy [Trilogia del Male] reaching into the past

S.H. Courtier
  • Digger Haig: police inspector, in Australia
  • Ambrose Mahon: police inspector, later superintendent, in Australia

Alisa Craig (Charlotte MacLeod)
  • Madoc Rhys: Royal Canadian Mounted Police inspector, and his wife Janet Rhys, in New Brunswick, Canada

David Craig (Bill James)
  • Sally Bithron: detective constable in Cardiff, Wales
  • David Brade and Glyndwr Jenkins: police detectives in Cardiff, Wales

James Craig
  • John Carlyle: inspector in the Metropolitan Police, in London, England

Philip R. Craig
  • Jefferson “J. W.” Jackson: 30-something ex-Boston cop, in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

David Cray (Stephen Solomita)
  • Julie Brennan: NYPD detective in New York City

John Creasey
  • Inspector Roger West: of Scotland Yard, in London England

Adam Creed
  • Will (“Staffe”) Wagstaffe: detective inspector in London, England

Bill Crider
  • Dan Rhodes: laid-back sheriff with a motley crew of deputies in Blacklin County, Texas
  • Ted Stephens: homicide detective sergeant in Houston, Texas (written with Clyde Wilson)

Freeman Wills Crofts
  • Joseph French: inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Deborah Crombie
  • Duncan Kincaid: Scotland Yard superintendent, and Gemma James, a sergeant, in London, England

Lonnie Cruse
  • Joe Dalton: sheriff in Metropolis, Illinois

E.V. Cunningham
  • John Comaday: police commissioner, and Larry Cohen, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, in New York City
  • Harvey Krim: police detective in New York City
  • Masao Masuto: Detective Sergeant in Beverly Hills, California

Thomas Rendell Curran
  • Eric Stride: police inspector with the Newfoundland Constabulary, in late 1940s St. John’s, Newfoundland, before confederation with Canada

Clare Curzon
  • Mike Yeadings: police superintendent, and Angus Mott, a police sergeant, in Thames Valley, England

Judith Cutler
  • Fran Harman: Detective Chief Superintendent nearing retirement in Kent, England
K.O. Dahl
  • Gunnarstranda and Frank Frolich: police in Oslo, Norway

Carroll John Daly
  • Satan Hall: police detective in New York City

Barbara D’Amato
  • Suze Figueroa and Norm Bennis: a pair of cops in Chicago, Illinois, in the Chicago Police series

Freda Davies
  • Keith Tyrell: detective inspector in Gloucestershire, England

Dorothy Salisbury Davis
  • Lieutenant Marks: detective in New York City

William L. DeAndrea
  • Lobo Blacke: crippled ex-frontier lawman, and Quinn Booker, his biographer in Le Four, Wyoming

Ed Dee
  • Anthony Ryan and Joe Gregory: police detective partners in New York City

Maurizio de Giovanni
  • Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi: 31-year-old Commissario of Police in 1930s Naples, Italy

Vicki Delany
  • Molly Smith: rookie constable, and Sergeant John Winters, in the mountain town Trafalgar, British Columbia, Canada

Nelson DeMille
  • John Corey: NYPD detective in Long Island, New York
  • Joe Keller: NYPD homicide detective in New York City
  • Joe Ryker: NYPD homicide detective in New York City

Eileen Dewhurst
  • Neil Carter: Scotland Yard detective, in London, England
  • Tim LePage: detective inspector, and Anna Weston, a veterinarian, on the island of Guernsey, UK

Colin Dexter
  • Chief Inspector Morse: inspector in Oxford, England

Peter de Jonge
  • Darlene O’Hara, a homicide detective in the 7th precinct, and her partner, Serge “K.” Krekorian, in New York City

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
  • Colonel March: head of Scotland Yard’s fictitious Department D-3, the Department of Queer Complaints

Michael Dibdin
  • Aurelio Zen: Italian police inspector in Rome, Italy

Peter Dickinson
  • James Pibble: Scotland Yard Superintendent, later a private investigator, in London, England

Denise Dietz
  • Ellie Bernstein: diet group leader, and homicide Lt. Peter Miller, in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eilís Dillon
  • Mike Kenny: police inspector in Dublin, Ireland

Garry Disher
  • Hal Challis: Detective Inspector on the Peninsula south-east of Melbourne, Australia

Doris Miles Disney
  • Jim O’Neill: police officer in Connecticut

Eva Dolan
  • Detective Inspector Zigic and Detective Sergeant Ferreira: of the underfunded Hate Crimes Unit, in Peterborough, England

Hildegarde Dolson
  • James McDougal: homicide inspector, and Lucy Ramsdale, a widowed artist, in Wingate, Connecticut

James D. Doss
  • Charlie Moon: Ute police officer in Grant Creek, Colorado

Donald McNutt Douglass
  • Bolivar Manchenil: police captain, and grandson of a freed slave, on an unnamed island in the Caribbean

Nick Drake
  • Rai Rahotep: young chief detective in the Thebes Division, in ancient Egypt (14th century BCE)

Charles Drummond (Kenneth Giles)
  • Bob Reed: a police sergeant under a disciplinary cloud, used for odd jobs by Scotland Yard, in London, England

Robert Dugoni
  • Tracy Crosswhite: homicide detective in Seattle, Washington

Susan Dunlap
  • Jill Smith: homicide detective in Berkeley, California

John Dunning
  • Cliff Janeway: cop and rare book expert in Denver, Colorado

Michael Allen Dymmoch
  • John Thinnes: cop, and Jack Caleb, a gay psychiatrist, in Chicago, Illinois

Don Easton
  • Jack Taggart: undercover Mountie, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Marjorie Eccles
  • Gil Mayo: police detective in the Midlands, England
  • Herbert Reardon: detective inspector in late 1920s Shropshire, England

A.E. Eddenden
  • Albert V. Tretheway: Inspector, and Jake Small, Constable, 1940s Canadian police officers in Fort York, Ontario

Paul Eddy
  • Grace Flint: undercover British police inspector involved in international intrigue

Martin Edwards
  • Detective Chief Inspector Hannah Scarlett of the Cold Case Squad, and Daniel Kind, retired Oxford historian, in the Lake District of England

Loren D. Estleman
  • Page Murdock: deputy US Marshal in 1880s American West (and Canada)

Åke Edwardson
  • Jonathan Wide: divorced ex-policeman turned private detective, in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Erik Winter: jazz-loving Chief Inspector of police, in Gothenburg, Sweden

Lesley Egan (Elizabeth Linington)
  • Vic Varallo: small-town cop who moves to Glendale, California

Aaron Elkins & Charlotte Elkins
  • Graham Sheldon: cop, and Lee Ofsted, struggling woman golfer

Kate Ellis
  • Wesley Peterson: detective sergeant, and Gerry Heffernan, his boss, in South Devon, England
  • Joe Plantagenet: detective inspector in Eborby, North Yorkshire, England

Robert Ellis
  • Lena Gamble: young police detective just promoted to the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, in Los Angeles, California

Ron Ellis
  • Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Glass: policeman in Liverpool, England

J.T. Ellison
  • Taylor Jackson: homicide lieutenant, and her lover, FBI profiler John Baldwin, in Nashville, Tennessee

James Ellroy
  • Lloyd Hopkins: detective sergeant in the Rampart Division in Los Angeles, California

P.S. Elsner
  • Nick Dallas: young but retired cop, now a private investigator in 1950s Detroit, Michigan

P.S. Elsner
  • Nick Dallas: young but retired cop, now a private investigator in 1950s Detroit, Michigan

Dianne Emley
  • Nan Vining: homicide detective along with her partner, Jim Kissick, and single mom to Emily, in Pasadena, California

John Enright
  • Apelu Soifua: detective sergeant, formerly with the San Francisco Police Department, now back home in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the Jungle Beat mysteries

Kjell Eriksson
  • Ann Lindell and Ola Haver: detectives in the Violent Crime Division, in Uppsala, Sweden

Margaret Erskine
  • Septimus Finch: large, bland detective inspector, later Chief Inspector, in England

Olive Etchells
  • DCI Channon: in Cornwall, England

Geraldine Evans
  • DCI Will (Willow Tree) Casey and DS Thomas Catt: assigned to the police station in King’s Langley, England
  • DCI Joseph Rafferty and DS Dafyd LLewellyn: assigned to the police station in Elmhurst in Essex, England

Stanley Evans
  • Sergeant Decker: frontier lawman in 1860s British Columbia, Canada
  • Silas Seaweed: a Coast Salish Aboriginal beat cop on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Colin Falconer
  • Madeleine Fox: detective inspector in London, England

Richard Falkirk (Derek Lambert)
  • Edmund Blackstone: Bow Street runner in early 19th-century London, England

Diane Fanning
  • Lucinda Pierce: homicide detective lieutenant back on the job after losing an eye in a domestic violence case, in Virginia

John Farrow (Trevor Ferguson)
  • Emile Cinq-Mars: detective sergeant of French and Indian extraction, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ron Faust
  • Dan Shaw: former military policeman, now a cop going to night law school and studying for the bar exam, in the Florida Keys

Lyndsay Faye
  • Timothy Wilde: ex-bartender and officer in the newly organized police force, in 1845 New York City

Ruth Fenisong
  • Gridley Nelson: rich, Princeton-educated homicide lieutenant, later captain, in New York City

Dan Fesperman
  • Vlado Petric: police investigator in war-torn Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jasper Fforde
  • Thursday Next: agent of the Special Operations Network, Literary Division, in Great Britain
  • Detective Jack Spratt: investigator in the Nursery Crimes Division, in Reading, England

Tricia Fields
  • Josie Gray: police chief in the small border town of Artemis, Texas

Robert L. Fish
  • Captain Jose da Silva: supercop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Conor Fitzgerald
  • Alec Blume: American ex-patriot police commissario, in Rome, Italy

Scott Flander
  • Eddie North: police sergeant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Richard Fliegel
  • Shelly Lowenkopf: Jewish police sergeant, later a private investigator, in the Bronx, New York

Shamini Flint
  • Inspector Singh: police inspector based in Singapore

Kate Flora
  • Joe Burgess: crusty, but big-hearted, homicide detective sergeant, in Portland, Maine

Pat Flower
  • Bert Swinton: intuitive detective inspector in Sydney, Australia

Raymond Flynn
  • Robert Graham: detective inspector in Eddathorpe, England

Elena Forbes
  • Mark Tartaglia: detective inspector in London, England

C.B. Forrest
  • Charlie McKelvey: 30-year veteran police detective whose runaway son was murdered, starting in 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Katherine V. Forrest
  • Kate Delafield: lesbian homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

Karin Fossum
  • Inspector Konrad Sejer: working in a small mountain village in Norway

Christopher Fowler
  • Arthur Bryant and John May: detectives in the Peculiar Crimes Unit, in London, England

Barbara Fradkin
  • Michael Green: police inspector in  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Anthea Fraser
  • David Webb: detective chief inspector in Wiltshire, England

Sara Fraser
  • Thomas Potts: reluctant constable of Tardebrigge parish, in 1820s Worcestershire, England

Nicolas Freeling
  • Henri Castang: police detective in Brussels, Belgium
  • Piet Van Der Valk: police inspector, and his wife Arlette Van Der Valk, a gourmet cook, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brian Freeman
  • Jonathan Stride: detective lieutenant in Duluth, Minnesota

David Frome (Leslie Ford)
  • Evan Pinkerton: Welshman in England helping his friend Inspector Bull of Scotland Yard

Scott Frost
  • Alex Delillo: police detective lieutenant, in Pasadena, California

Émile Gaboriau
  • Monseiur Lecoq: police detective with the Sûreté, in Paris, France

Gillian Galbraith
  • Alice Rice: detective sergeant (later inspector) in Edinburgh, Scotland

Leighton Gage
  • Mario Silva: chief inspector for criminal matters of the federal police, in Brazil

Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza
  • Inspector Espinosa: in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

John Gardner
  • Derek Torry: cop thrillers
  • Suzie Montford: Woman Police Constable in London, England during the Blitz

Lisa Gardner
  • Bobby Dodge: state police sniper, and D.D. Warren, a police detective, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • The ensemble cast of Pierce Quincy, an ex-FBI profiler, Lorraine “Rainie” Conner, a cop, and/or FBI rookie Kimberly Quincy

Brian Garfield
  • Sam Watchman: Navajo state trooper in Arizona

Michael Genelin
  • Jana Matinova: police commander in Bratislava, Slovakia

Elizabeth George
  • Thomas Lynley: Scotland Yard inspector and eighth Earl of Asherton, Sergeant Barbara Havers, forensic pathologist Simon Allcourt-St. James, his wife Deborah, and lab assistant Lady Helen Clyde, in London, England

Kathleen George
  • Richard Christie: homicide detective in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phiippe Georget
  • Gilles Sebag: police detective based in Perpignan, in the Catalan area of France

Carin Gerhardsen
  • Conny Sjöberg: police detective in the Hammarby police station in Stockholm, Sweden

Shane Gericke
  • Emily Thompson: starting as a 40-year-old rookie cop, and Martin Benedetti, detective commander in the sheriff’s office, in Naperville, Illinois

Leah Giarratano
  • Jill Jackson: police detective sergeant, and childhood rape victim, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Michael Gilbert
  • Inspector Hazelrigg: British police inspector in London, England
  • Luke Pagan and Joe Narrabone: metropolitan police who become British intelligence operatives, in London, England
  • Patrick Petrella: Spanish-English police inspector in London, England

Kenneth Giles
  • Harry James: detective sergeant, later inspector at Scotland Yard, based in London, England

B.M. Gill
  • Detective Chief Inspector Tom Maybridge: in England

Bartholomew Gill
  • Peter McGarr: police officer in Dublin, Ireland

Noreen Gilpatrick
  • Kate MacLean: police detective in the Seattle, Washington area

Alicia Giménez-Bartlett
  • Petra Delicado: ex-lawyer police inspector, and her sidekick, sergeant Fermín Garzón in Barcelona, Spain

Michele Giuttari
  • Michele Ferrara: Chief Superintendent of the Squadra Mobile, in Florence, Italy

Leslie Glass
  • April Woo: police officer in New York City

Friedrich Glauser
  • Jakob Studer: police sergeant (Wachtmeister) in 1930s Bern, Switzerland

Lee Goldberg
  • Adrian Monk: obsessive-compulsive police detective, in San Francisco, California, in the Monk TV novelizations

Kat Goldring
  • Quannah Lassiter: Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, and Willi Gallagher, a part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, in Nickleberry, Texas

Jane R. Goodall
  • Briony Williams: rookie police officer, later a detective, in London, later Oxford, England

Paula Gosling
  • Luke Abbott: cop in England
  • Matt Gabriel: sheriff in Blackwater Bay, Michigan
  • Jack Stryker: homicide cop, and Kate Trevorne, an English professor, in Michigan

Laurence Gough
  • Jack Willows and Claire Parker: police detectives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

James Grady
  • Devlin Rourke: police detective sergeant in Baltimore, Maryland

Bruce Graeme
  • Robert Mather: detective sergeant with the Bretton Police, in England
  • William Stevens: Scotland Yard inspector in London, England, and Pierre Allain, an agent in the Sûreté in Paris, France

Caroline Graham
  • Tom Barnaby: chief inspector in England

Mark Graham
  • Wilton McCleary: Civil War veteran and policeman in 1870s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ann Granger
  • Jess Campbell: a police inspector, and Ian Carter, the new superintendent, in the Cotswolds, England, by Ann Granger
  • Alan Markby: detective inspector, and Meredith Mitchell, a Foreign Service officer, in the Cotswolds, England

Bill Granger
  • Terry Flynn and Karen Kovac: special squad detectives in Chicago, Illinois

Jan Grape
  • Zoe Barrow: police officer in Austin, Texas

Alex Gray
  • DCI Lorimer and Dr. Soloman Brightman, a psychologist and criminal profiler, in Glasgow, Scotland

Dulcie Gray
  • Inspector Superintendent Cardiff in England

Alex Grecian
  • The Murder Squad, Scotland Yard, in 1890s London, England

Alan Green
  • John Hugo: police lieutenant in Florida

Anna Katherine Green
  • Ebenezer Gryce: police detective in New York City
  • Caleb Sweetwater: policeman in New York City

Christine Green
  • Connor O’Neill: chief inspector, and Fran Wilson, detective sergeant, in Fowchester, England
  • Thomas Rydell: Village Chief Inspector, and Sergeant Denise “Denni” Caldecote, in Marston, England

Kate Green
  • Oliver Jardine: police detective, and Theresa Fortunato, a tarot-reading psychic, in Los Angeles, California

Linda Greenlaw
  • Jane Bunker: former Florida police detective, now a marine insurance investigator and later a sheriff’s deputy in coastal Green Haven, Maine

John Greenwood (John Buxton Hilton)
  • Inspector Mosley: in Lancashire and Yorkshire border country in England

J.M. Gregson
  • Superintendent John Lambert and Detective Sergeant Bert Hook: policemen and golf enthusiasts in Gloucestershire, England
  • Detective Inspector Peach and Detective Sergeant Lucy Blake: in Lancashire, England

Lois Greiman
  • Jack Rivera: homicide detective, and Christina McMullen, a cocktail waitress turned professional psychologist, in Los Angeles, California

Leonard Gribble
  • Anthony Slade: Superindendent at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Jackie Griffey
  • Cas Larkin: sheriff in fictional Pine County, Tennessee, in the Maryville series

W.E.B. Griffin
  • Badge of Honor Series: featuring the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, police force

Nicola Griffith
  • Aud Torvingen: half-American, half-Norwegian lesbian ex-Atlanta cop and self-defense teacher

Elly Griffiths

Harry Nelson: detective chief inspector, and Dr. Ruth Galloway, a forensic archaeologist, in the Saltmarsh area near Norfolk, England

Martha Grimes
  • Richard Jury: Scotland Yard investigator based in London, England

Lucretia Grindle
  • H.W. Ross: detective superintendent in England

Andrew Gross
  • Ty Hauck: police lieutenant in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Paul Grossman
  • Willi Kraus, a decorated soldier in WWI, and the most celebrated Jewish detective in Weimar Germany

Michael Gruber
  • Iago “Jimmy” Paz: Cuban-American cop, in Miami, Florida, and elsewhere

Elizabeth Gunn
  • Sarah Burke: recently divorced police detective, in Tucson, Arizona
  • Jake Hines: police detective in fictional Rutherford, Minnesota

Batya Gur
  • Michael Ohayon: chief inspector in Jerusalem, Israel

Peter Guttridge
  • Robert Watts: disgraced chief constable in mid-1930s Brighton, England, in the Brighton trilogy

Wolf Haas
  • Simon Brenner: police detective, the Columbo of Austria

Micah S. Hackler
  • Cliff Lansing: single father and part-time rancher-sheriff, and Gabe Hanna, his deputy, in New Mexico

Jean Hager
  • Molly Bearpaw: major crimes investigator and advocate for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
  • Mitch Bushyhead: police chief in Buckskin, Oklahoma

Linda Hall
  • The Canadian Mounties Mystery series

Patricia Hall
  • Michael Thackeray: police inspector, and Laura Ackroyd, a reporter, in Yorkshire, England

Lotte & Søren Hammer
  • Konrad Simonsen: detective inspector in Copenhagen, Denmark

Gerald Hammond
  • Honey Laird: detective sergeant, then inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland

David Handler
  • Desiree “Des” Mitry: black police detective, and Mitch Berger, a New York film critic, in Dorset, Connecticut

Lauren Haney
  • Lieutenant Bak: ex-charioteer, head of the Medjay police, in ancient Egypt

Sophie Hannah
  • Simon Waterhouse: detective constable, and Charlie Zailer, a detective sergeant, in rural England

Jim Michael Hansen
  • Bryson Coventry: homicide detective in Denver, Colorado

Joseph Hansen
  • Hank Bohannon: ex-sheriff, owner of a horse ranch, and crime fighter in Central California

Rick Hanson
  • Adam McCleet: ex-cop turned sculptor in Portland, Oregon

Cyril Hare
  • Inspector Mallett: in England

Richard Harper
  • Tom Ragnon: cop living in a trailer in Arizona

William Harrington
  • Columbo: homicide detective in Los Angeles, California (TV tie-in)

Fred Harris
  • Okie Dunn: appointed sheriff in 1930s Vernon, Oklahoma

Lee Harris
  • Jane Bauer: detective in the NYPD unsolved crimes department, in New York City

Oliver Harris
  • Nick Belsey: detective constable in London, England

Jamie Harrison
  • Jules Clement: archaeologist turned sheriff, in Blue Deer, Montana

Ray Harrison
  • Joseph Bragg, a down-to-earth detective sergeant, and James Morton, an upper-crust constable, in 1890s London, England

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
  • Bill Slider: police inspector at Shepherd’s Bush CID, in London, England

Donald Harstad
  • Carl Houseman: deputy sheriff in Iowa

Jeanne Hart
  • Carl Pedersen: police detective in fictional Bay Cove, California

Roy Hart
  • Douglas Roper: detective superintendent in Dorset, England

James Neal Harvey
  • Ben Tolliver: police lieutenant in New York City

John Harvey
  • Will Grayson: detective inspector, and Helen Walker, a detective sergeant, in Cambridge, England
  • Charlie Resnick: jazz-loving police detective in Nottingham, England

Steven F. Havill
  • Bill Gastner: insomniac undersheriff, and Estelle Reyes-Guzman, later the new undersheriff, in Posadas County, New Mexico

James Hawkins
  • David Bliss: Detective Inspector in the C.I.D. in Hampshire, England

Michael A. Hawley
  • Leah Harris: police detective sergeant, in Seattle, Washington

L.C. Hayden
  • Harry Bronson: police detective in Dallas, Texas

Mo Hayder
  • Jack Caffery: troubled police detective in London, England

J.M. Hayes
  • English: known as Englishman, a divorced, single-father sheriff of Benteen County, and Mad Dog, his part Cheyenne half-brother, in Buffalo Springs, Kansas

James Hayman
  • Mike McCabe: former NYPD homicide detective, now a detective sergeant living with his 13-year-old daughter in Portland, Maine

S.T. Haymon
  • Ben Jurnet: detective inspector, raised a Unitarian, perhaps of Jewish descent, in Norfolk, England

Mark Hebden
  • Clovis Pel: Chief Inspector of the Brigade Criminelle of the Police Judiciaire, in Burgundy, France
  • series continued by daughter Juliet Hebden

Victoria Heckman
  • Katrina (K.O.) Ogden: Honolulu police officer in various locations in Hawaii

William Heffernan
  • Paul Devlin: police detective in New York City

Keith Heller
  • George Man: 18th century parish watchman in London, England

Richard Helms
  • Judd Wheeler: chief of police in the fictional town of Prosperity, North Carolina

Peter Helton
  • Liam McLusky: detective inspector transferred from Southampton to Bristol, England

Jarad Henry
  • Rubens McCauley: maverick detective in the Criminal Investigation Unit in St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia

Sue Henry
  • Sergeant Alex Jensen: state trooper, and Jessie Arnold, a dog sled racer, in Anchorage, Alaska

Nancy Herndon (Nancy Fairbanks)
  • Elena Jarvis: wise-cracking police detective in Los Santos, Texas

Joan Hess
  • Arly Hanks: small-town police chief in Maggody, Arkansas

David Hewson
  • Nic Costa and Gianni Peroni: police detectives in Rome, Italy

Georgette Heyer
  • Superintendent Hannasyde: police superintendent in England
  • Inspector Hemingway: Hannasyde’s subordinate in England

Michael Hiebert
  • Abe Teal, the young narrator, and his mother Leah, a widowed police officer, in late 1980s fictional Alvin, Alabama

Kati Hiekkapelto
  • Anna Fekete: senior detective constable of Yugoslav-Hungarian extraction in northern Finland

Jack Higgins
  • Nick Miller: sergeant detective at Central Division, in London, England

Lynn S. Hightower
  • Sonora Blair: homicide detective in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • David Silver: homicide cop, and String, an alien Elaki partner, in the USA

Reginald Hill
  • Superintendent Andrew Dalziel and Sergeant Peter Pascoe: pair of police inspectors in Yorkshire, England

Susan Hill
  • Simon Serrailler: police Chief Inspector in Lafferton, England

Anne Hillerman
  • Bernadette (Bernie) Manualito: Navajo Nation Police Officer (continuation of father Tony Hillerman’s series)

Tony Hillerman
  • Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee: Navajo tribal police officers in the southwest USA

Kathleen Hills
  • John McIntire: retired military intelligence officer and newly appointed township constable, in 1950s St. Adele, on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

John Buxton Hilton
  • Thomas Brunt: CID inspector in the hill country of Northern England
  • Simon Kenworthy: hard-working detective inspector, later superintendent, with Scotland Yard, in London, England

James Hime
  • Jeremiah Spur: retired white Texas Ranger, and Clyde Thomas, the first black deputy sheriff, in Brenham, Texas

Chester Himes
  • Grave Digger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson: detectives in Harlem, living in Astoria, Queens, New York

Naomi Hirahara
  • Ellie Rush: Japanese-American rookie LAPD bicycle cop in Los Angeles, California

Tami Hoag
  • Elena Estes: ex-cop turned horse trainer, in Palm Beach, Florida
  • Sam Kovac: hard-boiled police detective, and his wisecracking partner Nikki Liska, in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Tony Mendez: Sheriff's detective in mid-1980s Oak Knoll, California, in the Deeper than the Dead series

Anne Hocking
  • William Austen: chief inspector, later Superintendent, at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Timothy Holme
  • Achille Peroni: (“the Rudolph Valentino of Italian police”), a Neopolitan police commissario who once spent some months at Scotland Yard, on assignment in northern Italy

Anne Holt
  • Adam Stubø: detective inspector, and Johanne Vik, an Oslo University psychology professor and former FBI profiler, in Oslo, Norway
  • Hanne Wilhelmsen: lesbian police officer in Oslo, Norway

Hugh Holton
  • Larry Cole: police commander in Chicago, Illinois

Kay Hooper
  • Trey Fortier: homicide detective, and Lane Montana, a finder of lost things, in Atlanta, Georgia

Jørn Lier Horst
  • William Wisting: chief inspector of police and head of CID, in Larvik, Norway

Lesley Horton
  • John Handford: Detective Inspector, and Detective Sergeant Khalid Ali, in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Lesley Horton
  • John Handford: Detective Inspector, and Detective Sergeant Khalid Ali, in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

S.B. Hough
  • John Brentford: detective inspector, in England

Victoria Houston
  • Lewellyn Ferris: fly fishing wonder and the Chief of Police in Loon Lake, Wisconsin

Katherine Howell
  • Ella Marconi, a police detective and a revolving cast of ambulance paramedics, in Sydney, Australi

S.W. Hubbard
  • Frank Bennett: police chief in Trout Run, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York

Dorothy B. Hughes
  • William “Toby” Tobin: Princeton-educated homicide inspector, in New York City

Richard Hull
  • Inspector Fenby

Fergus Hume
  • Octavius Fanks: detective at Scotland Yard, in London, England
  • Samuel Gorby and Kilsip, police detectives, and Calton, a leading lawyer, in Melbourne, Australia

Vicky Hunnings
  • William “Shark” Morgan and Dell Hassler: police detectives in Hilton Head, Beaufort County, South Carolina

James Patrick Hunt
  • George Hastings: police lieutenant in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Evan Maitland: , a former police detective, now running an antique business and moonlighting as a bounty hunter, based in Chicago, Illinois

Alan Hunter
  • George Gently: police inspector, later Chief Superintendent, based in East Anglia, England

Fred Hunter
  • Jeremy Ransom: homicide detective, and Emily Charters, his adopted grandmother, in Chicago, Illinois

Graham Hurley
  • Joe Faraday: detective inspector in Portsmouth, England, recently promoted to the elite Major Crimes Team

Ewart Hutton
  • Glyn Capaldi: half-Italian, half-Welsh detective sergeant exiled to mountainous mid-Wales

Elspeth Huxley
  • Superintendant Vachell: former Canadian mountie, in British colonial Africa

Peter Inchbald
  • Franco Corti: detective inspector in the London Art and Antiques Squad, working mainly in Italy

Michael Innes
  • John Appleby: inspector at Scotland Yard in London, England

Roy Innes
  • Mark Coswell: homicide inspector in Vancouver, and Paul Blakemore, an officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in British Columbia, Canada

Graham Ison

Harry Brock: a world-weary detective chief inspector, and Dave Poole, a scruffy detective sergeant, in London, England


Tommy Fox: Detective Chief Superintendent, and the raffish, cockney head of the Flying Squad, in London, England


John Gaffney: Detective Chief Superintendent of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch, and Harry Tipper, a detective chief inspector, in London, England


Ernest Hardcastle: divisional detective inspector, head of CID for the Whitehall Division of the Metropolitan Police, during World War I, in London, England

Jean-Claude Izzo
  • Fabio Montale: cop who goes out on his own in Marseilles, France

Jon A. Jackson
  • “Fang” Mulheisen: police detective in Detroit, Michigan

Lee Jackson
  • Decimus Webb: Scotland Yard inspector in 1870s London, England

Lisa Jackson
  • Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli: police detectives in Pinewood County, Montana
  • Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya: police detectives in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the New Orleans romantic suspense series

Michael Jahn
  • Bill Donovan: Chief of Special Investigations in New York City

Bill James
  • Colin Harpur: detective chief superintendent, and Desmond Iles, assistant chief constable in an English seaport

Brèni James
  • Gunnar Matson: police sergeant in San Francisco, California

P.D. James
  • Adam Dalgliesh: critically acclaimed poet and Scotland Yard commander, in London, England

Peter James
  • Roy Grace: Detective Superintendent of the CID, in Sussex, England

J.A. Jance
  • J.P. Beaumont: homicide detective in Seattle, Washington
  • Joanna Brady: deputy sheriff's widow, now elected sheriff in Cochise County, Arizona
  • Brandon Walker: ex-sheriff, and Diana Ladd, an award winning author, in Tucson, Arizona

J. Robert Janes
  • Jean-Louis St. Cyr: officer in the French Sûreté Nationale, and Herman Kohler, a Gestapo agent, based in 1940s Paris, France

Anna Jansson
  • Maria Wern: police detective in the town of Visby, on Gotland island, Sweden

Quintin Jardine
  • Robert Skinner: high-ranking cop in Edinburgh, Scotland

H. Paul Jeffers
  • John Bogdanovic: police sergeant and aide to the NYPD Chief of Detectives, in New York City

Roderic Jeffries
  • Enrique Alvarez: police inspector in Mallorca, Spain

Maureen Jennings
  • William Murdoch: police detective in 1890s Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michael Joens
  • Sandra Cameron: detective in Los Angeles, California

Matti Joensuu
  • Timo Harjunpää: detective sergeant in the Criminal Investigation Department, in Helsinki, Finland

Katherine John
  • Trevor Joseph: a depressed police sergeant, later inspector, of the Serious Crimes Squad, in medical thrillers set in England and Wales

Craig Johnson
  • Walt Longmire: veteran sheriff in Absaroka, Wyoming

E. Richard Johnson
  • Tony Lonto: police detective in the United States

Seppo Jokinen
  • Sakari Koskinen: police officer in Tampere, Finland

Solomon Jones
  • Mike Coletti: homicide detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stan Jones
  • Nathan Active: Inupiak Alaska State Trooper assigned to his village of birth after being raised by a white couple in Anchorage, Alaska

Mari Jungstedt
  • Anders Knutas: police inspector on Gotland island, Sweden
Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • Abe Lieberman: 60-something Jewish police detective in Chicago, Illinois
  • Porfiry Rostnikov: police inspector in Moscow, Russia

Mons Kallentoft
  • Malin Fors: 30-something divorced mother of a teenage daughter, and an ambitious detective inspector, in Linköping, Sweden

Marshall Karp
  • Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs: police detectives in Los Angeles, California

Dan Kavanagh
  • Nick Duffy: bisexual ex-cop turned private investigator in London, England

H.R.F. Keating
  • Ganesh Ghote: police inspector in Bombay, India
  • Harriet Martens: detective superintendent in Greater Birchester, England

Alex Keegan
  • Kathy “Caz” Flood: detective constable in Brighton, England

Faye Kellerman
  • Peter Decker: LAPD detective, and his wife Rina Lazarus, in Los Angeles, California

Jonathan Kellerman
  • Petra Connor: cop in Los Angeles, California

Lee Charles Kelley
  • Jack Field: former NYPD detective, retired to run a kennel in Maine

Mary Kelly
  • Brett Nightingale: detective inspector (later chief inspector), in Edinburgh, Scotland

Susan B. Kelly
  • Gregory Summers: police superintendent in the Thames Valley, England
  • Nick Trevellyan: detective inspector, and Alison Hope, a software designer, in Hop Valley, England

Marne Davis Kellogg
  • Lilly Bennett: ex-detective private investigator in Roundup, Wyoming

Paul Kemprecos
  • Aristotle Plato Socarides: ex-cop part-time fisherman and private investigator, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Baynard Kendrick
  • Miles Standish Rice: deputy sheriff in Florida

Bill Kent
  • Louis Monroe: Don Quixote-style cop, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Graeme Kent
  • Ben Kella: police sergeant and hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, and Sister Conchita, a 20-something American nun, in 1960s Solomon Islands

Michael Kenyon
  • Superintendent O’Malley: of the Irish Garda
  • Henry Peckover: police inspector and the Scotland Yard Cockney poet, in London, England

Jack Kerley
  • Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus: police detective in Mobile, Alabama

Jim Kelly
  • Peter Shaw, detective inspector, and George Valentine, detective sergeant, in Norfolk, England

Lars Kepler
  • Joona Linna: detective inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

J.W. Kerr
  • Lieutenant Hilderbrand: homicide detective in Houston, Texas

Yasmina Khadra
  • Brahim Llob: police inspector in Algiers, Algeria

Lee Killough
  • Sergeants Janna Brill and “Mama” Maxwell: detectives in a future Topeka, Kansas
  • Garreth Mikaelian: vampire cop, first in San Francisco, California and later in Baumen, Kansas

M.G. Kincaid
  • Seth Mornay: a former Royal Marine, now a detective sergeant in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Grampian Police Force, in northeast Scotland

Jonathon King
  • Max Freeman: cop from Philly who shot and killed a 12 year-old, quit, and moved to the edge of the Florida Everglades

Laurie R. King
  • Kate Martinelli: lesbian homicide detective, and her partner Alonzo Hawkin, in San Francisco, California

Charles Kingston
  • Chief Inspector Wake of Scotland Yard, in London, England

Charles Kipps
  • Conor Bard: homicide detective in New York City

Hans Hellmut Kirst
  • Konstantin Keller: retiring detective inspector, in Munich, Germany

Bill Kirton
  • Jack Carston: detective chief inspector in Cairnburgh, near Aberdeen, Scotland

Henry Kisor
  • Steve “Two Crows” Martinez: Lakota Indian by birth, eastern white by upbringing, and deputy sheriff in Porcupine City, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Bill Kitson
  • Mike Nash: detective inspector in Yorkshire, England

Alanna Knight
  • Inspector Jeremy Faro: detective in Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland

Bill Knox
  • Colin Thane and Phil Moss: Crime Squad officers in Glasgow, Scotland

J.A. Konrath
  • Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels: in the Violent Crimes unit in Chicago, Illinois

Marek Krajewski
  • Eberhard Mock: police detective, and university classics dropout, starting in 1919 Breslau (now Wroclaw, in Poland)

William Krasner
  • Sam Birge: homicide detective captain in a big city somewhere

Rochell Krich
  • Jessie Drake: homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

William Kent Krueger
  • Cork O’Connor: Native American ex-sheriff in Aurora, Minnesota

Richard Kunzmann
  • Jacob Tshabalala: detective inspector, in Johannesburg, South Africa

Carroll Lachnit
  • Hannah Barlow: ex-cop lawyer in Orange County, California

Camilla Läckberg
  • Patrik Hedstrom: police detective, and Erica Falck, a writer, in the fishing town of Fjällbacka, Sweden

Ed Lacy
  • Lee Hayes: black police detective in New York City
  • Dave Wintino: brash new cop in New York City

Thomas Laird
  • Jimmy Parisi: lieutenant in the Police Department, Homicide Division, in Chicago, Illinois

Hans Olav Lahlum
  • Kolbjorn Kristiansen (K2), a detective inspector, and his wheelchair-bound assistant Patricia, starting in late 1960s, Oslo, Norway, in the K2 and Patricia series

Lori L. Lake
  • Leona “Leo” Reese: lesbian Saint Paul Minnesota police sergeant turned investigator for the State of Minnesota, in the Public Eye series
  • Desiree “Dez” Reilly and Jaylynn Savage: lesbian policewomen in St. Paul, Minnesota

M.D. Lake
  • Peggy O’Neill: university campus cop in Minnesota

John J. Lamb
  • Brad Lyon: retired San Francisco homicide inspector, and his wife Ashleigh, teddy bear collectors in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, in the Bear Collector’s mysteries

Jon Land
  • Ben Kamal: member of the new Palestinian police force on the West Bank, and Danielle Barnea, a Shin Bet (Israel’s FBI) agent in Israel
  • Caitlin Strong: fifth-generation Texas Ranger, sometimes working as a psychological therapist, in San Antonio, Texas

Hilary Landon (George Bellairs)
  • Timothy Dewer: police inspector in England

Christopher Lane
  • Ray Attla: Inupiat police officer who returns to his native home after growing up in Anchorage, Alaska

Edwin Lanham
  • Vern Gray: police lieutenant in Connecticut
  • Madigan: police lieutenant in New York City

Janet LaPierre
  • Vince Gutierrez: police chief, and his wife Meg Halloran, a teacher, or Patience and Verity Mackellar, mother and daughter private investigators, and others, in the Port Silva (California) mysteries

Lynda La Plante
  • Lorraine Page: down-on-her-luck ex-cop in Los Angeles, California
  • Jane Tennison: detective chief inspector in London, England
  • Anna Travis: rookie detective, in London, England

Joyce and Jim Lavene
  • Sharyn Howard: Sheriff in Diamond Springs, North Carolina
  • Glad Wycznewski: 40-something ex-cop from Chicago, and his new wife Ruby, on the NASCAR racing circuit, in the Stock Car Racing mysteries

David Lawrence
  • Stella Mooney: Detective Sergeant in London, England

John Lawton
  • Frederick Troy: police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England

Stephen Leather
  • Dan “Spider” Shepherd: former SAS trooper turned undercover cop, based in London, England

John Le Beau
  • Franz Waldbaer: Bavarian Kommissar of Police, assisted by CIA operational specialists, in Germany and elsewhere

Deborah J Ledford
  • Steven Hawk: sheriff’s deputy in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

Christopher Lee
  • James Boswell Hodge Leonard: police inspector in Bath, England, in the Bath Detective series

Leena Lehtolainen
  • Maria Kallio: police inspector in Espoo, Finland

Pierre Lemaître
  • Camille Verhoeven: short, pugnacious police commandant (detective chief inspector), in Paris, France

Elizabeth Lemarchand
  • Tom Pollard and Gregory Toye: Scotland Yard detectives, in London, England

Donna Leon
  • Guido Brunetti: police commissario in Venice, Italy

Elmore Leonard
  • Raylan Givens: federal marshal in Florida
  • Carl Webster: US Marshall in the 1930s and 1940

John Lescroart
  • Abe Glitsky: black Jewish cop, and Dismas Hardy, ex-cop bartender and ex-Assistant District Attorney turned defense attorney, in San Francisco, California
  • Devin Juhle: homicide detective, and Wyatt Hunt, a private investigator, part of the Hunt Club, in San Francisco, California

Machael Z. Lewin
  • Leroy Powder: police lieutenant and friend of Albert Samson, middle-aged, low-key private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Kenneth R. Lewis
  • Kevin Kearnes: chief of police of the fictional coastal town of Cutter Point, Oregon, near the California border, and later an agent with Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon, and Thud Compton, a police sergeant, later chief

Kevin Lewis
  • Stacey Collins: single mother, detective inspector who grew up in the slums of London, England

Roy Lewis
  • John Crow: British police inspector in England
  • Eric Ward: policeman turned solicitor in England

Martin Limon
  • George Sueno and Ernie Bascom: US military police officers in 1960s-1970s Seoul, South Korea

Ed Lin
  • Robert Chow: NYPD Chinatown beat cop in 1976 New York City

N.J. Lindquist
  • Paul Manziuk: Detective Inspector with homicide, and Jacqueline (Jackie) Ryan, a black cop recently promoted to Detective, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

David L. Lindsey
  • Stuart Haydon: homicide detective in Houston, Texas

Elizabeth Linington
  • Ivor Maddox: sergeant at the Wilcox Avenue Station in Hollywood, California

Joan Lock
  • Ernest Best: detective sergeant, later inspector, starting in 1870s London, England

Richard & Frances Lockridge
  • Merton Heimrich: lieutenant for the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification, in The Corners, Putnam County, New York
  • Paul Lane: detective working out of the 19th Precinct in New York City
  • Jerry and Pam North, along with Bill Weigand and Sergeant Mullins, police officers, in New York City
  • Nathan Shapiro: Jewish cop usually working in homicide under Bill Weigand, in New York City

Mary Logue
  • Claire Watkins: police officer, widow, and mom to 10-year-old Meg, in Fort St. Antoine, Wisconsin

Jon Loomis
  • Frank Coffin: burned out Baltimore homicide detective, returning to his hometown, Provincetown, Massachusetts

E.C.R. Lorac (Carol Carnac)
  • Robert MacDonald: London Scot, Inspector and later Superintendent, in England

Glenville Lovell
  • Blade Overstreet: black ex-cop, in New York City

Peter Lovesey
  • Richard Cribb and Edward Thackeray: policemen in Victorian London, England

Carlo Lucarelli
  • Commissario De Luca: former commander in Mussolini’s political police, in northern Italy in 1945
  • Grazia Negro: young female detective assigned to a special task force designed to catch serial killers, in Bologna, Italy

Richard A. Lupoff
  • Marvia Plum: black homicide detective, and Hobart Lindsey, an insurance claims adjuster for valuable collectibles, in Berkeley, California

Francis Lyall
  • Alan Mason: police superintendent, and his sidekick Ian Crawford, based in the town of Greyhavens, Scotland

D.P. Lyle
  • Samantha (Sam) Cody: former LAPD officer, now a sheriff’s deputy in Mercer Corner, California

Stuart MacBride
  • Logan McRae: detective sergeant in Aberdeen, Scotland

Ross MacDonald
  • Lew Archer: ex-cop and private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

T.J. MacGregor
  • Aline Scott: homicide detective in Tango Key, Florida

Scott Mackay
  • Barry Gilbert and Joe Lombardo: homicide detectives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Donald MacKenzie
  • John Raven: tough Scotland Yard detective inspector, later an unlicensed private investigator living on a houseboat, mostly in England

John Mackie
  • Thornton Savage: police detective in New York City

Pierre Magnan
  • Commissaire Laviolette: police detective in Provence, France

Adrian Magson
  • Lucas Rocco: police inspector in the 1960s, formerly in Paris, now in Poissons-les-Marais, in rural northern France

Don Mahoney
  • Brian McKenna: police detective in New York City
  • Cisco Sanchez: police detective in New York City

Barry Maitland
  • Harry Belltree: homicide detective in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Kathy Kolla: young Scotland Yard detective, and David Brock, her mentor, in London, England

G.M. Malliet
  • Detective Chief Inspector St. Just of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Sergeant Fear, in England

Ernesto Mallo
  • Superintendent “Perro” Lascano: Buenos Aires police detective during the military dictatorship in late 1970s Argentina

Mallock (Jean-Denis Bruet-Ferreol)
  • Amédée Mallock: police commissioner in Paris, France, in the Barbarian Chronicles

Michael Malone
  • Justin Savile and Cuddy Mangum: police detectives in a small town in North Carolina

Lou Manfredo
  • Joe Rizzo: veteran police detective, in Brooklyn, New York City

Henning Mankell
  • Kurt Wallander: inspector in Ystad, Sweden

Paul Mann
  • George Sansi: half- English, half-Indian police inspector, in Bombay, India

Antonio Manzini
  • Rocco Schiavone: deputy prefect of police exiled from Rome to Aosta, a small touristy town in the Italian Alps

Jean Marcy
  • Sarah Lindstrom: police detective, and Meg Darcy, a working-class lesbian private investigator, in St. Louis, Missouri

David Mark
  • Aector McAvoy: detective sergeant in Hull, East Yorkshire, England

Petros Markaris
  • Costas Haritos: former prison guard, now inspector in the CID in Athens, Greece

Magaret Maron
  • Sigrid Harald: police lieutenant in New York City

J.J. Marric (John Creasey)
  • George Gideon: Commander of Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Department

Ngaio Marsh
  • Roderick Alleyn: second son of a baronet and police inspector in London, England

William Marshall
  • Felix Elizalde: detective lieutenant in the Weston District Bureau, in the Philippines
  • Harry Feiffer: chief inspector of Yellowthread Street station in Hong Kong, China
  • Tillman and Muldoon: policemen in 1880s New York City

Edward Marston
  • Jonathan Bale: constable, and Christopher Redmayne, an architect, in 1600s London, England
  • Robert Colbeck: former attorney now serving as an inspector in the fledging Scotland Yard in 1851 London, England
  • Inspector Harvey Marmion and Sergeant Joe Keedy: metropolitan police in 1915 London, England

Faith Martin
  • Hillary Greene: detective inspector with the Thames Valley Police, in Oxfordshire, England

Lee Martin (Anne Wingate)
  • Deb Ralston: police detective mom in Fort Worth, Texas

Sarah J. Mason
  • Detective Superintendent Trewley and Sergeant Stone: village detective partners in Allshire, England

Priscilla Masters
  • Joanna Pierce: detective inspector in Staffordshire, England

Francine Mathews
  • Merry Folger: police officer on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Peter May
  • Fin Macleod: detective inspector in Edinburgh who returns to his birthplace, the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, in the Lewis trilogy
  • Li Yan: Chinese detective, and Margaret Campbell, an American pathologist, in Beijing, China

Archer Mayor
  • Joe Gunther: police detective in Brattleboro, Vermont

Ed McBain
  • 87th Precinct cops: in Isola, New York

Susan McBride
  • Detective Maggie Ryan: former member of the Dallas P.D. who recently left the big city for the suburban enclave of Litchfield, Texas

Janet McClellan
  • Tru North: lesbian police detective in Kansas City, Missouri

James McClure
  • Tromp Kramer: Afrikaner police detective, and Mickey Zondi, a Bantu police sergeant, in Trekkersburg, South Africa

Vincent McConnor
  • Chief Inspector Damiot of the Paris police, and his dog Fric-Frac, in Paris and elsewhere in France

Nigel McCrery
  • Mark Lapslie: detective chief inspector, and his sergeant, Emma Bradbury, in Essex, England

Sharyn McCrumb
  • Spencer Arrowood: Appalachian sheriff

Colleen McCullough
  • Carmine Delmonico: police lieutenant in a fictional mid-1960s college town, Holloman, Connecticut

Philip McCutchan
  • Simon Shard: Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Geoffrey McGeachin
  • Charlie Berlin: ex-bomber pilot and POW in World War II, rejoining the police force in 1947 Victoria, Australia

Gregory McDonald
  • Francis Xavier Flynn: tenacious police inspector in Boston, Massachusetts

Iain McDowall
  • Frank Jacobsen: detective chief inspector, and detective sergeant Ian Kerr, in Crowby, in the Midlands of England

Paul McElroy
  • James “Mack” McCray: federal undercover cop in Stuart, Florida, in the Treasure Coast mystery series

Michael McGarrity
  • Kevin Kerney: ex-chief of detectives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

James McGee
  • Matthew Hawkwood: former English army officer, now a Bow Street Runner, in early 19th century London, England

Brian McGilloway
  • Benedict Devlin: Garda detective inspector, in the borderlands of Ireland

Jill McGown
  • Chief Inspector Lloyd and Inspector Judy Hil: cops and lovers in East Anglia, England

William McIlvanney
  • Jack Laidlaw: police detective in Glasgow, Scotland

Ralph M. McInerny
  • Egidio Manfredi: police captain in Fort Elbow, Ohio

Gary McKinney
  • Gavin Pruitt: the Sheriff of Willapa County and a fan of the Grateful Dead since the ’60s, in southwest Washington

Adrian McKinty
  • Sean Duffy: detective sergeant in 1980s Northern Ireland, in the Troubles Trilogy

Patrick F. McManus
  • Bo Tully: Sheriff of Blight County, Idaho

Claire McNab
  • Carol Ashton: lesbian detective inspector in Sydney, Australia

Evan McNamara
  • Bill Tatum: former Army sniper and current Deputy Sheriff of Mineral County in Dumont, Colorado

Mark McShane
  • Norman Pink: ex-Detective Sergeant

Mardi Oakley Medawar
  • David Lameraux: police chief on the Red Cliff Reservation, in Wisconsin

James Melville
  • Tetsuo Otani: Superintendent of Police in Kobe, Japan

Jennie Melville (Gwendoline Butler)
  • Charmian Daniels: police detective in Deerham Hills, England

Ken Mercer
  • Will MacGowen, whose heroin addiction cost him his job as narcotics detective with the LAPD, now police chief in the fictional rural town of Haydenville, California

D.R. Meredith
  • Charles Matthews: sheriff in Crawford County, Texas

F.M. Meredith (Marilyn Meredith)
  • Doug Milligan: police detective in the fictional beach community of Rocky Bluff, California

Marilyn Meredith
  • Tempe Crabtree: deputy of Bear Creek, California, torn between her Native American (Yanduchi) traditions and her loyalty to Hutch, her minister husband

Deon Meyer
  • Benny Griessel: aging, alcoholic police inspector in Capetown, South Africa

Penny Mickelbury
  • Gianna Maglione: lesbian police lieutenant, and Mimi Patterson, a reporter, in Washington DC

John Miles (Jack Bickham)
  • Johnelle “Johnny” Baker: blonde former actress made sheriff as a publicity stunt in Tenoclock, Colorado

Danny Miller
  • Vince Treadwell: young police detective sent in 1964 from London to Brighton, England

Margaret Millar
  • Police Inspector Sands: in Toronto, Canada

John Ramsey Miller
  • Winter Massey: deputy U.S. Marshal (later an ex-marshal), in New Orleans, Louisiana, and elsewhere in the South

Maryann Miller
  • Sarah Kingsly: a white homicide detective, and her new partner Angel Johnson, a black detective, in Dallas, Texas

Wade Miller
  • Austin Clapp: police lieutenant, and Max Thursday, an ex-cop private investigator, in San Diego, California

John Milne
  • Jimmy Jenner: pensioned-off cop with a wooden leg in the Stoke Newington section of London, England

Denise Mina
  • Alex Morrow: detective inspector in Glasgow, Scotland

John Misak
  • John Keegan: a homicide detective in New York City

D.A. Mishani
  • Avraham Avraham: police detective in Tel Aviv, Israel

Kay Mitchell
  • John Morrissey: chief inspector and family man in Malminster, England

Tom Mitcheltree
  • Grant Reynolds: former Boston homicide detective, now a field investigator for the U.S. Legal Attaché office, in Paris, France

Rick Mofina
  • Walt Sydowski: homicide inspector, and Tom Reed, a crime reporter, in San Francisco, California

Frédérique Molay
  • Nico Sirsky: chief of the criminal investigation division, La Crim’, in Paris, France, in the Paris Homicide series

Brent Monahan
  • John Le Brun: a retired sheriff in 1890s Brunswick, Georgia

Theresa Monsour
  • Paris Murphy: homicide detective in St. Paul, Minnesota

Richart Montanari
  • Kevin Byrne: detective, and his new partner, Jessica Balzano, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • John Paris: homicide detective in Cleveland, Ohio

Harker Moore
  • James Sakura: Japanese-American NYPD lieutenant in New York City

Laurie Moore
  • Cezanne Martin: cop in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Jinx Porter: constable in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas

Margaret Moore
  • Richard Baxter: chief inspector in Cambridge, England

Keith Moray
  • Torquil McKinnon: bagpipe-playing, motorcycle-riding police inspector with the Hebridean Constabulary, on the fictional Outer Hebridean island of West Uist, Scotland

R.N. Morris
  • Porfiry Petrovich: the police inspector in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, in 1860s St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Silas “Quick-fire” Quinn: Detective Inspector in charge of the Special Crimes Unit of Scotland Yard, beginning in 1914, by R.N. Morris

John Moss
  • Miranda Quin and David Morgan, a “virtual couple” of homicide detectives, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patricia Moyes
  • Henry Tibbett: Scotland Yard Inspector in London, England

T. Frank Muir
  • Andy Gilchrist: detective inspector in St. Andrews, Scotland

Mukoma Wa Ngugi
  • Ishmael: African American police detective in Madison, Wisconsin, teaming with O (David Odhiambo), a police detective in Nairobi, Kenya

Warren Murphy
  • Ed Razoni and William “Tough” Jackson: white and black cops, respectively, in New York City

Amy Myers
  • Peter Marsh: wheelchair-bound ex-policeman, and his daughter Georgia, who investigate unsolved murders in Kent, England

Magdalen Nabb
  • Salvatore Guarnaccia: marshal in the Italian Carabinieri in Florence, Italy

Barbara Nadel
  • Inspector Cetin Ikmen: policeman in Istanbul, Turkey

Reggie Nadelson
  • Artie Cohen: Moscow-born NYPD cop, later a private investigator, based in New York City

Janet Neel
  • John McLeish: DCI, and Francesca Wilson, a civil servant turned housewife, in London, England

Jo Nesbø
  • Harry Hole: police detective in Oslo, Norway

Håkan Nesser
  • Chief Inspector Van Veeteren: veteran of 30 years of police work who appreciates fine food and drink, in a country that resembles Sweden

Nele Neuhaus
  • Oliver von Bodenstein, Kriminalhauptkommissar (chief superintendant), and his colleague Pia Kirchhoff, a police detective, in the Tanus mountain region of Germany

Stuart Neville
  • Jack Lennon: detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Christopher Newman
  • Joe Dante: maverick cop in New York City

G.F. Newman
  • Terry Sneed: unscrupulous Scotland Yard inspector, based in London, England

Chris Nickson
  • Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, in 1730s England

Hilary Norman
  • Sam Becket: African-American homicide detective, and wife Grace Lucca, a child psychologist, in Miami Beach, Florida

Gil North
  • Caleb Cluff: a stubborn police sergeant in the small town of Gunnarshaw, in Yorkshire, England

Michael Norman
  • Sam Kincaid: chief of the Special Investigations Branch of the Department of Corrections, and Lt. Kate McConnell, a homicide detective, in Salt Lake City, Utah

Malla Nunn
  • Emmanuel Cooper: detective sergeant in 1950s South Africa

Harri Nykänen
  • Ariel Kafka: police inspector in the Violent Crime Unit and one of only two Jewish cops in the country, in Helsinki, Finland, by Harri Nykänen

Martin O’Brien
  • Daniel Jacquot: former rugby player, now a homicide chief inspector in Marseilles, France

Thomas O’Callaghan
  • John W. Driscoll: homicide detective lieutenant in New York City

Carol O’Connell
  • Kathleen Mallory: police detective in New York City

Ed O’Connor
  • John Underwood: a detective inspector, and Alison Dexter, a detective sergeant, in New Bolden, Cambridgeshire, England

Niamh O’Connor
  • Jo Birmingham: detective inspector and single mother in Dublin, Ireland

Lillian O’Donnell
  • Norah Mulcahaney: homicide detective in New York City

Kristina Ohlsson
  • Fredrika Bergman: investigative analyst with a special unit of the federal police in Sweden

Nick Oldham
  • Henry Christie: a hard-drinking detective inspector, later DCI, in Blackpool, England

Marc Olden
  • Manny Decker: detective sergeant with martial arts skills, in New York City

Susan Oleksiw
  • Joe Silva: police chief in Mellingham, Massachusetts

Roger Ormerod
  • Richard Patton: retired Detective Inspector in England
  • Oliver Simpson: Detective Inspector, and Philipa Lowe, an amateur sleuth, in England

Arimasa Osawa
  • Samejima: maverick police detective, in Tokyo, Japan

Håkan Östlundh
  • Fredrik Broman: police detective on the island of Gotland, Sweden

Charlie Owen
  • D Group: ensemble cast of police in a fictional 1970s town north of Manchester, England

Barry Ozeroff
  • Ben Geller: sniper with the Special Emergency Response Team, in Stratton, Oregon

Leonardo Padura
  • Mario Conde: police inspector in Havana, Cuba, in the Havana Quartet and others

Emma Page
  • Kelsey: detective inspector, later chief inspector, and detective Lambert, in a village somewhere in England

Frank Palmer
  • “Jacko” Jackson: detective inspector of the East Midlands Combined Constabulary, in Leicester, England
  • Phil “Sweeney” Todd: police superintendent in Nottingham, England

Robert B. Parker
  • Spenser: ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jesse Stone: homicide detective in Paradise, Massachusetts

T. Jefferson Parker
  • Charles Hood: sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles County, California
  • Merci Rayborn: sheriff’s deputy in Orange County, California

Jean-François Parot
  • Nicolas Le Floch: young policeman from Breton, beginning in 1761 during the reign of Louis XV, in pre-revolutionary Paris, France

P.J. Parrish
  • Joe Frye: the only female homicide detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department (and Louis Kincaid’s lover), in Miami, Florida
  • Louis Kincaid: biracial cop in Loon Lake, Michigan

Julie Parsons
  • Michael McLoughlin: detective inspector, later retired, in Dublin, Ireland

James Patterson
  • Lindsay Boxer: homicide inspector, Cindy Thomas, a reporter, Jill Bernhardt, an Assistant District Attorney, and Claire Washburn, a medical examiner — members of The Women’s Murder Club, in San Francisco, California
  • Alex Cross: psychiatrist and homicide cop in Washington DC

Barbara Paul
  • Marian Larch: police officer in New York City

William Paul
  • David Fyfe: detective chief inspector in Edinburgh, Scotland

Rebecca Pawel
  • Carlos Tejada Alonso y Leon: sergeant in Guardia Civil in 1930s and 1940s Madrid, Spain

Stuart Pawson
  • Charlie Priest: art school graduate turned police detective in Yorkshire, England

Michael Pearce
  • Garth Owen: (Mamur Zapt) the British head of Cairo’s Political CID in Cairo, Egypt
  • Sandor Pelczynski Seymour: multilingual officer with England’s Special Branch in the early 1900s

Iain Pears
  • Flavia di Stefano: of the Art Theft Squad, and Jonathan Argyll, an English art dealer, in Rome, Italy

Ridley Pearson
  • Lou Boldt: detective, and Daphne Matthews, a police psychologist in Seattle, Washington
  • Walt Fleming: sheriff in Sun Valley, Idaho

John Penn (Palma Harcourt & Jack H. Trotman)
  • Dick Tansey: Chief Inspector in the Thames Valley police, in England
  • George Thorne: Detective Superintendent in the Thames Valley police, in England

Louise Penny
  • Armand Gamache: Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec, in the village of Three Pines, in southern Quebec, Canada

Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)
  • Lieutenant Pascal: in New York City

Anne Perry
  • William Monk: amnesiac police inspector in Victorian London, England
  • Thomas and Charlotte Pitt: police inspector and wife in Victorian London, England

Leif GW Persson
  • Police procedurals, with ensemble casts, centered in Stockholm, Sweden

Tom Philbin
  • Joe Lawless: commander of the Felony Squad, and an ensemble cast at Fort Siberia, the Bronx, the toughest precinct in New York City

Clyde Phillips
  • Jane Candiotti: homicide inspector in San Francisco, California

Robert L. Pike (Robert L. Fish)
  • Lieutenant Clancy: no nonsense, honest cop in New York City
  • Jim Reardon: nonsense, honest cop in San Francisco, California, an incarnation of the character in the “Bullitt” movie

Stefanie Pintoff
  • Simon Ziele: former New York City police detective starting in 1905 Dobson, Westchester County, New York

Neil Plakcy
  • Kimo Kanapa’aka: gay police detective in Honolulu, Hawaii

Joyce Porter
  • Wilfred Dover: fat lout of a Chief Inspector in England

Jeremy Potter
  • Sergeant Hiscock (later inspector) of the CID, in London, England

Maurice Procter
  • Philip Hunter: detective superintendent, in fictional Yoreborough (York), England
  • Harry Martineau: detective inspector, later Detective Chief Inspector, in fictional Granchester, “Metropolis of the North”, England

Mary Monica Pulver (Monica Ferris)
  • Peter Brichter: police detective, and Kori Price Brichter, a horse breeder, in Illinois

E.R. Punshon
  • Inspector Carter and Sergeant Bell, a tortoise and hare team of Scotland Yard detectives, in London, England
  • Bobby Owen, an Oxford graduate, starting as a police constable, later a detective sergeant then Commander of Scotland Yard, mostly in London, England

Kwei Quartey
  • Darko Dawson: CID detective in Accra, Ghana

Ellery Queen (Talmage Powell)
  • Tim Corrigan: one-eyed cop in New York City

Qiu Xiaolong
  • Chen Cao: Inspector in the Shanghai, China, Police Department

Patrick Quentin
  • Timothy Trant: Princeton-educated police lieutenant in New York City

Sheila Quigley
  • Lorraine Hunt: detective inspector in Houghton-le-Spring, northeast England

Anthony J. Quinn
  • Celcius Daly: Catholic detective inspector, in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ann Quinton
  • Nick Holroyd: detective inspector in Dorset, England
  • James Roland: detective inspector and Patrick Mansfield, a detective sergeant in Suffolk, England

Jonathan Rabb
  • Nikolai Hoffner: police detective starting in 1919, continuing into the Weimar period in Berlin, Germany

Edwin Radford with Mona Augusta Radford
  • Inspector Manson

Sheila Radley
  • Douglas Quantrill: detective chief inspector, and Hilary Lloyd, a police sergeant, in East Anglia, England

Sheila Radley
  • Douglas Quantrill: detective chief inspector, and Hilary Lloyd, a police sergeant, in East Anglia, England

Hugh C. Rae
  • McCaig: detective inspector, later superintendent, in Scotland

Caro Ramsay
  • Colin Anderson: detective inspector, and Winifred “Freddie” Costello, a detective sergeant, along with an ensemble of cops at Partickhill Station in Glasgow, Scotland

Robert J. Randisi
  • Joe Keough: NYPD detective who moves to St. Louis, Missouri
  • Dennis McQueen: detective sergeant in New York City

Ian Rankin
  • Malcolm Fox: cop working for the Complaints, the police internal affairs division, in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • John Rebus: detective sergeant in Edinburgh, Scotland

Julian Rathbone
  • Jan Argand: police commissioner in Brabt, a fictional European country
  • Colonel Nur Bey: policeman in Turkey
  • Renata Fechter: head of a squad of eco-cops in Germany

Derek Raymond
  • A police detective-sergeant in the Factory, Department A14 — Unexplained Deaths, in Soho, London, England

Jon Redfern
  • Inspector Owen Endersby, of the recently formed London Detective Police, in early 1840s London, England

Dolores Redondo
  • Amaia Salazar: 30-year-old police inspector in the Basque region of Spain, in the Baztan trilogy

John Reeves
  • Andrew Coggin: detective inspector, and sergeant Fred Sump, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ben Rehder
  • Herbert Mackey: sheriff, and John Marlin, game warden, in Blanco County, Texas

Helen Reilly
  • Christopher McKee, known as the “Scotsman,” a police inspector, later head of Manhattan’s homicide squad, mostly in New York City

Ruth Rendell
  • Reginald Wexford: chief inspector in Sussex, England

Maggie Rennert
  • Guy Silvestri: police detective in Massachusetts

John Lawrence Reynolds
  • Joe McGuire: detective lieutenant in Boston, Massachusetts, who drops out to the Bahamas from time to time

Nicholas Rhea (Peter Walker)
  • Constable Nick: policeman in Aidensfield, North Yorkshire, England
  • Mark Pemberton: Detective Superintendent in North Yorkshire, England
  • Montague Pluke: Detective Inspector in North Yorkshire, England

Michael Ridpath
  • Magnus Jonson: born in Iceland, raised in Boston, back working as a homicide detective in Iceland, in the Fire and Ice series

Cynthia Riggs
  • Victoria Trumbull: astute 92-year old Vineyard native and deputy police officer, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Todd Ritter
  • Kat Campbell: police chief and single-mom in peaceful Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania

J.D. Robb
  • Eve Dallas: homicide lieutenant in futuristic New York City

John Maddox Roberts
  • Gabe Treloa: burned-out LAPD veteran on the way to a PI job in Cleveland, ending up in his old hometown, Monticello, Ohio

Lora Roberts
  • Paul Drake and Bruno Morales: police detectives, and Liz Sullivan, freelance writer and organic gardener, in Palo Alto, California

Craig Robertson
  • Rachel Narey: a detective sergeant, and Tony Winter, a police photographer, and others, in Glasgow, Scotland

Kel Robertson
  • Bradman (Brad) Chen: 5th-generation Chinese-Australian ex-rugby star and inspector with the Australian Federal Police, in Canberra, Australia

Peter Robinson
  • Alan Banks: Eastvale detective chief inspector, in Yorkshire, England

Michael Robotham
  • Vincent Ruiz: detective inspector, and Joseph O’Loughlin, a psychologist, in London, England

Linda Rodriguez
  • Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion: a half-Cherokee ex-Kansas City homicide detective, now chief of the campus police force at Chouteau University, in Brewster, Missouri

Robert Rosenberg
  • Avram Cohen: police officer in Jerusalem, Israel

  • Ewert Grens, a detective inspector, and Sven Sundkvist, a police officer, in Stockholm, Sweden

David Rotenberg
  • Zhong Fong: head of the Special Investigation Unit, in Shanghai, China

Holly Roth
  • Richard Medford: inspector in the CID, based in England

Betty Rowlands
  • Sukey Reynolds: police photographer and crime scene investigator, in England

Pauline Rowson
  • Andy Horton: detective inspector, and his sidekick sergeant Barney Cantelli, in Portsmouth, England, in the Marine mysteries

Jane Rubino
  • Victor Cardenas: police detective, and Cat Austen, a single-mom reporter, in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Patricia H. Rushford
  • Angel Delaney: police officer
  • Antonio McAllister: Oregon state police detective

Alan Russell
  • Michael Gideon and his German shepherd partner Sirius, sole members of the LAPD’s Special Cases Unit, in Los Angeles, California

Craig Russell
  • Jan Fabel: Scottish-German police detective (Kriminalhauptkommissar), in Hamburg, Germany

Kirk Russell
  • Ben Raveneau: an older homicide detective, and his ambitious young partner, Elizabeth la Rosa, in San Francisco, California

Michael Russell
  • Stefan Gillespie: Garda detective sergeant in 1930s Dublin, Ireland

Alan Rustage
  • Inspector Blackstone: in Victorian England and the Empire

Sandra Ruttan
  • Craig Nolan, Ashlyn Hart, and Tain: police constables in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

William Ryan
  • Alexei Korolev: captain in the militia’s Criminal Investigation Division under Stalin, in 1930s Moscow, Russia

Medora Sale (Caroline Roe)
  • John Sanders: police detective, and Harriet Jeffries, a photographer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

James Sallis
  • John Turner: ex-cop, ex-con, ex-psychotherapist, now deputy sheriff in Cripple Creek, Tennessee

Lawrence Sanders
  • Delaney, Edward X. "Iron Balls": retired chief of detectives in New York, New York

John Sandford
  • Lucas Davenport: police detective and war games designer in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Virgil Flowers: thrice-divorced, affable member of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)

Eve K. Sandstrom
  • Mike Svenson: police officer, and Nell Matthews, a newspaper reporter, in Grantham, Oklahoma
  • Sam Titus: sheriff, and Nicky Titus, photographer and wife, in Holton, Oklahoma, in the Down Home mysteries

Jonathan Santlofer
  • Nate Rodriguez: talented NYPD police sketch artist in New York City

Eric Sauter
  • Patrick Paige: police detective in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mike Savage
  • Alphonse "Dave" Davecki: police detective in Superior, Wisconsin

Andrew Saville (Andrew Taylor)
  • Jim Bergerac: detective sergeant in the Bureau des Etrangers, on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, in novelizations of the BBC TV series

Raymond Sawkins (Colin Forbes)
  • John Snow: young, retired superintendent of Scotland Yard

Margaret Scherf
  • Lt Ryan: cop in New York City

Aileen Schumacher
  • David Alvarez: police detective, and Tory Travers, a structural engineer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in El Paso, Texas

Stephen Jay Schwartz
  • Hayden Glass: detective in the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division, who also suffers from a sexual addiction, in Los Angeles, California

Mark Schweizer
  • Hayden Konig: police chief, and choir director and organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, in the Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina

Jack S. Scott
  • Peter Parsons: chief inspector, in England
  • Alfred Stanley (Alf) Rosher: crude yet caring detective sergeant (later inspector), in a small city in England

Lisa See
  • Liu Hulan: Chinese police inspector, and David Stark, an American attorney, combining talents to solve mysteries in China

L.J. Sellers
  • Wade Jackson: homicide detective in Eugene, Oregon

Francis Selwyn (Donald Thomas)
  • William Verity: detective sergeant mostly in mid-19th century London, England

David Serafin
  • Luis Bernal: police superintendent in Spain

Dell Shannon (Elizabeth Linington)
  • Luis Mendoza: police lieutenant in Los Angeles, California

Shari Shattuck
  • Evan Paley: LAPD detective , and Callaway (Cally) Wilde, a wealthy socialite, in Los Angeles, California

William Shaw
  • Cathal Breen: detective sergeant, and WPC Helen Tozer, of the Metropolitan Police, in the late ’60s music scene, in London, England

Jean Sheldon
  • Kerry Grant: police detective and computer guru, in Chicago, Illinois

Lloyd Shepherd
  • Charles Horton: Thames River Police Chief, and John Harriott, a River Police magistrate, in 1810s London, England

Stella Shepherd
  • Richard Montgomery: detective inspector in Nottingham, England

Stav Sherez
  • Jack Carrigan, a detective inspector, and Geneva Miller, a detective sergeant, in London, England

David J. Sherman
  • Jack Murphy: ex-cop turned private investigator, in Los Angeles, California

Steve Sherman
  • Hugh Quint: ex-cop private investigator in New Hampshire

Mel Sherratt
  • Allie Shenton: detective sergeant in Stoke-on-Trent, England

Kieran Shields
  • Archie Lean, newly appointed deputy marshal, and Perceval Grey, a part-Indian Pinkerton agent, in 1890s Portland, Maine

Jeffrey Siger
  • Andreas Kaldis: former Athens homicide detective, now the new police chief on Mykonos Island, Greece

Linda Kay Silva
  • Delta Stevens: lesbian police officer in River Valley, California, near Los Angeles

Roger Silverwood
  • Michael Angel: detective inspector in Bromersley, South Yorkshire, England
  • Superintendent Cawthorn: in England

Georges Simenon
  • Inspector Maigret: police inspector in Paris, France, and Madame Maigret, his wife

Chris Simms
  • Iona Khan: feisty detective constable in the Counter Terrorism Unit in Manchester, England
  • Jon Spicer: detective inspector in Manchester, England

Michael Simon
  • Dan Reles: the only Jewish homicide detective in 1980s Austin, Texas

Sheila Simonson
  • Rob Neill: sheriff’s investigator, and Meg McLean, a librarian, in the Latouche County mysteries

Dorothy Simpson
  • Luke Thanet: police inspector in Kent, England

John Worsley Simpson
  • Harry Stark: curmudgeonly homicide detective who listens to jazz and has a reclusive cat, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

George Sims
  • Ed Buchanan: member of the police Special Branch, in London, England

L.V. Sims
  • Dixie T. Struthers: detective sergeant in the early days of Silicon Valley (late 1980s), in San José, California

Jarkko Sipilä
  • Kari Takamäki: supervising detective in the Violent Crimes Unit, in Helsinki, Finland, in the Helsinki Homicide series

Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö
  • Martin Beck: police inspector in Stockholm, Sweden

Josef Škvorecký
  • Josef Boruvka: sensitive police lieutenant coping with bureaucracy and Soviet invasion in 1960s Prague, Czechoslovakia

Michael Slade
  • Robert De Clerq, Zinc Chandler, and Nick Craven: members of the Special X department of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sean Slater
  • Jacob Striker: homicide detective in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Susan Slater
  • Tommy Spottedhorse: tribal police officer, and Benson (Ben) Pecos, a reservation medical investigator from Tewa Pueblo, in New Mexico

Bob Sloan
  • Lenny Bliss: homicide detective in Manhattan, New York City

Alison Smith
  • Judd Springfield: police chief in Coolidge Corners, Vermont

Frank A. Smith
  • Neil Paget: crotchety DCI in Shropshire, England
  • Ian Pepper: police superintendent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Julie Smith
  • Skip Langdon: policewoman in New Orleans, Louisiana

Martin Cruz Smith
  • Arkady Renko: chief homicide inspector for the prosecutor’s office, in Moscow, Russia

Shelley Smith
  • Jacob Chaos: police inspector in England

Tom Rob Smith
  • Leo Demidov: secret police officer in 1950s Moscow, Russia

Julie Smith-Levin
  • Starletta Duvall: black homicide lieutenant in Brookport, Massachusetts

Stephen Smoke
  • Derek Cheney: recently retired LAPD chief of detectives, in Los Angeles, California
  • E.L. Nash: police detective in Los Angeles, California

Stephen Solomita
  • Stanley Moodrow: cop turned private investigator, in New York City

Robin Spano
  • Clare Vengel: rookie police officer who goes undercover, starting out in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sally Spencer (Alan Rustage)
  • Charlie Woodend: detective chief inspector in a village in England
  • Monika Paniatowski: detective chief inspector, Charlie Woodend’s protégé and successor, in a village in England

Julia Spencer-Fleming
  • Russ Van Alystyne: Chief of Police, and Clare Fergusson, a newly-ordained Episcopal priest, in Millers Kill, New York

Christine Spindler
  • Inspector Frederick Terry: detective in London, England

Dana Stabenow
  • Liam Campbell: Alaskan State Trooper in Newenham, Alaska

Susannah Stacey
  • Robert Bone: widowed British police Superintendent

Bill Stackhouse
  • Ed McAvoy: police chief in Ulster County, New York

Cath Staincliffe
  • Janine Lewis: single mother pregnant with her 4th child and the first woman Detective Chief Inspector in Greater Manchester, England
  • Janet Scott: straight-laced detective constable, and Rachel Bailey, a detective constable from a deprived childhood, in Manchester, England

Michael Stanley
  • David Bengu: large assistant police superintendent known as “Kubu” (hippopotamus), in Botswana

Olen Steinhauer
  • Emil Brod, Ferenc Kolyeszar, Brano Sev, and other police and intelligence agents in Communist-era Eastern Europe

Marta Stephens
  • Sam Harper: homicide detective in Chandler, Massachusetts

Thomas Sterling
  • Rizzi: police captain in Venice, Italy

Richard Martin Stern
  • Johnny Ortiz: half-Apache, half-Chicano, police lieutenant around Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jonathan Stone
  • Julian Palmer: police lieutenant, and Winston Edwards, a former cop, in Troy, New York

Marc Strange
  • Orwell Brennan: police chief in rural Dockerty, Ontario, Canada

Carsten Stroud
  • Nick Kavanaugh: a cop with a dark side, and his wife, Kate, a distinguished lawyer from an old southern Niceville family

Cristina Sumners
  • Tom Holder: overweight 40-something police chief, and Reverend Kathryn Koerney, in the affluent university town of Harton, New Jersey

Paul Sussman
  • Yusuf Khalifa: police detective in Luxor, Egypt

Thomas Swan
  • Jack Oxby: Scotland Yard art forgery investigator in London, England

Howard Swindle
  • Jeb Quinlin: homicide investigator and recovering alcoholic, in Dallas, Texas

Vanda Symon
  • Sam (Samantha) Shephard: young detective constable in Dunedin, New Zealand

Julian Symons
  • Inspector Bland: in England
  • Inspector Crambo

Therese Szymanski
  • Shawn Donnelly: police detective, in Detroit, Michigan

Jon Talton
  • David Mapstone: ex-cop, now unemployed college history teacher back in law enforcement, in Phoenix, Arizona

Alison G. Taylor
  • Michael McKenna: detective chief inspector in Wales

Andrew Taylor
  • Lydmouth series: an ensemble cast including Richard Thornhill, a detective inspector, and Jill Francis, a journalist, in Lydmouth, England, in the 1950s

Aline Templeton
  • Marjory Fleming: detective inspector in Scotland

Nancy Tesler
  • Ted Brodsky: homicide cop, and Carrie Carlin, a biofeedback specialist, in New Jersey

Josephine Tey
  • Alan Grant: Scotland Yard Inspector

Steve Thayer
  • Pliny Pennington: deputy in 1960s Kickapoo Falls, Wisconsin

Donald Thomas
  • Alfred Swain: detective inspector at Scotland Yard in late 19th century England

Graham Thomas
  • Erskine Powell: Detective-Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard, in London, England

Leslie Thomas
  • “Dangerous” Davies: detective constable in north London, England

James Thompson
  • Kari Vaara: police chief in the town of Kittilä, Lapland, later a homicide inspector in Helsinki, Finland

June Thomson
  • Jack Rudd: detective inspector in Essex, England

Scott Thornley
  • MacNeice: homicide detective superintendant, who likes jazz and classical music, in fictional Dundurn (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada

L.L. Thrasher
  • Lizbet Lange: heiress and ex-waitress, who can see murdered undercover police officer Charlie Bilbo, in California

Aimee and David Thurlo
  • Ella Clah: former FBI agent now with Navajo police in Shiprock, New Mexico
  • Lee Nez: nightwalker (vampire) police officer in New Mexico

Peter Tickler
  • Susan Holden: detective inspector in Oxford, England, in the Blood in Oxford mysteries

Mark Timlin
  • Nick Sharman: hard-living ex-cop private eye in London, England

Charles Todd
  • Ian Rutledge: shell-shocked World War I veteran returning to his job at Scotland Yard, in London, England

Simon Tolkien
  • William Trave: detective inspector, and Adam Clayton, a detective constable, in late 1950s-1960s Oxford, England

Kerry Tombs
  • Samuel Ravenscroft: detective inspector with the Whitechapel Constabulary, in the late 1880s in Worcestershire, England

Sandra Tooley
  • Samantha (Sam) Casey: Native American detective sergeant who can hear the dead speak, in Chasen Heights, Illinois

Rebecca Tope
  • Den Cooper: determined policeman in Devon, England

Morley Torgov
  • Hermann Preiss: police inspector dealing with the likes of Robert & Clara Schumann and Richard Wagner in mid-19th century Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany

Steven Torres
  • Luis Gonzalo: policeman in Puerto Rico

Leonard Tourney
  • Matthew Stock: 17th century town constable and clothier in Chelmsford, England

Lawrence Treat
  • Commander Bill Decker, Mitch Taylor, a veteran police officer, and his sidekick Jub Freeman, police detectives in New York City

M.J. Trow
  • Sholto Joseph Lestrade: Scotland Yard inspector in 19th century London, England

Peter Turnbull
  • George Hennessey: chief inspector, and Detective Sergeant Yellich, with the Vale of York police, in England
  • The "P" Division of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Harry Vicary: detective inspector and recovering alcoholic, in London, England

Lisa Turner
  • Billy Able: police detective in Memphis, Tennessee

Helene Tursten
  • Irene Huss: detective inspector in the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg, Sweden

Dorothy Uhnak
  • Christie Opara: police officer in New York City

Michael Underwood
  • Nick Atwell: police sergeant at Scotland Yard, and detective constable Clare Reynolds, in London, England
  • Simon Manton: police inspector, later superintendent, in London, England

Arthur Upfield
  • Inspector “Bony” Bonaparte: police officer in Australia

Christopher Valen
  • John Santana: homicide detective originally from Colombia, in St. Paul, Minnesota

Jack Vance
  • Joe Bain: sheriff in fictional San Rodrigo County, California

Janwillem Van De Wetering
  • Henk Grijpstra, Rinus de Gier, and the Commisaris: police detectives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Peter Van Greenaway
  • Francis Cherry: Scotland Yard inspector, in London, England

Valerio Varesi
  • Commissario Soneri: homicide detective in Parma, Italy

Fred Vargas
  • Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg: commissioner of police (chief inspector), in Paris, France

John Verdon
  • Dave Gurney: recently retired 40-something NYPD homicide detective with a reputation for catching serial killers, in rural upstate New York

Marco Vichi
  • Bordelli: police inspector (commissario) in 1960s Florence, Italy

Domingo Villar
  • Leo Caldas: police inspector in Galicia, an autonomous region in northwest Spain

Marcos M. Villatoro
  • Romilia Chacón: young bilingual cop in Nashville, Tennessee, later an FBI agent in Los Angeles, California

Dan Waddell
  • Nigel Barnes: genealogist working with Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster, in London, England

Jan Costin Wagner
  • Kimmo Joentaa: police detective in Turku, Finland, whose wife recently died from Hodgkin’s disease

Karin Wahlber
  • Claes Claesson: detective, later Police Commissioner, and his wife Veronika Lundborg, a surgeon, in Oskarshamn, Sweden

Per Wahlöö
  • Peter Jensen: Chief Inspector in Sweden

John Wainwright
  • Superintendent Gillant: chief constable in Yorkshire, England
  • Chief Inspector Lennox: detective chief inspector in Yorkshire, England
  • Inspector Lyle: detective inspector in Yorkshire, England
  • Superintendent Charles Ripley: head of the uniform branch in Yorkshire, England

Martin Walker
  • Benoît “Bruno” Courrèges: Chief of Police in St. Denis, in the Périgord region of southwestern France

Peter Walker
  • Carnaby: police detective with the CID in North Yorkshire, England
  • Jock Patterson: constable in England

Robert W. Walker
  • Alastair Ransom: inspector, and Jane Francis Tewes, a doctor, in the 1890s in Chicago, Illinois
  • Lucas Stonecoat: police officer, and Meredyth Sanger, a police psychiatrist, in Houston, Texas

Marilyn Wallace
  • Jay Goldstein and Carlos Cruz: homicide detectives in Oakland, California

Jess Walter
  • Caroline Mabry: police detective in Spokane, Washington

Jo Walton
  • Peter Carmichael: Scotland Yard inspector, in an alternative history starting in 1949 Britain, where WWII ended with a truce in 1941

Joseph Wambaugh
  • Nathan Weiss (Hollywood Nate): a cop dreaming of movie stardom, and a cast of characters centered around LAPD’s Hollywood Division, in Los Angeles, California

Stan Washburn
  • Toby Parkman: quietly heroic cop in San Francisco, California

Colin Watson
  • Walter Purbright: police inspector in England, in the Flaxborough Chronicles

Kate Watterson
  • Ellie MacIntosh: homicide detective in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hillary Waugh
  • Fred Fellows: chief of police in a small town, Stockford, Connecticut
  • Frank Sessions: homicide detective lieutenant, Manhattan North, in New York City

Martha G. Webb (Anne Wingate)
  • Smoky O’Donnell: small-town narcotics officer, in Farmer's Mound, Texas

Jason Webster
  • Max Cámara: chief inspector in the Spanish National Police, in Valencia, Spain

Lee Weeks
  • Johnny Mann: half-Chinese, half-English police detective, in Hong Kong

Charlene Weir
  • Susan Wren: police chief in Hampstead, Kansas

Jan Merete Weiss
  • Natalia Monte: captain in the Carabinieri, in Naples, Italy

Tobias Wells (Stanton Forbes)
  • Knute Severson: police detective in Boston, Massachusetts

Theodora Wender
  • Alden Chase: chief of police, and Glad Gold, an English professor, in Wading River, Massachusetts

Patricia Wentworth
  • Ernest Lamb: police inspector in London, England

Chassie West
  • Leigh Ann Warren: police officer in North Carolina

Christopher West
  • Wang Anzhuang: Public Security Bureau inspector in Beijing, China

Robert Westbrook
  • Nicky Rachmaninoff: reluctant cop, divorced father, and jazz pianist, in Beverly Hills, California, in the Left-Handed Policeman mysteries

Carolyn Weston
  • Casey Kellogg: ex-surfer college-grad detective, teamed with Al Krug, a seasoned cop of the old school, in Santa Monica, California

Neil White
  • Laura McGanity, a detective constable, and her boyfriend, reporter Jack Garrett, relocated from London to Lancashire, England

Teri White
  • Spaceman Kowalski and Blue Maguire: Vietnam vets and cops, in Los Angeles, California

Barbara Whitehead
  • Robert Southwell: detective chief inspector in York, England, in the York Cycle mysteries

Stella Whitelaw
  • Jordan Lacey: ex-cop, start-up private investigator, in Latching, England

Collin Wilcox
  • Frank Hastings: Sergeant (later, Lieutenant) co-commander of SFPD homicide in San Francisco, California
  • McCloud: New Mexico marshal in New York City

Charles Willeford
  • Hoke Moseley: cop in Miami, Florida

David Williams
  • DCI Merlin Parry and DS Gomer Lloyd: policemen in Cardiff, Wales

Timothy Williams
  • Piero Trotti: commissario of police in a city on the river Po, in northern Italy

Penelope Williamson
  • Daman Rourke: ex-WWI flying ace and police detective in 1927 New Orleans, Lousiana

Laura Wilson
  • Ted Stratton: detective inspector in 1940s London, England

Robert Wilson
  • Javier Falcon: detective inspector in Spain

David Wiltse
  • Billy Tree: ex-Secret Service agent, now a deputy sheriff in a small town in Nebraska

Darryl Wimberley
  • Barrett “Bear” Raines: first black detective in an all-white police force in Deacon Beach, Florida

Anne Wingate
  • Mark Shigata: Japanese-American ex-FBI agent turned police chief, in Bayport, Texas

R.D. Wingfield
  • Jack Frost: detective inspector in Denton, England

Don Winslow
  • Art Keller: DEA agent dealing with a large cast of characters in the drug trade based in Mexico

Pauline Glen Winslow
  • Merle Capricorn: former vaudeville magician turned police superintendent in England

Ben H. Winters
  • Hank Palace: police detective living under the threat of an impending asteroid collision, in Concord, New Hampshire

K.J.A. Wishnia
  • Filomena Buscarsela: NYPD cop from Ecuador, who becomes an apprentice private eye, in New York City

Dick Wolf
  • Jeremy Fisk: detective in the NYPD intelligence division, in New York City

Inger Ash Wolfe
  • Hazel Micallef: 60-something detective inspector in the small town of Port Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Ted Wood
  • Reid Bennett: police chief and Sam, a German Shepard in Murphy’s Harbour, Ontario, Canada

Daniel Woodrell
  • Rene Shade: ex-boxer, now a police detective, in the bayou town St. Bruno, Louisiana

James García Woods (Alan Rustage)
  • Inspector Paco Ruiz: at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, in Madrid, Spain

Paula L. Woods
  • Charlotte Justice: black woman homicide detective in Los Angeles, California

Stuart Woods
  • Holly Barker: former military police commander turned police chief of small town Orchid Beach, Florida
  • Stone Barrington: ex-cop and attorney, in New York City
  • Rick Barron: demoted Beverly Hills, California, police detective

Richard Wormser
  • Andy Bastian: police lieutenant in the US Southwest
  • Jocelyn “Joe” Dixon: detective sergeant in New York City

Reavis Z. Wortham
  • Ned Parker: farmer and part-time constable, in mid-1960s Center Springs, Lamar County, Texas, in the Red River mysteries

Eric Wright
  • Mel Pickett: 60-something retired Toronto cop in Larch River, Canada
  • Charles Salter: 40-something police inspector in Toronto, Canada

Keith Wright
  • David Stark: police inspector in England

L.R. Wright
  • Karl Alberg: staff sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
  • Edwina “Eddie” Henderson: woman officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

Felicity Young
  • Stevie Hooper: a mother and a detective sergeant in the Sex Crimes unit, in Perth, Western Australia

Scott Young
  • Matteesie Kitologitok, “the great brain of Arctic crime,” an Inuit inspector in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, based in the Northwest Territories of Canada

Thomas Zigal
  • Kurt Muller: ex-hippie sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado

Mark Richard Zubro
  • Paul Turner: gay police detective in Chicago, Illinois

William Shaw
  • Cathal Breen: detective sergeant, and WPC Helen Tozer, of the Metropolitan Police, in the late ’60s music scene, in London, England

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